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Forced Marriage Cops (Documentary) - Real Stories

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Check out our new website for more incredible documentaries: HD and ad-free. https://goo.gl/LwMcmY A powerful film showing the true plight of victims forced into marriage. With unprecedented access to the Manchester Police Force, this documentary investigates the biggest cases of forced marriage in the UK. In June 2014 it became illegal for someone to force a person to get married, the problem is how difficult this is to police. Want to watch more full-length Documentaries? Click here: http://bit.ly/1GOzpIu Follow us on Twitter for more - https://twitter.com/realstoriesdocs Instagram - @realstoriesdocs Produced by True Vision. Content licensed from Digital Rights Group (DRG). Any queries, please contact us at: [email protected]
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Text Comments (1875)
miranda rossi (7 hours ago)
they worship money and the devil not God they are evil and need to be caged like the animals that they are
Sadia Afrin (1 day ago)
God bless the British police,and these guys here. Love you. You are true heroes. ❤✊👊💐
yasmin Qureshi (3 days ago)
its very sad that this kind of bullshit is still going on, and how dare they involve the Holy Quran to get want they want from there daughters, our religion has nothing to do with this its a man made rule who have no respect for there daughters or there reglion, shame on them .
Sonia Kaur (5 days ago)
girls r beaten strangled and laughed at and made to be worthless. its no life. fight back.
Lovely Zayzay (5 days ago)
The UK police are incredible! We love you guys! Come and teach us Aussies!
kary ann Fontaine (6 days ago)
A very cruel culture towards girls and women. They are treated as appendages without any choices. If father decides an underage child should be married then she must. The females have no choice. A very good law to protect them. Attitude in the culture will not change any time soon because finances are involved.
willie stem (6 days ago)
These men if you can call them that are very insecure . This does not defy a true man. And ani=other man comment that she was a dirty indian and deserved to die....maybe they should kill him! These men could not handle an American woman....we talk back, we are head strong and have no repect for this culture!
Artemis Fowl (8 days ago)
You can't hit your daughter. 7:35 "I'm not going to hit you this time" Daughter is telling the truth. Father is lying.
diamonds__ (14 days ago)
this tradition needs to die.
Nicole Turley (15 days ago)
British taxpayers are funding every girl who decides to leave her family....forced marriages will be costing the country a fortune
head ass (11 days ago)
atleast yall fuckin helping people just stfu
Kallie Moore (16 days ago)
What I don't understand and here's what really pisses me off in the first story they tell Her father and family came over to the us to have a better life to have freedom yet her father is trying to force her to marry a man she has never met and she's in her 20s On top of that age she doesn't have to live with her parents when she's in her twenties if she does not want to otherwise she wouldn't I don't think she would have to go through this I need you it also pisses me off at the parents think they have a right and a CAE to this without even asking them or making it a happy occasion I don't have the numbers on her and you would think it was be because they either made a deal with the family or because the family is incredibly wealthy but there's never any mention about the family being wealthy It's like the parintins or just saying I want to get rid of my child please take me off your hands if she's married she will be well taken care of I won't have to worry about her
Shawnta Pascal (21 days ago)
Ok soooo u can hit ur sons a d ur wife not ur daughter well dip me in shyt that just makes more sense.... yea it does lmao
Shawnta Pascal (21 days ago)
I remember while dispatching. I just was about to end my shift and a call came in which u thought somwone was playing on the phone because she was whispering she needs help and hung up . Bottomline she was due to marry her cousin the next day and she had a boyfriend already ..we actually couldn't help her bcuz the Indians have a dif hotline that they can use to speak to in case of an emergency so i had the call transferred they told me what the prob was. i still had to send police bcuz it came in thru 911 . So sad
head ass (11 days ago)
so did you help her ??
Renee Connolly (25 days ago)
Nothing to do with religion, culture or honour. It is a fear and shame based way of life. It took a special broken wife to reel back from the thought of her daughters going through the same lifelong ordeal, to do the unthinkable and condemn her husband to prison and herself to being an outcast. As long as some human beings are comfortable. ..they will allow themselves and their families to be overpowered and tyrrannised by simply greedy, uneducated, manipulative men.
Nancy Couch (26 days ago)
They should show their faces so everyone knows precisely what kind of evil people they are. They are evil and disgusting parents.
