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WOULD YOU DATE AN ASIAN GUY? | London Edition | MrChanOnline

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WOULD YOU DATE AN ASIAN GUY PART 2 ANNOUNCEMENT VVVVVV https://youtu.be/aILEIXLnk8c Special thanks to Nader and Kwun for filming this with me! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- I take it to the streets of London, Oxford Street, to ask women if they find Asian men attractive and if they would consider dating one. This topic is widely asked all around the world and the majority being in countless states in the US, Australia etc; everywhere else BUT the UK, much less London. So I decided to take it upon myself to do this and film it. Viewers must take the results and opinions of participants with a pinch of salt because 1) this was only a small sample, with no prior planning to the sample type.. Just random women lol 2) opinions are SUBJECTIVE to the individual and does not represent the general population of women in London or wherever. It's really just down to the individual man to go get what he wants by simply being attractive to a woman, AS A PERSON. Lastly, because of the fact that most people in the world understand the word "Asian" as being people from the Far East i.e, China, Vietnam, Japan etc, I've chosen to use that term when referring to the people of those particular races. For most of us in the UK, "Asian" typically has a different meaning (people from India, Pakistan etc). If you have any suggestions or feel some type of way about anything, you know where to leave a comment ;-) Enjoy everyone! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- EQUIPMENT USED: Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T5i/700D - https://amzn.to/2rciZeg Lens: EF-S 18-55mm F/3.5-5.6 - https://amzn.to/2vYmXNf Mic: Rode VideoMic - https://amzn.to/2rbpaQ1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow me on socials: ►Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/SomeAnyYelloGuy ►Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/SomeAnyYelloGuy ►Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/mrchandon/ ►Snapchat: http://snapchat.com/add/mrchandon/
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Text Comments (361)
Julan Tejano (11 days ago)
Why Filipino guy are handsome ... because our ancestors has been influenced by SPANISH.
angelbaby (19 days ago)
I am looking for an Asian guy I’m a white girl if u looking too come to my channel
Monkol SE (19 days ago)
Humiliating, Asian men known for his intellect stooped too low for these trivial issues.
MrChanOnline (19 days ago)
+Monkol SE I agree with the traits that youve pointed out. But I would disagree that asking non Asian woman if they would date an Asian guy suggests any element of undesirability. In fact, it brings to the forefront of their minds qualities they probably wouldn't have thought about unless asked the question (at least that's the intention). I've spoken to many Non Asian women, off camera, who acknowledge these positive stereotypes and actually desire it, but due to being culturally divided, tend not to entertain any type of relations, not because of being undesirable. And hence causes confusion between why non Asians don't date Asian men.
Monkol SE (19 days ago)
That is how the majority of people out there think of Asian men in a stereotypical way that portrayed by our Asian culture. There is no escape from the fact that most Asian men are intellectually inclined, hard-working, conservative, family oriented, mature and responsible. I also recognized that there is some negative stereotype for Asian men. But, by asking none Asian ladies about whether or not they would consider Asian men would suggest that Asian men are undesirable. As an Asian person, I do not think Asain men are undesirable but instead, we have many qualities that most other none Asian men did not have.
MrChanOnline (19 days ago)
Thanks for the feedback. Firstly my question to you is, being intellectual in what regard? Academia? Interpersonal intelligence? Or both? Furthermore, not all Asian men are intellectual, I'll tell you that for free. But more importantly, your statement alone that "Asian men known for his intellect" feeds more into the stereotype of Asian men, which reinforces the need for a video like this.
Deeson Jame (1 month ago)
3:36 damn she'd make a good wifey
sandinyourshoes (2 months ago)
Would their families accept interracial relationships?
lRON HEART (2 months ago)
Not all Filipinos guy are short.
KGB Smirnoff (2 months ago)
Asians guys are disgusting
super lit (1 month ago)
White ass pig are disgusting
Jaynelle Delgado Cruz (2 months ago)
Ofcc they would🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄unnecessary ass video
DV M (2 months ago)
They all want BBC! or will I be arrested for this comment...
typicallyrussian (2 months ago)
#China :- Yellow, Chunk, Narrow eyes, average looking but Intelligent #Japan :- Pink, Beautiful skin, Intelligent, Punctual but not funny #India :- Brown, Average looking, Mamma's boy, Intelligent, Focussed but seriously all the time. #Russian :- White and Shiny, Strong and intelligent, Food lovers, Outgoing, Funny until Americans come around. #Arabic :- Mixed color, Wealthy, Handsome but Dumb.
