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Jeep Girls Party Comes To An End

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Some girls show up in a Jeep to do some partying. Some of them look like their party started early. 6 hours later, will the Jeep still be in the lot? *READ THE FAQs BELOW BEFORE YOU COMMENT!* MUSIC: Willies Island Moped, The Whole Other The Hero Steps Up, Dougie Wood Desert Sky, Silent Partner READ THE FAQs BEFORE COMMENTING: Q: Why are cars towed from your lot? A: Because they're parked illegally and take up space our customers need, 24 hours. Q: But it's night-time. Businesses are closed at night. Do you really have to tow at night? A: Yes. This business is NOT closed at night. It's very common for techs to visit in the overnight times in order to do maintenance on servers and systems. It's also possible that deliveries may need to be made during after-hours times. Q: You suck. A: That's not a question, but I get the point. And I've heard it all before. I understand you think you've got a witty, original insult for me. You probably don't. Save yourself the humiliation. Q: Do you read the comments? A: Sometimes against my better judgement, generally, yes. Q: Why don't you just rent out spaces and make money? A: Because that would eliminate parking spaces for the real customers of the business. It's not worth the few bucks. Q: Do you get paid a fee or kickback for the towed cars? A: No. Q: Are there signs posted about not to park? A: Yes. No fewer than 6. Usually more if they're not damaged or destroyed. Q: How many cameras do you have? A: More than 60. Some you can see, some are hidden. Q: What kind of cameras do you use? A: A lot of different kinds, based on the application. Q: Do you feel bad for these people who get towed? A: Most of the time, not really. Q: Why are you making fun of the people who get towed? A: I'm not. I'm posting the videos because I think they're entertaining and educational. Q: How come you never post videos of cars that belong there? A: Because that wouldn't be entertaining at all. It would be completely boring. Q: Why don't you stop people from parking? A: Sometimes we do! It all depends on if we are able to catch what's happening live, but the company's techs have their jobs to do and are not always available to have their eyes glued to the parking lot cameras and be able to run outside.
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Text Comments (779)
Ghost Jeep was on point!!!
Majin Vegeta (13 hours ago)
if only people knew how to read and weren't entitled
Chris Johnson (15 hours ago)
Such a scum seem like they purposely money out of these poor people from towing their cars. It’s night time should be okay to park cause no business going on during those late hours.
Lynda Lynda (16 hours ago)
They were gone FIVE HOURS 😳. Maybe they just walked around in circles all night. 👣
RingQuest 1986 (21 hours ago)
Ok, that "faded memory" of the Jeep being pulled was fucking funny.
ANTIQUEFOTOS (1 day ago)
This club all these people are going to must be pretty trashy. None of them are dressed nice or have nice cars. Must be the just out of high school crowd.
Richard Allen (1 day ago)
Whts up w ths dude n these vids Get a life..
Charles Rogers (1 day ago)
6 hours of drinking. Thank God they were towed
bd8026 (1 day ago)
Looks like a good spot for Uber’s to hang out at. Lol.
What is around your area? A club, restaurants? People don't listen. Lol
+Steve Johnson holy smokes your super far! Have an awesome day/night. .🙄
Steve Johnson (1 day ago)
I just found it nearby via satellite view, as I'm 2700 miles away myself. There are other pubs scattered about too..
+Steve Johnson Humm. At first I thought you were joking then a friend of mine, who knows the area, said there is a restaurant called Angry Dog. Lol I'm so silly. Thank you, your awesome!
Steve Johnson (1 day ago)
Angry dog maybe?
AtotehZ (1 day ago)
I wonder if they knew the number to the tow company already since none of them got it from the signs. Or is it readable from the other side of the road.
Nunya Biz (1 day ago)
I love the ghost car leaving
bigshow4435 (2 days ago)
Would understand if the place was open but it's not. Tow truck co. Hungry mf
Ryan (2 days ago)
Love the editing!
MrRayMac1963 (2 days ago)
That "Ghost Jeep" almost killed me!!!
SAMURAI STEVEN (2 days ago)
5 HOURS= £200 in drinks maybe TOW truck =£150 charge Cash needed £350 ..youtube video PRICELESS HAHAHA
Frik Na luzie (2 days ago)
Four girls. They can't scrape two brain cell to rub together. It's really, really hard to feel pity for such people.
Swimmyrox (2 days ago)
I wanna go park there so's I can be on the T.V.!
Mama Llama (2 days ago)
Uber time ladies!
