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Ibiza: Spring Breakers Of Europe

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Click here to subscribe to VICE: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Ibiza is a place that looms large in all our imaginations, the sun-kissed, beer-drenched rock in the middle of the Mediterranean where all our hedonistic dreams can come true. But what is it that makes people come back year after year to the same tiny island? Host Clive Martin sets off to investigate the magnetic appeal of “the party island,” and meets a cast of characters including DJs Carl Cox and Luciano, a crew of scantily clad club-dancers, puking kids on vacation, Alfredo Fiorito—the man who basically invented Ibiza as we know it today—and a 10-foot-tall flying rave robot. Read Now: Behind the Scenes at the Drunken Club Wonderland of Ibiza - http://bit.ly/ZvIuYY Read Now: Cocaine, Parties, and Prostitution: the Life of Hong Kong's Young, Wealthy British Expats - http://bit.ly/15MBYzQ Check out more episodes of Big Night Out: http://bit.ly/Big-Night-Out Follow Clive Martin on Twitter: https://twitter.com/thugclive Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our Tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/vice
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Text Comments (7947)
King Kenny (1 hour ago)
I ❤️ Corrine
Bart Davis (7 hours ago)
Euro trash , nothing to see here ... move along !
Anthony wallerson (12 hours ago)
I Love English Women there So Beatiful And Love Accent
SongBillong (12 hours ago)
Shit hole full of simpletons
NerdsZumbis (1 day ago)
9:15 It's fucking IbiFa
tina mcguinn (1 day ago)
These people seem like they are being mind controled
Henry Horne (2 days ago)
9:47 Forgot to get your brain done
Steven Hopkins (2 days ago)
dbsill cockney (2 days ago)
Andyadventures #11 (3 days ago)
a bunch of genius, we are seeing future unemployed and drug addicted
armin beh (4 days ago)
"your mom!"
doug sawyer (4 days ago)
British tourist are the absolute worst ...sorry to say it but take a look around ...it's impossible to deny
dewert2 (4 days ago)
wheres james blunt
Pedro (4 days ago)
Farid Zeynalov (4 days ago)
Why is he so critical? If you spend a week partying and drinking you are not loosing yourself. People work all year long and partying one week doesn't make them any less smart of spiritual.
Richard Johnson (4 days ago)
The Brits are the worst of all Europeans
Hamid Hasani (5 days ago)
I’ve lived this life in San Francisco California it drains your soul after awhile you become immune to trashy shit once u step out of it you’ll see how bad this partying taking loads of drugs having sex is for your soul
SN (5 days ago)
Paradise for whitetrash.
Kalkgidelim akilli (5 days ago)
that was great summary for reveals the ibiza myth.
DaGreatWatahMelone (6 days ago)
FuckOffAlready (6 days ago)
why pronounce ibiza in a spanglish way
Stannykush (4 days ago)
FuckOffAlready because the American pronunciation is awful
Jeronimo Romero (6 days ago)
Why are all Vice correspondents potato shaped beta males?
Brian B (7 days ago)
It's all fun and games untill the english arrive. I spend my youth party vacations in Chersonissos. Same affaire theire. Luckly the dutch like to hold theire ground also.
tiberio135 (8 days ago)
The brits are a bunch of disgusting, crass, dense, vacuous, boorish, gross ASSHOLES.
zNoVa (8 days ago)
i hate these british idiots when i go to places like ibiza
Gustavo Jiménez (8 days ago)
I like how he can pronounce Ibiza but still tries to make Z accent
Mycologist Ranger (8 days ago)
5:43 Micheal Bisping if he didn't go into MMA
Sasha Zvyagin (8 days ago)
Hey, let's send Clueless Guy to Ibiza!
Sunday Seance (8 days ago)
bitch europe invented partyin. so cancun or whatever trashy motelland in florida is "spring breakers of usa"
Sunday Seance (8 days ago)
ps where is the thumbnail girl pls?
TheManagingTechnolog (9 days ago)
Briliant vid.. Ibiza is dump honestly, nice island full of white trash :(((
SyreenT (9 days ago)
thumbnails make me click
Thomas Barker (9 days ago)
song at 7:00? Please and thanks!
MistaRizla (9 days ago)
Another gimp trying to document ibiza having never done a line of ket in his life and probably listens to dog shit edm
Damir Sadikovic (9 days ago)
Spiritual vibes?... Fuck off its a bunch of drunk pill poping idiots who fight fuck and dance for 2 weeks then go back home.
Shay Tarnn (9 days ago)
He fell in love with Corrine 😂
Tim Feeney (8 days ago)
Shay Tarnn we all did. Corrine is BAE!
Maikeru (9 days ago)
We need more Clive’s in Ibiza by the looks of things 🤣
Yazan GM Arar (9 days ago)
At 20:48 anyone knows the track\mix ? and better yet the rest of the track list for the video from that timestamp forward. Much appreciated
Badmicakaneo (10 days ago)
Every girl here is a 10/10 jesus...
Tim Feeney (9 days ago)
Badmicakaneo Corinne is on Instagram. Boasuerte
bojan (10 days ago)
The reason why so many Brits come to the place is best explained at 26:51.
MrIroxnoah (10 days ago)
This intro gave me epilepsy
TheGooglySmoog (10 days ago)
Bruh definitely got laid with the camera crew following him.
BroncoBill321 (10 days ago)
Love the place... so much so i spent a decade going back and forth Went back in 2014 and was shocked at how restricted it felt and how pretentious it had become What a place though 👍
medo durango (10 days ago)
@25:31 why would VICE send a softy lookin nerd to do a documentary about the party capital of the world ?
