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Atlantis Hotel, The Palm Dubai...Rising from the Crescent

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A video that shows the amazing construction and events leading up to the opening of Atlantis on the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai.
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mountnman3609 (5 years ago)
Dubai is trying its darndest to reinvent itself and going into HUGE DEBT to do that. Their oil is running out and they know their time is limited before they once again become just a dessert wasteland. So they are creating a dessert oasis like no other. Time will tell if they are successful in creating themselves into something other than an oil producer.
Belbesos maribela (6 years ago)
wow i love it..and i wish one day i will go to your beautiful resort ..and i love my cairo men ...muahhhhhhhhhhhh
Sabry Alawal (7 years ago)
@smartzazi THANK YOU
ayeeshka (7 years ago)
in Dubai you will see the different designs of buildings and establishments like they say its a play ground for all those great engineers,architects and designers from different countries who have brought their talent to design this spectacular place....
ameesh khan (7 years ago)
i ahve stayed here and i also went aquventur e
Craig Hunt (7 years ago)
But what T.V channels do you get in your bedroom?
Goingby20s (7 years ago)
@venominalVirus If you hate it so much why don't your leave?
phillyguy95 (7 years ago)
I would not feel saves traveling here until they fix their government and laws. too risky at this point.
@coziherebrap95 consider it as its your home!
Saint Faez (7 years ago)
Most people post here show so much jealousy and desiring what the others have. Arabs lived in deserts for centuries and left the green lands for everyone else. Now when the world turned around, and they have the oil. Everyone seem jealous and disrespectful and no one is talking about it.
Juju Rellama (7 years ago)
@venominalVirus who wants to be a national of the UAE? I dont. what were those arabs before they crawled out of their tents? i would nt cook a pancake for those ppl, not even pour them coffee
Juju Rellama (7 years ago)
@venominalVirus who wants to be a national of the UAE? I dont. what were those arabs before they crawled out of their tents?
Juju Rellama (7 years ago)
@venominalVirus who wants to be a national of the UAE? I dont.
al atrushi razvan (7 years ago)
this is turism stupid... if you don`t know ask..:P
workoutnoobie (7 years ago)
@venominalVirus shut up..
TheLMack (8 years ago)
This place reminds me of my summer home in Venice, only mine is a bit bigger. jk
TheLMack (8 years ago)
@venominalVirus Please, say UAE one more time.
feedsunj (8 years ago)
Add MORE tags so this video can be found !
Ingecastilla (8 years ago)
Mohsin Ali (8 years ago)
Found a special carpet store in Dubai. It's called Mehreen Carpets on Al Diyafah St. The collection is amazing and the prices are excellent. The contact details: Tel: 04-3986468 Mob: 050-5373175.
Spain Antonio (8 years ago)
Wow I hope I get a chance to visit there (blush) and were my new bathing suit
thrs hop (8 years ago)
@sumitmam1 ur the fake & ur country . & ours is wanted not like ur sick country hotel . & hey HEEEY LEARN how to talkin with the ppl , ur such a fool freakin indian !! & make ur friends & ur Self too "DONT WORK IN OUR COUNTRIES , GET OUT FROM IT " , ur such a jungleGAY __________ i hate to talking like this , but he was who started of it & i cant hist after i saw words like this ..
Aoudhubillahi (8 years ago)
This was a huge undertaking.
ikezao1 (8 years ago)
dubai is the arab's vegas.
BlackGaruda (8 years ago)
atlantis is in INDONESIA
MerchantofTarshish (8 years ago)
That hotel looks absolutely spectacular
josh2477 (8 years ago)
Been here done that kind of deal lehcar
gamolly (8 years ago)
Everything there is exaggerated! Meh.
Sumit Maam (8 years ago)
@MrStonecold69 u and u r types of man r bastards they dont think good thek all times think bad.all countries have there own specalities and bad qualities.
jose rodriguez (8 years ago)
If i ever win the lotto someday , i would take my entire family and friends to this place , even the ones i never met before because i truly think this place is one of a kind and should be experience by everone .
