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Fightland Meets Daniel Cormier: Fightland.com

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http://Fightland.com travels to the American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose, California, to meet the two-time Olympian as he prepares for his long-awaited UFC debut this weekend. Check out the official Fightland site for more: http://www.Fightland.com Follow Fightland on Twitter and Facebook for updates! http://facebook.com/fightland http://twitter.com/fightland Check out the Best of VICE here: http://bit.ly/VICE-Best-Of Subscribe to VICE here! http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (586)
Jakob Nance (1 month ago)
AKA is the one the best mma gyms in the world hands down
Jakob Nance (1 month ago)
I know he can bet Jon Jones. But it has to be at heavyweight
J Mallett (1 month ago)
Huge DC fan
Sammy foo (2 months ago)
2019 anyone?
Zey Seeker (2 months ago)
Much respect for DC and AKA !
Last Earthbender (2 months ago)
There are lots of great fighters in MMA, but only a few great people. DC is one of them. That's why I can never root for Jon Jones.. Sure he's a very skilled fighter and I admire that but he's a piece of shit person.
Kamran Mogel (3 months ago)
Man I don’t know how people hate on DC. Dude seems like a great guy.
Don Juan Bob Jovi (3 months ago)
Only real double champ DC
Bishop Bryant (4 months ago)
Awesome role model
Kaiser Sozze (4 months ago)
impresive carear,masive respect to DC
Apex (5 months ago)
Damn watching this now is kinda crazy, from DC admiring Jones to the foreshadowing of light-heavyweight and heavyweight belts.
Danny Pena (6 months ago)
Great vid
Danny Pena (6 months ago)
Dc and Cain!
Abraham Lincoln (6 months ago)
This seems so long ago. Now seeing DC as the P4P number 1 in UFC with two belts on his shoulders. Man! Champ Champ!
i.e.m. (6 months ago)
In the 2nd fight with Jones I honestly thought he would win, he was contolling the fight, out-boxing Jones... but unfortunately he got caught. DC is brilliant. He is a winner in life though unlike Jones.
Steven Maniapoto (7 months ago)
Jones is a fake
Nahid Ahmed (7 months ago)
Olympian and now 2 weight world champion #theskysthelimit
I Hate Trolls (7 months ago)
Man its crazy how awesome of a human Daniel is. He is such a positive person. They had another video where he was training younger kids free of charge he often flys kids to wrestling meets on his own dime. The guy has become my favorite fighter.
elijah spadez (8 months ago)
2018 Double champ!
Kalvin Kutal (9 months ago)
Double Camp now, respect sir
Brock Lewis (9 months ago)
Double champ now boy
Jango Bango (9 months ago)
CHAMP champ!!!
Qwami Ade (9 months ago)
Henry Gucci (9 months ago)
Five years later he’s a LHW champ and a HW champ. I ain’t even a DC fan. My boy is Jon Jones. But I respect DC a lot
David Kiperman (9 months ago)
Johnny Dabs (9 months ago)
Jason Richardson (9 months ago)
My opinion has changed over the years but all these years later I believe DC IS the best ever. I'm considering in and out of the ring. He is just a dann good at it all. Fighting, life, family, friendship, coach, analyst on and on.
Andro Libre (10 months ago)
damn.....first fight was 250
Man, the way he described his mindset in the fight against Barnett was incredible. He is a true soldier of MMA. He has the heart of a lion and the mind of a human...fight Jon Jones for the third time and plz knock him the fuck out
So cormier was beaten by his parents? I'm just kidding Danny boy...do us MMA fans a favor and beat the fuck out of Jon Jones plz. He's such a dick and doesn't deserve anything he's got except a criminal record.
Hammering Hank (11 months ago)
Why are his eyes so red? He must be stoned af
Rahul Sharma (11 months ago)
''i think jon jones is best'' woah seeing this in 2018 is overwhelming :)
foxybrown2 (1 year ago)
He beat Josh Barnett??
ChRoNiC (11 months ago)
Yeah it was during the 2012 Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix. DC came in as a replacement and ended up winning the Grand Prix beating Josh in the finals. I was a huge fan of Josh at that time to, I hated DC since that day lol
Jonathan Ramirez (1 year ago)
Original Mac (1 year ago)
The Barnett fight was his true coming out party. That fight was incredible, I'd never seen anyone do that to Barnett.
truth tæller (1 year ago)
Hail the King of the Grind. we mortals can only dream of being able too put in that kin of work
and the NEW
Joseph Jedidah (1 year ago)
Hes cheesy and corny but I respect his ethics
John Smith (1 year ago)
damn bro DC really let chris know he was too fuckin slow right in front of the cameras and the whole team. i hope chris has increased his speed these last 5 years.
