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Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L'Homme INTENSE

2024 ratings | 201251 views
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Text Comments (264)
Arun B (5 days ago)
Can anyone share the link to La nuit de l'homme review by Jeremy?
Rafael TLV (5 days ago)
it is very hard to find fragrances that are amazing and stay on the body for long time this is one of them
Hammad 007 (9 days ago)
Random question but what watch have you got on?
Doctor J (21 days ago)
Omg I ordered this and got it today and I LOVED it! I was turning myself on while wearing it. Amazing!
Wells Fashion (22 days ago)
edt = eau de toilette - light, not as concentrated. like a 10% concentration edp = eau de perfaum - stronger long lasting - higher concentration 20%
Insatiable One (2 months ago)
original la nuit de l'homme review is not there anymore :(
Low Key Sound System (3 months ago)
Jeremy - Please don't ever delete this video. This is the video that got me watching your channel. It shows your true passion for fragrance. I understand what you mean about your dislike of cursing & maintaining a professional image. I have also taken steps to clean up the language on my new channel, but please don't let me dissuade you from expressing your true nature. People are very perceptive to genuine emotion. It has been interesting watching your journey & I can't wait to experience what your business has to offer. Best of luck!
Pio (4 months ago)
0:47 ?
The reaction 😂😂😂
Mohammad Kamruzzaman (5 months ago)
Greetings from Dhaka, Bangladesh. My family likes your nice, clear and vibrant reviews.
PromotingTheBeat (7 months ago)
I came back to this video to look at the review for this fragrance Jeremy, and you should definitely do 1st time tries like this again man, that beginning 0:39 -  0:48 was hilarious.
Jeremy Fragrance (7 months ago)
thx man, one of my old subscribers.
Harold Fernandez (7 months ago)
I like dabbing my cats feces behind my ears and a quick smear on my shoulders just for the passerby’s
GTChoe (8 months ago)
Hi folks, does someone know the song? 😍
Jason Sloan (3 months ago)
It's called elevator dancetopia by the ups and downs. JK I have no idea the song's name.
Le PotatOverlord (8 months ago)
man i miss this Jeremy. enthusiastic, bright. yes.
I'm Crz (9 months ago)
Shouldn't spray on same spot as much
Dillo159 (10 months ago)
Would you recommend the original one? I’m not sure but hasn’t it been reformulated?
Danny Cooper (1 year ago)
In my opinion, this is better than the original. I can't really smell much on the original. This one is stronger and better smelling to me. The performance is not GREAT on any ysl fragrances, but it is solid. Intense is better than lu nuit original.
carlos galindo (1 year ago)
Jajjajajajjajajaj so good men this review jajajajjajajaj
Guinea54 (1 year ago)
I felt like you in the beginning.. the scent is really great.. Like a la nuit mixed with iris but also still masculine with a violet kind of note... Very good.. But the performance seems pretty shitty... If the performance was better id really like this one a lot.
D G (1 year ago)
I was wondering if u were ever gonna get to this one. I smelled it at Macy's and loved it. haven't bought it yet though. anyway, side note.. What do u think of kenneth cole T-shirt
Benson 17 (1 year ago)
Is fragrance pussy magnet???
Tom vaclavik (1 year ago)
Has this been reformulated? :o
Mark Ayres (1 year ago)
Fantastic video! Funny and great!
Mark Gates (1 year ago)
Man, as much $$$ as I have to shell out to keep switching frags due to so many reformulations, I am just going to buy Creed Aventus and be done with it. Just use it sparingly and keep it hidden from my son.
Tyler Durden (1 year ago)
i have one and the smell fades after like 30 minutes
Ali Sharif (1 year ago)
every person has their own chemistry and their own predilections. I appreciate the production, nevertheless.
younes senouy (1 year ago)
hhhh intense fuck ysl très très très légère
HEIRON33 (1 year ago)
Bought this today and it reminded me of Odori iris.
ISSAM AL-DAOOR (1 year ago)
Who is the best l homme or l homme ultime
kaushal kumar (1 year ago)
Hey jeremy. i a big follower of your channeler and trust your review. but i wanted to ask my YSL La Nuit de l'homme intense does not last long. at the max 1 hrs. So is it same for la nuit d l'homme original vesion also?
Alan & Co. (1 year ago)
do you prefer this over the new formulations of La Nuit edt?
Allan Carcamo (1 year ago)
jeremy so whats ur final take on this one? you never did answered
Christian Olivari (1 year ago)
intense.....longevity 1 hour...fuck YSL :(
Attawat Woradechanan (1 year ago)
Christian Olivari Is it true?
Sumadin Herzeleid (1 year ago)
wheres the final review??
levan beriashvili (1 year ago)
I just bought it and it seems, it only lasts 1-2 hours on my skin. This is strange, Jeremy said, it has better performance than La nuit de l'homme
dashiboy (1 year ago)
i know its an old review of you, but i would love it if you can give me advice. La nuit de l'homme Le parfum or Intense? And besides that la nuit de l'homme Le parfum or eau de toilette?
