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The Opioid Effect: Maine's Fishing Community Battles with Heroin

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In 2016, the state of Maine averaged one drug overdose death a day, with the vast majority of those deaths by heroin. TONIC goes behind the numbers to the fishing town of Machias to meet people whose lives have been affected by the opiate epidemic. MORE ON TONIC: https://tonic.vice.com Check out TONIC'S full video catalog: https://video.vice.com/en_us/channel/tonic More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo Like TONIC on Facebook: http://bit.ly/2fJQsIE Follow TONIC on Twitter: http://bit.ly/2gBfCGZ Follow TONIC on Instagram: http://bit.ly/2gcbJLO Sign up for the TONIC Newsletter: http://bit.ly/2gBfOGg
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Text Comments (851)
Sal Paradise (12 hours ago)
So stop using drugs! Who is at fault here??? The scum who inject that shit. Take some responsibility... its your fault... stop eating poison.
Jacob Smith (19 hours ago)
Heroin isn’t just effecting us lobsterman it effects, carpenters, just everyday people so stop putting lobsterman on the spot
Nihulistic99th (2 days ago)
Move out of that shithole state, who wouldn’t be slamming H out there. Disgusting, overcast amalgamation of shit that is Maine.
Tums225 (3 days ago)
Wow, she gave birth eleven days after the death, probably less than a week after the funeral. Crazy!!
PineKushDude (3 days ago)
Nothing like being high on pills while fishing at a quiet pond, pure heavon, sorry just the truth
runeplate123 (5 days ago)
LOL at the addict dad “y’all!!!!! Can’t!!! Judge!!! Me!!!! I will be the best dad ever!!!!” 11 days before the baby is born joker overdoses what a dummy....
Sargeant spelledwrong (7 days ago)
Ok but that title confused the shit outta me
Kunchuz King (8 days ago)
let's go heroin, karma is a bitch ain't it!!!! crack wasn't a problem when it was wreaking havoc on the black community, now that white folks are overdosing like crazy, it's a national outcry. fuck m, let the orphans raise themselves..
Studio24/7 (8 days ago)
Sooo sad
TC Hodges (10 days ago)
Is Heroin an Opioid??
radrcer (11 days ago)
No pity for the addicts,...only for the townies that are tryin to make a clean living.
bababooeydude (13 days ago)
You don't give alcohol even a few beers to someone who's just been released from rehab. Why is it ok to he an alcoholic and not a junkie?
Richard Aguilar (13 days ago)
You can’t just start handing out Naxolone. Trust me. Naxolone for me use to be my safety net. I made sure I had it. Made me more confident to use. Biggest pain ever I have ever experienced. I appose to handing out Naxolone in clinics. Even if it has saved my life. You can’t condone this behavior.
Richard Aguilar (13 days ago)
As a former heroin addict, I can’t fathom why someone would want to be in a relationship with an addict. Unless the other spouse uses too, why would you want to be with someone who will be consumed by getting their fix. Maybe there isn’t a lot of people in Maine. Honestly, i think to succeed in Main, you have to leave. It sounds like fishing is the major thing to do and drugs are common, not a place where you could stay clean. I don’t care who you are, you work in a place where drugs are common, you will eventually fall. It’s like having a drunk in recovery working at the bar. At least that’s just my opinion.
Live Leak (15 days ago)
I got hurt at work in 2006 February 20 and there I went to my family doctor and he prescribe me perks and then a year later he bumped me. Oxy’s and I have become a regular user and abuser as of May 2017 my legal daily dose by my doctor was 120mg per day but I was doing 300mg and that’s when I was checked him in the rehab on 26th of May of that year and have been clean since then. It’s just one problem, why doctors are such fucking assholes?!
J Peach (15 days ago)
the dude at the end who says he doesnt think about drugs anymore is clearly lying and still using. looked like he wanted to jump out the boat to go shove a dirty needle in his arm
assjulio79 (20 days ago)
What??????!??? Guys getting high to do a shitty job? Do tell!!!!! Lol. WGAF
Koogle You (20 days ago)
So sad. Thank god I dont know this reality. Back hm the kids are dropping like flies.
Doug Noble (20 days ago)
Same shit every state
letzplayHU (20 days ago)
Legalize drugs. Its the fenatyl and random purities and inconsistent doses causing the most severe side effects. These kids wouldnt be dying if it was legal.
