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The Amazing Dubai Palm Island Jumeirah

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Flying above the Dubai Palm Jumeirah Island, seeing the World Island, Atlantis, Dubai Marina & Burj Al Arab up to 500m high with DJI Phantom 3 Drone Amazing Dubai Palm Jumeirah – Dubai Palm Jumeirah Full Coverage - Dubai Palm Jumeirah Full Tour
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Text Comments (393)
Dronemaniacc (2 years ago)
Chouckles (10 days ago)
cant believe u got a fucking heart comment
bi2l c.p (1 month ago)
Nice city. Masyaallah...
Saddam Shaikh (3 months ago)
Dronemaniacc sadd
Pawan Dhama (4 months ago)
Dronemaniacc pawan Kumar dham😇
januastoria (1 day ago)
One big wave can destroy all of this in a second, how fragile is our existence.
Zehra'nın mutfağı (2 days ago)
Vay be....🤔🤔🤔
Thobias TV (3 days ago)
1. Subscribe 2. Like this comment 3. Comment "done" 4. I'll do the same, TRUST ME!
Zooo Zoo (4 days ago)
next trip have to go
Tushar Sinha (5 days ago)
Corentin Fiévet (6 days ago)
They destroyed so much beaches to build this stupid palm tree. They can't use desert sand because it doesn't stick like beach sand...
Legend 27 (6 days ago)
Who the fuck out of their mind goes on Vacation on a Hot Country, that too in the middle east. Their are so many Nice And beautifull Countries to visit. Nothing special Anything about dubai, just Tall buildings , the desert , The Muslim people to See And what els nothing.
Nabin Rai (6 days ago)
Built by indian slaves.
gansta thanos (5 days ago)
No ! These are built by merchinery ! And yes slaves too , but not indians they are all Pakistanis & banglas . I was there . And still many poor pakistani are working there. Wanna meet them come to my place
Alex Scher (7 days ago)
Look at all the ostentatious wealth
brigitte solano (7 days ago)
I wanna go
Elm (7 days ago)
Thanks to our gas money
Pankaj Yadav (8 days ago)
God gift for Dubai
Aakash Mash (8 days ago)
who will stay there if temperature is 50 degree
Juliano Cesar (8 days ago)
um dia vou ae se Deus quiser.🙏
Juliano Cesar (8 days ago)
Tim TTT (9 days ago)
Ivan Yuliana (9 days ago)
Shoxboz Tursunbaev (10 days ago)
Самый прекрасный места в мире
Road Runner (10 days ago)
One tsunami could ruin the men's hardworked piece.
Ana Moraes (15 days ago)
Parece um sonho lindo maravilhoso . A linda Dubai emirados árabes
Dana Falcone (16 days ago)
La palma dei froci principi
Jeni R (16 days ago)
பின்னனி இசை தமிழ் சினிமாவில் வருவது படம் சுண்டாட்டம்
Wahyudi Ashter (22 days ago)
Andai reklamasi jakarta tidak dihentikan😅
Denis Nyam Nyam (23 days ago)
how you get flight license in dubai ?
Munna Khan (1 month ago)
Ephraim Mathapo (1 month ago)
Yes Palm Jumeirah is marvelous, but the water within the island is not draining itself out. The surface area is becoming green with algae
ced villanueva (1 month ago)
Toriqul Islam Khan (1 month ago)
How they could make it? Did they dig canal? After cutting the soil they poured artificial water into mud?
Toriqul Islam Khan (1 month ago)
Wow! What's this? This is amazing!
John Fancher (1 month ago)
Soundtrack of a ghostland
Ramiro Garcia (1 month ago)
This Place Is For.The Oil Billionaires... Rich And Famous Only..!!! Too Expensive For The Avreage.....??? But Millions In Extreme Poverty And Starvation....So Sad..!!! But Truthfull.....💩💩
Rizal Osman (1 month ago)
I'm here after watching Russel Peters video Titled..Dubai vs Lebanon😂😂😂
Robinson Pittman (1 month ago)
I will take AFRICA......arabs stay OUT of Africa. (egypt)
Mustafa Pathan (1 month ago)
Dubai prince gets what he wants ,I feel proud to be a civil engineer.
Devi Prasad Sahu (1 month ago)
Love You Dubai,,,,Hope To Meet You Soon.
Samprit Walvekar (2 months ago)
He should frezz the water example of freezer rater it has compresser for frezz it and build the wall surrounding it and were all he put sand
GreatSavageLevel (2 months ago)
and then a tsunami hit Dubai...
Ademoğlu Abdullah (2 months ago)
aussiere (2 months ago)
So what? Birds don’t care!
Mario Fernandez Garcia (2 months ago)
Es una ciudad inflada todos los petrodólares puestos en las grandes avenidas sin autos metro sin gente hoteles sin huéspedes
aman choudhary (2 months ago)
colin958 (2 months ago)
When the island returns to the sea, will make a fantastic diving area.
Jovrick Mingoa (2 months ago)
dubai is really future now!!!....
Yuni Helmi (2 months ago)
How much civil population in tht place
M Khaled (2 months ago)
Oji Fahruroji Fahruroji (2 months ago)
Ingat sabda baginda rosul
Myriam Bamba (2 months ago)
Malik Fahad Garwah (2 months ago)
Princess Ladychang (3 months ago)
Splendid! awesome! Indeed a wow!
