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Why Pro Skater Neen Williams Got Sober

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Neen Williams spent years partying through his nights and sleeping through his days, finding less time to skate. Now, the pro has gone completely sober, eating healthy and working out to make sure he remains one of the best skaters in the business. More Good Advice for Bad Kids from Tonic: Health by VICE - http://bit.ly/2vg7UtC Click here to subscribe to VICE: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our Tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/vice Check out our Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/vicemag Download VICE on iOS: http://apple.co/28Vgmqz Download VICE on Android: http://bit.ly/28S8Et0
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Text Comments (3256)
warframedeaths (1 day ago)
Learn from Dragonballz anime 😂😂😂
Stephen R (2 days ago)
Best Vice vid Ive seen.
Kristian (3 days ago)
I'm 28 and thinking of ending this bullshit. I'm too old to say I'm young and don't wanna die old either. Let's end it now ... 28 :-)
Jamie Quidd (3 days ago)
Was he the same dude who hung out with the guy who permanently sounds like he inhaled a whippet?
Joshua Hebert (4 days ago)
I used to bmx in my teen years and took some gnarly crashes so when he says you'll feel it when you're older it's so true my knees and wrists are wrecked.
Trelise' Avery-Moore (4 days ago)
My husband turns 31 this year, he stilll looks how we he did when we first met, 15 years old lol literally no face hair and ripped to shreds.
Sender (5 days ago)
"and instantly because i had that happiness of feeling fine again, it was party time." this hit me like a truck as i'm trying to cut back on all of it. i needed to hear that.
Chad Dennis (5 days ago)
I’m pretty strong, go to the gym regularly. Always do reps of 20 with decent weight. THOUGHT I didn’t take too long between sets........just tried his 20 EMOM for 10 minutes. Brutal.
Geloskie (6 days ago)
Day 2 let's keep it going.
S N Malik (6 days ago)
Amazing to hear this message. Keep at it Neen!
Bree Crutch (6 days ago)
Didn't realize how hungry i was until he put the bowls on the table 😢😢
fuckinmetalhead88 (7 days ago)
Fuckin hipsters
Belokopytov Paul (7 days ago)
A W (7 days ago)
He reminds me of Kirk hammett
Llort Ong (7 days ago)
Aren't you supposed to be sober? Not a hero not raping, not murdering, not a hero being a normal person.
Alex Kaiser (7 days ago)
I met neen 7 years ago at Supra event and he said first one to bust out an inward heel can I have my signature brigada glasses and I thru my board down in front of him not rolling and did a standing inward heel. Homie gave me his glasses off his face an chilled an talked to us for like 30 minute straight. Coolest pro skater I’ve ever met.
Miss Chicka (7 days ago)
"Stretch out all that vintage."😂
strange 98 (8 days ago)
From the thumbnail, i thought he was the villian whiplash from iron man 2.
Pam Taylor (8 days ago)
Neen Williams you would still be bad ass if you wear a helmet and some pads. I couldn't watch him jump. It hurt too much to see.
KryptiiK (8 days ago)
You were and still are my role model Neen. I still smoke weed but like you im older now (27) and im starting to have to work out to stay in shape since my metabolism is slowly dying xD guess i got to start getting those sat. morning breakfasts and shakes along with a better work out. Keep being you man :)
Stephen Selmeci (7 days ago)
What is that breakfast shake made of?
westredg (8 days ago)
is it just me or does he kind of look like logic solely in the face
smells like soy through my Screen.....
Jesse Glidden (8 days ago)
Good mini documentary. Likable guy. I'll bet he was fun to party with though.
SheJustWokeUp (8 days ago)
Im only 25 and i streatch this vintage lawrd and it does streatch!!!
Cowboy Animal (8 days ago)
He looks like a vice writer.
R. Dillon (8 days ago)
Tons of respect for you man!
S GEEZY (8 days ago)
‘52 Goldtop (8 days ago)
Isn't it funny -- that same vicious cycle where you're hurting for 2-4 days after partying and you do all this stuff while waiting to feel better... then as soon as you, it's like "yup, I feel good now, TIME TO DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN!" I dumped the booze & smokes a couple years back, and while I don't preach on it since I did it for so long and know how it goes, on so many levels, it was just time for me. I like that I experienced all of that, I like that I can look back and say "yeah, I did that, and those were some crazy time," but I'm also extremely grateful to have made it out and know my true self better than I ever have. This was a cool little spot and Neen is killer skater, much respect.
steg (8 days ago)
Nice I’m 2 hours sober
Barun Trenk (8 days ago)
'Cause why not?
