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Women Go Without Period Products For A Day • Ladylike

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Warning: real blood is shown in this video Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedYellow! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedyellow GET MORE BUZZFEED: www.buzzfeed.com www.buzzfeed.com/video www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam www.youtube.com/buzzfeedvideo www.youtube.com/buzzfeedyellow www.youtube.com/buzzfeedblue www.youtube.com/buzzfeedviolet www.youtube.com/buzzfeed BuzzFeedYellow More fun, inspiring, interesting videos from the BuzzFeed crew. New videos posted daily! MUSIC SFX Provided by AudioBlocks (https://www.Audioblocks.com) Carjacker Licensed via Audio Network Dagger And Cloak Licensed via Audio Network Curiosity Shop Licensed via Audio Network Tango Milano Licensed via Audio Network Gypsy Strut Licensed via Audio Network Gun Licensed via Audio Network Going For Baroque Licensed via Audio Network STILLS Blood splatter on white background oriontrail/Getty Images Map of California with Watercolor Texture - Raster Illustration Andrea_Hill/Getty Images VIDEO Film Footage courtesy of Shutterstock, Inc. Used by Permission Made by BFMP www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam. + Annie Lascoe + Conscious Period https://consciousperiod.com/ Warning: real blood is shown in this video
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Text Comments (24027)
Emma Pinel (21 hours ago)
Today was my first time wearing a Tampon.... I don’t know about it.... again first time and 12... any advice??!??
Rimsha (1 day ago)
who else is on their period rn?
Ngoc Nguyen (4 days ago)
Absolutely disgusting, what point are you trying to prove?
Jordyn Washington (5 days ago)
Does any other girl feel fat and bloated on their period... or is it just me? I just feel fat because I eat A LOT of junk and drink lots of sugar filled beverages making it feel like I've put on an extra 20 pounds! Lol! 😂
Jordyn Washington (5 days ago)
I woke up one day, got dressed, and as I was going to make my bed, it looked like someone was murdered in my bed. I hate this time of the month because I always have to wash my bedsheets at least three times during this time, which means I'm using up all of my mom's laundry soap. :( But she understands!
Coral Waddell (5 days ago)
1:18 lol jen
“I see a peach” 😂😂😂
Ametits (5 days ago)
Gross lmao
I nearly had to throw out my my PINK panties.. Twice.. In one period.....
rochelletetuhi (6 days ago)
Um. This was awful. Why did I watch the entire thing.
My peroid last a whole 12 days and the entire 12 days its extremely heavy. It sucks and i have the woooorrrsssttt cramps. Like if you're the same.😥 R.I.P
Wolfy 556789 (6 days ago)
I’m am 15 and have not had my period. I think I have a problem...
FFFortnite Wolf (7 days ago)
The day I got my period I was crying non-stop cause I thought I was dying😂
Jordyn Washington (5 days ago)
+FFFortnite Wolf lol 😂
FFFortnite Wolf (5 days ago)
Jordyn Washington I woke my mom up and told her to take me to the hospital😂, she explained it to me that I'm not dying and all about it... I'm still sad about it till this day😢
Jordyn Washington (5 days ago)
Same me too I started to panic because I saw blood in the toilet I wanted to tell my mom, but that would've been awkward so I just kept it to myself.
Vanesa Dineva (7 days ago)
Jessica Bhabie (7 days ago)
Am I the only one who just sticks some toilet paper in there?
Jordan (7 days ago)
Yes don't do that...ever
Loom (8 days ago)
Don’t any one start any vagina jokes..... period.
“It’s because they know it comes from our vageenas _they don’t like that_ “ That part make me laugh 😆
FerretsCantGame (9 days ago)
I kind of free bleed occasionally. If I know when some is coming and go to the bathroom, I don’t sit it out haha. And I only do it when I’m at home and I ran out of tampons. Lol. But the worst nightmare I had within this year was, I was having really bad cramps all day at work. And when I had to walk through the mall after work, IT CAME, and it was the heaviest period I’ve ever had, and my periods are usually heavy, but this time it was like a murder scene coming out of my vagina. I felt it coming and wanting to pour out, so I quickly walked to the bathroom in my Skirt and tights, knowing it was gonna start trailing at any second since there wasn’t much fabric to soak the blood first. And people definitely were looking at me coz I was walking so fast and awkwardly.lol. And I barely made it to the bathroom without a drop, and there was SO much blood to come out! And then of course o was so frazzled I did t notice my skirt was tucked inside my tights, so I partially made it back in the mall with my bloody underwear showing through my tights with the skirt tucked in. Luckily I was wearing a long coat or cardigan, so not everyone saw. One person who worked at the cell phone stand did tho..I only noticed coz I felt weird. The cell phone lady certainly didn’t tell me! Lol
Mystical Unicorn (10 days ago)
This is what happens when religion fades away
Amber Cremeans (10 days ago)
I could never do this. I bleed heavily. It actually gets so heavy that it has made me anemic and my vitamin D levels are just screwed. Trying to get to a doctor but the wait to see one at the place I'm trying to get into is just ridiculous. The pain also gets really bad. Even when I'm not on my period I will sometimes have pains.
