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Boomerang Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

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Text Comments (43755)
Dude Perfect (5 months ago)
Crossbow Trick Shots launches TODAY! LIVE at 5 (CST) 🏹
Jessica Rogers (18 hours ago)
i luvov yvo
Kimecia Miller (3 days ago)
Dude Perfect i like videos
Surya (5 days ago)
It's very beautiful
Ikbenzomooi.nl (5 days ago)
Dude Perf
Shabbizzle Blabbizzle (2 hours ago)
them skillz man....... the "Around the World" trick jumped me off my seat though. Nice keeping yer ace shots. Great stuff! :D
Stephen Smith (2 hours ago)
you guys are the coolest
Neil Dawar (4 hours ago)
You should do juggling trick shots
Lipipuspa Nayak (5 hours ago)
Nice dog bros
Очень неплохой канал мне весьма понравилось сможете сбросить будто вы это все делаите
Noob Cews (21 hours ago)
Artur Zhapov (21 hours ago)
Hey guys, where to order boomerangs like in this video?
TheSuperSeal Official (21 hours ago)
frogbear02 (22 hours ago)
but...can i bring my army?
tinpewdipie nozanic (1 day ago)
best video ever
Кто российский?
Luis Alberti (1 day ago)
como assim
MegaBaellchen (1 day ago)
Why is there a cute little doggy in this video? Is this a marketing clip?
Bunny FacE (1 day ago)
I have a Sheepoo (dog breed) and it looks just like the one in their video
Gabriel Herrera (1 day ago)
Dj hvvvvv lesbis dijiste Osho
Denise Fratt (1 day ago)
I love your videos make more.😇
Anthony Cutler (1 day ago)
I want a boomerang
Elyas Ghaedali (2 days ago)
How do they always manage to find the perfect songs???
Henry Zyfers (2 days ago)
My favorite part is when the dog showed up🐶
Rand Liam (2 days ago)
play a 🐶 in a video
ayyıldız mert (2 days ago)
real life hacker
Xin Ye (2 days ago)
3:54 it duz
granny baba (2 days ago)
i am your favorite fan please pinned
FareAwayFollower 6 (2 days ago)
4:40 is really impressive
MABOK LARIS (2 days ago)
Next videos shuriken trick shots
Superheroes TV (3 days ago)
aras caner (3 days ago)
Dude perfect professionel
NDP zero (3 days ago)
Handoko Ndoko (3 days ago)
Alsie Tv (3 days ago)
your d looks like j
Are these even possible???
Kevin Jimenez (3 days ago)
jp me puede decir como se llama esos cosos
Marco Monroy (3 days ago)
Perdon español
Marco Monroy (3 days ago)
Soy el unico que habla españo
Asten Gamer (4 days ago)
As long as you’re part of dudeperfect, you can do anything, anywhere, with anything 😂
易翔 (4 days ago)
Yoonkook Army (4 days ago)
Because of that dog, I like😂😂
G Guerrero (4 days ago)
fuk you
Jovalin (4 days ago)
oh look, the human version of Ty the Tasmanian Tiger
Trupti Zaveri (5 days ago)
Dude you are amazing!!
Trupti Zaveri (5 days ago)
Trupti Zaveri (5 days ago)
Dude This is perfrct
J. c (5 days ago)
aldwin penuliar (5 days ago)
so if you have a world record does that mean you have a galaxy record? since in our galaxy , there's no more life in the other planets that can do that...
MY FAVORITE PART OF THE VIDEO WHEN CODY SAID "Yipiee" in a sarcastic way hahahahhaha LOL
Liam Lafferty (5 days ago)
(If you see someone drowning lol) It's an eloution the word lol looks like the word lol but its a picture of someone drowning
jaeon eslaban (5 days ago)
Dude perfect
FROST CLUB VANSS (5 days ago)
likluklak (5 days ago)
вам осталось лишь трахнуть товарищ друга, потом еще одного попадания в мишень.
Kashif Khan (5 days ago)
Love u all dears..u r all gorgeous
nuclear_ pineapple (5 days ago)
What r those boomerangs called
Kim Evans (5 days ago)
John Doe (6 days ago)
42 million views HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA aaaaaaa....wish Noam Chomsky videos got half of that
BenXVariety (6 days ago)
My favorite shot was the around the world one
EXOD [GH] (6 days ago)
AMAZING !!!!!!
Jelani Morgan (6 days ago)
Please. can. I. have. some
AKOSI PANDA (6 days ago)
The Lego Master (6 days ago)
Awesome! I got a new boomerang but I just can't throw away the old one
Hey, i have a idea with a boomerang. Stick a paper sheet to hame coll effects
Stavan Chakrnarayan (6 days ago)
I subscribe!!!!
Nelson Dias (6 days ago)
Sup w the ego music repeating
KucingKampung (6 days ago)
Dud perfek
Lvcianob (6 days ago)
He maybe use a drone :think:
3:40 lol homeless dog
IBRAHIM THE GREAT (6 days ago)
Cute dog!!!
Shane Man (6 days ago)
anyone thing he looks like Mark Zuckerburg
K Forrest (6 days ago)
أسمر في ال عبة
dipesh rathi (7 days ago)
red boom red shirt red target
Brooklyn Mann (7 days ago)
The dog was not down there the whole time
Abija Nettle (7 days ago)
Liked for the dog
Marco Aurélio (7 days ago)
Fake pa carai
Brent Broadbent (7 days ago)
We got the same last name
nikolas ardisurya (7 days ago)
matias acuña (7 days ago)
si algien abla español estonse dame like : )
Rekia Rachael (7 days ago)
I liked for the dog
We1Rd K1d (7 days ago)
We1Rd K1d (7 days ago)
Jim Reynolds (8 days ago)
Yeah but peeps dont realize how many takes they record, that's why there so pumped when he does it lol
9090fighter (8 days ago)
Coby has 1.25 wins :P (mini battles will now count as .25)
Angsuman Shaw (8 days ago)
You all are awesome
Angsuman Shaw (8 days ago)
Love you guys
Jennys Gaming123 (8 days ago)
I think I’m going to buy a boomerang?..................meh I’m too lazy!xD LOL
Is so cool
Kendine Rahibe (8 days ago)
Kesin ip var inanmayın !!
عاشق ألصيد (8 days ago)
هل من عربي موجود هنا
Harry Berry (8 days ago)
How have I never seen this one ☝️
Walya Boomerangs (8 days ago)
Walya Boomerangs is an Aboriginal Australian boomerang business, our boomerangs are endorsed by the Boomerang Association of Australia and World champions - Walya Boomerangs says Dude Perfect is AWESOME
Berke Productions (9 days ago)
they are using rope
Magical Blanket (9 days ago)
I threw one but never came back
kartikdravid (9 days ago)
Bring in Virat Kohli and do cricket trick shots!!
Suresh kumar Radhe (9 days ago)
3d TamizhA (9 days ago)
Dude perfection is ultimate❤❤
Touka kirishima (9 days ago)
Iiky Baonk (9 days ago)
Good and perpect
Kurd Man (9 days ago)
plese subscribe me i love subscribe😁
Hilda Sebastian (10 days ago)
Nathan Malmendier (10 days ago)
flavia botelho (10 days ago)
team coby
Manpreet Gill (10 days ago)
I now hiw to do this

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