Ryan Fuel (8 days ago)
good for you man
raynutty82 (8 days ago)
I would really like some help on how to be sober!!!
D-money K (8 days ago)
Go online and find professional help! Good luck!
Marcos XVI (8 days ago)
Dude is 31 and talking like he is 50. I partied like an animal until I hit 40.
timber Lowder (7 days ago)
Marcos XVI but you weren’t taking slams like he is
Vaughn v Dyk 1 (8 days ago)
Get a job deadbeat
SwEg NuGGeT (8 days ago)
Ayyy I didn’t know logic got dreads and has been skating so long 😂😂
JK films (2 days ago)
Jim (8 days ago)
Yeah well I never abused any drug (and I do quite a few) and I ever "felt" anything cause I know my shit so I never overindulge and take each one with the proper frequency. You just need to be educated not take more than you should than preach on how much better sober life is.
Elias Shadow (8 days ago)
I dont like to drink, but i would keep smoking and eating like that. The meals u prepare look tasty.
Elias Shadow (8 days ago)
Sober from what?
Amy Lynn23 (8 days ago)
Baby your not old you can skate as long as u want
AreTrees (9 days ago)
why do I feel like him and Tash Sultana are almost the same person
Vicente Robles (9 days ago)
Andre Block (9 days ago)
wTf happened to skateboarding
steven37c (8 days ago)
No more skate and destroy 😞
Annae Williams (9 days ago)
I grew up skateboarding and came out as a trans-woman, and I really like Mr. Williams final statement of that ws then and this now, and were i am at now is different form where I was then. Not trying to force the LGBTQAI on anyone, but, was talking to a friend whom is not LGBTQAI but he went through a big change and i said I think we all have dysphoria, could be gender could be just having a need for stuff, but something were trying to run away from or not face. When you do, you sort of do move and change, but at your core, what ever that is you stay the same. So no i'm not the person i was entirely but my roots are the same my core values are the same but the surface stuff that i was covering up my problem with yah some stuff i don't do or care about any were near as much but doesn't mean as Mr. Williams, i'm going to say you cannot or are wrong too. Good video, while i don't skateboard anymore, like the message of this video and look like a true awesome individual, keep making magic and being a good person.
Doom Engine FPV (9 days ago)
I’ve ridden bmx since I was 10, I’m 32 now, i fucking feel it now, this guy knows why he’s talking about, you younger guys need to listen to him.
Bernie Miall (9 days ago)
White Eric andre
suziscool (10 days ago)
Love the smile!
Josh Campbell (10 days ago)
Neen is a G🔥 One of the most woke people skating
Unlimited (10 days ago)
31 is still crazy young bra lmaoooo get over yourself plz
Barûk Ben Noir (10 days ago)
Neen I respected you when you were skating stoned as hell and I respect you now... Do what thou wilt
reversed (10 days ago)
DEATHW≠SH is the Best
a v (10 days ago)
He seems someone who’s still high lol
Merise Watchme (10 days ago)
For the same reason as everyone I guess?
Geno Injian (11 days ago)
I lost most of my 20s to drugs and alcohol & thought switching to pain pills would be better since it was pharmaceutical 😂 nope I was dead wrong. Vicodin, Percocet, & on to OxyContin 7 years gone. I was a functioning addict kept my job thru it all but it was shitty. Yard work in my own yard , calisthenics & Rick climbing workouts got me feeling like I’m a teen again so you can regain your youth just depends on how bad you want it. Thank God for pulling out of that life every day. Had lots of fall offs so still have to protect myself from that life nobody is immune to falling off. Just be determined not to be a slave to drugs and alcohol. I use marijuana but it’s to help me eat not having many teeth left but they can be replaced no big deal there. So any drug addict in my position you can pull out of it dudes
Jasleen S (11 days ago)
mad respect
Final Boss (11 days ago)
no heelflip wtf
Fenek11100 (11 days ago)
Partying is useless
Toki Buroak (11 days ago)
I like younger Neen Williams better. Younger Neen Williams would have been a Trump supporter unlike older vegan snowflake Neen.
Andrew Hoover (11 days ago)
Fucking badass, he's a true inspiration
Barberman (11 days ago)
0:14 "stuff you naturally don't get in life"....... that you don't need :/
Young Iósif Stalin (12 days ago)
Honest question, he is black ?
Hubalubalu (12 days ago)
"When Pro Skater Neen Williams Got Older"- Title Change.