China is shipping tons of fake fentanyl here amongst other pills, we can't stop this epidemic, too many Americans are hooked and the govt won't approve psychedelic therapies. They want us to die #agenda21
Dan Fug (20 days ago)
dont try drugs kids, you might like it.
nate blackwell (20 days ago)
This was tough to watch..I Live in Maine and am currently living in this opioid epidemic....my brother cannot quit and its getting bad
Steve Sherman (21 days ago)
Heroin is bad, but so is being a morbidly obese EMT.
Tim (22 days ago)
It's an addict epidemic. Heroin is just the tool.
Ross Price (23 days ago)
Ur all soft we r 2 greedy in the U.K. 2 od giv me drugs man 💀💀💀
pixpusha (23 days ago)
I am at a loss for words regarding what is happening with the opioid crisis right now. It's like it suddenly exploded. And they're saying the prescriptions began with doctors? That's so scary to me. The thought that we did this to our own people, to ourselves terrifies me. Our work force is drowning and these are the individuals we need working in order to boost the economy. If we don't stop this thing in its tracks soon we will implode as a country. At this point, I'm all for throwing every thing at it. Suboxone programs, faith-based programs, AA. Increase my taxes so we can implement programs that work.This has got to stop before it's too late.
FreshlySnipes (24 days ago)
Narcan should be mandatory
James Loftus (24 days ago)
Krissy W (26 days ago)
Pharmaceutical companies making $$ off Narcan too. Smh
DMVconARTists (15 days ago)
+Where in the world is Tyra Angelita? #pharmaperdue #insyus
DMVconARTists (15 days ago)
Yeah and its literally the same people who make pharmaceutical fentanyl and other problem opioids ..
#pszier #mcKesson #pharmaScams
Rusty McDonald (28 days ago)
The guy talking at the 4-minute interview mark grow a set of nuts. You fucking God damn millennial. Or if you want a bitch about detox tribe detoxing off of a benzodiazepine or something that actually is serious go through your little three to four days worth of puking schitt's and then put your big boy pants on man the fuck up and move on with your life son pathetic
Jacob Harrington (29 days ago)
shoulda gone to the island
Jacob Harrington (29 days ago)
Vice stay outta our state. Fuck off
Derek Lambert (29 days ago)
I survived heroin and take you through how I did it on my channel! Please show some love! We addicts need each other as well as family of drug addicts! https://www.youtube.com/c/DerekLambertRecovery
Brandon Murphy (1 month ago)
Do.people not know when they do heroin for the first time it's a terrible idea?
A lot of them are severely depressed, young girls have been kidnapped and forced to take these drugs. It's a vicious cycle, the police and DEA know 🤕😷😷😷🇫🇷🇺🇸🇺🇸 #pszier #missingStreetGirls #homelessGirls #theWarOnYoungGirls
Jon Smith (1 month ago)
The media is sensationalizing this
Zeek (1 month ago)
I live in Bangor Maine lmao heroin is literally everywhere here my ex gf overdosed and died from it laced with fentanyl
A Lil Kangaroo (1 month ago)
Guys just cant handle their heroine like I can
Dave Pawson (1 month ago)
I guess we're gonna ignore the state's policy where this garbage comes from. I live next to it so I think I can speak on it. They might as well give you an escort.
Marius M (1 month ago)
Maine: once a subtle place of calm. now a dump of creep. sad and with a dying fish industry, and poverty of spirit.
Marisol white (1 month ago)
Paul LePage, the pasty, peccawood Governor of Maine blamed black men for the heroin problem in a state where less than 1% of the people are black. So typical of the devil to not take responsibilty of his own actions
Marisol white (16 days ago)
+bombfirst157 You have got to be the biggest forkN idiot in the world. Do you really believe that black people have the resources to bring heroin into the country? Heroin is smuggled in by way of Mexico and some come directly from Afghanistan via the US Government. Wow, you gave black people the credit for being drug traffickers...Hehehehe...fuckN amazing.....
bombfirst157 (16 days ago)
Marisol white 99% of the traffickers were black tho soooo I guess he was right?