Mrelisrael777 (8 years ago)
@junglemaster2014 i think Dubai has every right to name it Atlantis dumb fuck.
noor bradosti (8 years ago)
Im going to atlantis this july!!!!
mo786 (8 years ago)
Now atlantis is built on the blood and sweat of asian sub continent labour ie..bangladeshi...pakistani etc Africans...how about paying them now for there hard work UAE? shamefull arabs(UAE)........before the sweat drys on the forehead of the workmen in the field he should be paid for his labour ...Muslim Txt. saying of prophet mohammed(pbuh)
kdwormy (8 years ago)
Dubai would have been a success if it wasn't built in the regional mecca of backwards morality.
RobertsDigital (8 years ago)
@puressentiel The Atlantis hotel will eventually sink into the sea. Waste of money. They could have used their money to build more skyscrapers on land.
someperson319 (8 years ago)
Melisuu (8 years ago)
incleeeibleee... hermosas.. construcciones.. jamas ni en mis sueños mas locos.. pense.-. que existieta tal cosa... i love... dubai... wuuuaaa impactada.. con esas magnificas construcciones mis respectos.. para los ingieron y todas las pesonas involucradas.. en tal proyectooo..
Benzine78 (8 years ago)
Going in July...can't wait!
Sal1990 (8 years ago)
MrStonecold69 (9 years ago)
Hey Dice786 It depends on what country you are from If you are a European or an American you would be paid o.k. But if you come from India or Pakistan or any of the other "poor" countries Go to Youtube Type in "Dubai's Dirty Little Secret Forward to 9' 24
Arslan Warraich (9 years ago)
its much more than they would get in their own country u dumb fuck
MrStonecold69 (9 years ago)
just think for 5 seconds the poor bastards that had to put this thing together working mininum wage 18 hours a day in 40 degree heat What thanks do they get? FUCK ALL THANKS THATS WHAT THEY GET
trokoro (9 years ago)
Guinea Ecuatorial, que fue provincia española hasta 1968, tiene petróleo, situación estratégica, clima tropical, selva y playa, riqueza ecológica y mineral...Por su situación y su historia es el lugar ideal para crear un "hub" logístico y turístico de primer orden entre Europa y Sudáfrica; Oriente Medio y Latinoamérica. El Gobierno de Guinea Ecuatorial no debería perder esta oportunidad única en la Historia de su país.
bahamasilive (9 years ago)
trokoro (9 years ago)
That is what Equatorial Guinea needs for the future, an Atlantis Hotel in Malabo. Equatorial Guinea is placed between Europe and South Africa, between the Middle East and LatinAmerica. The best place in the World to build the Dubai and Singapore of Africa. It just needs the Government to be bold and go ahead. ARRIBA GUINEA ECUATORIAL!!! VOSOTROS PODEIS SER EL DUBAI DE AFRICA!!!
Camilo Toro (9 years ago)
i love atlantis hotels, the atlantis bahamas resort is amazing.^^
Ben Jacob (9 years ago)
I am an Emarati Local .. I saw the Hotel and was there at the opening ! I have 53 Villas in The Palm Jumeirah, 97 in Palm Jebel Ali and Planning to buy in The 3rd Palm "Palm Deira"
gunitjonas (9 years ago)
Osama bin laden is hiding there! USMC gonna go there!
vuddi (9 years ago)
I love to go clubing there at all time. But the table there is quite expensive Dhs 1200 or Thai Baht 12,000 per table. Drinks cost everage around 30-50 but anyway, I always give them a Dhs 100 and they never return the change. It's fine for me.
V8BOY53 (9 years ago)
it rulez in dubai
hello (9 years ago)
no, thats what the world WANTS to see them as. they don't come across as racist to me. and if they're so "dumb", how would they be this successful? i doubt they would just bring in some foreigners and FORCE them to "invest heavily in it." sorry, but you don't come across as "intelligible" to me, either.
hello (9 years ago)
wow. you're so fucking shallow. just because they're successful, it means that they're a dirty filthy false artificial country?! you're a fucking idiot. just because you happen to live in some other english country, doesn't mean you can trash other middle eastern countries. "take care." =l
Farrukh Arif (9 years ago)
:) thanks so much :) insha Allah i will be at better place one day :) an now a says UAE is like an hungry dog, do u know what? police tool my 2 friends to the jail and left them after 4 hours and do u know why? that was just because my one friend had spikes hair and 2nd was in long shorts lol when i did listen that i was laughing and rolling on the floor and i had nothing to say about them lol hahahahahahaha
Farrukh Arif (9 years ago)
lol all the HAD money and money can do anything in this world lol i hate UAE even i live here, but i cant compare UAE with any other country because UAE is only 1 of its kind and worst of all lol the poorest country is better than UAE. no matter how rich u are and how much time u are living here, but u will never ever be allowed to be a national of UAE, they dont give passport even if u lick their feets. i hate the policies of UAE government. All UAE is the sucked blood of Asians and eourpians
irishxxkelt (9 years ago)
It is interesting that Dubai is finished. Peopl are leaving their big cars at the airport with the keys in the ignition and maxed out credit cards in the glove box. Those unlucky not to get out are languishing in prison because they are in debt.
