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Why White Women Fantasize About Black Men YouTube

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This is a mature, attractive, intelligent woman explaining why the majority of White women are drawn to or fantasize about Black men. And it goes to show that just because you don't see interracial couples does not mean the thought it not there. It shoes many successful intelligent beautiful woman are attracted to Black men but because of society they keep their infatuations and thought to other White women. Please Subscribe to her. "KarenLee Poter"
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Tony Randall (18 days ago)
Its 2018 ! White women have big booty now !
Too much porn that you weirdos watch.
Ryan Jarvis (1 month ago)
Mind as well divide the male species. Let the black men breed the female races. All other non black men will have or serve a purpose but cannot breed because in the future, every sine female species will be breeding with blacks. White men will be builders. Asian men will teach shit. Black men will only be doing the breeding lol
Charles Backstrom (2 months ago)
Black Dick Matters!
cornel Rich (2 months ago)
White women are extremely beautiful to me
No No (2 months ago)
black men fascinate me
Pepito Mirai (2 months ago)
I'm a Black Man and a love skinny women
Dungeons Dragons (3 months ago)
Then they end up with mixed babies, and when they decided they want a white man again white guy's don't want to be with them because of their mixed babies. I know a girl with 3 mixed kids no white guys will date her. They say she is nasty.
Charles Barnes (4 months ago)
Nothing like a white thot
Default User (4 months ago)
Your as bad as the white guys who fetish Asian women it’s stupid
Onur Okawano (4 months ago)
All white women love black guys..All white women need BBC:)I love white womens all white women is very easy and slut!!
Christina C (5 months ago)
A loud Italian (5 months ago)
Bolek Lolek (5 months ago)
DJaySplitSecond (5 months ago)
I live white girls and Asian girls, I’m black but that’s what I prefer bec they always better in bed than the black girls I had
Marlon Freeman (5 months ago)
Bitch shut the fuck up you racist bitch your ancesstors should die a million times in hell you stupid bitch
andrew bergstrom (5 months ago)
I should make a video on why a great vast majority of white women voted for Trump over a female
andrew bergstrom (5 months ago)
why do you think the majority of white women voted for Trump John McCain and Mitt Romney
andrew bergstrom (5 months ago)
No white man would want this chick she got dumped by a white man for 20 year old
andrew bergstrom (5 months ago)
This chick is ugly old as hell
Eli Galvan (6 months ago)
Greg 47 (6 months ago)
You are correct. I am a Black Man and want White Women to see me as a human being with a mind, body, and soul and not use me as a sexual tool. I am not interested in any White Woman who see me that way. Love me, not my penis.
Rutherford B. HAZED (6 months ago)
Everything she said is true.
Me and my girlfriend watch interracial porn and have done for years we are both white . We wank each other off while watching black men fuck white women my girlfriend cums first every time without fail
Aries Lord Zodiac (6 months ago)
Mach75 (6 months ago)
Erica have you experienced the BBC yet?
White chicks may fuck a black dude, but they will rarely stay with them or marry them. The cultural taboo is a double edged sword, it makes it exciting to sneak out and fuck a black dude, but not so exciting to have them around you in public. So when the taboo finally diminishes, it'll no longer be exciting, which means it'll no longer be a fantasy. I've been in the same situation since I'm not white and my background is Afghani. Chicks see us as something forbidden, and that which is forbidden is often exciting because it sparks curiosity. The only difference between a black dude and an Afghan dude, is that we afghans can still pass as whites. So the chicks don't have much of an issue taking the "fantasy" to the next level. My cousin is married to a white chick, and he probably only faced discrimination once (if at all) throughout the entire marriage. Everyone else was completely fine.
laxpopov (7 months ago)
This bitch lying lol
folladordeprostis (7 months ago)
White women like black men for Low iqs (easy to turn into sex slaves) and large dicks/pussy eating lips. White guys like asian girls for the tight vaginas/buttholes (now they know what it feels like for a black guy fucking a white woman) and they are good at math (to have kids with to create a new master race). White guys also want a black chick for a side piece due to low iq (slavery) and dick sucking lips. White women want a white cuck for breeding but once you go black white guys don't want you back (unless its a cuck). Black guys secretly want to rape white guys but settle for attempting to cuck them as rape by proxy. Asian guys get nothing except cucked. Mexicans fuck everybody. Jews are child molesters. Fyi I'm not racist I published a paper on this based on a ton of data analysis. Hope it does not offend but the truth hurts sometimes. Happy new year.
