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Pro Skater Erik Ellington - Epicly Later'd - VICE

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Erik shows us around the grounds of his new Hollywood mansion. For more skateboarding action, check out VICE's Epicly Later'd: http://vice.com/epicly-later-d Subscribe to VICE on YouTube to stay updated on our daily releases: http://youtube.com/VICE Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/VICE Follow Noisey on Twitter: http://twitter.com/VICE Read our tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (160)
Homeslicehero (21 days ago)
I wonder what that guys idea was
oldmilk (1 month ago)
Jakey Alexander (1 month ago)
Can I help you guys out? Yes. Yes you can. Get the fuck off my property. What an asshole.
George Miller (2 months ago)
King of steez
Kid Dojah (2 months ago)
why they cover neckface's face in this one but on the spanky one they show him?
Raven MikE (2 months ago)
i had the colvin reissue elington...i didnt skate from 2000- like 2012...ive never seen em skate til now...when i stopped skating was like 1998...and started skating again 2012...i missed alot of video......good skating
Ross Mac (4 months ago)
Ellington bloody great skater,loved all his zero parts great man,High Five
John MoyaSODMG (4 months ago)
His girl is fine
Quintin Murphy (5 months ago)
Crazy how no matter what skin color you are to some people that just don't understand your appearance places you in a category that you just don't belong in...the guy was surprised to hear Eric just bought that house when he said...hey can I help you guys out [email protected]:24
mirraco323 (7 months ago)
“Uh I mean I can’t really tell you what I think of it without knowing what it is” lmao
Chicago Dan (8 months ago)
Neckface calling Ellington white trash is some of the funniest shit I’ve seen on this show
Nicholas Huss (1 year ago)
I rode an Ellington and a Thomas board but Ellingtons was doper..
Ellington is the shit...fuck yea..rad episode!!
LAUZERTV (1 year ago)
i wanna go sk8 now its 2.00 am morning and i watched like 6 E.L'd im off sk8b the level now./
jed lynch (1 year ago)
Where was the big spin board with the mismatched shoes at? Flashbacks
James Chronister (1 year ago)
I wonder if he still lives there
Eric Pelky (1 year ago)
"This skateboarder Eric Ellington is the most real, ruff, honest person in the industry for the time. Really got stoked watching his part in Misled youth. A true skaters skater. Even with that fuckin Slayer song lol! Peace p.s. Peace
Gloria Gosick (1 year ago)
i love erik!! is he still with his wife? because if not he should give me a chance!
james jenkinson (1 year ago)
you should do a revisiting of erik ellington!
N (6 months ago)
jenkem has one
Cory Martin (1 year ago)
Blanco Escondido (1 year ago)
james jenkinson I agree
Jimmy Two-Times (1 year ago)
c-rob was in the welcome to hell section too ;D
Gold Pager (1 year ago)
Dude, @9:20 is cringe af
Kassidy Day (3 months ago)
So awkward hahah
Diocletian (7 months ago)
Oh god lmao. This dude
k a y l e e (1 year ago)
yo i had to skip through it haha it was just too much to try and watch
Forau DNB (1 year ago)
10:41 "..like koston.." while showing him nailing a spot from kostons part in Yeah Right ^___^
SamSkates554 (1 year ago)
It's weird, the way he lands kinda sketchy is almost similar to my friend ethan, and Ethan didn't know about him until last month
Matt C (1 year ago)
Ellington is the fkn man !
Samuel Rexroat (2 years ago)
eric's an all around rad dude. i wish he got a multiple segment profile, i would've liked to hear more about his story.
Same One (2 years ago)
Why was neckfaces face covered? I think everyone knows what he looks like lol
Vitamin Luther (2 years ago)
its illegal to conceal spray paint on your person In North carolina, its probably a fucking felony in new york, philly or chicago where all that historic shit is.
Vitamin Luther (2 years ago)
neck has some knotches that some east coast shit can bang you for but hes straight on the west coast for, like taging is always illegal but on the east coast you have a lot more stricter inner city laws about trespassing and defacing property and idenitiy of crime, because of the son of sam serial killer in new york they have a law about impersonation, he did it totally smart where he dressed as character but any kid can dress as neckface or tag neckface on a wall. so after a certain amount of time of being out of an area they can no longer say for certain that he did this or that.
alex1020 (2 years ago)
back then his identity was a secret
Fotografia Autoral (3 years ago)
your wife is brazilian?