John Valdez (1 year ago)
DC please visit Aaden Valdez in Pueblo Colorado. He lost his hand and his eye in a firework accident last 4th of July. He just took second in State at 132lbs. He would be so inspired to meet you some day. THANK YOU CHAMP!
Michael Frick (1 year ago)
Truly a fan after watching this
JayNo (1 year ago)
Best non-doper of all time!
JLDoubleU (1 year ago)
4 years later still undefeated.
JLDoubleU (1 year ago)
Ehhhh how trustworthy was Bones' first fight? He's a great martial artist but C O C A I N E S A H E L L U V A D R U G
VikingFitness (1 year ago)
he lost twice to JBJ but the latest loss was a NC
Omega Man (1 year ago)
"Preparing for his UFC debut.". Holy shit...
jscriv (1 year ago)
Great Video! Im there wasn't any Meryl Streep, Leftist Propaganda nonsense on MMA.
Carlos Martin (1 year ago)
man I completely forgot DC fought barnett, what a beast
Weston 1878 (1 year ago)
Man like DC
Rise Gym (1 year ago)
Russell Dingle (1 year ago)
it's took a while but i a DC fan but i like JJ to. o fuck up so i more like JJ. DC is a top fighter an guy .
kewltony (1 year ago)
damn carlton banks can fight
TC Swag (1 year ago)
Met him at McCarran int Airport " in vegas" upon our arrival . He was in line at a sandwich stand in front of me by himself . Both waiting I introduced myself and he was totally cool , dude signed my ufc t-shirt I frantically dug out of suitcase and took pictures with me and my "at the time chick" stand up guy and one of the best ever , fuck that failure bones Jones junkie ass .
TC Swag (1 year ago)
DC special fighter , imagine if he came on to the seen 5 or 10 yrs earlier ? Too bad bones was jucied up the majority of his career n especially during the dc bouts . Kinda Fucked up dc legacy .
mike v (1 year ago)
Nico Repetto (1 year ago)
I can't believe people rout for Jones of this man
He had his pro debut at 30. Kind of inspiring.
Amazing man! I really wish he would've been able to fight Jon Jones! "I'm willing to go 'far' (i.e. break someone's arm) to win"! EPIC.
Luis Chok-Nee (1 year ago)
Paper champ
VSVP J (1 year ago)
Ended up becoming the LW heavyweight championship. Dope
Domagoj (1 year ago)
dick masterson (1 year ago)
big foots always getting koed lol
Otizzle God (1 year ago)
Real champion
Barinder Singh (1 year ago)
i love daneil he is ture champ
blade83336 (1 year ago)
Tbh when I first saw n herd of DC on strike force in the tournament, I thought he had no chance in hell, not only did he win he's ufc current champ. Respect
J 1 (1 year ago)
fat ass dc
John Spry (1 year ago)
He honestly seems like a good guy and I want him to shut Jones down... will he.. I hope.. I don't know.. but I hope
M (1 year ago)
smash JON JONES go up to heavyweight smash STIPE MIOCIC g.o.a.t.
JamminJamin 22 (1 year ago)
DC is a real class act
Nikki (1 year ago)
please beat Jon coke Jones
Mark Kenna (1 year ago)
very boring fighter
Brian Miller (1 year ago)
Mark Kenna if you think DC is boring, please do yourself a favour and never watch another fight again.
loved the interview, cormier is one of my favorite fighters
dubenstein (2 years ago)
He has a great humble attitude and a passionate teammate. his credentials from wrestling is unreal. it's amazing how well Jon Jones handled the wrestling aspect in their fight. DC is great
ronki23 (2 years ago)
Damn he used to be big; he looks much better now he's lost the weight. Once he beats Jon Jones he should move up to heavyweight and Cain should cut down to light heavyweight
Timothy Lai (2 years ago)
respect DC
TonyMon16 (2 years ago)
kind of a shame really. Cain didnt stay at top very long, and fucking im 100% sure had dc stayed hw he would still be undefeated and a champ. Problem is Jone is just too good and lhw cormier just cant beat him, even though he dominates everyone else he fighst at lhw. From a competitive/honor side he made the right call but for his career/legacy he should have stayed at hw, But knowing all this we should give Dc more respect for choosing the more difficult route. If dc beats jones now, people will just say Jones long lay off made him rusty and the drugs ruined him. UFC shoudnt make jones fight for belt straight away its dumb.
jojojaykay (2 years ago)
God, I love Cormier. I just wish he could beat jones.
Just Felix (2 years ago)
who would have guessed that pushing down on the towel would help u lose 1.2 pounds in 90seconds
Bryant R (2 years ago)
wow, he weighed 250 at one point??
