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Kim Soo Hyun 金秀賢 김수현 - Singing "Dreaming" in 2015 Japan Fan meeting event

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For sharing purposes #金秀賢 #김수현 #kimsoohyun I do not own the images, music and video. They are all belonged to the rightful owners. If you like this video, please thumb up or subscribe. Thanks for watching.
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betty cheung (2 years ago)
kim soo hyun .. my super favorite star & singer .. i want to say my family are your fans forever .
betty cheung (2 years ago)
Kim Soo HYUN .. best singer .. very good song .. like & support soo man forever ..
Josey KSH (2 years ago)
+betty cheung Thanks for watching my video, yes he is the best Korean actor and he got a beautiful voice. Hope you keep on loving our Kim Soo Hyun. Cheers.
Josey KSH (3 years ago)
+‫عاشقه كيمو للابد‬‎ Great!

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