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Funny Cats Protecting Babies Compilation (2017)

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Funny and cute cats protecting babies. Cats protect babies compilation! Try not to laugh or say aww! Puppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY! New videos all the time! 👉 Subscribe: https://www.tinyurl.com/funnyplox 👉 Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/funnyplox 👉 Submit: http://www.funnyplox.com/submit If you see a clip that you own that you did not submit or give consent for use, we have likely received false permissions and would be happy to resolve this for you! Please drop us a line at info(@)funnyplox.com 🐶👶🏻🐱 👉 For every 100 likes, new puppies and kittens are born!
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Text Comments (3834)
carida bubbles (3 hours ago)
I just got warm and fuzzy inside. People think cats only care about themselves....but there's your sign. They want to nurture. Super cute!!!
AlMulazimChannel (1 day ago)
lyla Begum (2 days ago)
hala nina (2 days ago)
J'adore c'est trop mignon.
Lark Danga (2 days ago)
i think who dislike is a doctor v:
Zero_BS_Tolerance (3 days ago)
You couldn't ask for better guards.
LilZebra (3 days ago)
0:46 - Oh, now THAT'S cute. 2:16 - Proves, that, yes, a cat can smother a baby. Be careful.
Jimmy Billips (4 days ago)
Luv it - music sucks
no name (11 days ago)
Бэйби, литле бэйби энд кэтс энд пёсез
lll peacemaker (12 days ago)
Jeremy Marchant (13 days ago)
Stupid and dangderous to let a cat smother your baby. (2:04)
helena sousa (13 days ago)
Saqlain Shah (13 days ago)
Most funny
Rosita Frutos (13 days ago)
Amour et tendresse un brai rehal merci tank you love⚘😍🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷👍👍
Songs 4U (13 days ago)
My cat only demands food........
Tesla's Bitch (14 days ago)
The little boy is going to burn the house down... with hair like that
Victor Contreras (14 days ago)
is it true that cat hairs are not healthy for babies... im not so sure if that is true.
Andy Paterson (14 days ago)
Most of them are obviously not protecting babies or children. You're a liar. Thumb down 👎
Dave Welch (14 days ago)
When my daughter was 2 we had a kitten. Became great buddies. Gives them a bond that lives on all their lives. Gives them a respect for animals Feeling. My daughter at 40 has 4 cats and 1 dog. Lot of love for animals. They pick your day up. Always glad to see you. Your kids that don't move out and don't ask for Money.
You "own" living gold when you have a cat as your bodyguard.
Suhas Joshi (15 days ago)
I don't think it is safe to expose small babies to cats or dogs
Andy Paterson (14 days ago)
True. Cats can sit on babies faces and smother them and both cats and dogs can transmit dangerous diseases, while every year babies and kids are killed by dog attacks.
Alfonso Savino (16 days ago)
Yo quiero un gatito ☹🐈
Ali Abbas (16 days ago)
In today's life animal change into human and human into animal Sad reality
Topazelee (16 days ago)
Yep. Love cats❤❤
Samuel Mitiagini (16 days ago)
Being animal is awesome 😋
Teri Smith (16 days ago)
So the saying don't have a cat near a baby cause of the baby smells like milk is a myth busters I see
Joe M (16 days ago)
Babies are ugly. Why would anyone want to create that? Blows my mind when parents proudly show off a picture of their gross naked mole rat looking baby. Just smile and nod. Smile and always tell them it’s beautiful, like a tattoo. Maybe I’m too jaded to understand.
Carlos Gonzalez (16 days ago)
Gatos culiaos son mas cochinos y botan pelo.
Meliza Rivera (16 days ago)
2;10 minutes! Its insane for the baby!!
VILMA RODRIGUES (17 days ago)
Isabel Rossi (17 days ago)
Anjinhos lindos...eu amo os meus
Que hermosos y sinceros los animales.