MaikelDRuffy (1 year ago)
@0:38 LMAO I roll over the floor until the next day
Mark Ayres (1 year ago)
So basically intense = soft/calm?
Andy NB (2 years ago)
Haha, that scream at the beginning haha.
jimmy russell (2 years ago)
I liked it
Mark Ayres (1 year ago)
Me too. It smells good. I love the smell of it.
folladordeprostis (2 years ago)
Is good for summer??
This is a D&C pour homme ripoff. They both make me nauseated. Yuck!
Dee Kuz (1 year ago)
Bacon and cheese has been stuffed into a crust D &C ???
Rahman (2 years ago)
Jeremee you look like pierce brusness 007 hero.
Bengana Yacine (2 years ago)
i love your styl i parfum me prefer la nuit de l'homme mont blanc
Jack Lan (2 years ago)
That was the best fragrance reaction ever.
Bilal Khan (2 years ago)
0:05! Dude! We need more of that reaction, lol! :D
Joseph Mills (2 years ago)
Im 13 and i have a huge cologne collection i need help. Should i get this one or the other?
Could you please do YouTube on Mens Shower Gells reviews As you Don't see many of these, what the Shower Gells Smell Like , very cool YouTube videos ,Ex special the one La Male. catch you later Dude.
Anthony Saitama (2 years ago)
Hope you reply. Planning to buy Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L'homme. What do you recommend Eau de Toilette or Le Parfum?
shawn Mathai (2 years ago)
Hey Jeremy, I was thinking of buying La Nuit De L'Homme for the first time ever, however, I am worried about the reformulation. Fragrances already suck with longevity on my skin, so would you recommend it if I can only get my hands on the reformulated vesrion? Anyone?
shawn Mathai (1 year ago)
Thanks mate! I really appreciate that. I'll try it the next time I wear that one out
Billy Lydon (1 year ago)
i would put a small squirt on the front of your hands or wrist as well....Your best bet with this one is to carry a little travel atomizer with you in your pocket as well....After 3 and 1/2 hours squirt your neck down again!!!! Cheers!
shawn Mathai (1 year ago)
Thanks buddy! Would you say like two on each side of the neck and one by the chest will be good?
Billy Lydon (1 year ago)
The new one is weaker then the original....But still good....Just need a few more squirts....
ReviewLife. pk (2 years ago)
Your review made me crazy about this fragrance.. Definitely I buy
Wilson Chen (2 years ago)
We need dat review lol
Mfares 92 (2 years ago)
this cologne did not mo spark my attention when the sales rep sprayed it on the paper thing, but then he sprayed it on my wrist and I really liked it! my friend liked it from the start tho!
Marianna Queenstyle (2 years ago)
Finally, a person that has the same reactions as me when smelling perfumes!!
Abhi K. (2 years ago)
Bro where's the review? It's been 4 months now. Is this worth a buy?. La nuit is my favorite fragrance as well so in waiting.
+Abhi K. I'm not a huge fan either. I prefer the original.
Abhi K. (2 years ago)
+Bacon and cheese has been stuffed into a crust lol this fragrance sucked for me. I got a sample once it became available here.
Just buy it, nigga.
omar olivera venegas (2 years ago)
+Jeremy Fragrance already excites
Abhi K. (2 years ago)
+Jeremy Fragrance awesome, REALLY looking forward to it. Keep up the great work.
amazoner0cks (2 years ago)
+Jeremy Fragrance Bro can you please upload the final review, m only watching ur channel to decide my new perfume, and was confused wether to get the original "eau de toilette" or the intense one of this perfume. :)
tryph krdns (2 years ago)
this one or the simple one ???
ADRIEN MENDOZA (2 years ago)
How many Fragrances do you have??
James Cook (2 years ago)
Wear this perfume and you will smash on your first date belee dat
Reginald Williams (2 years ago)
Lol buhlee dat
Tony Hennandez (2 years ago)
Jeremy which one is good the intense than the orginal?
still waitin for ur final review bro
Rizky Mahdi (2 years ago)
nice review,, personally, i love the original...
chrizbie (2 years ago)
I just bought a bottle, it's nice but projection almost completely fades away after the first hour stays on the skin nicely and develops to a pleasant mildly spiced smell without being in your face or even standing out much, given its rather high price I wouldn't actually recommend it
Semih Gultaslar (2 years ago)
Where is the final review of La Nuit De L'homme INTENSE ?!
Alex Villanueva (2 years ago)
So what are the problems with this one??
Dee Kuz (1 year ago)
Lord Gains Longevity
itsjeremym (2 years ago)
i would definately say for this fragrance it is not something to be worn in the cold, when you are warm/hot the scent becomes stronger...but i find it way too subtle a fragrance
Shehab Shaar (2 years ago)
u r the best
Shehab Shaar (2 years ago)
+Jeremy Fragrance dont thanks me please you are the best ever and you made me love fragranses more than before . but i have quisrion pleaee tell me whar do u do in life ?