Jennifer Tyler (7 months ago)
She's pretty honest
qbconnect (7 months ago)
Man this is 2018 I can't believe this is still an issue. Y'all people better wake the FU. People are gonna be with whoever they choose. Blk, wht, red, ylw, or brown. Only the lowest thinking person sees race or skin tone as something that separates us as the human species. For example, it's like looking at humans like primates. Gorillas with gorillas, chimps with chimps, baboons with baboons & so forth & so on.. That's very primitive, all pun intended LOL. When the British royal family is marrying outside their race you know it's time to let it go!
JoniB (7 months ago)
Yawn zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Wilbert mcginnis (7 months ago)
I love my black Queen 4 life.
AarBear Grizzly (7 months ago)
The black man is the highest performing race....... period!The white man knows first hand that this is TRUE..... that's why they held signs stating"Hire white men only" back in the day when they actually had to Compete with us for JOBS........ PLEASING your girl is a FULL TIME JOB!!!!
ALVAREZ 28 (7 months ago)
What about mexicans ?
thegolden294 (7 months ago)
I'm light skin and I just love to have sex with brown or light skin women.... White pussy, nothing great about it and black just doesn't attract me as much.
Desi Ozuna (7 months ago)
Im hispanic and large listening to this is shittttttt.....us hispanic men are very dominant in bed so again this is shitt...
Anthony Flomo (7 months ago)
You guys are racist
Wouldn't have thought that WW would have to do that. I thought BW would be the only ones as they get less attention from them.
Tall D&H (7 months ago)
Its unbelievable that people still believe White women have some deep fantasy about black men. Clearly watching way too much TV or porn. Its a myth nothing more.
Nate Hurst (7 months ago)
I think your hot for being honest... 😽
Chris Salvatoriello (7 months ago)
I have to say a big allure to me liking black women is the taboo, something different part of it. Yes black women can be very attractive in their own right but it’s extra nice that it’s special. Though I might just really have a thing for black girls who knows. Melanin is extra cute
Ronnell Greene (7 months ago)
You're correct
pk anders (7 months ago)
The best sex experience I ever had was with a white woman. I love my black Nubian queens but also I love white women too.
mightyblack1 (7 months ago)
I love my sistas sorry white women.
JEDI M! (7 months ago)
its the walking through the jungles....lmfao! im a dark ass good looking Mexican american from los Angeles cali...and white hos all up on me long shlong! freeeeel!
mightyblack1 (7 months ago)
They dream of a big black dick up in them because white boys ain't it right.
Dee Sanchez (7 months ago)
Don't roll in the MUD
yolanda wray (7 months ago)
Don't get it twisted now people not all black men want to be with a white woman there's a large degree of black men who still like they black women so don't get it twisted
fightrrrrr (7 months ago)
Too bad the myth isn't true🙁🙁
Tiffany Holmes (7 months ago)
As a black woman I love the way she put it because it's the truth... Plain and simple...
Dana Gaffin (7 months ago)
Another reason White Women are attracted to Black Men. Black Men aren't threatened by strong, successful, ambitious, assertive, even more aggressive women. Me personally, I look for all of those characteristic in a Woman!
TheArbiter 14 (7 months ago)
The hatred for white men is pathetic , white men insecure? Then why do blacks , brown , and asians haul ass to white countries for a better life? White male inventions have sewed the seeds for a better life and all you people have is hatred for them . White countries have ended slavery , while brown and black countries still practice that today . It's such a shame that blacks have not built a self sustaining city in over 3 thousand years, black and brown countries have the highest murder rate , and in Americas cities blacks of whom make up 13 percent of the population , are responsible for over 51 percent of all crime . White men are sooo evil that they bring in immigrants from third world nations so they have a better life , all you people who hate the white man are so stupid . You need the white man . Name one brown , black or asian document that starts off with the phrase " when in the course of human events " .Also make sure you are thankful because it was a white man who invented the car , air conditioning, i-phone , internet, computer , modern medicine, mathematics, economics, poetry, science, nuclear energy so your sorry asses don't have to live in the dark. Inventions like the plane , so your twat ass can fly across the globe , geo thermal technologies, television, telescopes,cameras . I can go on and on forever about the seeds whitey has done for the world . Pathetic i pitty you all who claim the white man feels inferior lol , the white woman who chase you are just has pathetic. It is you whom is inferior , go create something idiots.