Syeda Batool (27 days ago)
This is sad 😔 but my mum is a loving independent Pakistani women who is not a house wife
Angel Grace (28 days ago)
This style from these ethnic groups will never stop wherever they are, this is all about MONEY. Hiw dare he say "honestly ". Great that the UK are finally doing there best to stop this tradition, also, these men coming are just comfort marriage, imagine the population of this people would add up in the UK and they are Muslims, Hindu etc.
Son Nefes (28 days ago)
Soory but this is not muslim world ,is not even turkey ,what police honour killing bulshits ,u always can escape from your home in another city or country when u have uk passport ,u will find job ,marry and enjoy life even if is with member of your comunity ,but the problem of these men and women is that they want freedom but cant stay away from their families ??? Why many young non muslim people go to live alone ,for the same parent control reason ,but we are independent ,my mom also was angry when i go to my own ,cus she likes to control the things ,but in western cosiety things are in normal limits ! Dont forget has christian radicals also who act the same way so dont blame islam only!
Anna Heffer (29 days ago)
Horrible, disgusting parents. They don't deserve their childrens
Aliyah Roane (1 month ago)
These ladies are Fearless cuz if they told me they was going to kill me I would have been so scared I Would have stayed
Aleksandra Tosic (1 month ago)
Everyone is talking about forced merriage and no one is talking about that that thay are merriing tham for CUSINS , which is INCEST . Why no one ever in this kinde of shows mention that?
Charlie Dingle (1 month ago)
it's funny how the arrested parents suddenly can't speak English..
Jasmine Jeanine (1 month ago)
the biggest as always is that they lose their entire family and community by speaking to police as well as having the issue of the threat of being killed by her father and brothers. its all about " honor" and children arent allowed to have a say or go against their fathers decisions period.
Jasmine Jeanine (1 month ago)
we must stop parents having any ability to marry off underage daughters since if anyone tries to help her its a felony, which is why its important to the parents to marry her off before she can say no. if she does refuse she can be imprisoned until she relents (6+ mo) or drugged and lied to. we cannot recognize underage marriages period no matter what country shes marrried in. bc they are using this to allow the husband to immigrate to the west which btw is the easiest way to get someone into the west. they are then divorced and the process is repeated using their daughters to make money OR please their mosque or church.
rockinpoison89 (1 month ago)
Roxanna 😢 such a sad end
Sarah Mikasa (1 month ago)
Of course its a criminal girls should have the right to choose how to live 😒 poor girls 😭
Mary Mary (1 month ago)
I NOT hitting you THIS time....crazy Muslim bastards
Mary Mary (1 month ago)
Why blur out his face and voice. If I had been in England these girls could have lived with me. Hope she gets out of that bloody burka
Mary Mary (1 month ago)
The men/fathers Brother should be deported. Deport them ALL
Mary Mary (1 month ago)
They shouldn’t be in western countries
Coward Roblox (1 month ago)
Sad how these people sell their daughters
Coward Roblox (1 month ago)
He is lying in the interview ... dirty rat
Justa Girl (1 month ago)
Thank God UK law enforcement have gotten involved with this. I hope our LE in America are arresting these barbarians as well.
Islam Farook (1 month ago)
Forced marriages has to stop FULL STOP.. Evan I’m a Muslim but I no what’s nd wrong
Linda Lewis (1 month ago)
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Ceiline Garcia (1 month ago)
Im tired with Pakistan & Indian all everwhere. The worst nationality in the world lol.
bhanoi ji (1 month ago)
Deport all those families who think their daughters must have to carry the burden of the so called honor of their families on their shoulders
HaveGood Day (1 month ago)
Import the third world, become the third world!
labellauk (1 month ago)
They talk about respect but don’t respect their daughters.
labellauk (1 month ago)
I’m so sorry for these girls. Awful to be forced to marry someone alien to her whole being. It’s criminal!
iota xrp (1 month ago)
In uk , we mentally retarted white kill babies ( fetus ) . Am i lying ? It is the norm here in uk. Proud to be british...😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
beryl gilligan (1 month ago)
Hopefully young males will grow to realise how wrong this is and eventually it will stop
charis128 (1 month ago)
She said it best — “where is the parental emotion to protect your children?”
Chris Pearce (1 month ago)
246 radical Muslims disliked this video!!!!.
