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Maggie Lindemann - Selena Gomez "Back To You" (Cover)

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Text Comments (1140)
Your so good
s k y e p h o e n i x (5 days ago)
Now i realise how similar you two sound! I love your voice more tho
lisa schneider (6 days ago)
Random (9 days ago)
Still waiting on a full cover 💔💔
Nick gaming (10 days ago)
It is better than Selena Gomez singing
Luiza Silveira (11 days ago)
Melhor que a selena ❤
Lily Choi (17 days ago)
U sound like selena
Ariana Insane (18 days ago)
are you human ?
Tes Nkengla (21 days ago)
I need more
최성순 (22 days ago)
노래 잘 부른다~♡♡♡♡
YH Sammy (24 days ago)
who is Selena?
sara niyaz (25 days ago)
Wow i love this video plus maggie she will always be my fav person no matter wat
Auriana Villanueva (27 days ago)
i just realized you sound like her!!!
malu trevejo (29 days ago)
The best cover ever <3
Daisy Playz (1 month ago)
Diána Danó Béláné (1 month ago)
Good cover❤️❤️👌
Gayatri Mishra (1 month ago)
Totally selena🙀🙀
FH H (1 month ago)
ninad chaudhari (1 month ago)
Please give me full version.
JustinaYtb (1 month ago)
I love youuuuu❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Paulina K (1 month ago)
I really can't stand the fact that you haven't uploaded the full version of your cover:(
Samir Das (1 month ago)
So nice please reply me
Hi_ Steffy (1 month ago)
Where’s the full version?❤️❤️❤️
Mischievous Nightcore (1 month ago)
Can you put a full cover
Ash and Luna (1 month ago)
Love it
May Pst (1 month ago)
i fell in love again.......
infireskylie xd (2 months ago)
I loved it
Hail Ritch (2 months ago)
I love your music
gogo thea (2 months ago)
Can you make a full vid. 😢
Andrea Mitchell (2 months ago)
what microphone is this?
Natasha Jutas (2 months ago)
Please do full cover
Kermits croissant (2 months ago)
Lmao I'm so envious of her voice :') 💞💕💖🌹🥀
Alexandra Papadaki (2 months ago)
In my opinion,this is as good as Selena’s!!
KT Sharp (2 months ago)
you sound just like selena gomez
Hadeel magic (2 months ago)
your voice is amazing ❤🔥
Btkjs Btkjs (2 months ago)
kellybelly (2 months ago)
김재민 (2 months ago)
Mystery voice i want to find some more
jupiter is a bean (2 months ago)
This is my favourite thing to watch
jasmyn sch (2 months ago)
i want a maggie and selena collab
Maria Rinta-Rahko (2 months ago)
This is Perfect we need a Selena and Maggie collab please and Maggie's cover is like Heaven👏💛
Vanessa _V_ (2 months ago)
Can't you sing without autotune?
Gwen Webster (2 months ago)
Gives me chills ever time pls release a full cover
ღ Lyca Shein ღ (2 months ago)
Maxine Sdt (2 months ago)
mahaOMG (2 months ago)
I love youuuuu
joyfulkom leivonkom (3 months ago)
Sri priya (3 months ago)
Bijuli Das (3 months ago)
Name Surname (3 months ago)
Lilly Kawala (3 months ago)
ik its forward but its true but miaggie lindemann I love u
Dipto Halder 1 (3 months ago)
Is it your own studio?
millie bobby brown (3 months ago)
Is it her real voice ?
Skitz (3 months ago)
bitch i have chills
AN ARMY PASSING BY (3 months ago)
Vicky Subba (3 months ago)
Your version is better than her
Makeup blogger (3 months ago)
It's better than Selenas
Makeup blogger (3 months ago)
Oh my God I got goose bumps this is freaking amazing . Im dead what a voice 🔥
Kyle S (3 months ago)
Your voice... ❤️
u k (3 months ago)
Ur voice is so pretty please full version
Marissa Alice (3 months ago)
Jessica Lu (3 months ago)
and people say u cant sing live
Reena Lakra (3 months ago)
Plz do a full version plz
Beyza Garden (3 months ago)
sarkiyi senin sayende sevdim💜👌
The King (3 months ago)
Hey you need to upload full cover. Your voice is amazing.
Lucy 🥳 (3 months ago)
What microphone does she use tho!!! Does anyone know
Dog Lover27 (3 months ago)
I NEED a full version Love you 💕
dohadihan (3 months ago)
Lizzy H (3 months ago)
If I could judge it of 1-10 id be a 10000!
Rose Sanchez (4 months ago)
Your talents are so good❤
ThotabotDiana (4 months ago)
Hazem Channel (4 months ago)
What microphone is thaaaaat
ILYES EL HOUARI (4 months ago)
Julia Julia (4 months ago)
It's so much like Selena's but selena is still the queen👑👑👑. None can beat her. ✌✌✌
kazi Fariah (4 months ago)
Sooooo sweet
Victoria Kordek (4 months ago)
And the whole version
Victoria Kordek (4 months ago)
Do the audio plsss
Jessica Patagnan (4 months ago)
I wanna hold you too 😂
fatima bendenia (4 months ago)
This girl killing me !!! I need a full cover and also Rihanna love on the brain I need that full cover
heyxlottie (4 months ago)
Please do a full cover
DJRick Vale (4 months ago)
I Like your voice Maggie ❤️❤️❤️
Aingel Brito (4 months ago)
What microphone do you use
shwli Lili (4 months ago)
I loooooovvvveeee 😍. u're voiiiccee is incredible!
Marij Jarm (4 months ago)
You are't gonna read this probably but make a cover of a song from Lord of the rings since you're a fan I assume.
FayyWayy ‘ (4 months ago)
Iga Kropulec (4 months ago)
❤❤❤ you have a beautiful voice😍
Melodie Bitch (4 months ago)
Matthew Trim (4 months ago)
Sweet voice 😚
Later dreams a dreamer (4 months ago)
I got tears in my eyes just by listening to it 3 times!!!!!Amazing well done outstanding hot !!!😢😢
Belen Vicente (4 months ago)
Still waiting... full version maggie ♡♡♡
Sil ent (4 months ago)
Divi 05 (4 months ago)
Spot on
Manoj Shahi (4 months ago)
Fulp version please
Rajiv Rohilla (4 months ago)
It's mind blowing
c w (4 months ago)
Girl gamer 164 (5 months ago)
Ypur so pretty
Leah Fajardo (5 months ago)
Sayoni• (5 months ago)
Omg 😍❤️
unknown_x x (5 months ago)
Ryan Serrano (5 months ago)
You singing so god

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