Yash Patravali (10 days ago)
charliekay37 (10 days ago)
Does anyone else hate the way he says Ibiza
Davies Donavan (10 days ago)
Next destination Ibiza
Ben Craven (10 days ago)
If your Male we know why you clicked this.
Kaptenen (8 days ago)
To tell you it’s spelled ”you’re”
Markus Desormeaux (9 days ago)
James Springer (11 days ago)
Are you fucking kidding me? First 5 seconds of video and i go into an epileptic seizure. Thanks for the warning assholes
Robin Jansen (11 days ago)
Dragos Craciun (11 days ago)
Hello "Enter the void" intro :))))
Jake77 (11 days ago)
man, I really really dont wanna go there
belgias (11 days ago)
11:59 :p :p
Letadelko (11 days ago)
Jezza (11 days ago)
The ending where the interviewer had to run off and puke was perfect.
I like little boys (11 days ago)
I'd go for the women 😍
Tim Feeney (10 days ago)
Gio Llamas follow boasuerte on Instagram. Haha that’s Corinne from the video
edvin070 Andersson (11 days ago)
CB Nation (12 days ago)
The guy is so negative
jpzzzz (12 days ago)
song at @6:55?
Katlego Rapelang (12 days ago)
what culture do white people have?
Lion Lion (12 days ago)
Best place in Mediterranean ( Crete ) Greece 🇬🇷!!!!!!!!😉
skepticbb93 (12 days ago)
Looks effin gross.
Edwin Holland (12 days ago)
Tries to blend in with the cool kids wearing a polo shirt. Fail!
Mandar Chavan (12 days ago)
The track at the end , name please!!
AR Wonton (12 days ago)
13:13 anyone have the track?
AR Wonton (10 days ago)
3:57 wonder why u wanted to interview her 👀🤣
Meeuw (13 days ago)
So many Tiddies
young yahye (13 days ago)
may God guide these people they're all lost
TheDaggz (13 days ago)
Fucking disgusting people. Scum of the earth. Everything is fake and they don't give a fuck about anything but themselves. There are no romances, there are no successful people here. This is the trashiest of the trash there is. No wonder whitey is going down, this is literally our legacy.
Liam Cassiel (13 days ago)
So they’re furries.
Sterling Archer (13 days ago)
Spelled her tattoo wrong!!! Lmfao
zdaniel (13 days ago)
Cancun is much much better than this shitty island :D
gOBLIN h (13 days ago)
I went in November and didn’t get do any of this😐
TheChief1916 (13 days ago)
ibiza is modern day sodom and gmorrah
Paul R (13 days ago)
How many industrial sized bags of makeup get shipped to the island?
巨人の肩 (13 days ago)
Oh gosh, please make Brexit happen.
A. B (13 days ago)
I feel fkn filthy watching this
Mike Anderson (13 days ago)
This looks awful.
Scorch428 (13 days ago)
I took a pill in Ibiza...
niggaplease47 (13 days ago)
is it mitts of mids
Endless Ambition (13 days ago)
Man, they sent this wiener out to Ibiza to check the party utopia? What a waste! Fly my ass down there with a cameraman and a debit card I'll show you what Ibiza can do. Multiple bronzed out six-somes on eight unknown variations of designer drugs, 16 hours straight of the same Trance rhythm relentlessly repeated, and a naked group DMT trip later, you'll have seen the best Ibiza has to offer, on a Monday anyway.
niggaplease47 (14 days ago)
white girls with accents are too fucking hot. american girls are boring af
CRISTIANO Ronaldo (14 days ago)
i came here for the thumbnail stayed for the video.
Benny Frank (14 days ago)
please don't ever use that intro, ever again.
TIasbeck (14 days ago)
Lost generation?? It's just a bunch of people going there for vacation and having fun.. And yeah some of them make money of it and even make it their life style!! Do their life style bother you??
Chris Jayson (14 days ago)
If i had a penny for every point of IQ seen in this video i would still have a penny
# World of Gabriel (14 days ago)
The presenter looks like it is his first time at the club...
Tyrell Jackson (14 days ago)
Wounder how high the STD rates are
Wills Somerville-Baker (14 days ago)
This looks fucking awful.
Phantom V (14 days ago)
Is noone gonna talk about the man who whipped his Weiner out and started beating him self on camera
Snoozer (14 days ago)
XxXxDominator (14 days ago)
20:10 some real philosophy about our gen.
Davide Rosati (14 days ago)
English young people, drugs, alchool, ignorance: worst combinatin. English wherever they go, they make a disaster
cnpmp (14 days ago)
You're making news not a poem ffs
Gorgeous Execution (14 days ago)
British accent always sounds so elegant... even with the trashy people...
CopiousAmountsOfStoke (15 days ago)
Love these "Big night out" vids! Clive does a great job albeit being a bit awkward at times but I think that's what also makes the videos great.
Takador (15 days ago)
That description given to Sant Antoni de Portmany about being the worst of England and what not i get where it's coming from but i would better use it to describe Magaluf, in the neighboring island of Mallorca. Like i've been to both of these places and it wasn't so bad in Ibiza
Blanco (15 days ago)
It’s freaking Ibifa
Nicole Yacoubian (15 days ago)
5:43 kid in the wrong place wrong time
Sam bamlam (15 days ago)
Spending all year in the gym for 1 week in ibiza...haha
L W (15 days ago)
Clive is lovely 😂

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