DV M (2 months ago)
Bahahaha You either are a Russian with a great sense of humour, or one with no self awareness!!
V Ben (3 months ago)
Asians are smart and hot.
Zeeshan Hader (3 months ago)
Most racist woman in the world without a doubt English
123 456 (3 months ago)
Roadman Chan innit fam 😂
Elo Boa (4 months ago)
I thought only black guys do this shit
TeleJazzer (5 months ago)
Come to Australia. Lots of Southeast Asian guys dating non Southeast girls. My friend is tall, dark, handsome and his sister calls him a male slut.
MW6 (5 months ago)
Asian has so many HOT girls, why would asian guys find white girls?
Sisowat Sin (6 months ago)
Sorry I'm lesbian! I can't answer that question.
Freedom ! (7 months ago)
You can’t have as Asian guy ask this question. If anything a girl has to ask other girls
Said Jalil (8 months ago)
They thinks Asia are just Korean, Japan, Thai , china, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, soooo where's Pakistan, Iran ,India, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, turkmanstan, Uzbekistan, Iraq Saudi Arabia, turkey, they are retarded.
AnimangaGirl (8 months ago)
I won't mind to date an Asian guy. I want a Korean or Japanese. But it's hard to find one. Even in London. I think Asian guys are sweet and cute. And they really respectful and polite. My kind of guy is a guy that is gentle, funny, sweet, sexy, flirty, someone extroverted. He needs to be loyal, dedicated to the relationship. Someone that will learn to take care of me right. Also I like Asian guys with fine jawline and a good profile side. Small nose.
CXNDTV (3 months ago)
thanks 😊
Rich 91 (8 months ago)
Mr wong was a player back in the day
Boom Slang (9 months ago)
Not all filipinos are short, not all white people are tall.
beriigirl (10 months ago)
Maybe shouldn’t have an Asian guy asking people this. You’ll get more genuine answers if they feel like they can be candid. Also why did he ask about putting the D in raw?? That would’ve made me really uncomfortable
zeel l (10 months ago)
Guys approach that’s all
MC_Pablo (10 months ago)
my Norwegian GF is not as hot as she used to be 🤷‍♂️😁 i think its the rice 🤦‍♂️
Nic holas (8 months ago)
MC_Pablo what do you mean?
He got the omae wa maou shindeyaru bg 🤣😂😂
24 45 jim (10 months ago)
dubai and turkey are in asia.
Gweilo mo lo (10 months ago)
You gotta stop making these videos, mate. "Would you date an Asian guy", as if they are less than men of other ethnicities. This shows that you yourself think you're below the white man, which is quite the opposite. White men in San Francisco date Asian women mainly because they can't date white girls and they think Asian women are easier.
Gweilo mo lo (10 months ago)
+mrchanonline You completely went off on a tangent and I don't believe you understood the message I was conveying; I suggest you re-read what I wrote and then put some thought into it before going into full defense mode and bringing up irrelevant topics such as parental influences and whatnot. What I'm saying is that your title gives off bad vibes and implies Asian men are less than western men. I bet you there aren't any videos out there asking women if they would date white men. Asking anyone would they do XXXX automatically insinuates that it's not a good thing and is it not an argument of whether it's my own perception or not.
MrChanOnline (10 months ago)
+boostftw123 I appreciate what you're saying but I don't agree. "As if" being the operative words here, could this be your own perception? Also if you're from the UK, and not kidding yourself about open-mindedness and free to date anybody, Asian (Oriental) people tended to stick to their own groups, through either parent influence + strict cultural upbringing, causing others to feel that way about Asian males. When this might be FAR from the truth. So the questions not about being more or less than other ethnicities, the essence of the question (one of many) is to delve into whether or not females of other ethnicities feel this way about Asian men.
hum sighn (10 months ago)
in london. asian means indian amd pakistani.
PurelyAfrican (11 months ago)
I don't see any reason why the interviewer would have problems getting a girl he's confident and has chat. To be honest most oriental or asian men in London are no different from black or white personality wise; It's just preference for girls.
