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Hot Since 82 - Mr. Drive (Original Mix)

4147 ratings | 707575 views
SordoHouse - promoting the finest of deep and tech house music http://soundcloud.com/sordo subscribe: http://goo.gl/wFSBI if you are an artist and want your work to be deleted please tell me and it will immediately disappear from this channel. ❯ buy on beatport: http://www.beatport.com/track/mr-drive-original-mix/4116266 ❯ follow: https://soundcloud.com/hotsince-82 http://www.facebook.com/hotsince82 http://www.hotsince82.com http://twitter.com/hotsince82 ❯ picture: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9dxhdJLVW1qkegsbo1_1280.jpg
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Text Comments (72)
Christopher Lumbreras (8 months ago)
Lujan Gonzalez (1 year ago)
pagan a sin principio ni final grupo payana sin principio ni final
Lujan Gonzalez (1 year ago)
sin principio ni final los huayra
Antonio M.P (1 year ago)
saben hacer bailar, saludos a todos [email protected] buenas gentes :+)
guess who (1 year ago)
4:42 BOOOM
nikko neeko (1 year ago)
really high-end shit yo!! really dope track, A+_CLass Jump Off baby !! <3 ^_~
Lumpy euphoria (1 year ago)
Very Euphoric
Thompter S. Hunson (11 months ago)
Perfect track! Ingeniously balanced! Not too fast, not too slow, not too techno, not too house, more "psychedelic" for a tech-house track, more groovy for a deep house track, striking feelings, absolute fuckin' perfection! Hat off.
WRR 20R9 (2 years ago)
lo hubieran invitado a los 15 de rubi😢
Gforcebond (2 years ago)
Where was that pic taken?
Martin Chaig (2 years ago)
tuchi tachi tuchi tachi tuchi tachi 💃💃
Least_Square (2 years ago)
ye ye ye
bizzwoofer (2 years ago)
Hot Since 82 is one of those artists, you can't listen to a track without listening to ALL his stuff - and when you do, you find gems like this.
Kenneth (1 year ago)
cuartero is super friendly artist, i met him here in Frankfurt germany while i was playing before him, brought him to his hotel and had a few drinks :) but he jsut drank redbull :D
Espi nete (2 years ago)
+Pancho Pereira y i discovered cuartero and is "special" i dl some of his tracks for my mixes ^^
Francisco Machado (2 years ago)
cuartero is another one of those artists
bizzwoofer (2 years ago)
nice. seek and ye shall find! lol
Espi nete (2 years ago)
This is exactly what is happening to me, thats why im here... 3rd track... 3rd gem...
Yas Pachano (2 years ago)
u left u left the gym
Julien Zealator (2 years ago)
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dlmFPS (8 months ago)
juanmix- one (2 years ago)
Loo puti
MIke K (3 years ago)
2016 :)
kreemplinTV (3 years ago)
Nice PRODUCTION..... Keep it up Huge Fan of your`s :)))))))))))))
Marlon D (3 years ago)
im 1982 too, and many of my friends too! :D :D 82 best year!
Nathan Keller (3 years ago)
sasha and Digweed anyone ???
maya carlsson (3 years ago)
For president ★
Chams' S (4 years ago)
Very good music channel guys ! Good luck for sustaining the same quality
Martin Cullen (4 years ago)
Man, i'm glad this never came on at any point in my life when i was tripping balls. This gives me bad vibes haha
Leoaachen (4 years ago)
deep house or tech house?
Vinod Chhabria (1 year ago)
Frankie Knuckles is gone old, new deep is still deep house but more evolved , Frankie knuckles deep house used to be made with minimal gear, like those legends imagining something in their heads and making a track, whereas these days these producers got all sorts tools to experiment and they keep coming with new attachments to the roots of deep house tracks and make it fresh for this generation. Yes but hot since 82 has most likely been Tech more than Deep.
Roma (2 years ago)
+Leoaachen Deep house, is more instrospective, Tech House, is party music, this could be a mix of booth, but for me is more tech house, with a deep feeling.
jeank945 (2 years ago)
+Leoaachen tech house !
Joe Davine (3 years ago)
+space ghost purp This is the fundamental problem with 'Deep House'... people really don't have a clue what it means. This has no jazz, soul or funk elements and has heavy techno highlights with looping piano bass. It's absolutely tech house. If you want an example of genuine deep house (rather than mainstream bass-driven house), just check frankie knuckles.
Rvolut1on (3 years ago)
+Leoaachen more like minimal techo i would say?
Elena Christou (4 years ago)
yeahhh HS82 !!!!!!!!! 
Morphable (4 years ago)
Dat snare.
jakemate069 (4 years ago)
mdma shhhhhhhh ;)
Fadil Dili (4 years ago)
great stuff......
Alejandro Brand (4 years ago)
any idea how to recreate this bassline 
killa bee (3 years ago)
i remade it in massive 
Nerfs Are Important (3 years ago)
i'm pretty sure one of em is a chord, the one that sounds more chorussy. Other than that it sounds like quite a simple low passed square synth as it almost sounds like a sine wave, i bet he used some sick hardware synth to make it sound like this though
killa bee (4 years ago)
i re made it in fl studios ts804
Anestis Dalgkitsis (4 years ago)
I don't really know, but I think you can create something similar by using a simple, low frequency sinewave together with a low-pass filtered squarewave. :D
John Filias (4 years ago)
davee200 (4 years ago)
you must be new to electronic music lol
lord drago (4 years ago)
alan f (5 years ago)
Love this guy...
Alex Kopf (5 years ago)
love this one!
Philip Licinio (5 years ago)
Like it!
TheJancsee (5 years ago)
Wild Abomination!
HORAN (5 years ago)
this is madness!
Yo Ree (5 years ago)
track is fuego!!!
Manolo Cortez (5 years ago)
this shit just makes me wanna vibrate
Venousdata (5 years ago)
i can bust some wicked moves to this
Ilinof Sabin (5 years ago)
ARPSF7 (5 years ago)
its about being hot since 82
Michele Sordini (5 years ago)
you have my name!
Gaetano Laf (5 years ago)
A spakkeee
coldfinger (5 years ago)
rick (5 years ago)
Daft Punk Sucks!
Sinan Orhan (5 years ago)
Nondas (5 years ago)
In Love With This Track!
Nexus (5 years ago)
Yeahh good
ONS3T (5 years ago)
nice track and picture :D
ioanage5 (5 years ago)
shut the f*ck up... you have no idea what you are talking about!
Rafiq Patel (5 years ago)
It was awsome! Nice musical electronic ride!!
James Brewer (5 years ago)

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