KaeYoss (2 days ago)
The party didn't end for them! It just changed. They were having a search party! Some say they're still out there, looking for their Jeep
Laptop46 (2 days ago)
My question is why so many people park around there. Is there a club or something nearby? I don’t think one store would attract so many blind people.
C moore (2 days ago)
Imagine that. Girls who think they are special. We never should have let them vote.
Flat Foot (2 days ago)
Great videos.
Meela234 (2 days ago)
I'm weak! That was a cute little dance she did. Bout to get lit AF, lol.
rahkin rah (2 days ago)
Those towers are great!
cult friction (2 days ago)
Fuckin ratchet looking hoes
Ward oo (2 days ago)
QUESTION: Will they all share the parking fine?
Daron Healy Music (2 days ago)
Music is pretty cool
Alice Moore (3 days ago)
5 hours. They were smashed. No cars anywhere which means the bar closed. Good thing they got towed or they would have killed someone.
Ruthless Goat (3 days ago)
Pigs out of the pen.
Johan Petersson (3 days ago)
I absolutly love the theam song when the tow trucks show up hahaha,,, makes me smile each time
Jrom T (3 days ago)
I wonder if anyone who's parked there has seen a video of their car get towed haha
Alan Cee (3 days ago)
Fucking streetwalkers. Especially that white trash that was looking to steal from the Challenger when they first pulled up.
life-is-fun (3 days ago)
The song when the towing truck is coming is nice. I have never watched for 2h cars being towed away in my life. This is a first.
Hordil (3 days ago)
so hilarious when they run around like headless hens xD And the ghost! xD ahahaha so funny!
Roblox GamerWood888 (3 days ago)
Why was there a ghost Jeep?
Roblox GamerWood888 (3 days ago)
What the place for? Not the parking lot the building
GiGi W. (3 days ago)
Veteran partiers start getting loaded while getting ready to go out. Or addicts/alcoholics.
Daniel Rodriguez (3 days ago)
What is the song when tow truck arrives, it's kool
Satish (3 days ago)
You should get a Public Service Medal
Les D (3 days ago)
Just love the sinister music when the tow trucks arrive!
amber jackson (3 days ago)
these ppl get exactly what they deserve!! no excuses!!
sfjohn5 (3 days ago)
what city is this in O.O
The KinG ALuMnI YT (3 days ago)
Jeep Ghost, it’s just hilarious 😂
Bill Myers (3 days ago)
Fucking party sluts.
NgaiOlaudah (3 days ago)
I am constantly AMAZED by the abject stupidity of these driving children who should NOT BE DRIVING an auto AT ALL, drinking & partying & shopping notwithstanding, if they refuse to acknowledge clearly legible parking and street signs on private property! The fines should be demonstrably much higher as far as I am concerned. Most of them shouldn't be driving anyway as they all have been drinking! My stance is tough and I'm enjoying the shadenfreude (spelling?) that comes at their expense. The tow trucks ARE SAVING LIVES! THANX. Arthur
Fábio (3 days ago)
I'd love to download the tow truck jingle :)
Jon-Michael Berglund (4 days ago)
Lmao RIP jeep ghost!!! 😂😂😂
Pewy McPewerson (4 days ago)
They didn't call a ride because their jeep was towed, they were to drunk to find it. They were hammered when they pulled up!
MarklarsonTube (4 days ago)
I don't understand where these people think they are parking. Even if there were zero warning signs, it is clearly a private business. How do people think this is a public parking lot?
Uma Chan (4 days ago)
LOL! Not only did they get towed but they forgot where they parked.
Soplet (4 days ago)
I love seeing stupid car owners gets owned.
Brian Pawson (4 days ago)
Haaahahaa,, DUDE,,,WHERES MY CAR????????
Brian Pawson (4 days ago)
I see in a lot of these videos, puddles of water,, why? is there a car wash? continuous rain storms??
These are more satisfyingly watch then pimple popping videos!
CharlesWhy (4 days ago)
LOL the editing
Calavera (4 days ago)
At the end ...they became hookers
Dunreeper Mcboom (4 days ago)
what are those blue things on the windshield  (blue  yellow cirkel + a t )(0:33)
Capt. Irk (4 days ago)
The car that belongs there keeps getting nicer and nicer. YouTube money would probably allow him to quit, but then he wouldn't have the content he needs to make YouTube money. It's a double edged sword. lol Keep up the good work!