Louise Newton (11 months ago)
Happy English lady and Japanese man living in London right here! 😊
Les Michaels (11 months ago)
Running joke. What do you call someone who can speak 3 languages? Tri lingual. What do you call someone who speaks 2 languages? Bi lingual. What do you call someone who speaks 1 language? American!
MrChanOnline (11 months ago)
+Les Michaels first time hearing this 😂
animeluver22113 (11 months ago)
These people probably haven't seen kpop
Jerry Law (11 months ago)
so British women is more open in partnership/relationship than American..that's good.
Doreen Melchiorre (11 months ago)
If you were Western woman and you decide an age to date an Asian guy you better be very careful they're big cheaters and big Liars if you're going after an older Asian man you better be careful they like their own kind they treat Western women like sluts
KayTime TV (11 months ago)
😂😂😂. Good video my bro
MrChanOnline (11 months ago)
+KayTime TV thanks bro, appreciate the support 😎 coming out with more shortly. Watch this space!
I like Asian gals
Wil Ajikovic (1 year ago)
Filipino guy are more than stronger than other asian guy in terms of our soldiers in korean war small units of ours soldiers can kill a thousand ENEMIES.
Wil Ajikovic (1 year ago)
Filipino guy's short but i have with my height boosters. These interviewer are smiling to Filipino guy's What the fuck are you.
Alex N Girlie (1 year ago)
Im Greek and Filipino. My Greek traits are dominant especially when i have trimmed facial hair. My eyes are brown but i have worn blue and green contacts. The secret is really how men in general see them selves. Confidence yet not concieted. Educated yet not Arrogant. Has a personality but not so eager to please all the time. I have spent two years now in Manila and literally every where in The Philippines. One of the traits that irritates and annoys asian of Filipinas about their own is the guys might be a little too concieted (mayabang) In America, they could say that the guy is "full of himself" Or they are easily Intimidated (threatened ) Im also a night club promoter who knows the night life very well. I see different types of Filipinos in the club. I often see this look of insecurity or the eyes of envie. What i have noticed is that guys here in the Philippines who have been exposed to other countries and other types of races, open minded. Good luck to all of you ladies and gents. Ballance is the answer.
Minlenguite17 Guite (1 year ago)
Asain guys c'mon let get into it and get out from our shyness ,b real man and get those white chick which we want...
axel blaze (1 year ago)
British accent
This interviewer I am not sure if he is Korean or Vietnamese but to me he looks like Japanese B-Boy Taisuke.
I like your video but next time like the advice of some people in the comments you have to do their advice to have a better answer if these women really do like asian men like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Cambodian, Indonesian, Taiwanese, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Thailander and specially FILIPINO MEN. You have to be specific on your question not asians in general so you could gather more data about which asian race they like the most. Instead of putting a camera in front of them having a man who is also a Caucasian doing the interview is much better then hide the camera. There should be several men with you also in the same race for different camera angles. OR you could experiment also the camera is hidden let them be interviewed by an ugly small asian man or handsome tall asian man Filipino Japanese or Thailander. I am sure their answers will be more RACIST! BECAUSE THESE KIND OF GIRLS ARE REALLY RACIST they think they are entitled to be racist to other race. They have not been here in Asia to talk like that.
When you say asian which asian race is this video referring to Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Cambodian, Indonesian, Taiwanese, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Thailander and specially FILIPINO MEN? Their answers are based on the influence of holly wood and other media in europe how they portrait Asian Men. I have asian friends girl friends and boyfriends. Some of them are normal ugly and some are physically good looking. These girls being interviewed obviously are faking their answers some who are saying yes and the ones saying no are just racist.
watch at 2:04 - 2:16 she said Filipinos are shorter FUCK HER like everyone of her race is tall. There are many Caucasians who are also short and for a woman she is just average wearing hills. Put this in mind this is true even if it is insulting for their own kind. CAUCASIANS women or men are the most racists people on EARTH it does not matter from which country they are from as long as they are Caucasian race. Even to their own kind they are racist! I have been in the Philippines Palawan, Laoag, Pampanga and Cebu I can see that there are many small people but teenagers now a days are like 5'5 and above. Sometimes there are people who are more than 5'11 including girls and this girl in the video talking is not even tall SHE IS FULL OF HER SELF. We black people are tall I am average 5'11 but there are a lot of us who are also small.
