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ENTER THE GIVEAWAY: https://goo.gl/VcxCv3 Want to know how to grow your hair? How to style men's hair? FIND THE PRODUCTS HERE: http://bit.ly/1UdDlgu. I've been getting these questions a lot after I decided to let my hair grow for an undercut and man bun / top knot. As I grew my hair, I learned the best ways to keep it looking healthy. In this video, you will learn the best tips for healthy hair tips. These are the best tips for healthier, better looking hair, and how to make your hair grow faster. ● INSTAGRAM - http://goo.gl/bwYcPG ● SUBSCRIBE - https://goo.gl/RQdFEH ● Snapchat - xmadeinbrazil ● Twitter - http://goo.gl/C1k8qT ● Facebook - http://goo.gl/BYNdnw Topic of discussion: What type of hair do you have? Comment below! Don't forget to subscribe and make sure to hit that like button if you enjoyed the video! ● Kevin Murphy Night Rider http://bit.ly/1UdDlwI ● Ogx Moroccan Argan Oil http://bit.ly/1UdDkca ● Today's music by: https://soundcloud.com/jeff-kaale Check out my latest videos: Hoverboard FAIL: https://goo.gl/Ft8OpL Laser Hair Removal for Men: https://goo.gl/CLZJ0C Dear 2015: https://goo.gl/uA1q5V December Favorites | Men's Fashion Haul: https://goo.gl/RkgU79 15 of my favorite feelings: https://goo.gl/W9jyvZ On my channel you will find videos about health, fitness, fashion, men's fashion, favorites, lifestyle, men's hair and of course, my personal life. This includes my friends, family, and work, so please be mindful and keep a positive vibe in the comment section. Don't forget to subscribe!
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silverdentist79 (18 days ago)
I have a question Alex. I been following u since couple of months now and honestly u have changed my perception towards things and am definitely following ur advices . Just a quick quest ? In one of ur videos u talked about the Moroccon intensifying hair mask. Do u use them and if so how? How would h rate the use of that. Appreciate your reply
gurjit rai (1 month ago)
im shocked how healthy ur hair is!
Juniorverse (1 month ago)
If you’re using the morrocan oil every day and only washing it twice a week, your hair has to be a greasy mess.
Essento (1 month ago)
Yo if u use Moroccan Argan Penetrating Oil do u need to wash it out later on?Or can u keep it in your hair?
Essento (1 month ago)
+Vardaan Choudhary Oh thank u dude u saved me i just bought it
Vardaan Choudhary (1 month ago)
Essento U can keep it Try using it above aloe vera gel to make hair softer
Sap Musiq (1 month ago)
I have oily scalp can I wash my hair everyday day with shampoo
M.Saisavalli Khan (4 months ago)
How to stop my hair fall brother
عصمة عصمة (4 months ago)
Hey great video! What conditioner and shampoo do you use or recommend? Any links please?
The Beast (4 months ago)
Love from India 😘
Vikas Tyagi (4 months ago)
hi !! my hair are so dry and frizzy ..... I wish if i could give nourishment to them in proper way....please help
Romzee (4 months ago)
my hair is ok but it's thin not thick.
Saif Ali (5 months ago)
and yeah dont blow dry your hair after applying oil
Jagdeep Jodha (5 months ago)
How to make hair mask
Zen Q (5 months ago)
Very Beautiful hair bro
Dunhill Camalig (7 months ago)
Is it okay to use wax after using oil?
X aksdonts (7 months ago)
Alex plz. Send me argan oil plz
elias sabir (7 months ago)
hello youtuber. :) alex costa i have a question please? u said apply oil every 2 days .. does that mean you wash with shampoo 4 or 3 time a week?
Ramesh Kumaran (8 months ago)
Hair care tips plz
Nilesh Gangashetty (9 months ago)
Alex pls make video on hair loss
LET'S BE FIT (10 months ago)
Can i take biotin for hair growth..??
Hiya, this method seems to be very tough, there is a very easy way. Search in google as: "Blast4beauty". There are plenty of of unheard facts given here.
Нелли Крылова (11 months ago)
Tired of sticking to many healthy tips? There is a method that I found out of my encounter. Visit Google and type: "HealthZap99" to find out fascinating health tips.
MRMK Thakur (11 months ago)
when should apply hairoil
Paramveer Singh (11 months ago)
Brother you giveaway products overseas also?
Ubaid Ullah (1 year ago)
Man my hairs are rough and dry...can i make them healthy amd stylish by following these tips???
