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Dreams of speaking/Singing in Tongues

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Aaron Frady (27 days ago)
I spoke in tongues in my dream and was laying hands on my step dad while speaking the message
Hi if any body read this. Kindly explain to me this. Last night when i was celebrating christmas eve on my house. And we almost drunk. I sleep on my room that night. Then suddenly i wokeup outside at the sofa and i have dream on the clouds and very white light and some singing of holy holy holy but i couldnt. See them
b'Ache collison (1 month ago)
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Monique Jamoral (1 month ago)
In my dream i worshiping God then suddenly i speak in another tongues that moment i feel i'm fulfilled with the holy spirit but my fellow believers in my dream not fulfilled with the holy spirit then they sit down and sit it look like nothing happen with them? What is the interpretation of my dream was?
Rebecca Ince (4 months ago)
Jesus loves you!!
Tsitsi Nyambirai (9 months ago)
But I was praying for people and then I started to speek in toungs and I'm only 10
Tsitsi Nyambirai (9 months ago)
I had the same second dreem
Faith (10 months ago)
I've been seeking the baptism of the Holy Ghost and to speak in tongues. I haven't got it yet, but I've had a couple dreams where I've spoken in tongues. Its amazing I want it in real waking life.
ShawBrothersGirl (10 months ago)
I don't know but I'm picking up a homosexual Spirit on you I hope I'm wrong but if I'm right fast and pray for God to deliver you from that evil spirit
Letthere belight (11 months ago)
The bible is a BOOK. The bible is not Yahweh's Scripture. The bible is a very carnal TRANSLATION of Yahweh's Scripture. The Scripture is infallible. The Sheep believe the scripture. The goats believe the carnal words in the bible. Matthew 1: 21 says : and she will bring forth a SON, and you shall call His Name YAHSHUA, for He will save His people from their sins... Verse 25 says: and he called His Name Yahshua. The name spoken of here CANNOT be " jesus " because the letter " J " come into existence ONLY less than 500 years ago . This shows Us that the Christians INVENTED the name jesus and put it in the bible less than 500 years ago. There was NO " jesus " in the KJV of 1611. Look it up. All who call upon the name " jesus " are calling upon a PAGAN name made up by Christians. All who call upon the name jesus are calling upon the name of the devil's son. Christianity is the religion of the Antichrist. The mark of the beast will be the " cross of jesus. " Truth is stranger than fiction. Bess you.
Letthere belight you need to experience Jesus, his words are so true, l have personally heard him loud and clear speak the scriptures to me.
chrissy jam (1 year ago)
Wowww!!! Amazing dreams. I dreamt that a prophet was speaking in tongues just him and me. Is there any interpretation of it? 😃 i've been wanting to have a dream like this but to speak in tongues.
Fernn (1 year ago)
Praise GOD
JMlifestyle tv (1 year ago)
I had a similar dream a while ago and it felt so beautiful. I’m not where I should be with the Holy Spirit at the moment because I’m distracted. I miss Him so much. Thank you for sharing
Letthere belight (1 year ago)
On the day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit translated Galilean into 17 different KNOWN language. Simon Only spoke Galilean and the people heard the message in their native languages. Acts 2. The Holy Spirit did the translating. Yahweh today is mixing the nations so that He can brink back the GIFT of speaking in languages. KNOWN languages. Bless you.
laura kantner (1 year ago)
I had an odd dream a few days ago where I watched myself sleep in my bedroom and it was like my spirit was apart from my body but we both were speaking in some sort of tongues. It was really weird and I can't understand it. I am a Christian and I have a lot of spiritual dreams but that was the weirdest one yet.
Alan Mats (1 year ago)
Jude24&25 (1 year ago)
I was waiting for this! I had a similar dream myself. I felt this power, hard to explain it. it felt like a glowing, but power sounds good also! I felt this amazing feeling all over my body. but not just all over, it was inside my body. I felt it in every part of my body at once. is that what you felt
Shannon Gallagher (2 years ago)
I woke up at 3:30 this morning after realizing that I was either dreaming or it was in reality but I heard a loud clap of thunder and then I began to speak in tongues but the part here that really gets me is this it woke my four year old daughter up and she began to rub my face so she heard me and I have been seeking to speak in tongue!!!
Warrior of God (2 years ago)
Wow that is really amazing!!! Ive been dreaming more of speaking in tongues lately its very interesting. God bless you :)
Ricky X (2 years ago)
I just want to thank you for sharing your belief in our Lord Jesus. I too am using social media to share the gospel. I will keep you in my prayers. May the Lord continue to bless you and use you to reach others...
Adam (2 years ago)
Revelation 14:3 - And they sang a new song before the throne and before the four living creatures and the elders. No one could learn the song except the 144,000 who had been redeemed from the earth.
R RL (2 years ago)
Jesus is coming soon. check www.ichoosemyeternitynow.wordpress.com rapture on Shavuot which is Day of Pentecost . check March posts God bless you
savedbyjesusblood (2 years ago)
Hey I'm in Auckland in June. If you and Tim are free a night I can shout dinner. I hear Dennys is good.
Patricia Jimenez (2 years ago)
This is very inspiring. Thank you so much. I was wondering when you were going to come out with another one. Not expecting one everyday. Its beautiful to be inspired by the holy spirit. What is the music in the back ground? I think something is ready and the christian people are ready. Stay strong. I was given the gift of tonnes in April. I'm still trying to understand it. I am going to a retreat May 20 and 21. It how to live in the spirit. Pray for me and my children to feel the love that you felt. I will see you in heaven. I will pray for you. I am a prayer warrior. I just found out in April also at a Magnificant breakfast. It helped heal me and I received gifts from the lord and saint michaels protection behind me. I feel like he is preparing me for what is to come. All of his people will be ready and filled with the Holy Spirit. I don't deserve any gifts. Im just a sinner but also received so many graces that Cant explain to my kids who are ages 15,18,21,23. I just look spiritually drunk some times. Any way thank you for your post and I love you. Peace be with you alway.
Rosesin Sept (2 years ago)
wow,thank you Brother!Good to see you God bless always~
beablessed1 (2 years ago)
Thank you so much for sharing this. Beautiful and encouraging! Maranatha.
Brandon Ezzard (2 years ago)
I actually had a tongues dream too last night except I was just speaking it in my dreams. I had joked with God the day before about if people can sleep-walk and talk, why can't people sleep-pray-in-tongues? It's probably because the Holy Spirit is a gentleman and doesn't force Himself on people ... but 8 hours of free nonstop prayer in the night and you'll probably wake up levitating off the bed! God bless you.
God bless you! Thanks for sharing your dream.
TysonIsKetchy (2 years ago)
Hey!!! I havent seen your videos in a while! Just woke up in the middle of the night ! Maybe i need to see this:D!

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