conner shields (3 years ago)
Ellington always reminds me of Marilyn Manson if he skated hahaha
Ray Chavez (4 months ago)
Straight uuuup!!! Hahaha
Gloria Gosick (1 year ago)
probably explains why i love em both :)
Tony Carreira (2 years ago)
wow I can totally see that now, haha. interesting observation
conner shields (3 years ago)
+connor day their hair and face are relatively similar id say. and just their akward yet graceful flow they both own
connor day (3 years ago)
Really?...... How
vawies (3 years ago)
no comments about his wife being ridiculously attractive like holy fuck. mmmmm yes please mama
buddahmaster (3 years ago)
Met him before, he seemed alright. I just went up to him and said hey nothing else lol
Dinga Phug (1 year ago)
buddahmaster well maybe start a conversation with him, you know him but he doesn't know you
ok hi hello (3 years ago)
tommy wiseau doppler gang
Crazycarls adventures (10 months ago)
oh hiiiii mark
Vasco De Gama (3 years ago)
He sounds like Verbal from Usual Suspects
Chris Hollandsworth (2 years ago)
Vasco De Gama yep!
mbober (3 years ago)
Fucking raw and rad motherfucker. Erik is the real deal. I'm so stoked they had his zero vid 360 flips up to his big tricks....just makes you wanna skate. Awesome
tra789 (3 years ago)
How'd he make his money?
skatey steve (6 months ago)
Thought his deal were the bigger handboards?
Those signature shoes with the red toe that he was wearing at the start of this were fuckin everywhere.
xJayFromVA (1 year ago)
Jeremy McClure no he didn’t lol
Jeremy McClure (2 years ago)
he also invented the tech deck finger boards and sold the idea to tech deck lol
Christopher Rowe (3 years ago)
+tra789 signature shoes since like 03 also
Calvin Clipse (3 years ago)
Erik is so rad
deadkennedy210 (3 years ago)
pro skaters are drunk drugged up douchebags eh? just like every other pro athlete
Joshua Keller (3 years ago)
+deadkennedy210 Not really
Chris Hawkins (3 years ago)
vice is so lame
TheChunkasaurus (3 years ago)
Someone needs to count how many times he says you know lol
Tony Roberts (3 years ago)
I saw him off his board once at a bar once he pretty intimidating dude.
TheNimasan (3 years ago)
prob my fav episode of e.l. i enjoyed it. along with tempelton and milton my fav skater. amazing kid also. GOD bless him and his family.
Cameron Blackwell (4 years ago)
Idk what gave me the wrong impression but growing up I always assumed Ellington was kind of a drunk all the time burnout type. It just always seemed in his baker parts he was all strung out when he wasn't skating. So glad I was wrong about him. This was probably my favorite epicly later'd. What an awesome dude. And his shoe was always my favorite lol
Drew Biggah (1 year ago)
He was tho lmao the piss drunx he's got PD tatted on his chest but he's sober now
TheApexLegend27 (1 year ago)
Cameron Blackwell loved the black and white models but my favorite enericas were the reynold 2s
morty_ falch (1 year ago)
yeah. solid and rightous!
i fucking love ellington, what a fucking boss
The Best Clips (4 years ago)
Such a nice humble man Really inspiration
MrJayra210 (4 years ago)
Met Erik at a Baker event out at Hollenbeck Park in LA, got a picture with him, super cool guy genuine as hell and shreds. 
alejandro landeros (4 years ago)
Misled youth Erik Ellington my favorite part in the video
Freddie Olson6 (1 year ago)
Daniel Isabelle Ellington woz my favorite baker part, but Jamie Thomas had the best part in mislead youth, totally just an opinion though
RiCO TEEZ (4 years ago)
"It's fucking piece of shit"
Ernie Ziembroski (4 years ago)
damn this gave me a new respect for erik
Mario Persico (5 years ago)
I remember seeing him in this is skateboarding and thinking like wow this dudes cool as fuck, doesn't give a shit about anything. I've always liked his skating but after this I got way more respect for him as a family man/good dude. Stoked to see this!
Xbkeepsx (5 years ago)
We want a part 2
TheAxle149 (5 years ago)
He looks like a pirate;)
MrOGMASTERKUSH420 (5 years ago)
he is a pirate
No shit right, he's super sincere. Id say between all those baker, d.wish guys, he's the most cool  unpretentious it seems.. 
I remember when I first saw pictures of him early 2000s and I admit I thought he was going to be a fucker... I was totally wrong..
John Smith (4 years ago)
I just met him at a Deathwish/Supra event, super humble and friendly, even gave some guy his old deck
Kyle H (5 years ago)
tk still on the team. i agree with spanky and braydon BULLSHIT
Benny Rodriguez (5 years ago)
Erik is so chill.