Seann Huang (1 year ago)
as a chinese man i reckon that generally speaking women from non asian background tend to prefer more muscular type of men. this trend may be obvious if you compare the popular celebrities in the west and east asia. so for me i would probably inclined to stay in my comfort zone, though i do like attractive non asian women, in stead of approaching someone outside my race.
Gweilo mo lo (10 months ago)
LOL. in California and anywhere in the west coast, Asian men are by far wayyyy more in shape and muscular than the average white guy
Seann Huang (1 year ago)
I agree with you :) but its also a fact that we don't have many dwayne johnson or jason statham kind of actors on screen in east asia. I personally hate those skinny girly-looking male celebrities but they are just so popular.
MrChanOnline (1 year ago)
+Seann Huang going off the back of that statement, would you say the perception of Asian men, in the eyes of the West, is of having a less muscular physique? On the contrary, there are alot of 'muscular' Asian men in the West too
Porne Account (1 year ago)
is the new vid dropping anytime soon?
Catherine Sandlin (1 year ago)
Yes I have and will again...
Nguyen Hoang (1 year ago)
as an south east asian seeing an asian with a british accent is kinda weird
MrChanOnline is it your native accent or do you learn the accent?
MrChanOnline (1 year ago)
Nguyen Hoang 😂
Nguyen Hoang (1 year ago)
+MrChanOnline lol probably.
MrChanOnline (1 year ago)
+Nguyen Hoang you'll be in for a surprise if you came to the UK lol
WC Soccer (1 year ago)
Hey dude, I'm an Asian guy and I have to tell you this. First I appreciate you doing this video but you're an Asian guy asking this question to White women for their honest opinion. What do you think majority will say? So your survey has major flaws and I didn't even bother watching your video but write you this message because I know I will be misjudged by the girls' answers due to you being an Asian guy asking this question. You have to get a White guy and ask this question so you can get more of an honest answers.
MrChanOnline (1 year ago)
+S. L. Duely noted. Its in progress 😉
roger8654 (1 year ago)
Arnan Sergey (1 year ago)
Guys now a days it's your 💸
DV M (2 months ago)
Cock a doodle?
tweetxstyle (1 year ago)
JB!!! 😝
Anhsian (1 year ago)
1:35 100% German
abh15funk (1 year ago)
The lady in black jacket and red dress at 3:45mins is way too gorgeous ! Love her banter !!! 😊
Guoenyi (1 year ago)
Host is pretty nice asian actually
Edward Cullen (1 year ago)
Asian men are the least desired. Watch FACEandLMS here on YouTube
NikeBoxx Frsh (1 year ago)
I'm religion doesn't let me marry white girls
wangking (1 year ago)
Ting go skrrra
cksammi (1 year ago)
Dude! Here's the problem with this study or survey, you're Asian and by you asking this question you won't get straight answers because they don't want to be rude or seem racist. You need to get a White friend or non Asian person to ask this question. Better yet get a professional make up to where you can look White and then conduct his study.
MrChanOnline (1 year ago)
+cksammi noted! 👍 thanks for the feedback. The latter suggestion might be a bit out of the way loool but ill be taking on board all to release another one! 👍
pingp0ngpaul (1 year ago)
Them stereotypes which clearly shape people's thoughts
disciplined kid (1 year ago)
the girl in pink is very attractive
disciplined kid (1 year ago)
girls r just so pretty. that dubai girl is hoot
irgendein mädel (1 year ago)
3:29 bullshit ? Turkish people are 1. Asian. And second its full of thai chinese and korean people or uzbek people wtf?
Ramon Toyens (1 year ago)
I wanna date a Asian girl
Robby _ (1 year ago)
How about antarctic guy? 😁
The observer (1 year ago)
The girl on the right @1:28 looks kinda like Julia Michaels.
