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The Chainsmokers - Paris (Lyric Video)

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The Chainsmokers debut album 'Memories... Do Not Open' is out now! Buy & Stream: http://smarturl.it/TCSMemories Physical CD: http://smarturl.it/TCSMemoriesCD Vinyl LP: http://smarturl.it/TCSMemoriesVinyl Directed by Rory Kramer Starring Alexis Ren @alexisren Shot on location at Casa Malca. Tulum, Mexico http://www.casamalca.com/ Follow The Chainsmokers: http://www.youtube.com/thechainsmokers http://www.twitter.com/thechainsmokers http://www.facebook.com/thechainsmokers http://www.instagram.com/thechainsmokers http://www.soundcloud.com/thechainsmokers #TheChainsmokers #Paris #Vevo #Dance #OfficialLyric
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Text Comments (63516)
Imran Bhatti (9 minutes ago)
Paris 2019
K Ka (7 hours ago)
Such a great song
Diaz Isaac (8 hours ago)
I love this song
carolanne boulay (10 hours ago)
Jude Blender (12 hours ago)
IM A fannn
Alexandra Cahill (13 hours ago)
allan has entered the chat
dark man The dark (22 hours ago)
Omg i got a like Oh thats me😥😥
Yasmin Hossam (1 day ago)
She looks exactly like Maddie Ziegler 😂
Yasmin Hossam (1 day ago)
She looks exactly like Maddie Ziegler 😂
marienelle oracoy (1 day ago)
P - Perfect A - Amazing R - Real I - Incredible S- Song 👇 Like if you agree 😏
Is this to for kids too
Marcelo Bruno (1 day ago)
Aguante Argentina
Jonathan Groß (1 day ago)
Gamer1shot (2 days ago)
Anyone from "Slaying in roblox"?
Birinchi Rabha (2 days ago)
Kids!!!Just don't //
Antonio Torres (2 days ago)
I love chainmokers
Antonio Torres (2 days ago)
Josh L (2 days ago)
Marisela Colon (3 days ago)
I’m gonna is a rough time for me y the house will tell you that she was not there and I told her I would have to be a ysitter wrestler and she knows she is a little bit and I know I gotta was the day you were here I was so proud to have her and her sister and I have been so proud to have a great husband I love y’all and brother and sister and you have every wittier I tw was a good time I was gonna you know
Laya Navaro (3 days ago)
Together Buddies🎧🎹🎹🎹🎼🎸
SkullzLoves Kenzie (3 days ago)
2019 ?
TelePING255 (3 days ago)
So still no Idea how the word works..... But you are better 😆 in what especially?
Jeyde Cris Nanca (3 days ago)
I love this song <3 very very favorite
carolanne boulay (10 hours ago)
Jeyde Cris Nanca 💝
carolanne boulay (10 hours ago)
Jeyde Cris Nanca 💝
Laianne Alves (3 days ago)
i love this song it's one of my favorites
Ghost Play 15 (3 days ago)
Censured Epic
Suhaib Ullakhan (3 days ago)
I think I'm the only one who isn't seeing lyrics
Natalia Florea (3 days ago)
If we go Down and we go DOWN together
rezhanime (4 days ago)
2019?? ...
nemoisafiah 939 (3 days ago)
Edwin Bollim (4 days ago)
standing there, there
A-level king (4 days ago)
Nostalgic And underrated
/スポンジボブ (4 days ago)
Denis Misho (4 days ago)
Lahiru Yomal (4 days ago)
Oh 2017.Times goes what can you do
강태영 (4 days ago)
What is the meaning of ' if we go down'? Go down to where?
Ajaya Upadhaya (5 days ago)
but my city in india
3unmatchable (5 days ago)
they won the world cup 2018
Leah Scully (5 days ago)
still my fave <3
Krizia Erguiza (5 days ago)
Well but *your not even on paris*
|—| |__ |__ ø
Darth Zep (6 days ago)
Sorry, Slaying on Roblox brought me here.