Shiela Jarvis (17 days ago)
Sweet pictures!
Shiela Jarvis (17 days ago)
Sweet pictures!
boca no trombone (17 days ago)
Os animais são amigos do seres humanos mesmo
boca no trombone (17 days ago)
nebraskahusker247 (18 days ago)
And at 2:03 you can see how easily a cat could smother a baby. Your an idiot if you don't think it can happen.
Cristian Serrano (18 days ago)
Que listo es su intinto
Junior Levrone (18 days ago)
Os anjinhos cuidando de outros anjinhos. lindo!!! 🙏
IMP Pinto (18 days ago)
Olga Barbasan (18 days ago)
Gatos =ángeles ángeles guardianes del ser humano
Melody Edington (18 days ago)
I love these, thanks
Sakura ho jung (18 days ago)
Me haré fan de los Gatos!!! Pero los rapare jajajaja no o conseguiré gatos pelones
Sakura ho jung (18 days ago)
Yo ya no adoro a los perros!!! Son malos por eso los matan o los golpean
Ash Bucharon (19 days ago)
More Earth Now (19 days ago)
Why are we the ones trying to take advantage of each other, start wars and destroy the planet?
Roberto Amenabar (19 days ago)
Nassah Ila (19 days ago)
Do animals know that it is a baby?
slinkie59 (19 days ago)
Funny my ex wife cat didn't act like this when we brought our first child home, in fact he was so pissed off he disappeared for a week when he finally came home he took a crap in her shoe and yes he was litter box trained and also allowed out side wouldn't let my ex touch him for months afterward, he never really liked me before the baby,after the baby came he became my best friend, I think he was trying to make her jealous.
Great Expectations (19 days ago)
NOT funny at all..ignorant parents..I feel sorry for those babies😣
Reginald Andrews (19 days ago)
That 1st cat was like: "GET THE F OUTTA HERE YO!" 😆
them white folks loooove they pets boy!
Mirela Kirst Bocorny (21 days ago)
Tanja Winter (21 days ago)
The weight of an adult cat on a baby's chest is dangerous. If you don't believe, put at least 40 pounds on your own chest and try to breathe without any problems for hours. I wouldn't risk a baby's life.
LA TENE (22 days ago)
Skoonky pjus
c7042 (22 days ago)
Cats rub against us to lay down their scent to mark us.
Paty Guatemala (22 days ago)
Ohhhhhhhh !!!!!😘
Gerard Gauthier (22 days ago)
Yeah! Teaching a baby that playing with the stove is fun! Parents who think cats and dogs are perfect for their babies are delusional.. Dogs can bite for reasons like jealously and cats can scratch out of instinct.... I know, I'm a cat lover and cats and dogs can be very unpredictable with their aggressive behavior. Babies and pets generally don't mix well.
Free Manz (23 days ago)
1.10 mark the cats the only thing stopping the kid from playing with the oven, Smart cat. Dumb parents...
Jankowski Mirosław (23 days ago)
GICking (23 days ago)
I think it's more that the cats like using chubby babies as warm padded pillows to sleep on 😁
mark fonti (21 days ago)
@GICking - the old timers know they take the breath from the baby. these ppl either lucky or stupid
David Walther (23 days ago)
Great video. Not sure about the ginger one on the baby close to blocking off the airways! Perhaps that one should have been moved off. But lovely to see some of them herding the child or stopping him doing things. And all very affectionate to. One of my cats defended me very aggressively from another cat once. So I know what cats can be like 😊 Love cats. ❤️❤️❤️
Dorina Tosa (23 days ago)
Mai ce mame fără minte nu gândesc deloc pt ca atunci cind un bebe sta lingă o pisica poate înghiți par de la ea și parul se poate duce la plămâni
Simon0 (23 days ago)
That second cat was planning to eat the baby 🙁
Tumble Flip (23 days ago)
All the dislikes were dog people🌚
Roman Kotas (23 days ago)
Keep away from my future servant
Aldo Brando (24 days ago)
moemoney131 vee (24 days ago)
The cat would also eat the baby if it was starving soooo
Caspean Sea (24 days ago)
"Although I have a cold merciless stare, but hey look, I love kids."
