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BT136 Triac Tutorial | How to use? | Pinout

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Text Comments (45)
youcef. YOUCEF (5 days ago)
Hello , I think that do not work because the arduino and the other circuit must have the some ground all you should use the opto coplor
edidiong ekpo (26 days ago)
Janak Nepal (3 months ago)
Description about opto isolator is completely wrong and there is no gate and common pin basically....
Ring Neck (4 months ago)
Bt136 is commonly found in dimmers(fan regulator). Both the rs80 non branded and rs150 cona/anchor brand regulators use the same bt136 design fan regular
Deepchand Yadav (5 months ago)
How to use it with a 9 v battery +Ve terminal is connected to gate Where -ve terminal??
smile please (5 months ago)
Mustang Guy (5 months ago)
music made me stop this video at exactly 5 seconds. Leaving now.
Wendy Whales (5 months ago)
Very Well Explaned,Thank You.
S.S Telecom (6 months ago)
but how i use it like dimmer..make a dimmer cerquit
Arjean Mae Maghanoy (6 months ago)
what if A1 and A2 interchange? does the triac still work? reply asap. thank you!
Ramit Dour (4 months ago)
no it won't , gate should be connected to A2 only .
Ashis Kumar (7 months ago)
hello sir i want to calculate gate resistor for triac for 220v ac supply , iam using bta16 triac moc3021 optocoupler for controlling speed of induction motor please help me
Ashis Kumar (7 months ago)
hello sir i want to calculate gate resistor for triac for 220v ac supply , iam using bta16 triac moc3021 optocoupler for controlling speed of induction motor please help me
Ishwarlal Nayak (7 months ago)
NAVEEN KUMAR (9 months ago)
can we switch on the triac by just applying a 5 volt dc or ac supply to its gate ? , or we have to connect only A2 terminal to GATE of the triac to turn it on sir..
orlando Chidi (10 months ago)
Hi sir, please what's the difference between a BT138 and BTA 12-600B
Sujan Paudel (11 months ago)
Where we use -ve terminal of battery
Dominik L (11 months ago)
what was the music in the background?
sinto anthony (6 months ago)
Dominik L Pls send d name f d music
Amir (1 year ago)
can i dim the lamp
Sean Boyer (1 year ago)
Great video man! Explains how the things work, and the example circuit is nice. It would be worth mentioning to anyone new to working with mains voltage that you should NEVER connect your circuitry directly to the mains, you must ALWAYS connect through an isolation transformer. I know that's outside of the scope of this video, but it's a very important point that someone new might miss out on.
leohobb leohobb (1 year ago)
good and clear explained
CETech (1 year ago)
+leohobb leohobb thanks
AMAL DEEP (1 year ago)
do it is same as mosfet
AMAL DEEP (1 year ago)
Do bta135 works on dc??
CETech (1 year ago)
+AMAL DEEP no I don't think so
harshit (1 year ago)
can you tell how check that triac is working.
priyadarshi vyas (1 year ago)
can we use it while sending pwm signal to triac and using itto control fan speed
Sylvo Totem (1 year ago)
This is wrong, you cannot connect arduino directly to the triac, that either wouldn't work, or would blow up the arduino or the triac, depeding on how the arduino is powered up. You need an opto isolator
Sylvo Totem (1 year ago)
You did, however it was not clear to me :p
CETech (1 year ago)
+Sylwester Kogowski yes we do need an opto isolater and I did mention about the opto isolater.
Ali Gul (1 year ago)
How avoid a small current in triac when we off triac how to solve this problem and completely off trac
Shambhavi Nimbhorkar (1 year ago)
Thank you for the explanation .Sir can i use the same circuit for regulating fan speed ?
Paul Buhagiar (1 year ago)
Dear CETech, Could you show me please how to test a TRIAC ? Thanks and regards, paul
CETech (1 year ago)
+Paul Buhagiar you'll have to make the circuit diagram in the video and then check for the continuity between it's terminals.
Mus Akbar (1 year ago)
Thank you very much friend.
CETech (1 year ago)
+Mus Akbar your welcome
Pratik Ghodake (1 year ago)
can you show me the whole circuit diagram...? And also the value of opto cupler
CETech (1 year ago)
+Pratik Ghodake the circuit diagram is posted on our facebook page. You can check out the links in the description.
Pratik Ghodake (1 year ago)
Thanks for your replay... I need ckt diagram to switch 230v AC using opto isolater and triac... So help me...
CETech (1 year ago)
+Pratik Ghodake which circuit diagram you want? And you may use moc3020/1 as the opto isolater. For the opto coupler you can use pc817
ali behrouz (1 year ago)
nice job
CETech (1 year ago)
+ali behrouz thank you.
Jatin Kathuria (1 year ago)
very nice explanation sir, what are the AC ratings of this triac?
CETech (1 year ago)
+Jatin Kathuria you can easily switch 220volts with this easily. For maximum voltage I suggest you to take a look at the datasheet of the particular Triac you use.

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