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Eating at a Hooters for Women in Japan: Slutever Shorties

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Slutever’s Karley Sciortino gets served by the men of Macho 29 - a Japanese bar specializing in burley male servers and grilled meats. Watch more Slutever: https://youtu.be/nw-y3t6Roy4?list=PLDbSvEZka6GEoWItnzbF3j_yws3jFncW3 Click here to subscribe to VICE: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo Click here to get the best of VICE daily: http://bit.ly/1SquZ6v Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/vice Download VICE on iOS: http://apple.co/28Vgmqz Download VICE on Android: http://bit.ly/28S8Et0
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Text Comments (1284)
Petrified PK (59 minutes ago)
J Brick (19 hours ago)
Im so gay
J Brick (1 day ago)
Well hello 👀
Miss Sinister (1 day ago)
0:19 beefcake? hmmmmm no
Ethieria Fey (2 days ago)
I love them omg i NEED TO GO THERE 😂😭
God Makoto (2 days ago)
We need the to put the gender thing right?
Jeff (11 days ago)
I wish I was gay so I can understand what's going on XD
Tuy Tio (13 days ago)
i want do one in argentina
Eim Unbannable (11 days ago)
I would do her anywhere
Tuy Tio (13 days ago)
Antisocial Kitten (16 days ago)
If I was the camera person I would not be able to keep straight face
Alisina (16 days ago)
After looking at videos like this i am thinking is honesty something that we had which was backward and stupid. Is being fake a superior and better then being honest.
Ms Tergelsar (16 days ago)
I only imagine how hard it is to always flexing.
Chengez Hussaini (18 days ago)
Manny Pacquiao should be invited here. All us Asians can learn a thing or two from him on bodybuilding
Alejandro Flores (19 days ago)
Beefcakes and beefcakes
Ninja Nugget San (20 days ago)
*A dream come true*
carolyn b (21 days ago)
The veins showing! #TurnOn i wish they would come to the states. I'd love to watch a man cook naked or half naked
Delana Johnson (26 days ago)
This is not only hot but a good time. Endearing and funny guys! 💕😋
Xina Moira (27 days ago)
Missed opportunity to call it Peckers and theme it after chicken.
Alex Anderson (28 days ago)
lets be real its not girls that go there
Steve Carter (28 days ago)
Karley is soaking up all that muscle attention. I love her questions
stanislas corentin (30 days ago)
eric wong (1 month ago)
these guys makes me feel really out of shape...better hit the gym....later :D
Waffle Shredder (1 month ago)
Make an anime about them rn!!!
Mörder Morphine (1 month ago)
they're not even hot imo lmao like come on
Ken Silva (10 days ago)
hotter than you,
simbbam (1 month ago)
the guy who did the talking was cute. All the other ones were meh
Ken Silva (10 days ago)
Tony Soza (1 month ago)
KaylaNoelle1 (1 month ago)
Sexual objectification of anyone gives me indigestion but it's better that instead of JUST getting gawked at they actually perform and entertain with talent, they get to show more personality and use some comedy. Hooters is just plain depressing and I'm so proud that it's another business that millennials are apparently "killing" that and blood diamonds! You go guys!!
Scarlett Cobain (1 month ago)
America take notes
QUEEN Bee (1 month ago)
Oof my damn 😩😩
Fabzil (1 month ago)
I laughed so much xD
Fevri Prasetya (1 month ago)
Mob psyco athletic club cosplayer
Zehe Chen (1 month ago)
l dont know what to say but what l can say is this l got bigger musles
Hunter Barella (1 month ago)
For anyone that watches My Hero Academia, I think we just found Kirishima's family.
Noah (1 month ago)
“objectify men for once”: that is what a real double standard is, not some 70 cents to the dollar horse shit. I can’t stand these liberals.
LOL (1 month ago)
Steroids yeaaah!!! ... . Stupid as hell.
Your Highness (1 month ago)
Too much testosterone for me.
Roseli Rayo (1 month ago)
O.o ......cool
José Sosa (2 months ago)
I don't think hooters girls have the reputation of being funny or even having much of a personality. EDIT: Crap, I'm going to get shit for that.
Gabriel Angel (2 months ago)
Dedsec sezx (2 months ago)
Blake J (2 months ago)
She's ready for bukkake
Eim Unbannable (11 days ago)
AngryZombie808 (2 months ago)
I learnt a new Japanese word today; Arigato gozaiMACHOOO!
Shawn Nautica (2 months ago)
The main dude is built like Guts from Berserk
Boi singhn (2 months ago)
top ten anime characters
AJ _ (2 months ago)
Of course these clowns at vice make it a gender problem. "Omg women are always being looked at and it's now time for payback" like bitch wtf they're supposed to get looked at, that's their job! You tried it tho
softy (2 months ago)
Hhahaa hilarious
ram kami (2 months ago)
season 1 was much better than season 2
anthony lewis (2 months ago)
She looks like the bad guy from the karate kid
Kimosuji Akira (2 months ago)
theTAILlor (2 months ago)
Thst was my idea but I was going to call it Peckers
R Torontonion (2 months ago)
How dare the objectify us men.
shitpostistan tv (2 months ago)
i generally avoid vice contents as i find them too leftist. but this is funny, and i'm moving to tokyo in january.
