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First impressions: Bentley Intense for men

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My first impressions of Bentley Intense. This fragrance opens up with a Bond No9 Silver Factory vibe then after a while i get a combo of Dior Homme Parfume and LIDGE..not a bad scent but 10 minutes after the video ended it gets a sour note that i didnt care for...that eventually goes away and smells pretty good but, for now im gonna pass on Bentley Intense.. Try before you buy! Want to checkout my music? Please visit my website here! http://www.israelgonzalesmusic.com Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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john thapa (4 days ago)
Hey expert people tell me what that's sharp and very off-putting smell at dry down after 3 hours ...similar to vibe we get on hair remover cream while rubbing off the skin hair... Makes me almost throw out...
DUGGA 666 (9 months ago)
I just think most are so use to unisex fragrance's that when something like this comes along most don't like it.....and its beast mode on my skin.....love this sent
DUGGA 666 (8 months ago)
Teriyaki Pigeon probably
Teriyaki Pigeon (8 months ago)
DUGGA 666 this would be number 1 seller in 70s and 80s
lindo lindo (1 year ago)
Cfuture (1 year ago)
Good take! Like Mr.Smelly I have done a review on this as well, Sub'd
amine chihab (1 year ago)
Lik always review with instenct, i lik it.
Jay Dee (2 years ago)
how's it compare to Bentley original?
MrSmelly1977 (2 years ago)
Just posted my own review of this. Nice explanation. Liked and subscribed to you.
Dollars & Scents (2 years ago)
emaul me and ill send you a list of what i currently have for sale! [email protected]
SONICE69 (2 years ago)
+Dollars & Scents I actually AM………. Would LOVE TO GET the Rive Gauche Vintage Version..... What do you have currently... I have a very long list, but I'm pretty sure you don't have anything I'm looking for...l😭
Dollars & Scents (2 years ago)
haha nice talking with you again! Email me again soon if youre looking for frags!
SONICE69 (2 years ago)
+Dollars & Scents: @Dollars & Scents OMG: Small world... I contacted you a few months ago when you had something up for sale on Fragrantica... I snoozed, forgot and just remembered a couple days back- only to realize it was goooooone.... Crap! Even the Vintage Rive Gauche by YSL I couldn't buy from you... At least I now FINALLY made the connection Mr. I.Gonzales is..... Crazy small world🌞👋
Dollars & Scents (2 years ago)
+MrSmelly1977 thanks for watching! Ill checkout your videos soon my friend!
Perfume Guru (2 years ago)
Great review. Thanks again.
Dollars & Scents (2 years ago)
+Nikhil S thanks for watching!
Red Guthrie (2 years ago)
To my skin, it is very good. I tried a 3ml sample, first impression was its just ok. Then I did some full wearings, skin and clothes, and to my surprise, it smells fantastic, especially at the base. So I purchased a full bottle. It's one of those, neutral to love or neutral to hate. It's a keeper for me. Bonus: Compliments? I am happy to receive a lot mostly on women. Great video Man.
Dollars & Scents (2 years ago)
I'm glad you like it buddy! If the ladies like it it's a winner! Thanks for watching!
Ban Dar (2 years ago)
I Get only the Black Pepper smell as the first and middle note it's very dominant i hated it
Ban Dar (2 years ago)
Thank You for your uploads :)
Dollars & Scents (2 years ago)
+Mortada 3asfoor yeah i wasn't a big fan either.. not sure what note it was but it had a permanent marker smell that turned me off! Thanks for watching/commenting!
Christopher XXX (3 years ago)
Good HONEST review. THANK YOU.
are you on basenotes.net or fragrantica?
Dollars & Scents (3 years ago)
+hickorydickoryduck fragrantica, but my profile is lacking lol Feel free to check it out - im under israelgonzales
HAS71 Xxxhasolo (3 years ago)
This reminds me a lot of duro but your review is brilliant well done
Dollars & Scents (3 years ago)
+HASSAN HAJAIG I still need to try the Nassamotto house! Ican't find testers in my area lol Thanks for the comparison though because now i know what to expect from Duro! Thanks for watching/commenting!
Hassan sheikh (3 years ago)
i agree with you its very polarizing scent,hit or miss, indeed for gentle men,but i always admire your simple, honest straight videos. liked!!
Lucian Lucescu (3 years ago)
Dude, you need 2-3 full wearings to fall in love with this one. You tried for less that 10 min. and you already decided that it's not for you... It's smells better from the silage, not from that close to the skin. And believe me, it's strong enough.
Dollars & Scents (3 years ago)
yeah after 20 minutes i got a weird sour "green" type of scent (which didnt help it's case lol)...but the dry down smelled better...still not my type of fragrance but, overall good scent!
Jim R (3 years ago)
Pretty much a spot-on assessment of this fragrance, which pretty much coincides with my take. I agree...it has a niche feel to it, but it just doesn't come together like it should.  There's a couple folks hyping this one in the fragrance community...undeservingly so IMO.  It's worth a try but not a buy.
Dollars & Scents (3 years ago)
yessir! Glad we share the same opinion! Thanks for checking out the vid Jimbo!

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