Brandon Whitfield (1 year ago)
Half Filipino, I’m 6 flat. Not all Filipinos are short bruv, well I’m a freak of nature so yeah there’s that.
nik izzat (6 months ago)
East asian taller than southest asia but short in pant
00kizuna00 (1 year ago)
Brandon Whitfield bruv she’s speaking in general. Yes there are many tall Filipino but generally short
Saya X (1 year ago)
All these stereotypes and categorizing people is just plain stupid. I'm an Asian American man and I've dated almost all other races of women and let me tell you, they're not that different from each other. Some are nice, some are bitches, no matter what race they are. You'd have to be one pretty shallow person to say you'll only date a certain race or that you would never date a certain one. Shallow people don't make good partners anyways because they're close minded.
MrChanOnline (1 year ago)
+Saya X fair point. Stereotypes hold everyone back, social norms do too. In Asian norms, for thos with parents who steer their children away from other races because of cultural difference, they've not been given the chance to explore outside their race, even if they want to.
David Kim (1 year ago)
I think that the data of white women taking a poll asking them if "they like asian men" is a poor way to get a true answer to this question. You don't fall in love with a piece of paper and you become attracted to a person from spending time with them in person. When you poll a women if they like Asian men, they're going to bring up a poor Hollywood depictions of Asian men as a mental image to represent their answer. This is in the absence of an actual attractive Asian guy that they interact with that will make them feel good. I guarantee that lots of those women would answer differently if they interact with an attractive asian guy. The problem is that they lack the number of interactions with asian guys. So they're answering as a product of the environment they grew up in. If they were adapted by a family in Asia, they'd have different preferences than if born in Oklahoma USA.
David Kim Your comment deserves more likes and comments. You have a good answer on what is the right way to make a survey interviewing Caucasian women from different countries if they like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Cambodian, Indonesian, Taiwanese, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Thailander and specially FILIPINO MEN. Their answers like what you said are based on the influence of holly wood and other media in europe how they portrait Asian Men. I have asian friends girl friends and boyfriends. Some of them are normal ugly and some are physically good looking. These girls being interviewed obviously are faking their answers some who are saying yes and the ones saying no are just racist.
MrChanOnline (1 year ago)
+David Kim Yup agreed. Will be trying another experiment with added elements. Watch this space 👀
gagongflip389 (1 year ago)
I'm not tall Asian guy so fuck my life lol.
Qwe Li (1 year ago)
My interest only toward Russian and Ukrainian ladies(east European) but not the rest of European.
Aslan Ekhwan (4 months ago)
+Qwe Li It doesn't matter what the guy preference is. It matters the girls preference. Unless you're rich, Chinese chance in East European is pretty average. White American men still rules everywhere they go. I'm not white but I observed the difference in black men, white men, asian men dating chances..
ZoeBios121 (1 year ago)
3:35 Did you ask her out?
Robin Hood (1 year ago)
Free Mind (1 year ago)
both the girls at 0:39 are ugly as fuck. Even if you want asia guys, I don't think they will date you guys, consider your looks and then talk shit lol
Christian Tan (1 year ago)
golforfishing (1 year ago)
An Asian guy asking white girls if they like Asian guys. Yeah ok...
Hyperoid (19 days ago)
Even black people do this stuff, you must be blind
PurelyAfrican (11 months ago)
They weren't all white. Smdh!
Adrian valenzuela (1 year ago)
I'm a pure Filipino and I'm 5'10 and 16 years old we're not all short
Williams Lorenzo (1 year ago)
I think basically we(asians)don't need to be shy or lack of confidence ,coz Asian = Semitic except some races been living in the Semitic territory for many years. Due to family tree from Noah, we have higher seniority as we're the descendants of oldest son "Shem".this have forgotten for a long time,but it's truth so I'm here to raise awareness.be proud of your identity.
MrChanOnline (1 year ago)
+Williams Lorenzo change***
MrChanOnline (1 year ago)
+Williams Lorenzo negative Asian stereotypes are slowly fading which is great, but it still lingers in the minds of some unfortunate groups. That'll chance soon enough 😉
tupacamaru2 (1 year ago)
English girls are just like American,Canadian and Aussie girls in that department. After all, Americans got their culture from the English.