Pauline Vautour (1 month ago)
rainbows (1 month ago)
I remember only too well my Asian friend making their weddi g dresses in needlework at school. When the summer holidays came, I never saw them again, these girls were westernized. I have big resentments for this practice
Tim Bartlett (2 months ago)
73TheMoni (2 months ago)
This underage marriage is no more than pathetic parents getting money to give the kids to pedophiles. or marry into a wealthy family. Glad that these girls/women are finally standing up for themselves, I wish them nothing but the best
It's me Selvi (2 months ago)
The girls or woman need to recorded the talking between her and the.father so it can.be proof get his crazy father wrong
yourjoking Right (2 months ago)
Britain needs to also enforce the laws against FGM and child grooming gangs.If Britain spent the money on protecting women ,men and children from violence like acid and knife attacks instead of wasting money policeing words on the internet.The problem with the police especially London is they refuse to arrest these ppl do to fear of being called racist
Kainat Ahmad (2 months ago)
It’s just amazing to see how nicely the police are taking to them after knowing what they were gonna do to their kids. Most ppl will just start shouting and cursing parents like that
Beyond Beauty69 (2 months ago)
Nasty cousins from pakistan!! Yuck inbreeding.. indulging in this practice causes deformed kids!! Illiterates.. Way to go girls stand up for yourself ..
Susanna Dvortsin (2 months ago)
A lifetime of misery, servitude, and total abuse. Horrible!
ponkiepoy (2 months ago)
Just Bing Bomg my Crumpets up m8.
Ante Pavelic (2 months ago)
Will Seabrook (2 months ago)
I remember when I was at school in year 9/10, kids quite openly talking about a girl in our year that was going abroad to get married. This was in the 90s
M Yussuf (2 months ago)
I feel for these young women. Even if they get justice, it will take toll on their life because they brought their father/uncle etc to jail and will be outcast from the rest of the family. That is definitely a hard place to be. Justice or no justice, they are the one losing out in the end no matter how you look at it.
Allison Jae (2 months ago)
The women in this culture need to stop thinking that they are the property of they parents. If all the women banned together and did this the power to force girls into this marriages would cease.
Lynn M. (2 months ago)
I wonder how do these police feel about going into all of these volatile situations unarmed??
zippie doo (2 months ago)
Look I don’t hit daughters BUT we do smack our wife’s around a little with a plank of wood or iron bar until I hear her bones break and only stop until I know she will be in a coma that’s all. It’s harmless.
Amy Brown (2 months ago)
So proud of that girl 💪❤️ he’s not coming I’m not marrying him 😂👍 they live such a sad life 😢
This Guy Is Crazy (2 months ago)
big sentences for threatened honour killings. Good job UK
lord ofwar (2 months ago)
Betta then pimpin youre daughter or droppin her off at night clubs with mini skirt on or even parentin kids to thwy own daughters thts how sick the white culture is lets not forget all the white girls in the country tht have been abused sexually by they own white parents
Anna (2 months ago)
Why does Rukshana talk like a bad actor? Makes me think this whole thing is fake.
karma darkside (2 months ago)
Yeah it sounds like a yorkshire accent rather than a manc accent
Michelle W (2 months ago)
The world is so over populated pretty soon governments are going to start wars to level off the human count to a manageable one and so goes the Bilderberg Group meeting of 2017 right into the hall of shame. It is bad enough that we women have to breed to put our babies *grown* into the line of fire when one or the other of the powerful 8 decide it is time to take....take...take. When it is over, breeds of animals go into extinction. Family blood lines run red to saturate the Earth and resources that will never in millions of year be available again. Greed.
Michelle W (2 months ago)
Greed is evil. These forced marriages are a form and level of greed. Power, money, control, men. Pft...
TheBaronessIsAwesome (2 months ago)
So you move to another country because your own country is a shithole, and are then surprised that your children grow up with the mindset of said new country? If you think it's perfectly alright to marry off your daughter for three goats and a camel, why not stay in the sandy shitpit you came from?
TheClassicalSymphony (2 months ago)
You can only blame the Qur'an.
Launa Banauna (2 months ago)
At first the father denies “ever” hitting her. Then, he confesses and says that he told her “I’m not going to hit you this time.” The father is a lying sack of crap.
