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Best of British Humor - Married Life

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A funny sketch about a newly married couple and the wife discovering her husband's nasty bad habits! ================================================ Intro/outro music: Break and Enter/London by Lino Rise @ www.free-intro-music.com the sketch show comedy sketch funny married life sketch couple sketch sketch show married life scene funny videos funny video clips funny humor videos funny video youtube funny video youtube funny videos funny video youtube funny videos funny video clips funny videos ever a funny video on youtube hd funny videos hd funny videos clips hd funny videos 1080p funny video hd hd funny videos hd funny videos 1080p i funny videos i love funny videos i funny youtube videos funny video jokes funny video just for laugh funny video january 2015 funny video laugh funny video lol funny video latest m.funny video m.youtube funny videos amazing n funny videos comedy n funny videos short n funny videos funny video of the day funny video on youtube funny video of the day youtube of funny videos on youtube best of funny videos funny video parodies funny video shorts funny video skits youtube funny s videos youtube funny video clips funny video viral v funny video clips funny video youtube hd funny video youtube channels youtube funny video funny video 1 minute funny video 1080p 1 minute funny videos top 1 funny video funny video 2015 for funny videos funny video hd 720p video gracioso youtube a videos graciosos video gracioso corto c videos graciosos video gracioso en youtube video gracioso hd video gracioso hot video gracioso en ingles video gracioso jajaja video gracioso jajajajajaja video graciosos jaja videos graciosos just for laughs video gracioso muy bueno video mas gracioso del mundo videos graciosos online video gracioso q se puedan subir al facebook que video gracioso me recomiendan que videos graciosos puedo ver en youtube que video tan gracioso video gracioso risa video re gracioso video super gracioso video s graciosos video s graciosos youtube s videos mas graciosos del mundo videos graciosos top 10 video ultra gracioso videos graciosos ultimos video gracioso ver videos graciosos ver gratis video gracioso video gracioso ver videos graciosos video gracioso youtube youtube videos graciosos videos graciosos y chistosos videos graciosos y divertidos videos graciosos youtube en español imagenes y videos graciosos chistes y videos graciosos video gracioso 2015 British humor best best of best of British andylush1973 andylush Andy Lush
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Text Comments (49)
Sari Maaret (9 days ago)
British humor, the best in the world!!!
Looped Fruit (1 month ago)
Time for a divorce party!
Plywoodcar Johnson (2 months ago)
An exact portrait of my father.
Julia Camara (2 months ago)
😂😂a dreamlover that english man😂😂😂 I can't stop laughing😂😂😂
British Comedy UK (3 months ago)
Stunning lady x
überguy (3 months ago)
Gorgous woman.
Lix (3 months ago)
... this is boring.
Toms Bunk (4 months ago)
Dick tingeler...?
Demelza B (5 months ago)
😂 Haha what show is this from?
ronnette harvey (5 months ago)
Don't bite your nails!!! Ha ha ha... My dad eats and then sits at the table spitting things from his teeth and says to me don't bite your nails.
Drk5orp - (5 months ago)
And that's humour? Really?
Ronni Ancona - what a body.
Stuart Gardner (6 months ago)
Oh now I see what they mean by people changr
Naz tubes (6 months ago)
Should have thrown in a burp or a fart
Rahul Chauhan (6 months ago)
Tsar Pushkin (7 months ago)
TV Casualty (4 months ago)
Fedor Amuricano no wife happy life
Prajwal B M (7 months ago)
"Don't bite your nails, love"
M P (7 months ago)
I'll go back to the snl channel...
Charlietwice (7 months ago)
Ronni Ancona, gorgeous.
FATIMA (7 months ago)
Jay McD (7 months ago)
She is gorgeous
TV Casualty (4 months ago)
She wants your resources
Paul Honey (7 months ago)
Jay McD Ronni Ancona
Sodthong (8 months ago)
Is this guy supposed to be funny ...
ronnette harvey (5 months ago)
Paul Honey I know for a fact that humor is in the mind of the beholder. Don't worry to defend it. It speaks for itself. I loved it.
ardelean ion (6 months ago)
ohh you are so stupid...I don't even bother to expla
z bwyr (7 months ago)
I thought it was funny.
Paul Honey (8 months ago)
Sodthong considering that the fringe is the world's largest arts festival, of which comedy plays the largest role, and has spawned and influenced many other fringe festivals globally, not least in the US and Canada, and given that the awards received at the festival are much coveted by performers across all disciplines, your last response doesn't make much sense. However, as comedy is subjective it doesn't really matter that much anyway, except that plenty of people must disagree with you if they continue to award him for his jokes.
Sodthong (8 months ago)
That sums up the quality then, or lack of it..
John Robert Basham (8 months ago)
Humour,learn to spell the british way.
J W (8 months ago)
Ronni Ancona has great tits.
Terry Forde (8 months ago)
The word is spelled HUMOUR. If you like things that are British, how about starting with learning the English language.
ronnette harvey (5 months ago)
Terry Forde I have never spelled it like that. No one complained. Lol
Chris Harber (7 months ago)
Terry Forde ...feel better?
z bwyr (7 months ago)
Terry Forde well after 1776 we got pissed off and decided to change it.
Infidel (8 months ago)
Ah, Ronni Ancona.
Salman Memehood (9 months ago)
Don't worry darling, I'll never change - 1:12
GIGGLR (1 year ago)
All aboard the comment train... CHOO, CHOO [email protected]#t$!
Public Public (1 year ago)
...and it's nothing without the canned laughter.
babyelian77 (1 year ago)
What does he say at about 1:35 min after "this perfect moment together" ?
babyelian77 (1 year ago)
Ah, ok, thanks...I was missing the best part of the sketch !
Tyrone Dat Mandome (1 year ago)
"Don't bite your nails, love."
Elly Salar (1 year ago)
Lols!!! this was awsome!!!!😂😂😂😂😂
Gaby Keller (1 year ago)
Very good, now I am going to send it to my girlfriend who wants me to marry her.
Andy Lush (2 years ago)
the Sketch Show
Billy Billyson (2 years ago)
What is this clip from?
mesmerxx (1 year ago)
UK Skit Show

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