Tide Pods (12 days ago)
Buzz me mulatto
Statik_Jr (12 days ago)
Theres a vibe in these video that just makes you wanna be healthy, i dont know if it me or what but i felt like that!
Joshua Valdez (12 days ago)
Good job or O
0m3n (12 days ago)
Everyone treats their body like shit when they're younger. When you start getting older and notice your body is starting to go out then the lightbulb clicks on and you finally realize that taking care of your body should always be a priority
wornoutshoes11 (12 days ago)
Being 31 is like being a baby... A spring chicken... 40 is the dreaded # 😲😕🤯
Bradley Tiser (13 days ago)
the most jacked skater ive ever seen
superstick5 (13 days ago)
manz decided he wanted to stop living and start dying. Pussayyyy
Swag candy (12 days ago)
I'd bet you that he's a lot happier now than when he was wasting his brain away
Jediah (13 days ago)
He's living more years of life by becoming sober you moron lmao
zcyanyde (13 days ago)
NEEN YOU A REAL ONE! Bless! I feel you bro. I’m working on staying sober too got 5 months under me. it’s different but a good different you feel me. glad I’m not the only one. I stick to longboards now but I’m a skater at heart. Thanks for this inspirational video.
Omar Morales Luna (13 days ago)
Dude! Neen grew up in Pilsen, Chicago! like 3 blocks away from me! Back in 2005 when i was 14I would occasionally skate a distribution warehouse that was locally called "Two Five" (cause the address was 2525 S. Blue Island Ave) and Neen and his crew would show up there and would just skate bomb the place, he was super cool and always talked to the local skaters younger and less talented than him (like me haha). He was flow sponsored at the time but was already dropping videos with Pat Pasquale and Tosh Townend. He definitely grew up with a rough upbringing like me, i went on to become a biologist in grad school, moved out of Chicago and im glad he followed his dreams! He probably doesnt remember me but im super stoked hes living a good life. Heres to you, Neen!
MysteryMachine 444 (13 days ago)
Because it feels better then being a half-dead burnout.
Adrian Nicoli (10 days ago)
True that
B33M (13 days ago)
pro skater? more like a pro push upper
Mariam Khavar Shirvani (13 days ago)
Reallll nice.
Clancy Coburn (13 days ago)
now, all he needs is a haircut. (i kid)
Jay Stubbs (14 days ago)
What an awesome, positive message!
Yosef Ben’Yah (14 days ago)
Atta boy Neen
Carlos Robertson (14 days ago)
this man is not smart but fuck me sideways if he ain't wise
James Bustard (15 days ago)
Old at 31? What a whiner!
Jed DONKER (15 days ago)
He looks like he smoked some bomb weed once and stayed high for his whole life 😂
Aseya Ali (6 days ago)
Lord Raiden (7 days ago)
navaskin (16 days ago)
So happy for him! God is good.
ken 658 (16 days ago)
It's like my story just that I am a motocross racer I had to change my life like him my body was just screaming every day without me noticing until one day a could not keep up anymore so I had to choose and a did what's good for my body.
jesusnightlite (17 days ago)
There is so much depth to this video.
Eʞko Punkt (17 days ago)
Respect ✊
Josh Manzano (18 days ago)
this dude is a responsible adult
Mr. Interesting (18 days ago)
Good thing he got sober. He already has the Mick Jagger look creeping in from too many drugs and little sleep.
David Kurbel (18 days ago)
Hes the white Isaiah Thomas with rasta hair lmao
Cho Khou (18 days ago)
Been there done that. Your skateboarding will get better sober.
ub3rpants (19 days ago)
You get chlorophyll in your body every time you eat leafy greens....
Anders Bekkevard (19 days ago)
Yeah, he takes care of his body, but not his hair...
C S (19 days ago)
Great video and great guy. He should consider working on his posture though...
j808 (19 days ago)
he's not too sharp, but at least he's not on le droogz
Dj Death (20 days ago)
hes cool but hes also an idiot stuck in the sixties he should never speak and just do tricks
Dj Death (20 days ago)
he pouring weed into his food lol, weed is healthy but he lying sayin he aint getting high
Tae Jun (20 days ago)
Right on brotha
Skateboarding With Lo (21 days ago)
Love those front side slappies. So fun. Hope to get back into doing those slappies with ease like Neen.
Dutch Miller (21 days ago)
Answer. He's rich.
Blah Anger (21 days ago)
what's with vice and skaters?
He has some great butt!
Aker Taahir Bey (21 days ago)
My new hero!!!
Jeremiah Blake (22 days ago)

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