unleasheth (25 days ago)
Hahaha on that last one. God damn it move!! He's right in my way. Everytime I switch directions. Mooooommm!!! 😂
Jack Johnson (25 days ago)
Accident waiting to happen!
lion girl 43 (25 days ago)
where is this child's parents good thing the cat was there
mvannorden02 (25 days ago)
I smiled the whole way through the video 😊😊 So darn cute!!!
second chance (25 days ago)
It's cute as long as the cat doesn't cover the babies mouth and nose up at 230
mark fonti (21 days ago)
@second chance - i was lucky several times because my cat had long whiskers that'd id wake up. theyre fascinated by our eyelids rotating left-to-right during our r.e.m. cycle. and sit on our faces while watching. suffocating poor babies in the process.
Ana Deshka (25 days ago)
Cute Bodyguards 😍😍
DANNY BIG 4 (25 days ago)
Manuela Costa Lima (25 days ago)
The white cat protecting the little boy who's touching the buttons on the stove. Absolutely amazing!
sweet! :D
Alexander Lennox (26 days ago)
Some dangerous scenes = I would not let a cat near a sleeping baby, this is totally irresponsible. Some cats inadvertently kill babies, and some dogs deliberately kill babies.
Susan Slack (26 days ago)
Ummm... some of these cats r menacing ttoward the babys.... and the parents just stsnd there doing nothing ..
Susan Slack (26 days ago)
Ok so it is a stove ok parent???why arent u taking care of it instead of the cat?????
Susan Slack (26 days ago)
celtic barbarian (26 days ago)
Be careful sometimes those disease carrying creatures will suffocate your babies .
J Man T Wild (21 days ago)
Listen this is very cute and all that but cats could make a full grown person seriously sick by just one inadvertent scratch imagine what could happen to a baby. Cat scratch fever is not just a catchy song. My mother almost lost a hand and was hospitalised for weeks. So please be careful. Please understand i think cats are wonderful pets as i am a responsible cat owner myself. But as a responsible cat owner I know even if a cat means well they can accidentally scratch someone causing wounds that could fester. I am very sorry to say but there has never been a case of dog scratch fever. Cats are cool but they come with a price.
J. S (26 days ago)
Great!! 👍👍
Herbert De Jesus (27 days ago)
Where was the "protecting"?
al hoceima brother (27 days ago)
Cats made by God extra special.
Does the cat at 2:35 do dishes?
beerborn (27 days ago)
Cats like to sleep next babies cause their warm.
Adammen740 (27 days ago)
Irresponsible parents. Not all, but most in this video. Completely no idea about cats accept how to feeding them. Sorry..
Jesse James (28 days ago)
My cats are really protective of kids. They watch over neighbors kids when there in the yard. One time a huge pitbull came in the yard and attacked the youngest. Next thing I know my screen door flys open and all 7 cats run outside and attacked the pitbull. They attacked him dam good from head to tail. The owner if the pitbull lost him. And the parents of the kids was really happy. And loves my cats.
Naveed/Deevan Khan (28 days ago)
the cat is doing some extra work at 2:42the owners should increase his/her wage 😂
Tauras_Sinco (28 days ago)
pleiades dragon (29 days ago)
Baby's and animals are pure souls...will always be ok together
lovelygeminibren (29 days ago)
In the first video I hope the parent knew that dog was of no danger to that baby while they standing their recording doing nothing, I hate people like that with children where they care more about being internet famous than the well being of their children
Talking Rabbit (29 days ago)
Its cute..but is the hair safe for the baby?
Sean Brennan (29 days ago)
Great video.got me smiling.
birgit eichert (30 days ago)

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