Drool Alot (1 month ago)
Hurry up and die..... Druggies........ Fake disease.... Nothing but excuses.... Blame everyone else but yourself
It’s hard to kick heroin cold turkey but with the medicine they have now you can do it without experiencing the withdrawals. What I don’t understand is why people never stop using the medicine...they end up going back for more and more when that stuff is a ‘use only when needed’ type of thing to help you keep them god awful withdrawal pains away. If anyone is able to kick the habit and make it through the withdrawals...how or why would you ever want to go back to using again? Knowing what comes with quitting. That to me is just selfishness and stupidity which are obviously clear signs of some type of mental issue.
James Lade (1 month ago)
Try 12 steps. Do anything to stay clean and sober. Or you will have nothing
James Lade (1 month ago)
Drink some beer! People don’t know what addiction is. An addict can’t use anything or drink alcohol. One drink leads to two and then drugs. Need more treatment centers. Also decriminalize and regulate all drugs. Take them out of the hands of the criminals
James Lade (1 month ago)
Drink some beer! People don’t know what addiction is. An addict can’t use anything or drink alcohol. One drink leads to two and then drugs. Need more treatment centers. Also decriminalize and regulate all drugs. Take them out of the hands of the criminals
Erika Friesen (1 month ago)
The puritanical strain of American culture and the vast income divide will ensure this crisis continues indefinitely.
Eddie R (1 month ago)
Anybody else from Maine and not a heroin addict? Haha
Benjamin Chooby (1 month ago)
Hope for the future is what makes suffering endurable
Kevin Allen (1 month ago)
I just stopped drinking for 15 months. Nobody's help needed Grab your pride and go to work. Be responsible to yourself and family. Everyday is a blessing.
Eddie R (1 month ago)
Kevin Allen amen brotha, god bless you
Shane H (1 month ago)
I’m so sorry to the boat man. I know it must be devastating. I’ve been on pain meds for 20 years and the doctors have taken us off pain meds. Now I don’t even get out of bed some days. Can’t work and I hurt constantly. I’m sorry you lost your son but living like this and depending on everyone else to do everything for me makes you wish you were dead.
John Howell (1 month ago)
Got to be a strong person inside to get off drugs, the people that don't are very weak inside, and some of them die as a result. If you really want to get off them and make a better life you will.
Thomas Jordan (1 month ago)
Never mind the 'law' it's complicit at the highest levels. PROTECT YOURSELF, STOP CONSUMING THAT SHIT ‼️ If you get hurt and have to have it in the hospital tell them NO as soon as you can bear to. The pain of an amputation does not amount to a hill of beans compared to the abject misery of addiction. 😳🙏
Carl Swanson (1 month ago)
White Trash junkies... gosh, they'll be missed. Not.
Land Lord (1 month ago)
In my experience also like 60% of chefs have more or less alcohol problem. What I want to say: shit hard job make you overchill afer work and later it is just chemical addiction
David Phelan (1 month ago)
Xattack21 1 (1 month ago)
Pure white trash.... those idiots should be jailed for life....
priceandpride (1 month ago)
You have to 1:1 watch them
A CHOSEN VESSEL (1 month ago)
I would play a sad song but my violin is in the shop!! I just want to see White people suffer like Blacks did during the height of the crack epidemic. Some mean and vicious things were said about the Black Community. So i am here to give you back the hate you gave us. Fuck all of you White devils!! Enjoy the drugs you intended to destroy Blacks with. Fuck off!!
Robert Gauss (1 month ago)
That kids father is the nutz. Great man, you can just tell. I hope he finds solace in his grandson. God's speed to this town. It is a problem. We have to decriminalize this, and if you're addicted, dependent on opiates...or even if you properly have them for pain management needs..hear this..please....you need a board-certified pain management physician. They will keep an eye on you, test you, and know what's what. Personally, I don't judge, and wouldn't ask anyone to live in pain, or get clean from heroin (and opiate pills are heroin basically) alone. Looks like a great town, I hope they can pull through.
Robert Gauss (1 month ago)
in otherwords justas you wouldnt go to a cardioligist for a knee operation, you dont want your GP prescribing you pain meds long term...it takes a specialist..regulation is problaby headed this way anyway...AND, if you truly need the meds not to be in pain (many do) the pharmacies wont fuck with you if you're under a specialists care...