Jade1 (2 years ago)
4.27 Track----------------------------------?
BoltSpeedmanG (2 years ago)
People that cheer for Jon Jones and boo Cormier need to fuck of he's a legend
Aaron Cherry (2 years ago)
inspiring video
Sagar Chandalia (2 years ago)
What is that song playing in background of this video?
Normal Dude (2 years ago)
That part of armbar and kimura locks was cringe as fuck
liam wilson (2 years ago)
Great guy 👌🏿
richard barajas (2 years ago)
I have a new respect for cormier
Serenity Silva (7 months ago)
Me too. Since he admitted “Jon Jones is the best”.
richard barajas so do I
mikey bananas (2 years ago)
DC is underrated, wonderful striking paired with olympic level wrestling
Average Jabroni (1 year ago)
mikey bananas what’s crazy is his stand up gets better every fight.
normalnormansizzle (2 years ago)
Fightland meets double cheesburger cormier
harsh gupta (2 years ago)
starting song name pliss
EstraDa (2 years ago)
Soul Khan - Mr Governor........................
Nilavra Pathak (2 years ago)
I like DC ... he is funny awesome wrestler and teaches also to create the next brand of wrestlers and fighters ... hope he wins against Jones
SnowMan2595 (2 years ago)
Dude if I had a kid I would 100% want DC to train him
Celso Bernal (3 months ago)
Joseph Press (9 months ago)
Late reply but if you live near San Jose, CA you can have him train them, I personally had dc as my coach in wrestling when I wasn't in high school and it is incredible. He goes to your tournaments, the room they train in is bigger now, and the other coaches are all College wrestlers or even Olympic wrestlers.
JD (1 year ago)
SnowMan2595 if I had a kid I'd want DC to be his dad
funnifakas (3 years ago)
DC is king. Fuck jon jones
funnifakas (2 years ago)
+Jordan Gonzalez the better man doesn't always win. I rootef for DC the first time and I will root for him this time.
wutang (2 years ago)
i got respect for dc but Jon jones is better and you know it
Wan Fazlyn (3 years ago)
Bill Pence (3 years ago)
very very well done
John Phillip II (3 years ago)
Cormier is a corny sellout. Indoctrinated, establishment wannabe. Must sit around all day, watch Fox News and kiss anyone's ass who could be of help to him. God I hate people like that. Unfortunately there are so many of these soulless losers in our society. Collectively fucking up our world. Hopeful this obsolete energy continues to die out over the coming years.
Jurrit de Haan (2 years ago)
he's had a rough background, and had a Professional demeanor when jones' tested positive, he could've bashed Jones but he decided not to.. That's class. Any man/woman that is willing to step in the cage with some of the most dangerous dudes in the planet and come out victorious most of the time with the occasional ups and downs has a serious mental game going on.. They do what others don't dare doing, hardly to be called soulless.
John Phillip II (2 years ago)
JobeMinacum (2 years ago)
H'okay Jon Jones. Do you seriously think I'm gonna let you sit there and talk shit?
Terry S (3 years ago)
Cormier has a reputation as being one of the nicest fighters in MMA.
Demiseem Demiseem (1 year ago)
Josh V Wait so you're not a casual? But you got mcgregor avi
Josh V (2 years ago)
Terry S pain brings growth. this man has been thru it all. casuals might not like him, but he's in my top 3 fav
Pitate (2 years ago)
+great567 I will I'll just carry a knife or a gun
David Bow Wow (2 years ago)
I have a feeling he backed out against Johnson because he just couldn't fight his homie.
Keith Maher (3 years ago)
Latest rumours coming out that he is injured, please God don't let it be true :(
Pepi Os (3 years ago)
my fav fighter
Jek Tono Porkins (3 years ago)
I want this guy to beat the hell out of Jon Jones.
Gladiator King (2 months ago)
Collin Quarles too scared to fight him as a heavyweight also
Collin Quarles (11 months ago)
Unfortunately Jon Jones was too scared to fight him clean.
ChRoNiC (11 months ago)
To bad he will never be able to beat JBJ.
Andrew Wood (2 years ago)
banquoF I'd vote for him
m9ronaldo (3 years ago)
I love Cormier
BigBadWolf (3 years ago)
This was very well made. I have no clue why but I feel it. It had lots of depth and emotion. It was meta and I totally connected. The style was great and the music matched perfectly. Very well done Sam Winter et. al.
Brendan Bate (3 years ago)
i agree man. i was just thinking the same thing. You get a connection with DC. well done again Vice
方蚂蚁 (3 years ago)

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