Mysticlover Fairy (11 days ago)
What is the point of this experiment
Aiko The Fox //. (11 days ago)
Oh my God toady in school, I got my period surprisedly. THE ENTIRE CHAIR WAS RED. I'm so happy no one noticed :DDD
Jack Vigh (11 days ago)
This was before Saf had her own channel😂
lily happy (11 days ago)
“ no visible smell” hmm 🤔
Aby Skellham (11 days ago)
Day 2 of my period is tomorrow and I have to run a mile
Claudia ice skates (12 days ago)
I love how the background is red lol
Julio Barona (12 days ago)
Funny how the most liked/viewed videos hav saf
beth (12 days ago)
why though
BeaniRose (12 days ago)
I did something like this once! I got lucky and I had an old t-shirt I sacrificed. I cut it in strips and used them like "pad towels" & I put the used ones in a plastic bag and washed them later to find out how to remove the stains. Baking soda power everywhere then lemon juice until fizz then rinse and repeat til stain is gone works great. Also btw, a shot glass amount of pickle juice makes cramps less painful or sometimes gone altogether.
Jessica Holley-O'Neill (12 days ago)
Is it just me or when u go to the toilet does anyone else wonder how on earth you still have any blood left in your body 😂😂
luce (10 days ago)
like I just sit there thinking "how is that much blood coming out of me??" 😂😂
Rose Miriam (13 days ago)
I have the exact same pair of underwear as Chantel and also ruined them
Perfectly Weird (13 days ago)
Does toilet paper count as one of the items you can’t use?
Norah Skarie (13 days ago)
suga block (14 days ago)
I started my period today... during gym, thank good my mom took me home
funneh_krew_fanz (14 days ago)
jen was wearing overalls. i was waiting for saf to wear a bodycon dress and chantel do wear a v-neck shirt XD
Itzel Rosas (14 days ago)
Woo hoo! I haven't gotten my first period yet! I don't have to worry that much because I'm probably gonna get it in two years!! Yay! Also I feel bad for those girls and women that have a lot of period struggles And sorry but.....I don't feel ya :'(
_Abi _123 (15 days ago)
I’m on my period right now 🙄
*itsyogurlsofie * (15 days ago)
sasquatchlunchbox (15 days ago)
Yes Jen... visible smells.
Ellie (16 days ago)
If boys make fun of your period just say “ your mom was expecting hers but she got you instead... what a shame”
sara molen (16 days ago)
i hatee these kind of videos
Summertime Sadness (16 days ago)
omg no no. why??
Jessa Nae (16 days ago)
*So many ppl week be so quick to think of this as gross, but it's a natural, and real thing that should never be seen as disgusting or something we shouldn't talk about! I love that this channel focuses on the things that ppl should learn about! I feel bad that you had to go through this especially poor Jenn having to use Ubers and be in public a lot, but it's also awesome of you ladies for doing this!!*
Mandy Kortekaas (16 days ago)
When i’m sneezing and i got my period I’M DYING
Cara Vii Bee (16 days ago)
Why is watching period videos so comforting when you're on yours?
Jay Editz (17 days ago)
Whys this on youtube disgusting use a faking tampon you silly cow
Gemma Beenham (17 days ago)
This is disgusting what genius came up with this brilliant idea?🤢
Crazy Lucy (17 days ago)
I’m 11. I really hate my period. I get it 3 days so heavy and very painful then the rest just manageable.
llil avocado (17 days ago)
Macayla Riddle (17 days ago)
1 part Crud cutter and 1 part water and scrubbing before washing will get most, if not all of the blood out of your underwear. It usually works for me to get all the stains out of my nicer underwear that miss the pad.
Mishal Edgin (17 days ago)
In India when women have there period there not supposed to go around men and have to sleep outside because there considered gross and unholy during there period plus most of them use a dirty reusable cloth because they can't afford pants.🙁 This is what I know right now, it may and hopefully has changed if so pls correct me😊
I had to fart once the fart happend in my vaginy....it killed me to clean it
Mosthated._. Angie (17 days ago)
I see a vagina🚨
D R (17 days ago)
i cant. im out.