Jan's Choice (1 year ago)
Great video Alex!! And your growing faster then I thought. Your at one million in no time!! Power bro!!
Reema Patel (1 year ago)
How to remove white hair...............................................?
Anku Mishra (1 year ago)
Pls make video on oily scalp how to treat them..
Maria Da Costa (1 year ago)
Kishore D Thakare (1 year ago)
Can u make video on How to reduce or stop white hairs to grow
Hitesh Raj (1 year ago)
Does the argon oil in shower reduces hair fall
Reyansh chopra (1 year ago)
i like your video , i too have a new youtube chanel have a look :)
amol acharya (1 year ago)
Hey Alex, which is the good argan oil for hair???
Jaffar Zian (1 year ago)
Sir which argan oil Do u use???
BRO can you tell me how to grow hair faster
Jaya Khan (1 year ago)
I am your fan bro big fan from india
Mercy Abraham (1 year ago)
How to get rid off danroof
What argon oil did you use in the video?
DG blogs (1 year ago)
Any product to grow beard which is available on9
Kevin Nazreth (1 year ago)
Is spa good for hair growth..? Let me know please I'm growing my hair for man bun
Abdul Basit (1 year ago)
hi alex can u plz tell me when u started getting that mature hairline . i also have a same hairline like urs but am a little conscious aboit mpb
Peer Hammad (1 year ago)
But the products are too expensive and I'm still living on daddy's pocket money 😶
I have a serious trouble. The main problem is hair fall.What should I do to reduce the hair fall.
E Winter (1 year ago)
Hair fall? Do you mean breakage? If so make sure you use that term to describe your problem correctly. Also if you are experiencing breakage stop using heat products (blow dryer) without a heat protectant, wash only 1-2 times a week, always use a conditioner after a wash, and keep your hair moisturize if it is dry. Assuming you are not dealing with male pattern baldness, these tips should get you on the right path. Also try to get a trim (or get a haircut) to start off your journey with healthy hair. Because if you already have a lot of split ends then it will be hard to keep growing your hair. Sometimes a fresh haircut is better than trying to keep heavily damaged hair (so cut off the seriously damaged hair / get a haircut) and follow the steps I gave you. TLDR; 1. Shampoo & Condition 1-2 times a week, 2. Moisturize your hair daily, 3. brush your hair gently every day (to spread natural oils / moisturizer), and 4. Use a heat protectant whenever you plan to use a blow dryer. Optional Tip: Get a haircut to remove split ends and start fresh.
Sourabh Singh (1 year ago)
Hii Alex I m from India.I saw your chanel its good.Alex my hair is thin and every day I loose apporx 100 to 150 hairs daily and I have a dendraf alot in my skelp so that's why I wash my hair with shampoo 2 times in a single day.Alex tell me how I control my hair loss................
Brenden Fernandes (1 year ago)
Please show some videos on dandruff and dry scalp too.
Ibrahim A (1 year ago)
Help Today i put oil in my hair(Olive oil) while putting i saw my hand there was 10+ hair strands! Im just 13 years old and loosing so much hair
Chikista (1 year ago)
Ibrahim A use argon or coconut oil, works best
Movies For You (1 year ago)
Hey alex which shampoo do you use?
Kemal Abaz (1 year ago)
Hair wax givoway alex
Lokesh Kumar (1 year ago)
Which shampoo is better for hair,to stop hair fall and dandruff
Lokesh Kumar (1 year ago)
Plz comment
kishor kumar (1 year ago)
Which shampoo is best for hair.. please... reply
srb films (1 year ago)
hair groth oil
Nikhil Surendran (1 year ago)
Can I get that oil now if I do as you said?
M Ahtesham Ashraf (1 year ago)
please tell me on faces creams
Yasmin Rima (1 year ago)
how many days after I should shampoo?
wesker464 (1 year ago)
Why are your eyes glowing?
muse prince (1 year ago)
wow!! this is really nice, your video is short, simple, given the right amount of details, i really love it and i also love another 2 videos i watched while commenting this haha!
W7S Laith (1 year ago)
What store can I get that oil from
W7S Laith (1 year ago)
Sameer Khan (1 year ago)
W7S Laith grocery stores, hair product section. Argan Oil
Chad Michael Hair (1 year ago)
Check out Chad Michael products Amazon
Sanjeev Kumar (2 years ago)
Kevin Karnoto (2 years ago)
Can i use ogx argan oil to prevent dryness of my hair and to make my head scalp less dry? thanks
Legen dary (1 year ago)
That's the one he used in the video
IM OE (2 years ago)
Alex can u please tell us how to grow our hairs fast enough please
IM OE (2 years ago)
thanks a lot alex
Ankit Srivastava (2 years ago)
how to get good look hair at beside of the hair
Aman Srivastava (2 years ago)
thank you sir for some healthy advises...really helped me a lot
Job van de Laar (2 years ago)
Saurabh Parkar (2 years ago)
U have a clear Triangular face shape!
yoyoitsdeny wo (2 years ago)
love ur video bro (THUMBS UP)
Marzuki Eny (2 years ago)
are you arab?
