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TOP 10 MOST UNFORGETTABLE SINGING AUDITIONS EVER!! I do not own anything.This is just for entertainment purposes and the rights and the monetary gains goes to the original owners. No copyright intended. SAM TIME pulls the best of X Factor, Got Talent & The Voice from around the world! From the most amazing to some of the funniest auditions and performances we've ever seen! Watch them all here on ! Never miss an video so subscribe today! Share if you enjoyed it! :) Subscribe - The Voice - https://www..com/user/NBCTheVoice The X Factor - https://www..com/user/TheXFactorUK AGT - https://www..com/user/AmericasGotTalent BGT-https://www..com/user/BritainsGotTalent09 -- Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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Sam Time (1 year ago)
Subscribe For More :) Love You!!
amalar pava mary (1 month ago)
Lily Ann Arcayan (2 months ago)
whats the name of the 9th singer
nitram nayr (4 months ago)
Turn your ad settings down! Its not even your content... Im getting an ad after every performer. Not gunna waste my time watching any other vids posted by u
leonard Larrisey (5 months ago)
Christina.Ramos hit the highest note I've ever heard sung.....Wow!!!!!
daystate12345678 (11 hours ago)
The res is a bit low at 360
Maria Cristina Motta (13 hours ago)
Ele é bom né?😆
Gambit Arkana (16 hours ago)
Just a suggestion. What I would like to see are the comments from the judges. Or at least a link to the original. It's just a pain to go and search for them. That would increase your time.
anonym anonym (17 hours ago)
James Arther 😋😍
Mary Tran (1 day ago)
sponsored by dunking donuts.
Hamza Naseem (1 day ago)
2boliviano (2 days ago)
Lets be honest. The second one killed it
StrokeofLuck Golf (3 days ago)
That last dude turned into a vampire after his performance and drank all their blood VuuV
Garrett Babb (3 days ago)
9:35 is the best audition. Don't even worry about the others, you're welcome.
William Kent (4 days ago)
Ok am I the only one who doesn't like James Arthur's voice...?
Rediek (4 days ago)
James Arthur before he becomes famous ist very beautiful ☺️
John Abad (5 days ago)
The red head dude was whatever. The blonde girl with the red bandana was the best hands down.
ErgoProdigy (5 days ago)
How did we watch tv in the 90's this is so blurry
bawags 300 (5 days ago)
Susan Boyle anyone?
chralesD (6 days ago)
Am I the only one who wants to hear the judges comments after the performance ? Lol
18.40 song name?
Samantha Barton (8 days ago)
Andrew the Gothic Opera singer is so beautiful 💕
Audra Shanks (9 days ago)
Brother singing country just stole my southern heart.
Chris Mason (10 days ago)
We need song titles and timesssss
tough213 (10 days ago)
thank you so much for posting this montage of clips they are all wonderful and some mean more to me then others they are all great thank you for sharing happy holidays
MrROKinROK (11 days ago)
False advertising.
TheRandigav (11 days ago)
Feel like a natural women kicked ass too, damn she hit all those high notes
TheRandigav (11 days ago)
Wow the 2nd person that sang well she was fucken great!!.. Lol
dantes pangil (15 days ago)
Who She is,awesome audition,great voices
Phil Hanisch (15 days ago)
You must check out his special voice 😍!! https://youtu.be/ovfE9bfzwes
Sizomhle Mpungose (18 days ago)
First guy gave a whole performance ❤️
boom bacca (18 days ago)
good singers.. but the singer on this is exceptional https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwoIXdOSnAk&list=RDDwoIXdOSnAk&start_radio=1 check it out !!!!
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Trinity Lee (22 days ago)
Keaton Nelson (23 days ago)
Its like youtube said How many fucking ads can we cram in a video
Nils Krämer (25 days ago)
Wow.. Der absolute Hammer! Alle! 😍👏👏👏
Глеб Глеб (25 days ago)
17:31 Test to the sexual extremity
Глеб Глеб (25 days ago)
First of all I read the comments and decided to stop watching this after first guy
Jay Bales (26 days ago)
I remember the first time seeing each of these performances and loved them and still feel the same after several times viewing.
Dangergurl 10 (27 days ago)
Oh my god I was so freaking confused at the end XD I THOUGHT HE WAS GONNA SING SOME HARD ROCK BISH XD
Rocky jet Daguyen (29 days ago)
The 3rd guy needs more credit for the original rap song he performed. Might be a talented singer song writer right there.
Rocky jet Daguyen (29 days ago)
The 1st guy was a bit cocky and smug buuuut. Ugh yea yea he nailed it.😑😂
DeadAlcoholZombie (1 month ago)
Who's the female judge having the hardest crush on the Highway To Hell lady?
Troy Hamilton (1 month ago)
Never judge a book by its cover.
Lesley Mathie (1 month ago)
The guy singing Hello is terrible.
Chester John Somes (1 month ago)
That girl judge is going to nail that second contestant.
PJ Francisco (1 month ago)
the Justin bieber look a like sing awesome
Sabrina Glaviano (1 month ago)
Christina is amazing. If I tried to sing that high, my voice would literally break
alex garcia (1 month ago)
La cancion de opera
alex garcia (1 month ago)
Como se llama la cancion que canto la muchacha?
Ramunas Serpenskas (1 month ago)
Is it just me, or a girl at 09:20 is very hot?