MillieTheShortie (18 days ago)
Helpful fact, if you spray peroxide on blood (that isn't stained in for days) it'll get rid of the blood
The Credit Finesse Kid (18 days ago)
The smell would of killed it for me...then the inner though would be so sticky ugh
Basil* (18 days ago)
Ugh I just started, no cramps ( Yet ) but I kinda have white sheets..
Amy Bell (19 days ago)
❤omg sfiya❤
Nikitta Gore (20 days ago)
RIP boys
The Cultured Swine (20 days ago)
I feel like at this point it’s just too much. What are you trying to prove by this? It’s just unsanitary. I don’t know if this is like a feminist thing or just a weird experiment. You can talk about your period and that is totally okay, and there’s nothing wrong with that- but you don’t have to walk around bleeding everywhere just to prove a point. I for sure won’t be trying this.
Vanessa-Chu Tv (20 days ago)
I’ve tried to Hold it in the Bleeding,and it didn’t work 🤷🏻‍♀️
Dance& Fandom (20 days ago)
Pads and tampons should be free. It's not a choice having your period
Jordyn Washington (5 days ago)
So we basically have to pay to have our periods lmao 😂
Piping To paradise (21 days ago)
Anyone watching this on there period to try and cope/ not feel as alone? I do! Comment if you are on your period
kayls manson (22 days ago)
And Scotland has just made tampons and pads free in school, jobs etc
Jessinya (22 days ago)
This is... One of the most disgusting things I’ve seen in a while.
Ms. Nelle Rodriguez (22 days ago)
May May (22 days ago)
Could anyone smell the blood or just me 😂
Jade Mascareasnh (23 days ago)
"Visible smell"
This is both stupid and unhygienic.
Geeky Girly Gamer (23 days ago)
I think it's sad when you are watching these period videos when your parents walk in and you swap the tab
LpsLps14 (23 days ago)
This may sound odd but does anyone else find this gross or even a biohazard? I mean what if someone sat in one their seats by accident with the puppy pad? The smell itself would be horrible. & personally I would just give them all pads. I don’t want to see blood comings out of you while I’m trying to work.
Anatasii Y (23 days ago)
I would never do this I’m insecure asf
Judy Mary Babu (24 days ago)
I could never
karma Peters (24 days ago)
This is absolutely gross. And it can’t be sanitary. Did this chick say she was free-bleeding in a metal chair in a public place? This is why I stay home.
Jay KayPop (24 days ago)
As a woman who has endometriosis a mans who says periods aren’t bad is getting a beating.
Guadalupe Ocampo (24 days ago)
You are so brave I would of never could of done that.
Kind des Höchsten (25 days ago)
I got to free bleed yesterday, it was nice not having to wear a pad!
Caroline Carter (25 days ago)
How become when they filmed how is it possible for everyone have the period at the exact same time
Emi and Blyke (25 days ago)
That’s disgusting
Eva Axetree (25 days ago)
What's the name of the half Asian girl plss tell me I just loved her
Maddy Kav (25 days ago)
I'm a side sleeper and my period is like a nightmare. I couldn't go an hour without tampons
Charlie Brigmon (25 days ago)
Jen: It's just because they knew it came from our virgeenas, whispers:they don't like that Yes I spelled vagina virgeena on purpose
Purple Galaxy (26 days ago)
WHATS UP best part.
Grace Lantera (26 days ago)
blyrocks4 (27 days ago)
Is saf apart of ladylike??!!!! THIS IS BRAND NEW INFORMATION (if you get that quote than you’re the fricking best)
Random Random (27 days ago)
mine isn`t that thin.. i is think...like jello
Pavithra Holla (27 days ago)
Pads are tax free in India!
celeste p (27 days ago)
who elese hasent even started their peried yet but still watch period videos?
Lilly Toulze (27 days ago)
"I hope there are no visible smells" well smells usually aren't so I guess you're good there at least.
August Argleben (28 days ago)
I pretty much free bleed for most of my period nowadays, not for any sort of empowerment or whatever but just because I’m super lazy. Obviously I put a tampon in when I go out and stuff
Kevin Uzumaki (28 days ago)
I wonder if the office stunk while they were filming the “challenge”?🤔😂😂😂😂
psycho cutter (28 days ago)
lmao kept the local stray dogs excited huh?
imawesome m88888 (28 days ago)
This is gross
dahyun x (28 days ago)
My period stinks so..
Kaydence _princess (28 days ago)
I don’t have I period I used to want one and now I’m older I don’t want one 😩😫
Anne Carrington Hall (29 days ago)
1:18 hahahaha
Charli Wise (29 days ago)
William Parker (29 days ago)
Well that's it... I'm only going out with women who have been who have had a hysterectomy.

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