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Volcom | Strange Brains | Oscar Moncada

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It's not a competition of who's on the weirdest mission. It's just a celebration of your mental calibration. Wavelengths flutter like a bird that's stuck in butter. Felling gray matter with a stack of cruddy clutter. Strange Brains from the strange brain of: oscar moncada edit: derek dunfee, matt shuster producers: matt shuster, derek dunfee, matias mulanovich, ryan boyes - Music - Song: "Conditioner" Artist: Wildildlife Release: Details out August 6, 2013 iTunes: http://georiot.co/2LSV Amazon: http://georiot.co/1oW2 capturers: crispin mendoza, erik derman, derek dunfee theme song creators/performers: ozzie wright, mike aho strange brains graphics: ozzie wright, mike aho veeco productions
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Text Comments (16)
Rangel Carro-Galan (1 year ago)
Te adelantaste..se te va extrañar mucho Oscarin. D E P (R I P).
Vinnie Brown (1 year ago)
Laurent Pradayrol (1 year ago)
❤️ R.I.P.
Koi Gonzalez (1 year ago)
Rest in Peace brother...i cant believe you were sitting here on the beach with us les than 48 hrs ago :'(
Saúl Benítez (1 year ago)
Jaffet Cervantes (1 year ago)
RIP :(
vitinhofaria22bm (5 years ago)
1:52 was bad
NorthOCkook (5 years ago)
1:19 holy shit
David Grant (5 years ago)
holy shit!!! he charges those gnarly rights!
Nicholas Mackay (5 years ago)
one word: CHARGER !
Christian Islas (5 years ago)
Talento mexicano!!:)
romain giiquel (5 years ago)
Tomas Davo (5 years ago)
Connor Closs (5 years ago)
Damn that was fucking nuts
TheAdrenalineSkating (5 years ago)

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