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How To Save Money When Buying New Car - Tips For Buying A New Car

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Go Here: http://www.DavidBowen.net Tips For Buying A New Car Or Used Car If you are looking for someone to give you some honest tips on how to save money when buying a new or used car and give you some insider tips on the car business and how to save money when buying a new car then this is definitely the video for you! Connect with me: YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/dbowen017 Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/davebowen17 G+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/113575263158926182992/ Search Terms: Car Buying Tips [Car Buying Tips] New Car Buying Tips [New Car Buying Tips] Used Car Buying Tips [Used Car Buying Tips] car buying negotiating tips [car buying negotiating tips] dave ramsey car buying tips [dave ramsey car buying tips] used car buying tips [used car buying tips] car buying tips spreadsheet [car buying tips spreadsheet] car buying tips and tricks [car buying tips and tricks] clark howard car buying tips [clark howard car buying tips] new car buying tips and tricks [new car buying tips and tricks] internet car buying tips [internet car buying tips] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nz6o0606jKo http://youtu.be/Nz6o0606jKo
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Text Comments (76)
R Sanchez (24 days ago)
Too much info write a draft
v sparrow (7 months ago)
No inside secrets! And what he calls secrets are not secrets at all!
VASALEENO (8 months ago)
Why does buying a car have to be so difficult if anything else was like this there’d be out of business.
Twin Sticks (10 months ago)
Never never trade or finance at a dealership and only work on the OTD price with all fees included.  Manufacture rebates and incentives should not be part of the dealer's selling price they are from the manufacture not the dealership's bargain chip. Don't play the 3 card monte game of mixing the trade, financing and price you will lose.  Get preapproved (you will know the payment and rates), Sell privately you will get 50% more then the lowball dealer offer,  Watch out for the dealer junk fees. If the fee is taxed it's made up. Get all the manufactures incentive's,  Be respectful and let the salesman know you are ready to buy today if the OTD price is right.  Lastly do your home work online before you ever step foot on a lot.
William Vann (8 months ago)
"Never never trade or finance at a dealership" is utterly wrong. Such statements are always simplistic and usually incomplete. The reality is a smart car buyers will always allow the dealer an opportunity to provide financing. The reason is dealers have a plethora of financing sources such as captive financing companies (e.g.; Honda Finance) as well as several banks. There are many cases where the dealer can and will offer lower financing than a buyer can get on their own. The key is for the buyer to learn the financing he or she can get on their own and then let the dealer try to beat that financing. There is nothing to lose. A true story. A few years ago a dealer presented me a rate which was lower than I got from my bank. Comically, the rate the dealer was able to offer was from my bank. A second reason to allow the dealer an opportunity to finance involves back end profit. The F&I office. If the dealer believes it has a good chance of earning a back end profit in the F&I office, dealers will often sell for a bit less. It is usually a good idea to let the dealer believe you will finance through them even if you are paying cash. U Regarding the trade. In most states, the sales tax applicable to a new vehicle is reduced by the value of a trade. For example, if the trade is worth $10,000 and the sales tax is 6 percent, the amount of sales tax to be paid on the new vehicle is reduced by $600. This makes the value of the trade $10,600. Usually it is best to allow the dealer a chance to take the trade. Just make sure you price the value of the trade vehicle correctly. Go to KBB, Edmunds and NADA to obtain trade and private sale values. Using that information, a smart buyer can determine if it is best to trade or sell privately. There is no single best answer as each situation and each buyer is unique.
It's Electric (1 year ago)
My blog post (https://itsdynamicblog.wordpress.com/2017/11/06/this-one-piece-of-knowledge-will-save-you-thousands-of-dollars-annually/) will save you THOUSANDS on your next car purchase. Check it out!
Christopher Wilson (1 year ago)
If you think you need a lower price its because you can't afford it in the first place, or the sales so called man failed to show you value and benefit of ownership. New cars are only 6 percent mark up. Furniture and jewelry is100 percent plus mark up. you so called experts on youtube are as effective helping the customers as a screen door on a submarine. any rubes who watch these vids are the same in Vegas who hang out in their hotel room watching the vids on how to win at black jack or TX Holdem poker. Plese, do watch these. WHen you run into me on the lot you will forget everything you saw and or read. Copiche?