Mar D (2 months ago)
send them back to their home countries
Mar D (2 months ago)
money money money always not "honor"
Hailey Walters (2 months ago)
Thank you ladies for what you’re doing, for Ed marriage of any kind is bull
Susan Dhifaoui (2 months ago)
it's a wonder the children of these 'marriages' don't have eyes coming out the sides of their heads, and noses on their foreheads. marrying cousins. bunch of inbreds.
Iyah n (2 months ago)
what happened to shajeda's face, i kind of missed that? its horrible :/
Magic Carpet Music (2 months ago)
These types of Pakistani and other Asian men and their culture are abominable. A family life based on death threats, oppression, abuse and violence is totally vile and wrong. Where is there any love, respect, intelligence, freedom or happiness in that? They make life not worth living. I hope all the perpetrators go to prison, though we can have no confidence it will in any way change their minds or hearts. They're cruel and nasty. They treat women and girls like cattle to be slaughtered.
Gila Carcas Wittow (2 months ago)
Appalling that a man's and other family members' sense of honour is totally dependent on their daughters' and sisters' submission to their wills, so they can be raped by strangers. And that that "honour" is above all natural protection of these girls and young women; better to threaten, abuse and even murder their children rather than let them be free to decide for themselves and "shame" the family. There is nothing honourable whatsoever in this mindset. This is evil abuse. Sick.
Gita Ayu (3 months ago)
Im gonna rip that men who hit women with mjolnir
Jimmy Jones (3 months ago)
"can hit your wife but not daughter" thats a Police Fail right there.
EmmausRoad (3 months ago)
These people are HORRIBLE!!! I don't give a crap about their culture!!! Practice it in the backwater you come from, but not HERE. I cannot think of a single aspect of western culture that even comes close to this disgusting practice. And these people are coming into our countries in droves??? BIG MISTAKE.
rachaelkealy (3 months ago)
So they cant arrest the father because he denies hitting his daughter but he still walks free after confirming he abuses the rest of his family...ehhhh what?
DJRICKYDEEUK (3 months ago)
The parents should be deported/expelled, banned from The UK. It's about time an end was implemented to this cultural practice.
silverbullet2008bb (3 months ago)
Yet one more problem from this failed multiculturalism. Another drain on police and justice system resources that could be going into something decent.
canadian aussie (3 months ago)
Indians and Pakistanis are pigs...the men are the worst race in history
Commentator541 (3 months ago)
Maybe you should not let these savages to immigrate? No one thought of that?
C. S. (3 months ago)
These cops are great!! Thank you for saving these girls. May God bless and watch over them.
Amaka Abara (3 months ago)
This is so heartbreaking... but I give it to her; she’s a very brave young woman. I wish her all the best in life.
MsRazno (3 months ago)
It is not (only) UK problem, anywhere these are problems are. Those people should not even think about Europe, let alone live there. Criminals that are producing fake passports just to send kid to pakistan in order to force marriage. Retarded parents who can't even speak English. And retarded kids who chose to go back to families. They must be erased from Europe. Cops are doing great job!
Lucy Cat (3 months ago)
So happy that there are people out there trying to protect these people, and that there are people brave enough to take a stand against their families.
vikindia (3 months ago)
Crazy people!!!
brakarochknakar (3 months ago)
They need to kick them out of England. With that mentality they don't belong in the west.
Amberlynn Paytas (3 months ago)
brakarochknakar EXACTLY!!
S L (3 months ago)
COMPLETE PSYCHO RELIGION.... Send the parents back to the country complete craziness, (SHAME ON YOU!) how can you treat human beings like this???
borkingmad (3 months ago)
It’s time to talk about forced marriages in the US. have you SEEN the laws regarding marriage and age in their states?
OreoX (3 months ago)
i like this police force , fantastic work!
ZxkiOG (3 months ago)
uhgg this pisses me of but they gotta understand its not just girls aswell boys may not wanna marry but they are forced
These parents are psychopaths! They don't deserve anything in this life. When they are coming to live in developing countries I don't understand why they have the same rotten mentality as they had in their country.
a a (3 months ago)
These police officers are heroes.
Ghddsfhtfd Fgtdr (3 months ago)
3:55 this filthy indian is making so much lies against our community She should be killed
Jim Burg (3 months ago)
I said to her, "THIS TIME I am not going to hit you" right after he tells them he never hits his daughter...... off with this mans head.
Katherine Moore (3 months ago)
The real oppression of women is in muslim communities... I weep for these women and children...similarly fgm should be a documentary by real stories...serious issue

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