Ana Aguilar (1 year ago)
my boyfriend he is Philippines but his taller than me
Taiwan Friendly (1 year ago)
I'm a middle-aged Western female and was lured to the Philippines by a then 40 year old Ph guy from Dasol named Jolly Ringo (on FB).  We had an online relationship and then I went to his home town to meet him.  When meeting, he was completely different to me and even asked me to lie to his family about my reason for visiting him.  He was very cold and distant with me ,but faking online that he was crazy in love with me.  He also did not want to break it off with me and thought that this treatment was all normal. During that time his exwife made it her business to warn me of his GIRLFRIEND which I knew nothing of.  This guy has mental problems and sexual problems.  He spends all his time hunting Russian women down to lure them to the Philippines to get a kick out of faking to them.  I hope this opens ladies eyes up that what you meet and see on the internet is not what you experience in reality when you are with them. Ultimately they love MONEY.  And that is all they want from foreigners.  Their own family and interests come first and you only lose all the way , once you've been the ATM machine for them and their families.
Vicmund Lim (1 year ago)
Taiwan Friendly well im chinese though and i like to be your friend
Denise Nyström LeCat (1 year ago)
I love your accent!!
Ray Wang Jierui (1 year ago)
They like us for the $$£
Ray Wang Jierui (1 year ago)
Chinese guys like me, who exist in UK are ultra rich
Wilson Mar (1 year ago)
Those girls want guys can give them Big Organisms
Ajson Java (1 year ago)
Philippine guy here..
Ajson Java (1 year ago)
and im not short
adad (1 year ago)
In England, Asian means people from India-Pakistan-Bangladesh-SriLanka.
jayesh khambhalia (10 months ago)
adad OK
John Moua (1 year ago)
The black girl with the scarf, she's rediculiosly gorgeous. Looks like Alicia keys
林祐任 (2 months ago)
Absolutely agree
Clarence Ian Sy (10 months ago)
scarletshackles (1 year ago)
You should turn the question around and ask Asians in UK if they would date someone who's not Asian. That would be interesting to know, people often decide that they wouldn't. D: Might be nice to hear it from them.
scarletshackles (1 year ago)
MrChanOnline Looking forward to it, you seem like a fun guy to watch! :) Your interactions with the filmers were entertaining too. :'D All the best!
MrChanOnline (1 year ago)
Heartshackles thanks for the feedback! I'm in the process of coming up with another video, but I do like the idea of discovering what the flipside would be for you guys.
Lora BnH (1 year ago)
She's from Dubai really?? She's Asian too!🙄
David Letterman (11 months ago)
PurelyAfrican arab is in Asia
PurelyAfrican (11 months ago)
David Letterman (1 year ago)
That’s what I thought. She’s Asian too. Lol...
Baheshta Fair (1 year ago)
Hassan Islam the middle east is in Asia
Hassan Islam (1 year ago)
Isn't dubai in Middle East
anonymous anonymous (1 year ago)
In UK asian is (Indian,Pakistani,Bengali etc) we call you guys orientals.And in UK loads asian guys date outside their race,but wonen over in UK are not really into oriental guys
Everyone in this damn comment section is a racist bitch
MrChanOnline (1 year ago)
I was searching why Asian guys ARE attractive. And I found that people think Asian men aren't¿ I don't think I've ever been attracted to someone that is not Asian bruh.
Effin Degenerate (1 year ago)
In UK Asians refer to indians, they are not attractive at all
Damon Vongphachanh (1 year ago)
I'm Asian and single date me lol
Kevin Fang (1 year ago)
Raah Asian roadman jheeze
cherryblossommina (1 year ago)
Wth you just needed me in the video !! I really prefer dating an Asian guy but it's almost not the other way around :/
Vicmund Lim (1 year ago)
mina xoxo well im chinese
cherryblossommina (1 year ago)
Obviously i would just Talk Good Stuff about asian guys 😂😂😂😂
mrs jeon oh why hello there
Victor Bear (1 year ago)
TBH , I think england girl will never date Asian guys, they are simply racist
Doctor Acanthamoeba (10 months ago)
Victor Bear, That or maybe Asian men just aren't attractive. I mean beauty to some degree is objective and based around the blue print of evolution.
eden fraosle (10 months ago)
boostftw123 wtf am i then im as british as u get and i prefer asian guys 😂💀
eden fraosle (10 months ago)
Victor Bear i’m british and i’ve dated asian guys lol
Gweilo mo lo (10 months ago)
word. Other parts of Europe, yes, but definitely not in england
M Bof (1 year ago)
So is aussie girls, no wonder
ICE MAN (1 year ago)

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