Beckham (1 year ago)
1. Get a job 2. Make money 3. Save that 4. Go buy a car
paulgarcher (1 year ago)
His dad used to get him to give hand jobs as deal sweeteners.
Richard Dobson (1 year ago)
What care is worth 10,000 trade dumb
padrote lopez (1 year ago)
Dave Bowen thank you for the information. love it! I have a question. Is it a good move to let the sale person know I'm a Uber driver and looking to buy a car for business use? thanks you for your time.
rockit730 (2 years ago)
When you started doing the numbers and using terms like ACV and hold back didn't make sense. First of all, hold back is a term used to define an amount of money the manufacture "holds back" from the dealer when they sell their cars to the dealer. Has nothing to do with what you were talking about on the board. Secondly, the ACV is what the car is actually worth, NOT necessarily what the dealer is going to allow you for the car. Example: The dealer will appraise your trade in. They will come up with a number which represents the Actual Cash Value of your car. This is usually the amount the dealer believes he can get for your car if he has to take it to auction. Now the ACV and the "Trade Allowance" may be the same, but they rarely are. Let's say the dealer ACVs your trade at $10,000 and offers you a trade allowance of $9000. That is $1000 of profit he has to work with on the price of the car you want to buy. So instead of giving you a $1500 discount on that $25000 car, he can use the extra $1000 from the ACV to show you (on paper) a $2500 discount on the new car and sell it to you for $22500 instead of $23500. Lot of holes in this guy's presentation. I would look elsewhere for car buying advice.
Leonardo Melena (2 years ago)
are you related to David Bowen from Monterey ca.. he moves to New Mexico or Texas...
Ricky Ryan Ray (2 years ago)
My favorite is when I get a greedy car salesman who sees dollar signs when you enter the establishment and here is why. When I bought my last car, I told the salesman I needed payments around 300 per month even if I had to finance for 72 months. I planned to make 400 dollar payments but wanted that extra cushion in case I need to save money somewhere one month. He asked if I wanted all these package deals and warranties and from doing research I knew that they received extra commission for selling those things. I told him no and he came back and said the best he could do was 330. I told him "if you can get the payments down to 300 per month and include all of those package deals then that would be fantastic and I will buy it right here right now." His eyes got big and he said "let me see what I can do." So he came back in 15 minutes and said "good news, I got your monthly payments down to 301 and was able to also include all the packages and warranties you wanted." So I said "that's awesome! What would it be without all of those?" He said "$256." So I said "oh ok let's do that." Now that I pay 400 a month when payments are 256, my credit is rising by the day almost.
Alvin A. (2 months ago)
Ricky Ryan Ray how it become 255 when he just says its 350 without
Bertha Wilson (5 months ago)
Omg, this is a very helpful trick. I’m looking and shopping around now, but I’ve been doing a lot of research and now I’m looking at videos on tips and trick to making a good deal, I’m excited. This was an amazing story. Shoot I need you to come with me to my next dealership.
alondra rojas (11 months ago)
Is it recommended to leave a down payment?
Josh A (1 year ago)
That's a great tip, thanks Ricky. We are looking to buy a new truck asap, just getting all the research done right now to find the best truck, and of course the best deal. So tips like this are very helpful.
DaAmericanDream (2 years ago)
What's a good tip when you're buying a car cash?
Trevor Lloyd (2 years ago)
know what your total out the door price is that you're willing to pay; don't tell them that. ask them to tell you what the best price - out the door - is, for the EXACT model/trim level you want, and if it's above what your price is, walk away. if they come after you, then they're willing to deal, if they don't, they aren't, so don't waste your time. they know that when you leave the lot, the likelihood of selling you a car diminishes drastically.
smitten movie307 (2 years ago)
Hi i'm sure you will laugh at me but I am a trusting person I live in Klamath Falls, Oregon , and have been looking for a used car for my daughter. Being a single parent on Disability I can not afford much. Well after looking my dumb ass went to Honda Subaru in Kfalls. Before even test driving it the car dealer informs use every car on the lot has been checked by thier mechanics. yes its used and in my price range, after purchasing it im told you bought it as a cash and carry car. WTF we never heard that before . what is this and wouldnt it have to say this on vehical?