Boats n hoes (7 months ago)
UGG mud sharks
Carlton Firoved (7 months ago)
maybe white women wouldn't need to sleep with a man with a bigger penis if they didn't start shoving everything in the house up their crotch at the age of 12. Come on we've all been to parties in high school and college and these women or young women I should say will shove anything from a coke bottle to a cucumber up their ass . there's only a few things that should ever make it up there one a penis to any instrument that your gynecologist would give you and three a tampon. if you want to massage your crotch with huge things for half of your life don't be surprised when you need a tractor trailer to get you off. I mean let's face it you're not a kangaroo.
Carlton Firoved (7 months ago)
riddle me this if a white woman has no problem sleeping with a black man why does she have such a hard time devoting that she slept with a black man to another white man after she's not sleeping with the black man any longer?
widndn (7 months ago)
I wanted to hear her answer but I couldn't listen to that voice long enough to find out.
Jessi Santuro (7 months ago)
I once talked to an stunning escort beauty all around lady round bubble and one of biggest waist to booty ratios i have ever seen , white complexion light brown reddish Scottish hair but Spanish hardly talked english . Huge black man magnet . She sat down with me and said (now mind you my skin is black and i look black but im Spanish from the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico with black slave background.)She said to me you know whats funny? People have a notion that every tall black man from America have big packages if you know what i mean, and she said to me i think is because of the porn industry picking The really big rare black guys for porn, but my experience is that all race have the big and small she said only with a slightly difference somewhat where averages where pretty close except Caribbean black or non black where larger than American black and finished by saying that the biggest guy she had was not black but Caribbean island decent and was not even tall she said people would be surprised if they knew but they don't know because they don't go around like me and laughed .she said i pick Caribbean whether black or not,. Her room had a Caribbean islands /and Jamaica theme to it . Go figure.
LIANGELO BALL (9 days ago)
Jessi Santuro yeah that’s true today’s society watches too much porn and thinks every single black guy has a big penis when they don’t
Phillips Watson (7 months ago)
RICO VALENTINO (7 months ago)
Hell yeah I love curves.....all that thickness..woow...
tamar tamar (7 months ago)
WTF?Taboo is number 1 reason.......
Mark Upton (7 months ago)
Depends on where you are located. Cities and counties, and countries with historically less red lining saw a 20% increase in the last 15 to 20 years or so with interracial dating, places like Minnesota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Michigan; large cities like Chicago ,Atlanta , LA , and New York for instance now ticked declines in interracial relationships, to do social inequities and other variables. Primarily fear. White women in these cities are less prone to date or even look at black men. The new generations of young whites and blacks in large cities have started to date more people of Latin descent, setting a pace in cultural dating. I do find that in relationships with Caucasian females they tend tend to be better rational and systematically more stable than most black women. Most black men who been in relationships with black women know what I'm saying here, or trying to say. White women have been graded on the curve though being that they have been portrayed as America's sex symbol, which historically have made black men very curious, I mean when all we see as sexy on television and advertising we're white women , so naturally we think, "dam", I want one, or two!!
floyd wills (7 months ago)
😂😂😂 why did I find this funny
VentNation (7 months ago)
How did I get here???
VentNation (7 months ago)
Kay Will. I. AM , forreal... 🤣
BrOOklyn LOOking (7 months ago)
VentNation I was watching corvette vids and this shit randomly was in the suggestion part
Cee Gabe (7 months ago)
MEN ARE MEN ARE MEN--if you LOVE him, size doesn't matter whatever the color.
sir velez (7 months ago)
How this got on my home page? . This is hilarious .
parker hellsin (7 months ago)
I like my white girls authentic don't try to act black that's corny to me...
Richard H (7 months ago)
Different people just like different people no matter what race they are.
Paul Chavez (7 months ago)
Cozy Cool (7 months ago)
Cozy Cool (7 months ago)
This is a major problem for inferior white boys and it has been for at least 200 years. White boys get over yourself you cant have or dominate everything even with all the help you get from your organizations , Govt , city officials , state public works etc....we do more with less !!
Glenn Hall (7 months ago)
I like blaaaaaaaaaaaaak women
frank man (7 months ago)
I want to poke you.....
