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Jan Hammer - Crockett's Theme (live by Kebu @ Dynamo)

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http://kebu.fi https://www.facebook.com/kebunator My debut album, "To Jupiter and Back", is out now and the CD can be bought here: http://www.inverse.fi/shop/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=36 Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/kebu/sets/kebu-to-jupiter-and-back Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/album/2OPOjHabLyezWBYPDBTzGj iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/to-jupiter-and-back/id518337905 I always liked this tune and was inspired when I heard Michael Cassette's version. So for my live performance I made an arrangement that was influenced by both versions, but put my own twist on it. The tune ended my show in Dynamo, Turku, where this video was recorded 5th May 2012. Unfortunately, I only had three camcorders going and the heavy bass drum in the club made the cameras vibrate with each beat. But the feeling was so high in the club that I definitely wanted to upload this particular take! The song was performed using only analog synthesizers, either played live or sequenced. The performance was recorded line in to one of the cameras. The ambience in the club was recorded using the built-in microphones on two of the remaining cameras and mixed together with the line signal. Equipment used in this song: Korg Polysix, Poly 61 (through a SansAmp GT2), Mono/Poly, Micro-preset M500; Roland TR-808, Jomox AirBase99, Juno 60, Alpha Juno 1&2; Touched-by-sound DRM1, Oberheim Matrix 6R, Yamaha RM1x (only for MIDI sequencing), Behringer DDX3216, Lexicon MPX500, as well as a midi patchbay and additional preamps for my mixer. Cameras: Canon HF100 (x2) and HF200. A big thank you to the amazing audience in Turku and to Turku Synth Club for arranging the gig!
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Ronald Kapaun (1 year ago)
Watched this a TON of times and this is what 'gets me' about this video. The music is PERFECTLY balanced and mixed but, I see the video wobbling and shaking with the bass lines and hits. It is live and has errors in the visuals. This is why I come back week after week. Great and powerful rendition. Additionally. Kebu appears 'in the grove' and if you have ever been there you know what I mean. He takes what Jan Hammer laid out as an outline and forces it to the next level. His mod wheel work and idiomatic playing of the guitar riffs were amazing. Keep in mind this WAS om 2012! Great work! Keep it up! BY THE THIS IS AN EDIT.... The fact that he plays this WHOLE thing 'off the cuff' and live.... he adds to my wish to something as amazing as this. Sequences are GREAT but, his level of play skill is off the charts.
Taras Pashko (19 days ago)
Ronald Kapaun е
Michael Mann (1 month ago)
Cameras are going to shake if you are rocking just right. Everything you said is true except that. Its music. Is meant to hear. How it looks shouldn't be a factor. Especially live.
René Munk Thalund (1 month ago)
@auleefor He's playing the melody on the PolySix with his right hand; hidden in that angle. Check top angle at 1:41
jo ha (1 month ago)
Goochman You are right. If you watch a minute before he switches from right to left hand with the chords and plays the main melody with right hand then...
John Hewitt (1 month ago)
Ronald Kapaun get a life you fucking pathetic bastard.
damonschumi (2 hours ago)
Good sound man !!! Make danger zone ? From top gun ? Greets
ch3fk0ch0815 (11 hours ago)
Respect! He has more talent/skill than the majority of todays "random play" DJs
rokit (12 hours ago)
Finland has the 2 best covers/mixes of this song: Kebu and Michael Cassette 💜
tompin (13 hours ago)
Today nobody now's any Crocket...
That guy (18 hours ago)
is this theme from a movie or some thing
rokit (12 hours ago)
That guy , not sure if serious but its from 80s tv series: Miami Vice
DISL DUDE (1 day ago)
pas dailleurs (2 days ago)
Alexander Sashnov (3 days ago)
Reminded me "Jean-Michel Jarre - Magnetic Fields 2 1981" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfIH9q7PuEU
Aft3r Boss (3 days ago)
Thank you for this fine Master Piece ! That's pure talent.
Lex (3 days ago)
Love this.. feels like back in the 80's
safa saifelddin (4 days ago)
wow I like it
ROSE KIRDEIKA (5 days ago)
FINNSINCE (5 days ago)
Super Muzyka Finlandia !
Knih Boh (5 days ago)
Jan Hammer comes Czechoslovakia, composed very good music... :-)
Marek Krol (5 days ago)
Dj Tiesto - Adagio For Strings
электро маньяк
jerry brown (5 days ago)
real dj at work////////
D. W. (6 days ago)
Cool die Kamara vibriert bei den Bässen. Lange her geile musik
Hunter's Moon (6 days ago)
Camera's are blurring from the bass
Техно Дом (6 days ago)
Для музыки - это и ЛЕВША и ПРАВША... Короче, УНИКУМ...