Mystic Arrowzz (1 month ago)
Jamie Archer Is A Living LEGEND. On of the best rock vocalist i have ever heard. Besides Steven Tyler
eemarko (1 month ago)
Why 360p all of it :(
fl6stringer (1 month ago)
Sorry guys, I don't think he should have tried Kings of Leon. Tough song, tougher voice.
Erind Avdiu (1 month ago)
The quality is terrible
Aswin Rp (1 month ago)
The mimicry guy was unforgettable alright
Nomadic Pioneer (1 month ago)
Okay the way you got this laid out it's pretty good but the best part is their comments at the end from the judges you pretty much cut all that out so no I'm not going to subscribe sorry
GameAbuse (1 month ago)
The more i listen to these Louisa Johnson the more i think she is the best singer that ever set foot on the stage. I really think her voice is more powerful and fluid than many legendary singers. All she lacks is the great hits that will make her evergreen and the greatest female singer to this time, but as faith wanted,she has to record shitty teenage songs in order to make a living out of what she likes-singing
Song at 11:30 please..!!
Nadine HaPunkt (28 days ago)
https://youtu.be/J2xc8xZ0tV0 this
Raine Justin Mateo (1 month ago)
The first guy makes the audition his concert
Highway to hell and the last guy..pretty much the rest were crap..who made this list?
Michael R P Buckley (1 month ago)
Makes me smile so dam hard when they do so well.
Terrie Tackett (1 month ago)
Jamie Archer, you look like my first husband...Sigh...
Abby Babby (1 month ago)
Highway to Hell, can I drive? My favorite so far is Louisa, what a singer. She has the talent to go where ever she decides.
Olwyn Young (1 month ago)
James Arthur from my home town. Bless him.
nikolozka1 (1 month ago)
the first guy was a karaoke level at best
Sieber 2111 (1 month ago)
Jamie Archer!. Guauuuii!!!!!!!!!! Yea!!!!!!👍🎆🎉🎊😀😊😗!!!!!!!
19:41that horse voice is a panty dropper
Simon jus said wow...to that lady hu did Aretha Franklin-Natural woman....wow
Ramona (1 month ago)
Lol this unreal this gotta be a a witchy mockery act how They channel so many voices where are this guys anyways
Все они великолепны,смотрела немало один и ещё посмотрю,благодарю!
mike- rayner-videos (1 month ago)
love the first one <3
Irina Martin (1 month ago)
The boy singing Witney And the gott singing opera make my hair raise up
Irina Martin (1 month ago)
The blonde was wonderful the same good as opera girl!
Victor Aedo (1 month ago)
concuerdo plenamente, fueron presenraciones ¡inolvidables!. Gracias por la selección realizada.
pgrounduk (1 month ago)
The woman ( second one ) is amaziiiing , I think I love her
Mitsuo Mits (1 month ago)
The afro guy looks like that guy from the 70s who sings "In the Summer Time" (not sure if that's the actual tittle)
Mitsuo Mits (1 month ago)
+Lorraine Harris 😃
Lorraine Harris (1 month ago)
Mungo jerry, he does a bit ,well that gives my Age away, lol
Vanessa Chavez (2 months ago)
The first guy is a freakin ROCKSTAR !
Giwrgos Ken (2 months ago)
"Skips the opera cuz -this shit aint my style-" "Reads the comments" "Goes back to watch the video" "Realizes the biggest mistake of my life"
John Wick (2 months ago)
Looking back at it again James should have played in Peaky Blinders
אריק בר (2 months ago)
Simone_Hufflepuff (2 months ago)
Where is Calum Scott with Dancing on my own? He‘s so much better than some of these....
Chris (2 months ago)
Goddamnit almost all of these made me tear up
ff FF (2 months ago)
Is that george ezra at the back stage cheering for apro contestant?
Cleusa Eli Aparecida (2 months ago)
Adorei!!! Nunca me canso de assistir a essa apresentação do Archer, sua voz é melhor q do próprio cantor.
Jojo Areglamos (2 months ago)
wats so teary about wer young??? common guys
Kristian Bohr (2 months ago)
Afro Jamie nailed it.
حسان شيخ (2 months ago)
No way !! All of them are incredible and in the same time they’re not famous!!
Reah Poralan (2 months ago)
1st 💪
Lily Ann Arcayan (2 months ago)
whats the name of the 9th singer?
mariajobel arcabado (2 months ago)
The first one is just like.. I don't care what's gonna happen but this is my time and i will have my concert dream right here. right now. And I'll diffntly enjoy..🙌 😁😂💖
Eddie (2 months ago)
The first guy is performing in the audition hall. That's awesome!!
jolene payne (2 months ago)
Who is the 1 at 17.02 with the funny voices?
henry Wolford (2 months ago)
The blonde judge is smoking hot
jolene payne (2 months ago)
Who’s singing at 18.32 please?
geckoblaze48 (2 months ago)
what in the hell is with all these adds.
Suraj Sahani (2 months ago)
1st one in not audition feel like he is already legend tha way he commanding his vocal & audience.
BlzVince91 Fortnite (2 months ago)
Lil trump killed it !
74' Blvd Bay (2 months ago)
thanks for this videos <3
PreacherMotive (2 months ago)
Anil Hettiarachchi (2 months ago)
First one makes Simon singing
Princess Roda (2 months ago)
when you realize you feel in love with the nigga😍
TenDisks (2 months ago)
Jamie was literally too good for the X Factor. <3

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