Jeremy Fragrance (2 years ago)
+shad peer  thank you very very much, i love youtube
tlamatini (2 years ago)
Jazzy Patt (2 years ago)
I love your reaction at 0:40-0:50 .....Shhiiiittt lmao
L´homme Gingembre review?
+Abhi K. YEAH!
Abhi K. (2 years ago)
I'm glad you asked this. I was looking for that to lol
Wuauuu... FAIL. Thx dude!
Jeremy Fragrance (2 years ago)
+Luis Alberto Astorga Cornejo useless, it has 50 minutes of longevity
bencasey217 (2 years ago)
Jeremy, what is your opinion on YSL L'Homme Parfum Intense?
Gregory Sealey (2 years ago)
Is this different to the EDP (Le Parfum) version? Because i know he has previously said he doesn't like that as much as the original.
Sam Bridges (2 years ago)
Can't wait for your review, I've been waiting for this fragrance for months.
clausm2203 (2 years ago)
haha i love these reviews great to see other people who love a great cologne...;) cheers from denmark...:)
So Ronery (2 years ago)
Soooo, YSL thought they can copy Dior with the Iris to lure people in?
SDAS DASDAS (2 years ago)
Man das ist ein von den besten Parfümen, die ich irgendwann benutzen hatte und ich empfehle das den Männer, die auf eine Frau beeindrücken wollten. Schönes Video!
Fragrance Dawg (2 years ago)
und wie ist das L Homme Intense ?
Michael Corsoneti (2 years ago)
600th like
Geen Woo (2 years ago)
Hey Jeremy, Wo bleibt der Final Review? Würd mir zu Weihnachten gern eins der beiden Düfte kaufen und bin unentschlossen ob es La nuit de l'homme Intense oder doch das Original sein soll.
21CANCEL (2 years ago)
+Jeremy Fragrance Und was hältst du von Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L'Homme Le Parfum?
Jeremy Fragrance (2 years ago)
+Geen Woo hab ich gestern gedreht! wird in 2-3 wochen released
Pinaki Dey (2 years ago)
I really like the way you present fragrances. Actually, I myself have become addicted to fragrances, after seeing your videos. One request: please create a few playlists.
des (2 years ago)
Please which is the best and permanent between this and l'homme parfum intense ysl?
Делаешь достойные внимания видео)Продолжай также!!!
So Ronery (2 years ago)
Face at 0:47 hahaha
Pards S (2 years ago)
Please can you list your 10/10 fragrance? Your advice is A*
Tyler Pathradecha (2 years ago)
Jeremy, you gotta do a fragrance collection video, and review the other la nuits
Sunny (2 years ago)
Hey brother can you do the Hugo boss the scent it's 2015
supul123 (2 years ago)
Jeremy, within how many years or months you should use a bottle of perfume once it's opened/used? I know perfumes tend to lose it's scent and power after sometime. Some of them even has an expiry date.
Penutman671 (2 years ago)
ikr it smells so fckn good also the settle down is amazing !
Hanan Raad (2 years ago)
what "la nuit d l' homme "does mean?? :)
StrangeDays (2 years ago)
It last like 1 hour.,,,,,,,,,
Ricardo Urena (3 years ago)
we're can I find it
saad alain (3 years ago)
u r good acter
Francesco G. (3 years ago)
Fucking Iris. I'm starting to really hate that note.
DrSuperpump (2 years ago)
same here
Lars N (2 years ago)
Rafael Bruno (3 years ago)
Screw this industry, like many others it has lost all integrity are just money hungry. They have watered, reformulated many scents even at times in the name of "safety" all to just give you Less for your money. Look around people, everywhere the name of the game is to give you less for the same or more MONEY! La nuit to me changed way to much and it is worthless in its new reformulation. It went from an exciting, spicy, tasty exotic, aquatic with an awesome drydown that lasted hours to now a tenth of what it used to be. Now all i get is a faint cake like smell, and the dry down smells like womens lipstick. Then they flank us with all the other variants, cinnamon, cucumber, Frozen, Intense which is not intense.. Chanel did the same, Allure homme intense is a joke now, i had a bottle from its "hey day" releases and it was so magical and actually "intense" nice orange and spice, great drydown. All I feel now is muddy cream lol.
Kocc Barma (3 years ago)
Concerning actual fragrances, the terms "Extreme"or "Intense" are only adjectives used by the Marketing to fool us! The perfumers are selling us low quality products at a high price on the pretext that it is because of EUROPEAN regulations against materials that can make people allergic but we know it's just bullshit and unfortunately we are still buying their shit. We have to do something to bring back real fragrances with real quality, real longevity and great sillage. You guys can influence our buying decisions so you have to do something about it and tell the truth to the consumers.
Jon Wilkinson (3 years ago)
Jeremy can you review Voyage d'Hermes ?????????????
jorge salazar (3 years ago)
you should get your hands on Cristiano Ronaldo new cologne, LEGACY. when it comes out.
Kim Miey (3 years ago)
In final review you have to do in a hallway
Haria G (3 years ago)
please do more review with ladies opinion. yes we need LADIES OPINION!
Aaron Warner (3 years ago)
go back to reviewing in the hallway ! that shit was cooler

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