Jatniel s (3 months ago)
Money money money money....💵💵
Arnaud Mensah (3 months ago)
C'est splendide, c'est paradisiaque ; et ça fait rêver. ..
al ezry (3 months ago)
this happen when only nice muslim majority and fair to others...nice country.i heard they got strong military also.this is what we call a country...gud luck.
JerisonPlayz (12 days ago)
al ezry its not a country , its a city/emirate actually, not all of the country is like this just like every other country
Ruksana Parveen (3 months ago)
I love this city.
차대마라 (3 months ago)
0:45 what’s the song
Santu Jana (3 months ago)
India is best place
Trang Vy (3 months ago)
Hehe dep qua.. co ban tay con nguoi deu gi cung tuyet voi 😙😙😙
Lisa Pasaribu (3 months ago)
kebesaran allah dalam badai degan hisop ratusan
Jake Ralph Española (3 months ago)
What a makers
Elvis Ameb (3 months ago)
Please note: Dubai wasn't build in one day...
79.havanna (3 months ago)
If the law there gave people any freedom i would definitely move!
Sheree Morgan (3 months ago)
Wong Lanang (3 months ago)
prayudhi trisda setiawan (3 months ago)
theone2be33 (3 months ago)
Cool. Come back in 20 years. Palm Island is now Atlantis
Imran Khan (3 months ago)
Mutt pine waale khaaa hai loode
Rohit Saxena (3 months ago)
mco (3 months ago)
Why dosen't the USA do construction like this.
ISO YT (4 months ago)
Motivational vaibhav (4 months ago)
Wow just amazing I'll visit this place in future and I'll buy the hotel
Daddan Prasad (4 months ago)
Just one tsunami and then ...........
Maksud Alam (4 months ago)
power of a muslim
Unknown Known (4 months ago)
Paradise on earth
IFTIKHAR HUSSAIN (4 months ago)
Living in sharjah love UAE
IFTIKHAR HUSSAIN (4 months ago)
The Most Expensive Palm Jumeirah
Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH' (4 months ago)
That was quick
ShuGa Photography (4 months ago)
Hello! How may I contact you? Thanks in advance.
icanonlybeme 2 (4 months ago)
Where is this located?
Rodney Jackson (4 months ago)
How much is a house on the island?
JerisonPlayz (12 days ago)
Rodney Jackson just think of beverly hills and you’ll figure it out
BB ki vines (4 months ago)
Famous YouTuber gaurav Chaudhary yhi rheta h
Loyen Dealca (4 months ago)
I even tok dis to my doctor...
Syed Hussain (4 months ago)
Dubai people are really rich. I love this place, that's just amazing project.
Mangesh Kodape (4 months ago)
Tsunami aane ke baad ye shahar nai bachega
Syed Hussain (4 months ago)
Mangesh Kodape kya bachega ya kya nhi bachega ye badh ki baat hai, agar kuch ho Bhi gaya na toh Arabs k pass itna paisa hai k Dubai ko fir se bana Sakta hai. Shayad aapko pata nhi inke paiso k bare mei.
pedrinho sousa (4 months ago)
Esse país e maravilhoso
Bully Dully (4 months ago)
Makes me think about Nazca Lines.....
Deni Kurniawan (4 months ago)
Javed Khan (4 months ago)
Ye dekh kr kuch kafiro ki gaand jalegi ..pakka
Deepak Pandey (3 months ago)
Javed Khan, Kar di na chhoti baat.
Syed Hussain (4 months ago)
Javed Khan you are rite, bohot logo ko jalan Ho raha hai k itna Chota sa city aur inta paisa hai inke pass hazaro crore Malik hai Dubai mei logo k pass. Ambani bhi aisa nhi bana Sakta. Iss leye jalan Ho raha hai inko
Brian Sloan (4 months ago)
what will those rich snobs do after that oil dries up???
JerisonPlayz (12 days ago)
Brian Sloan the oil is only 20% of there economy, most of it is from tourism , and international trade
Tabassum Siddiqui (4 months ago)
All countries think to inovate itself no war happens
Tabassum Siddiqui (4 months ago)
Dubai is best no one compare it
Love virus (4 months ago)
Unbelievable country in future of every country In the world
GTAGamer (4 months ago)
2nd song name?
Pipin Firdaus (4 months ago)
amazing island
hamidullah nouri (4 months ago)
If you look at comments section white Christians don't like a muslim or arab country prosper and get wealthy they show a hatred of a thousand year towards the muslim and it's very obvious from the destruction of iraq Libya syria and threatening iran they cannot digest having a rich muslim nation in this world such a shame
Jenny Hirst (4 months ago)
Hey there Jenny here a Video Researcher from UNILAD! I have come across your video and would love to download and feature it on our travel page UNILAD Adventure with credit to you! If you’re happy with that could you please submit the footage without any water marks (as we add our own) to the link below, feel free to email me at [email protected] if you’d like to know more! unilad.co.uk/submit/adventure
Robin son (4 months ago)
Dedy Subandowo (4 months ago)
I wish I could have time spending days in Dubai. This is on my listed visits.
Syed Hussain (4 months ago)
Dedy Subandowo Shah Rukh Khan bought a house here.

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