Dagoberto Álvarez (6 days ago)
Muy bueno los videos
Spider king (6 days ago)
The rend great face🤝
Tony McModeNut (7 days ago)
So fucking awesome. I so very much hope you get better soon Kebu. We need your crazy electronic antics. =)
SILLI4x4 (7 days ago)
Pystytkö tekemään tästä oman version? https://youtu.be/Dk2-_8hCsF8
El Luchovsky (7 days ago)
Lets back to 80s
Lowrider Smith (7 days ago)
Man, You do know your stuff amazingly well...! ✨👍
Victor K (7 days ago)
Hus (8 days ago)
Nice! Thumbs Up!! <3
Elias (8 days ago)
Ich Liebe Miami Vice!
ireth alcarin (9 days ago)
zajebiste 👊👏👊👏
Spigot 955i (9 days ago)
Kebu's Piantagon Level >9000
Marek Marecki (9 days ago)
Super! LIKE!😘🤩🤩🤩
Slav Pogodi (10 days ago)
во сучара
ireth alcarin (10 days ago)
CARLOS MATEO (11 days ago)
Burnett, Sonny Burnett
Andrew k Adams (11 days ago)
Lol, uh...a little melodramatic (and probably can get away with dumping about half those keyboards)
REC (11 days ago)
https://youtu.be/NOuZWPjXoWE sei un grande!!!
Tay hello this is me.
Ben Varcoe (11 days ago)
Too fast
joseph hansen (12 days ago)
Talent pretty good have an awesome mix
ROBERTO SUAREZ (12 days ago)
I like this son that is why í know is real
Юрий Шугин (12 days ago)
Юрий Шугин (12 days ago)
Ы Я этак и на балалайке сыграю даже лучше
thom fmify (13 days ago)
Und die Synthies waren noch "analog". Miami Vice hat insgesamt als Kunstform bis heute Maßstäbe gesetzt!!! Da könnt Ihr von heute, 2018, nicht annähernd heran reichen. Allein diese allgemeine Hohl-Köpfigkeit heutzuitage!!! Old-School reigns!!!!!
Fabio Gutierrez (13 days ago)
Дмитрий Х (13 days ago)
wow!!! fucking nice!!!!!!! respect!!!!!))
Gula Girantina (14 days ago)
Hammmer Ich höhr mit dem Axtwerfen auf
Harry Kappos (15 days ago)
Look ma!! ALL HANDS !!!
karl cullen (15 days ago)
i fucking love his tune
David Oh (15 days ago)
I know music and I know this needs more keyboards. I got the fever for more keyboards.
Это попросту суппер!!!👍
greg Jones (15 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8FiamBW84c check out this remix of crocketts theme!!
mariano costa (16 days ago)
Muito bom é nois
panorama80radio (16 days ago)
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Smoke YaSs (16 days ago)
"MUSIC Instructor" unplugged^^
Murat Kan (17 days ago)
Я отправился в космос)))улееееттт
Al C (17 days ago)
димитр е (18 days ago)
Бля нескончаемая музыка,музыка энергии
erhart beatrice (19 days ago)
very good sound !
Islander King (19 days ago)
Viewer number 10 million gettin close
Kori Linae Carothers (21 days ago)
Freaking amazing!!! The musicianship is outstanding! Thoroughly enjoyed watching this!
Lukas Zimmermann (21 days ago)
Oh My god! It is a bunch of keyboards
ARKADIOS (22 days ago)
OMG... I love that... memories...
arnet antonio (22 days ago)
Sony Crocket Burnett
arnet antonio (22 days ago)
Miami Vice
jye nigma (22 days ago)
Vandala G.K. (22 days ago)
Zagraj coś swojego na żywo, chłopie, bo masz tyle sprzętu i ludzi do obsługi.
Slawek L (22 days ago)
Marek Marchel (23 days ago)
wariat w plus
mysicko19 (23 days ago)
No words! I got 😮... fu...ng amazed! U fu...ng made it!!
Ciaran Dempsey (23 days ago)
Classic shite
Fabián Zucaro (23 days ago)
Bien! Casi un 0,00000000000000000000000001 % de Keith Emerson.
Donat Don (24 days ago)
And this is DJ. No that one who just play a song and pretends he does sth more special..
석상김 (24 days ago)
помню весьма издавна в кинопутешественниках ,включали эту музыку!!!
God (26 days ago)
not enough keyboards
Jony cesar (26 days ago)
The eqickment from yo the best i like... My friend died on 4.09. 18 and He like it to.. I hope yo under stand me
Fun Videos (26 days ago)
I like the part when he plays the keyboard
Jiri Hejtmanek (26 days ago)
Dictator! I listen to this over and over.
Reinhold Eberle (26 days ago)
Coole Socke 😁
Markus Hansmeier (27 days ago)
Martin Meijer (27 days ago)
I wish i was there .This is awsome
chams eddine (28 days ago)
Extra !
Dwight Renfield (28 days ago)
Love for my ears.
M S (28 days ago)
Ohh, a synth master!!
Kraftfahrer (28 days ago)
Всё это классно,однако это уже не "крокетс тема";)
Nigel Fernandes (29 days ago)
Not enough keys in this video
John M (29 days ago)
The modern day church organist
Александр Г (1 month ago)
hrq007 (1 month ago)
Wowzers. Awesome.
Francisco Silveira (1 month ago)
Genial! muito bom show.
West Point (1 month ago)
Famous sound of Korg Polysix.......
Mohammed Hussein (1 month ago)
Jorgi Petropov (1 month ago)
Bite My Krank (1 month ago)
Anyone else notice half the stuff around him isn't turned on and is there PURELY for the display value ??......ALL this was made on 1 synth and 2 sets of keys....same as on the Miami Vice Soundtrack Album. The rest is there for show only.

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