Cool TA (7 months ago)
She said that some White Women want a little Dark Meat for a change up, too true..
Danny Willis (7 months ago)
There fucking.stupid and sick
Bee Dizzle (7 months ago)
I would fuck the dust off her old box I don't care bout color all I see is some nice grown box
Lindsey Struckmann (7 months ago)
Yes yes yes 😱 scream and shout omg
Pete Bowling (7 months ago)
this womam is a porn star she would suck anything you show her.
S J (7 months ago)
Because they are nasty self hating nasty trolls. No self respecting white woman would ever go out with a black fella.
Michael Kahn-way (7 months ago)
Good video really valid points,I think your right on this one.
Marie Livingston (7 months ago)
Disgusting that white women would treat a beautiful ebony man like objects. I can understand a 16-22 year olds being foolish in thinking. They need to mature as they grow. However a woman of mature yrs thinking this way makes me vomit. Then you act like Ebony men should be thankful. Inside info white women: Ebony men typically screw you cuz they hate you. You are a symbol of revenge on the white man. Screwing white women is done to bring disgrace to the whites. Also domination one by one through pregnancy. Wiping out the whites pure race forever. So do act like your sexual fantasies are a compliment, there not!! Ebony men will use white women for whatever they can get and then dump them!!
Seargent AR-10 (7 months ago)
As a black man, I try my hardest to be in top shape and deliver the best sexual experience to women. It's a pride thing for me to COMPLETELY satisfy that woman.
D The Chemist (7 months ago)
Nothing wrong at all bangin different flavas. Let the snow bunnies fantasize about the brothas! Note to white women. DONT pay no attention to these weirdo ass brothas complainin. They might be low key gay. Folks forget...yo ass aint gonna be young forever and youre gonna wish a fine woman from any race wanted to fuck ya!
Terry Funk (7 months ago)
Long d%&k willie hittin all bottom ha!😄👍
Victor Wilson (7 months ago)
Do you fanisize at black men
fresh don (7 months ago)
She loves a bbc
Mike Green (7 months ago)
This older lady is hotttttttt
Gluten Free Ice Cream (7 months ago)
This is very true. I had two white female coworkers suck my dick on our lunch break and they both have boyfriends.
Anthony Lugo (7 months ago)
honesty at its best
Sincere Montega-Bey (7 months ago)
Marc Baker (7 months ago)
They fantasize about vampires too so what?
Neal Stapel (7 months ago)
Its because they want a strong and dedicated man who will commit and stay with them, never leaving her impregnated and alone.
Imraz Ali (7 months ago)
Also alot of women are watching porn n thinking those fuck sessions for 30 mins happen straight when in reality theres a lot of takes done in porn so they end up having unrealistic expectations about sex making themselves hyper sexual, and its no secret most women who end up bring hypersexual end up being single moms living off the government
Rey Vinicio (7 months ago)
Grrreat now let's all get naked and exchange girlfriend's or (wife's).
arabion knights (7 months ago)
yeah those pretty white girls care about us. but white boys insult them by calling them nig ger lovers... they play the shame game..
Imraz Ali (7 months ago)
I dont think a lot of white get with black men i think ghetto women go after ghetto men thats why you see hoodrat white girl with hoodrat black guys ghetto white girls get with ghetto latino men
chronicstories (7 months ago)
the reason is this.....THEY HAVE A CHEMICAL INBALANCE....LIKE MOST WOMEN....the white women that want you.or are attracted to you have been thrown away by their own...because they choose to devolve back to neanderthalism...and we want advancement....they want homes in war zones .where we want safe streets and schools...their noses are broke they dont smell the 842668 days of unwashed hair....you know gotta let it grow but dont understand when your head is clogged with greese hair cant breath therefore cant grow.....they dont like the idea of a retirement fund cause jeromes drug business is bumpin......401k is a madden gane to them......they are attracted to them because they have brain trauma and are unwanted by their opposite. ....go ahead and have 350 becky with her nasty ass cornrows.and 45 kids by 67 daddys.....go ahead and have the tall blond that leaves when your drug business flops..ie yo money gone.....plus. their ancestors owned one now they want one too
Vernon Washington (7 months ago)
Blackmen r gods.
Republicanized 24-7 (7 months ago)
There's a serious lust going on between white women and black men. Black women seriously hated it for no reason.

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