Robert Gauss (1 month ago)
Also for anyone reading this feelign hopeless...GO TO A DOCTOR, a pain managment specialist..he or she wont' "turn you in" ...they will try to help..or an addicition PHYSICIAN...but barring that...at least take a reasoned look at Kratom...Im not a physician...I just know what I see... maybe try that UNDER THE DIRECTION OF AN MD....at lest know about it....you dont have to choose between being sick and heroin. ...any way you slice it... you matter...go get help.
angel45427 (1 month ago)
This is a spiritual war. Satan knows his time is short. How else to keep a whole lot of people away from God but by drugging them? Look it up, it's in the book of revelation.
d's information (1 month ago)
Pray. http://www.yoursalso.com/faith/
Samuel Junes (1 month ago)
A little heroin never hurt anyone.
Jennifer H (1 month ago)
“You can work like Superman”. That is key.
J V (1 month ago)
Listen: why do you all continue in your addictions and the struggle? Because you speak defeat: my addiction, my battle, my disease. You shall have whatsoever you saith, its yours. If you claim it yours its yours. I read a prayer in a in a gun store thats misquoted, if you want to succeed. It says: Lord make me faster than my enemy, make me keen and sharp, make me a sharp shooter to be better than my enemy. That's wrong! I say and I am: Lord I am faster than my enemy, I am keener and sharper, I am a sharp shooter and better than my enemy. You Shall Have Whatsoever You Saith. I am sober, I am clean, I am created for better and I am doing better, Blood was spilled for me, I am blood washed, I am blood saved, I am blood redeemed, I AM A SON / DAUGHTER OF THE TRUE LIVING GOD!!!
fijifeels (1 month ago)
How not to get addicted to heroin. Step one: Don’t do it in the first place.
vincent gizdich (1 month ago)
Where I'm at this has been going strong for probably 10to 15 years. Started with kids using pharm dope. Everybody was away heroin was fucked but an addict can't care.
Robert Gauss (1 month ago)
Robert Gauss (1 month ago)
Hey I agree, but time and again ive seen peoplse start with presription meds (dont take those unless you need them under care of a pain managmeent specialist eitther)...but Ive seen it happen, the news here isn't "fake" people do end up addicited to heroin owig to scripted meds...it happens... but you're adivice is solid.
Jennifer H (1 month ago)
fijifeels Right? This is the part I don’t understand. It’s common knowledge now that many drugs are straight up deadly. It’s like dancing with the devil.
rockbay79 (1 month ago)
The poor Lady EMS worker is morbidly obese. She could fall into cardiac arrest at any moment. She is actually a liability to this emergency service division. Workers such as this, Police and Firemen, should be required an annual physical assessment and MUST maintain ideal weight standards. This occurs very often at most ER departments. Depending on time of occurrence, 50% can be saved, but for most, their career is over. See it all the time. So much more now, than say, back in the 1980's.
Will B (1 month ago)
this "epidemic" isnt shit compared to the 70's and 80s....... life is a cycle and so are drug fads.....
Let’s Get Goin’ (1 month ago)
I grew up in Massachusetts and now live in Maine. The pill epidemic started in the early 2000s when I was in high school. By the time I graduated from college in 2008 I knew 10 people who I grew up with that had already overdosed and passed away. It went from Oxys to heroin and now it’s fentanyl. I lost a very close friend of mine in 2016 from fentanyl. He was a vet of Iraq and Afghanistan who received a Purple Heart. He kept is struggle and pain very secret. None of his family or friends knew he was messing around with opiates. This epidemic that was initiated by big pharmaceutical companies is killing people from every socio-economic status.
Klaa2 (1 month ago)
The drug companies flooded small communities with oxys and got everybody hooked. They did this intentionally and made a literal fortune off these lives.
Robert Gauss (1 month ago)
I love Maine havent' been in many years.. these areas, New Hampshire, it's as bad as it is anywhere.. save maybe Appalacia...great towns and young lives destroyed. I believe anyone needing pain meds should be under the care of a qualitifed pain management specialist. That will cut down on the "accidental" dependencies. Sorry about your friend...sounds like the war got him anyway, in a tangential way. I dont judge people like this... that's part of it (doesnt soudn like you do either).. what's needed is qualified pain and addiction doctors...not the mickey mouse system we have now. if you still know people liek this they should at least know about Kramtom.. here again .. MD is best , whichIm not, just sayign ive seen this plant work for people.... (then they are addicted to that, to be honest) but it's somethign to be aware of.
john miller (1 month ago)
Sport fishing on Heroin. It doesn't get any better than that. lol Junkies having kids. That shows some real intelligence.