Is a bell (4 days ago)
You are actually keeping them from a dui lol
kaztheklutz (4 days ago)
Too busy checking their phones and their hair
Mark Gibson-Penman (4 days ago)
I love these videos.
S Campbell (4 days ago)
"OMG...I can't find my car!  I know one thing, if they towed my car girlfriend, I'm gonna call my dad!  He's a lawyer..." - Save the baby mama llama drama...gain some street knowledge!  Can't just park wherever you want...Hook 'em up...both the girls and they car!  Holla...
nakka akkan (4 days ago)
the ghost jeep is hilarious :D
Vincent Dichoso (4 days ago)
curb your parking theme
iam hashtag (4 days ago)
Is it weird i find this entertaining?
Capt. Irk (4 days ago)
If it is, at least you're not alone. I've been mesmerized for hours. lol
People in USA are so well fed...
maasicas (4 days ago)
@gtoger you making fun of the people and trying to humiliate them serves what purpose ? That's just for your own pleasure. I bet you jerk off to some of these videos.
Barbara Dyson (4 days ago)
Hope the driver of the Jeep wasn't drinking.
vsGoliath (4 days ago)
Low key kinda drooling over the Challenger parked next to them. I've always been more of a Mustang guy but god damn did Dodge manage to capture the old feel of those classic muscle cars.
548 got towed! xD
alexmateos619 (4 days ago)
ghost jeep lmaaaoooooooooooo
F'er MaGee (4 days ago)
This is fucking brilliant hahahahaha!
Bruce Schneider (4 days ago)
Stumbelina and friends
Phoenix7786 (4 days ago)
From their complete lack of reaction did they read the signs and just not care?
Sven Kenway (4 days ago)
This like when the death coming to get your love one
Ma.Carmela Perez (4 days ago)
I like the music everytime the tow truck comes.. 😂😂
Jasmine Hyun (4 days ago)
Jeep ghost lol
Gaita Ponto (4 days ago)
god...the truck song makes me LOL...so good!
They were like ping pong balls at the end.
lilbeserk (4 days ago)
Good thing the Tow truck came along. These ladies are drunk as a skunk. The Tow Driver saved numerous lives that night! Uber it next time.
Kat K (4 days ago)
Jeeps are a poor mans G-wagon
racetm (4 days ago)
"will the jeep still be in the lot?" oh don't be a tease. we all know the answer.
Brian Mitchell (4 days ago)
I like your videos. The only thing is I would like to hear the reactions of the people when they come back and find their cars gone. I can imagine what they're saying but it would be fun to hear it.
MomonDestroyer (4 days ago)
party is over girl
Kamikaze Yamamoto (4 days ago)
Fuck dem hos! HA!HA!HA!
Charles Murphy (4 days ago)
Please keep the tow music. Subscribed!
Jeanette Martinez (4 days ago)
1isgrl88 (4 days ago)
This was my favorite one 🤣😂🤣
DeathbyPixels (4 days ago)
The faces of pure bewilderment on people’s faces when they come back are golden. Their brains are being blown to pieces in that moment.
Mark T (4 days ago)
4:14 “And they were never seen again.”
Miky ॐ (4 days ago)
.... as all say , the gost car is great (you can rap it if you want)
Holly Bercik (4 days ago)
LOL lost girls don't remember where they parked! Pre-game plus 5 hours of partying will do that to your brain.
seoceancrosser (4 days ago)
Some elephant music would have been a better choice! 😂
i dont know what i like more the goon music when the trucks move in or the sad music when they return
Stephen Haenn (4 days ago)
SIX HOURS LATER! Those girls must’ve been hammered! I love them running around the streets like “I know we parked here somewhere”. I hope that wasn’t just some random vehicle they got into at the end.
luna fi (5 days ago)
Why all the dislikes wtf
Caden Ngo (5 days ago)
too funny
Jose Moreno (5 days ago)
I know a place like that in East Los Angeles. The no parking sign is in English and Spanish. And the fools still park there at night to go to a Mexican night club around the corner . One guy who had his pick-up truck towed away. He was so mad, He pulled out his gun and shot at the no parking sign. His luck went from bad to worse. A Sheriff patrol car was driving by and saw what he did. The Sheriff's arrested him for shooting at the building ( People were inside). Drunk, had a stolen hand gun and was an illegal alien with a fake driver license. All this because he did not read the sign.
Charlie Mathews (5 days ago)
Love your videos, but I've been wondering... How do the tow truck drivers know which cars to tow? Are authorized cars at night limited to a specific list or do they have stickers?

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