Josh A (1 year ago)
They're telling you the car is being sold AS IS, just in nicer terms that some folks don't get. So the second you drive that car off the lot if the engine falls out it's your problem, they aren't liable for any repairs on that car once you purchase it. I think some states have a 3 day law, if you don't like the car then you can return it to a dealership. Not sure what states have this, but I know some do.
Wallace YouTube (2 years ago)
Thank you very much for your information you help me a lot
jay jay (2 years ago)
o think it's kinda messed up and hilarious when your buying a new car cash and they get all pissed off becase you don't want this extra warranty or extra this or extra that it's like umm nope your not taking me for a ride. it's like HELLO IT'S A NEW CAR IT SHOULDN'T BREAK
Sterling Archer (2 years ago)
chase green just cause it's new doesn't mean nothing will go wrong.
FREE Videos4u (3 years ago)
Thanks for sharing
Jahid Warren (3 years ago)
Thanks. Love your video.
taha naji (3 years ago)
Great video man!, good work.
John Salley (3 years ago)
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i just thought about something. Maybe ill just hire an attorney to talk to the car sales people
Michaela R (1 year ago)
Adding an extra cost to the process costing you additional money
Sleepy Cobra (2 years ago)
CALAB Creative Arts Center Creative Arts Center Lawyers Doctors Mechanics Car salesmen All have same genetic structure
the_!ndo_kemist (2 years ago)
that's basically what a car broker is
SKINTOE44 (2 years ago)
lakes (2 years ago)
Mattú The Bear (3 years ago)
Shut up Spick, nobody cares about your comment Gonzalez
Feen4Green (3 years ago)
+Marissa Midgette fuck off with your bullshit, try to sell your page somewhere else
Fernando Jalon (3 years ago)
Never negotiate a trade in,always get the price of the new car first and if that is good for you. Then you tell them about your trade in and if you do not get the market value, you walk out is that simple. Also know your credit score and the rebates on the new car. August is the best time for this new cars with big discounts.
G Alan (6 months ago)
wholesale market value, not retail market value !
Gabriel Valdez (3 years ago)
Thank you great video
Linsey Carter (4 years ago)
What about if you by the car with cash? how should that be approached with the car dealership is that advisable even? Or is it better to finance even when you have the cash?
David Robles (3 years ago)
+Feen4Green I got a family...but thanks for being quick to judge. YouTube comment section never lets me down.
Feen4Green (3 years ago)
+David Robles you are an idiot. 25 k for that, go get a subaru
David Robles (3 years ago)
Please answer this! i'm planning on walking in with 25k in hand for a brand new Toyota Sienna.
Mattú The Bear (4 years ago)
The car salesman came out in you in the last minute ;)
Robertodelgadorocks (3 years ago)
Tech life & Cars (4 years ago)
Thank you so much Dave it's great video I learned a lot .
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harinath reddy (4 years ago)
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thank you!
Ian Brown (4 years ago)
Any car dealer that advertises MSRP price, and quotes that  price on an advertisement is a crook if it is more than MSRP when you get down to the dealership; of course I expect to pay taxes on top.. Problem is: When you get down there, there's a doc. fee, a transportation fee, lot storeage fees, ect. Then they have a list of extras (wax, detail, upholstery treatment ect.) that you, as a customer, should be able to say, "I'm not interested in scotch guard upholstery treatment"; especially on leather! Scotch guard is a $30 for can of spray that they are trying to screw you out of $300 for. Transportation costs are showing double the actual cost (I know the trucking industry). I'm not even sure that transportation is supposed to be passed on to us. $1500 to $2000+ per vehicle. The doc fee??? You can get the paperwork done for transfer, registration, and insurance, all for less than$100 at the DMV or local insurance office. The dealer lists $300 to $500+.  Lot storage fees? WTF is that? That's "their" car until I buy it. Why would I pay storeage for "their" car? Tell me this: Is "transportation fees" a legitimate fee? or does the big Ford, GM, Dodge, ect. cough some, or all of of that up? I don't mind them making a profit, but I do mind being ripped off. There should be a price in the window, in the paper, or on a sign. You should be able to shop based on that price, and buy it for that price, plus tax.