Jessica Hicking (1 month ago)
They just legalized a pain killing drug three times more potent than morphine!!!! Against congress's concern of course that it could get out of hand.. ya think!! There's too much money to be made making everybody an addicted zombie! It's a shame what's happening to this country!
NightWaves (1 month ago)
Blaming the narcotics, religion, devil, guns, laws, politics and AI cars etc. is the championship of todays modern world. Don't mention mix in feeble minds and you get what you see these days.
ricky ross (1 month ago)
My heart broke for the father of that young man
baler johnson (1 month ago)
Opiates have been used for centuries yet its a big deal again now ? I agree its not a good road to travel but I gave up trying to change peoples minds after so many deaths going back to the 70's when I was a a kid ..like I said this is nothing new . Stupid " war on drugs " puts sick people in jail and has for over 40 years ? Has not helped in 40 years will not help in the 400 years . I gave up on it ..people wanna use let them use just stop putting them in jail its idiotic and serves no purpose. They dont want to address it because its a medical issue and that costs to much money ..bottom line .
Kelvin Quinn (2 months ago)
“Just Say No” to Drugs
Victor Maitland (2 months ago)
Heroin is not An option,if one wants to live .You Will feel like shit and dope sick.So save yourself the Trouble and before you want to start go look how " happy"the users on the street seem to be .
mark norris (2 months ago)
"and i thought we would have some beers" , like alcohol doesn't kill millions a year ? is the dad an alcoholic ?
Ok Ok (2 months ago)
why u talkin now i sey stfu..he got u well so dnt tell mann drugs r drugs opiod fukin phobia so real pain dont get treated fuk bs
Md. Ziaur Rahman (2 months ago)
Respective Governments can eliminate poppy by using cutter drone very easily. People fade-up of their eye washing activities. Opioid should be banned.
Zeus Von Rafiel (2 months ago)
I think our last few presidential administrations were heads of not only the US but heads of the largest drug runners ever in the US. I do believe this was planned with the dr's n big pharma pushing opioids to people letting them get hooked to only take them away leaving only heroin remaining for them. Why did we go into afganistan n the opium trade went thru the roof? Do ur research n remember they, satans army, wants to rule the world. God Bless!!!
Jojo gun (2 months ago)
Is this not ethnic cleansing. Don't shout at me, Iv been an still am an addict! I'm in recovery so gently does it. Naloxone is given out to everyone in uk. Along with a little wooden box with a lock on it. I felt I wasn't the type of user who'd need naloxone. I go out. I score. I don't mix with anyone or go in houses.. Do feel for these people tho
TheMako990 Mako (2 months ago)
Can’t drink beer with addict. I love ofauls
Steve Gallant (2 months ago)
Once again the common folk Take It Up The Poop Shoot from the government. Our government is just as guilty as the pharmaceutical companies. If not more. The United States government's greed is what caused this problem. The pharmaceutical companies paid our government tens of millions of dollars to look the other way and that's what they did so you get what we have now.
C _ (2 months ago)
Playamack Real o.g (2 months ago)
I have friends who are addicted to pills and when talking to them about od they always say i no what im doing it hurts me to see them killing themselves
John Keith (3 months ago)
What makes my blood BOIL is drug dealers are NOT getting enough jail time for dealing this poison. My heart goes out to all families dealing with this epidemic.
MrBrannew20 (3 months ago)
Lmao look at the so called superior race. Dying from a pill and a chemical. Pull yourselves up by your boot straps you interior monkeys. Listen give it up. Y'all will be extinct by 2050
MrBrannew20 (2 months ago)
+burymedeep 2093 um no. We'd be eating right and not dying from neanderthal made viruses that they claim are genetic. You know cancer cells are white cells. That is all you are to this plain. A cancer. And she is changing to wipe you out. Your inferior complex allows you to look at others instead of yourselves. That's why you contradict yourselves everyday now while pushing interracial relationships because you are dying off. Addicted to opioids. Birth rates low asf. Death rates sky high. You sub humans won't make it past 2050. Trust me i know. There's only 3ways possible and at the moment you ppl don't have the man power to back them up so fuk you. Lol hey how does that sun feel monkey boy
burymedeep 2093 (2 months ago)
Without us white people the black race will go back to hunting with spears and everyone knows it
Sam LaMantia (3 months ago)
Seeing the dad tear up, break's my heart.