Ander (6 days ago)
Um musicao desses 💙
JorisGames NL (6 days ago)
Anonim Play (6 days ago)
ого-го ебана нахуй бля, здарова мужчины
Sina Prinz (6 days ago)
🖒Super Lied🖒
Nishita Singh (7 days ago)
Great song love it
Oof Factions (7 days ago)
The intro looks like the intro from the song Him & I by G-Eazy & Halsey
Kyle Fox (7 days ago)
Listen to these lyrics with your eyes opened or closed. Pretty Deep Song
Leanne Mcguigan (7 days ago)
skye skies (7 days ago)
Wow, this song will transform into the movie, i am curious 😻
Maros Škumanic (7 days ago)
me me (7 days ago)
One of my favorite songs
FNAF Gang 2018 (7 days ago)
My cousin said the girl is uglyyyyyy!
Indira Redman (8 days ago)
Been looking for this for a fat minute omg
binkie twinkie (8 days ago)
I would like to go with someone to Paris :)
akhmad mukhlisin (8 days ago)
2021 anyone???
Krizia Erguiza (8 days ago)
I came here cause i miss my mister on canada 😔
Krizia Erguiza (8 days ago)
I meant sister
hakan mavruk (8 days ago)
I was with a girl named paris once i miss her ☹
김민서 (9 days ago)
올 가을 그들이 온다~ 줄담러들이 부릅니다 빠리~
Glinda Novelozo (9 days ago)
Hansen Hong (9 days ago)
lets show them we are show them we are show them we are better
Hansen Hong (9 days ago)
i like this song its so populor if we go down than we go down together
Aayannah Meanes (9 days ago)
I love your music so much
ThunderTike 46 (9 days ago)
Whos just looking through songs they used to love?
Jerk Chiken (9 days ago)
Whos just looking back at old songs they used to love?
Nataly Moses (9 days ago)
This is my favorite song
Gian plox (9 days ago)
Good Nice =)
Angeles Cordoba (9 days ago)
2018 chainsmoker
DJ Cheetah (9 days ago)
This is more of a sad song ;c
GABY TORNAY (9 days ago)
November 2018 and I still love this song.
Estubardo Perez (9 days ago)
Omg 2018 November next year 2019
Aman Kirola (9 days ago)
Always loved the rory's vision.... Big UP rory ❤️
Victor GUZMAN (10 days ago)
NOSE LO QUE DICES, pero me Gustas....
Tanuj Panwar (10 days ago)
This song made me lost in the world of fantasy. I forgot all of my bad memories.
Jonatas Cidreira (10 days ago)
november 2018?
Billu Babes (10 days ago)
328,000,000 !!!!!!!!!!
Jaek Burn (10 days ago)
I miss you.
zoe Desire Bruno (10 days ago)
don Lon (10 days ago)
but I love London
Ananya Verma (11 days ago)
Invisible Dreamer (11 days ago)
Mood tbh
Maria Rivera (11 days ago)
París 💋
Ankul Upreti (11 days ago)
69 is the best position if they really want to go down together .
afiq assidiq (12 days ago)
I live in perlis, it's similar to paris
bonjour bonjour (12 days ago)
Ok jabite a paris
El wey del internet (12 days ago)
Pratik Makwana (12 days ago)
This songs is just 🔥
Pili :D :D (12 days ago)
ssallen1s (12 days ago)
so much booty
ssallen1s (12 days ago)
so many memories . . .
Aarya Louise (12 days ago)
I just want a music video in which the female protagonist is not as stunning and doesn't have a perfect body
Ronja (5 days ago)
Aarya Louise Same:( it makes me feel very insecure
Gerardo Martin (12 days ago)
Love the song keep up the good work
Muhammad Violet (13 days ago)
Marifer 2811 (13 days ago)
Huele a obo
just kurt. (13 days ago)
I miss my whole class loving this song. :(
Price ‘S (13 days ago)
Let’s show them we are better~
Ecks Dee (13 days ago)
yes the vibes this song me are unexplained
Türk varmi ?
jay Pazare (14 days ago)
Whose idea was to put hot women with bikinis in a *lyric video* ..... what should I focus on...

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