gwmiller (2 months ago)
She makes me wanna be blonde too
Hahaha all I got to say is that there's a idiot a gorilla a sped and a midget.. great combination holy shit I'm dying. Nah joks that kinda fucked but I just gotta roast them haha
Jamminberry Lee (2 months ago)
Right can't make everybody happy! It would make me happy tho😉
Joshua Phillips (2 months ago)
ありがとうございマッチョ www 🤣
Fussion Lynx (2 months ago)
Every 20 seconds....." MACHO"!!! AND THEN THEY FLEX🤣🤣
Maroof hocane (2 months ago)
I came cause of thumbnail i thot must be a gangbang
Eim Unbannable (11 days ago)
*Bukkake ;)
Star Cherry (2 months ago)
LOL I honestly wasn't even looking at their faces, man they have some sexy arms
Marco Anaya (2 months ago)
They are funny, but that is stupid. I really dislike Hooters anyway and any restaurant or establishment that subjugates women in that manner for their sexuality. I mean after all, how is the food?
ryanha2 (2 months ago)
Shes great, but this is CRIDGEEEEE
Setia (3 months ago)
1 of them are taking those juice
F0RG1V3N (3 months ago)
They fucked after bukkaki style.
V (3 months ago)
Asian culture aren't as complicated as the Western culture. We do know how to have fun without actually having to go into debate over everything. Not all of us think we're special snowflakes.
LalallaSN (3 months ago)
Damn feminism what have you done...guess it's time for me to hit the gym and start a new career.
Gmork13 (3 months ago)
Everyone is having a good time here. Definitely a bit different than most hooters girls who have to hang around a buncha creepy guys. Win win for everyone.
Seema Vyas (3 months ago)
They are somewhat like ginyu force.
Destiny James (3 months ago)
How about we not objectify any of the sexes? Im so tired of this world...
Slavjapan (3 months ago)
its not the issue of sexuality that they are trying to address and change but the perception of Japanese girls that guys with huge muscles are not attractive... as a japanese who knows well about this group, it’s a cringe that the reporter consistently asked them questions on sexuality...
ABT (3 months ago)
Haha women trying to empower themselves by being hoes.
Eim Unbannable (11 days ago)
Well, you'd have to be pretty damn empowered to have the strength of a farming implement.
MrPyroguy1 (3 months ago)
Where can i watch this Anime?
ImSofaKingGood (3 months ago)
As a man, I for one would be much happier if women just objectified men and everyone had a good time without giving a shit rather than women getting all up in arms at men for objectifying women.
JD Krasinki (3 months ago)
One of the 4 really stood out for the wrong reasons. face and body
ZIM ZUM (2 months ago)
+JD Krasinki Yea, I think he was making that facial expression to be funny. I wasn't trying to be a dick and laugh at the dude but it happened.
JD Krasinki (2 months ago)
=) im not trying to be a dick. but he did stand out like a sore thumb. quite sore
ZIM ZUM (2 months ago)
I had to suffocate myself to stop laughing when I saw who you were talking about.
I’m not gay or anything I just love their body... Wait a min... nvm I am gay. I NEED TO GO THERE NOW... jk on going there tho but not for the rest. Or is this all just a prank????🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Maria Ford (3 months ago)
We need that here in the states.
Tommy Vo (3 months ago)
Wanderer628 (3 months ago)
'HAHAHAHA, the people getting offended from this are insecure males who are probably gay and don't know it, if not they're just dirty incels! HAHAHAHA!' *Looks through the comments, can't find a single person acting offended. K.
7 Fakta (3 months ago)
Yeah after eating session . kimochi session
John Gable Smith (3 months ago)
Thank god for male nipples. Those pecs got me drooling.
Megumi M (3 months ago)
Oh no..this place is definitely my top destination when I touch down in Japan next. Hmm...will they cut my meat and feed too?
Vunami (3 months ago)
1:03 hehehe
quotejoss (3 months ago)
Mini sausages at Japan food places
Eim Unbannable (11 days ago)
Vienna is in Austria though
Pixy Rose Jes (3 months ago)
Aw, cUte!
Mike90 susanoo (3 months ago)
Wheres the food?
Nicolas Costas (3 months ago)
Too bad their dicks are so small...
Bryan Hoang (3 months ago)
Horrible interview
TheYLS (3 months ago)
1:03 the way she licked her lips though
Ken Silva (10 days ago)
she want it
LuverSin (3 months ago)
yes objectify not really if cant fucking touch the hooters girl talk about inadequate object fucking LIBTARD
john doe (3 months ago)
I guarantee its just gonna be a bunch of gay dudes whose gonna eat there.
Emily H (3 months ago)
Suddenly starving
Jaymansalem 0nesze1os (3 months ago)
There not polite there macho like if you get the pun
Antonio Valdez (3 months ago)
these guys are bros
laaleesk (3 months ago)
2:11 I'm in love 😍😂
Silent But Dudley (3 months ago)
All those muscles won’t cover up the fact that their dicks are small. Asian Joke Btw
dangerous dave (3 months ago)
thank god they speak only Japanese and not try to speak english.
Kage Krôss (3 months ago)
I'll stick to Hooters, but they're cool.
Jennifer Yu (3 months ago)
this seems like a good place to visit *puts it down on my bucket list*
Friiiday (3 months ago)
i want to touch 👋🍑
HI LEE (3 months ago)
This restaurant is a focus to the pleasure of eyes than eat to the mouth.

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