Juju Rellama (9 years ago)
Muslimah Muslim (9 years ago)
Nataly Khassay (9 years ago)
To say incredibly perfect - to say nothing.. Just cant stop admiring of those talented and hardworking people who created, who built this wonder!!!!!
Shanthini Mahendran (9 years ago)
hmm wheres the link? I don't find it... oh the message board is unlimited now. Anyone can send messages, i just didn't want horrible messages of people talking crap is all.
kboi87 (9 years ago)
I left a link on your channel. Your Youtube won't let me send you a message since it requires that I be your friend first.
kboi87 (9 years ago)
This is in regards to your request for me to explain to you about the slavery that is going on in Dubai that I had previously mentioned in my comment in a video. I read it all in an article, a pretty long one for that matter. I suggest that you read the whole thing. And I'd sure be glad to hear from you after and see what you'd have to say. Take care, my friend!
Shanthini Mahendran (9 years ago)
Slavery? I don't know about this, can you PM me and explain?
kboi87 (9 years ago)
The people who literally built this, along with the rest of the buildings in this fake city, are slaves. Don't get me wrong, I think they have extraordinary architectures but the fact that there is a hell lot of bad things going on behind this wonderland that most people do not know about just ruins it for me. I used to want to go and visit Dubai, but after learning about the slavery and the city, I decided that I will never ever set foot on here.
Shanthini Mahendran (9 years ago)
HATS OFF to the people who worked on building this hotel. Salute to you, this place is gorgeous!!!!!!! When i start working, i definitely want to come here someday!
JoseLuis0074 (9 years ago)
Saul Octavio Salgado Mendez animate a conocer Dubai
lin99unc (9 years ago)
The hotel is based on/themed around the Lost City of Atlantis (In Greek, means daughter of Atlas). It is a Greek myth passed down by accounts of Plato centered around a civilization located somewhere in W. Europe or around the upper coast of Africa. If you know anything about Geography, that would place it closer to Dubai than to America. It reportedly was sunk by earthquake but there are many speculations as to the locations. SO, get an encyclopedia and educate yourself, Junglemaster.
OHBOYKID316 (9 years ago)
100 percent beautiful
KONSSEL (9 years ago)
junglemaster2014 (9 years ago)
this is fucking insulting how dare these arabs build such a thing and name it atlantis. atlantis was in the atlantic ocean and was part of american and western european history. how dare they take somthing and turn it into something shit they have not even gotten the shape or design right.
albakar4u (9 years ago)
الله يزيدكم منواسع فضله ... فندق عجيب
carlosdavids777 (10 years ago)
europe ? usa? Noooo DUBAI!!!
Terry W (10 years ago)
I don't understand
carlosdavids777 (10 years ago)
maxim900 (10 years ago)
Omfg... That is just one sick hotel cant wait till i win the lottery someday lol
Marniespeaks (10 years ago)
with all the poverty in the world... he could have been a great man, instead he chose vanity.
lin99unc (10 years ago)
Yes, I actually DO work for Atlantis the Palm...and regarding the comments about the price: It's not a hotel for everyone is all I can say, similar to the Burj al Arab or a Ritz Carlton. However, the beauty and uniqueness of it make it worth at least a visit for "free" pictures! Plus, the waterpark is outstanding. And it's not slave labor.
Mark Peters (10 years ago)
I bet you're right. I highly doubt they have a hotel union there... does anyone know what the hourly wage is in competing hotels in Dubai ? I am pretty sure is is one step away from slave labor ...
J.R. VanWassenhove (10 years ago)
Excellent work! Very very exciting! I would love to stay here sometime in the next year.. Thanks for sharing this video.

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