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Amazing Digital Store Brand Experience of Louis Vuitton LED Display Screen

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Amazing Digital Store Brand Experience of Louis Vuitton, LED Display Screen Installation visist www.ledvv.com A recent survey highlighted the need for excellent in-store experiences, and getting there requires using digital tools in-store to support those experiences. Shoppers want to physically see, touch and try out products before they buy them but after they've thoroughly researched them. They demand extra product info before they commit to a purchase. Seventy-six percent of consumers go to brick-and-mortar locations for "care and support" from sales reps. Whether that means arming in-store staff with iPads that provide product content or enabling shoppers to discover that information more easily with in-store digital experiences is up to you. In other words, there's a huge opportunity here for retailers to stand out. The science fiction world of retail, where physical shopping is fueled by digital tech, is way closer to reality than you might think.Your customers still want to shop in-store, but they don't want that experience to be siloed off from their digital interactions with your brand. We know this thanks to a survey conducted by Pragma Consulting. As reported by Forbes' Fiona Briggs, 84 percent of consumers prefer to browse for and research products online, but 53 percent said they would rather come to a purchase decision in-store.
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Lance Leng (1 year ago)
This door is very special
Mary Shen (1 year ago)
sure, thank you!

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