Alex Costa (2 years ago)
I'm Brazilian
Siddharth Das (2 years ago)
great video man.. but does using Hair Gels or Hair Wax like Gatsby, leads to more hair fall? and what to do if hairs are thick and less in density , applying oil on such hair makes the scalp visible badly...
Shaka Zulu (2 years ago)
How can I get my relaxed hair to look like yours? What do I tell the salon guy/girl? Ii really want my hair to gave movement
Harris Taraki (2 years ago)
wtfffff everyone knows those things uu said 😃😃😂😂😂
Joao Valdez (2 years ago)
My hair is always dried and sometimes I have dandruff. Im sure my hair is unhealthy idk why if i never do anything to it wtf is wrong with my hair
jomedy central (2 years ago)
soo after using argon oil in the morning do u wash it off at night ?
Mohamad Abdelgadir (2 years ago)
jomedy central لا
Sudarshan Dadhich (2 years ago)
Alex bro can you give me some tips to reduce hair fall and to get healthy scalp
Sudarshan Dadhich (2 years ago)
Alex bro can you give me some tips to reduce hair fall and to get healthy scalp
edwardnaz02 (2 years ago)
I have a question when u apply the oil do u wash it out the next day with water
Mohamed Chiheb (2 years ago)
What's ur hair measurement???
Danilo Oliveira (2 years ago)
não usar shampoo diariamente, mas condicionador pode? e se passar água todo dia? (cabelo com produto) esse mate é um finalizador? e esse é óleo é de que ? vende no brasil? abçs made!! nice work bro!!!
Kabir Bhakta (2 years ago)
What is the name of the hair cut?? iknw it is undercut but which undercut.
Sovinm (2 years ago)
nice one😊
Roman Noor (2 years ago)
Kevin Morphy .. this is shampoo or oil
Final Hour Gaming (1 year ago)
Roman Noor pretty sure its a styling product
Your Nan (2 years ago)
How long do you grow your hair for
Firas 4En (2 years ago)
Adlizam sh (2 years ago)
what is function of argan oil on hair?
imran abid (2 years ago)
Upload hair styles according to face shapes
Taufieq Arifin (2 years ago)
yo Alex, cool vid. ever did a comparison between morocan oil and say for example coconut oil? be cool to see how one affects the hair opposed to the other
Tariq Benammar (2 years ago)
Hey! alex i was wondering do you have dark brown hair?
Mic Ron (2 years ago)
bro i am 15 years old and my hair is getting white what i do?
Angiras Kharat (2 years ago)
your tips are just classic it helped me a loot I want to get in give away contest
Anupam Mahato (2 years ago)
i have a question regarding oiling , how do you oil the hair , after shower or before shower?
Alex Costa (2 years ago)
+Anupam Mahato I apply oil after the shower when my hair is still damp.
Ray Holguin (2 years ago)
Good work, more hair vids please!!!!!!
Alvin Anto (2 years ago)
I am facing a problem of losing a lot of hair . how can I avoid it
Iren Gut (2 years ago)
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Aunt Jemima (2 years ago)
What conditioner do you use?
TheCharliebeats (2 years ago)
Best few tips possible are simple,sounds clique but its true you DON'T NEED ALL THOSE FANCY BIG NAME pructs...Here..Take biotin vitamin once a day,brush then comb a few times a week,get a non sulfer shampoo,condition hair,scratch scalp lightly
Ronaldo Julio (2 years ago)
Apply oil after using shampoo ? Or when just washing hair without shampoo ?
Jv _Costa (2 years ago)
Made na boa seu Canal é d++++! Adorei essa mudança e me inspiro mt em vc! Continue assim irmão, que vc vai longe! Grande Abraço! ;-)
Chris Rpk (2 years ago)
Can I apply and olive oil;
Osama Hassan (2 years ago)
My hair is wavy and i can't stay without a blow dryer because it look a mess so do you recommend blow drying hair every 3 or 4 days
Eslam Abdaltif (2 years ago)
Travis Mayhew (2 years ago)
love ur tips!!!!!

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