Alex Brown (1 year ago)
Fluttershy I've asked multiple car salesmen what the invoice price was and they just gave me a price a couple hundred dollars lower than The sticker price.
Reapers Curse (2 years ago)
The transportation fee is added to their total cost normally, ask for the invoice it will tell you what they paid. Best part is they have to show it to you.
eshojiful (2 years ago)
Ian Brown
blaquechylde (4 years ago)
Yep. What he said. 
RICHARDFLORES2100 (4 years ago)
good advice.but that plug at the end is funny.
dpeagles (5 years ago)
Good tips.  I hate dealing with buying a new car.
Super Mike (5 years ago)
Wher can I get a 500 dollar car lol ;)
cmpondeck (3 years ago)
jasson chevez (4 years ago)
Junkyard xD
James Shaffer (5 years ago)
i think ur missing the most important thing in your list: don't pay a down payment for your insurance when i bought my car, i had to pay a useless $300 just to get my insurance policy. talk about money down the drain. i know a few companies don't require deposits, so you better use one of them if you don't want to throw $300-400 away. I know that 4autoinsurancequote doesn't require a down payment. a quick google search could probably reveal more companies that don't.
Russell Bushnell (5 years ago)
thanks for the insight into the inner-workings of the automobile sales industry
jim wallace (5 years ago)
poor, outdated advice. you want him to sell you your 2nd biggest purchase ?
GOD WATCHER (5 years ago)
that is your job as a consumer. You should know the price instead of playing games when you go to the dealership
jim wallace (5 years ago)
why pencil, why 3 trips to sales mgr, back & forth from cubicle. sounds like old sales tactics. this is 2013. research 1st & make one offer, stick with it. trade at seperate visit or before car purchase in writing, depending on what i get on trade if i buy new car. you have upper hand
Michaela R (1 year ago)
to many customers lie
Zach Lange (5 years ago)
Keeping it real! Just tell us how to earn your business. Not telling us your number makes the sales persons job difficult, and generally wastes both of your time.
poopsled nignog (5 years ago)
Great FREAKING down to brass-tacks video! I wish more of these were on the net. Too many special interest groups giving advice on buying cars (e.g. dealerships, edmunds, etc.) One question: What is the best way to level with a sales-person and get a straight forward answer on total cost (get it off the lot) price for a car?
Market Analysis (5 years ago)
HI there! Perhaps someone could help me out here.. I'm planning to buy either a 2013 or 2014 Mustang GT Premium. It's 37k for the 2013 and 36k for the 2014 (I think) according to Ford's website. How much discount do you think I can get? FYI, I don't even live in the US, but I'm moving in about a month and a half.. so I will have no car to trade in.
Dave Bowen (5 years ago)
Hey Andres, I am sorry I didn't see your comment but No $28k sounds like a hellva deal man. I know from personal experience that Camaros do not have a lot of mark up in them so that is a great deal and hopefully you took advantage of it! Also glad I could help and thanks for you comment!
Felipe Castro (6 years ago)
Hi Dave, Thanks for the tips its been really helpful. I would really appreciate if you could give me an advise. I'm currently trying to get a new 2013 Camaro lt2 that is listed (with all the stuff I want) as 33k. Where I work they give us discounts on true car(dot)com. After entering all the info I got three prices from three different dealers going from 28,031 to 28,181, my question is. Do you think I could get the price reduced even more at the dealer? 28k seems pretty good.

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