One Tatanka (3 months ago)
Just in. Humans grow more retarded by the day. We have the safest bubble to live in with all the opportunity to grow. We need direction we need struggle that’s real not a drug
Colin Flynn (4 months ago)
All these people bringing race into it need to wake up and realize that the media is spreading us apart. Don't buy into it. We are all humans.
Marisol white (1 month ago)
+Midnight Jones EXACTLY....
Midnight Jones (1 month ago)
The problem is that, when it was black people doing the drugs, it wasn't an "epidemic." It was a crime wave that the nation declared war one. Now, white people are getting the compassion and it's treated as a medical problem.
Marisol white (1 month ago)
90% of the US heroin addicts are white. So I can't see how race could be a factor here
robert bradford (4 months ago)
Black problem it's criminal, white problem I understand.
Luke J. / Nexus (4 months ago)
Heres an idea.... dont do drugs.
Cissy2cute (1 month ago)
And blow your brains out because of unbearable pain.
XemPvP (4 months ago)
I want to feel bad for these people but unless you suffer from severe pain on a daily basis, you have no reason to be abusing opiods. Smoke weed, have a few drinks with your friends, but when you choose to use hard drugs you're dancing with the devil.
Republican TBISH2016 (4 months ago)
As an ex -heroin-addict this country is going about the situation wrong in many ways. I have been clean for over three years and will be graduating at the top of my class soon with a degree in psychology. First off, I would say 75 to 85 percent of these addicts are convicted felons. Many of them got caught with drugs or made horrible decisions when they were under the influence of drugs. After the commit a crime, do their time, get off probation, most of them can never find a job or get the license they need for a job. So most of them figure their life is over and go back to using because they see no purpose in their life. With this in mind, when people relapse they either commit a more serious crime, but more than often they die. Even with the courts leaning more towards rehab more than jail, it still does no good if these individuals can integrate back into society just like everyone else after they change their lives.
DMVconARTists (15 days ago)
Exactly. Even with courts leaning toward treatment they still have that on their criminal records.. even if you can convince a potential employer that you are sober and moving forward in your life they may not be able to hire you based on policy (of not hiring felons etc..)
Marisol white (1 month ago)
Republican WTF are you talking about. Most heroin/opiod addicts today are white middle to upper class people who never saw the inside of a jail. These are not the 80s addicts that the US declared war on and imprisoned them; some for decades when caught with something as small as drug paraphernalia. They didn't have to have the drug on them. That's because most of them were inner-city residents and people of color. There is no more a war, now all they have sympathy for the addicts, as there's been a change in demographics. No more imprisonment for addicts. If they locked every heroin addict up like they use to, the Dept of Corrections would be filled with white folks.
Mg 707 (2 months ago)
Hahahaha you know you're retarded when you are a broke Republican ex junkie
texasun12 (4 months ago)
See world America creates false propaganda against African Americans. White Americans are the true dope heads and drug addicts. They are dying by the thousands every day. But they want expose themselves in a negative light.
MrBrannew20 (3 months ago)
I totally agree
Jugger naut (4 months ago)
why did he die? because someone was selling sh.....! why? because its illegal !! his father should be mad at the system, at the war on drugs
jon ele024666 (4 months ago)
Why all our ems people so unhealthy an fat I thought it may have been a fluke but I’ve been to five different states on the east coast and most of you ems are disgustingly overweight
jon ele024666 (4 months ago)
Fuk narcan let them just overdose an die
jon ele024666 (4 months ago)
Alcoholic drug addicted fishermen so educational
Joe Barry (4 months ago)
I'm getting tired of these" oh white people dying now it's a problem" .Uhh k. Crack never killed half as people half as fast and swept the nation. Yeah and maybe a little its because politicians and professional people's kids are on it and dying now that it gets some attention.too.. don't act like something doesn't affect you more when it is closer to home. In staggering numbers
BandSource (4 months ago)
Joe Barry so are you suggesting we don’t learn from mistakes and just keep hush hush ?
Itsme 23 (4 months ago)
Oxy should have NEVER come out of hospitals. THATS what got the opioid ball rolling.....
DMVconARTists (15 days ago)
It's not oxycodone that's the problem, it's been used by doctors since long before I was born. The aggressive marketing by pharma perdue and their mission of getting doctors to prescribe opioids in higher amounts at higher dosages in the late 90s and early 2000s that really jump started this epidemic
Jennifer H (1 month ago)
Itsme 23 Totally agree.

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