Tyler (5 years ago)
I have his death wish skateboard design.
swagfordaaays (5 years ago)
cool epicly laterd, he seems like a really nice guy
Kryptik Komatose (5 years ago)
wow his wife is very attractive,see kids even a sketchy looking dude like erik can get a hot chick and he got her probably when he was not that famous and im betting she didnt care he was a skater so see its not looks its personality that wins the grils
Kryptik Komatose (5 years ago)
i grew up in the 90s and all the videos he was in i had bought back than and i really liked him but kinda lost track of him after the 90s glad too see hes cool
jkyet (5 years ago)
I am really courious to know if he actually did build that treehouse that he says at the beginning
oscarwilde891 (5 years ago)
ellington should have a much longer epicly later'd.
Brandon Felipe (5 years ago)
Wow he's actually a nice chill dude
Pawlly (5 years ago)
Download link on my channel!
jamie barbosu (5 years ago)
why would i be kidding at all?
RELOADER82 (6 years ago)
kidding right?
jamie barbosu (6 years ago)
epicly laterd on sheckler !
skate thatstreet (6 years ago)
Seems like a guy who had a good time when he was younger then turned it round to having a nie family and house instead of becoming a junkie who had nothing or nobody, nice guy :)
shawn esquibel (6 years ago)
does anyone know where i can get the deathwish vid?
Eric Luciano (6 years ago)
only 48K views? wtf
Brianna Sue (6 years ago)
yeah believe me he's not, ive known him for a long time.
Taylor Doyle (6 years ago)
One hell of a bloke.
Boz (6 years ago)
what a dude.
Rawr39462 (6 years ago)
Hes on something, some kind of stimulant. Meth or something.
Trevor Hay (6 years ago)
i still remember when he was on zero.. now that i am older i have mad respect for him.. he has a bunch of companies AND he still skates which stokes me hardcore.. mad props for the older guys who keep skating. Greco too.
xSnoweyexp (6 years ago)
Baker is the coolest and most unique badass team there is !!, One big crazy family , i fuckin love it !!
cheggyweggy (6 years ago)
If his son gets into skating he will be amazing.
viliyarg (6 years ago)
10:24 :O
Wuzzy Dawg (6 years ago)
Pinnacle: the highest or culminating point, as of success, power, fame, etc. according to the dictionary.
chris dahlke (6 years ago)
one of the best! !!!
Daniel Summerour (6 years ago)
remember to render videos
Joel Veronelly (6 years ago)
He is the second "boss"
Drew Biggah (1 year ago)
Joel Veronelly no such thing Es cool but there's only 1 boss and that's drew
BaxterD (6 years ago)
Ellington is so fuckin raw, could watch this dude skate everyday, even if hes doing the same trick it always looks a little different each time. Him and Dollin partyin together seems like trouble haha.
b1ack c0wboy (6 years ago)
his sponsor me footage as a kid kicks the shit out of anything I can do :/
Dan Somerville (6 years ago)
I bet that kid is gonna be a shreder
Corbin Bowman (6 years ago)
That dude at the skate park was probably trying to sell rollerblades or something stupid
paul smith (6 years ago)
fucking dude like Christopher Walken n shit hahaha but hes cool lol
inverted crown (3 months ago)
it's the smile, looks like walken when he smiles.... my therapist has it too lol...
staphinfection (6 years ago)
He loves life, his kid, his wife, etc etc.... but it's skateboarding that still gives him chills when he does something new.
vscr (6 years ago)
vscr (6 years ago)
Nick Allison (6 years ago)
erik is s really good dad
Santa Rai (6 years ago)
i spy with my little eye something beginning with T TITSSSSSSS
Ale De Jesus (6 years ago)
3:14 not far from where i live
Youri Waanders (6 years ago)
9:10 the inventor of the waveboard.
111turbonegro (6 years ago)
7:48....ewww why is he sitting there?!?!
Josh Stuckey (6 years ago)
MALE SPEAKER: (SLOW MOTION) Fucking shit. lol
Doug DeGrave (6 years ago)
"Can I help you guys out?" No, I bought this house, now fuck off ya' nosy Jew! HaHA Maybe the neighbors thought EE was a serial killer. Looks like Manson's old hood.
bensons999 (6 years ago)
4:55 - The Hangover part 3
dj2ndhand (6 years ago)
Ellington has always been rad .
Johnny Luna (6 years ago)
"Can i help you guys out?" Probably thought Erik was trepassing or homeless or something. Erik says with the biggest smile on his face "Yeah i just bought the house here. Hi im Erik Ellington!" hahaha bitchin
Tawp _Heavy (6 years ago)
I don't skate at all but I love Epicly Later'd. Erik Ellington and Chris Haslam are my favorite. Call me lame...
Tawp _Heavy (6 years ago)
erik ellington speaks to me.

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