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The Guardian Angel of Guatemala: Profiles by VICE

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Check out all the Profiles by VICE here: http://bit.ly/1oC1nAS By day, Dr. Jorge Chiu is a cardiothoracic surgeon. By night, he volunteers as a paramedic to help the violence-ridden streets of Guatemala City. There's no telling what he'll be dealing with on any given night. One moment Dr. Chiu will be dealing with a house fire—the next he'll be treating gunshot wounds. In this episode of Profiles by VICE, photographer Giles Clarke traveled to Guatemala City to learn the gritty truth about Dr. Chiu's alter ego as a Guatemalan guardian angel. Check out Giles Clarke's photo series "Riding Shotgun to Murder Scenes with Guatemala City's Overworked Volunteer Paramedics": http://bit.ly/1j7j2RM Check out the Profiles by VICE playlist here: http://bit.ly/1ljPwrf Subscribe to VICE here! http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (1838)
Johnny Blaze (8 days ago)
You are a great man
HNTIBOOTH Official (23 days ago)
They actually slide down pools
xoxo 2018 (1 month ago)
What a man!!!
dacealksne (1 month ago)
sounds too good to be true
HJ K (2 months ago)
Wow..you know a country can be pretty gnarly when a dog licking the blood of a guy who just got capped in the street is no big thing. Respect for the doctor. Guys like him are super rare these days.
Adriana s (3 months ago)
My city 💞🇬🇹
Joel Rodriguez (3 months ago)
god be with you my cousin
erick rosales (4 months ago)
I still believe San Pedro sula is more dangerous but man god help these ppl
Jorge Chiu (3 months ago)
erick rosales san pedro sula has less per day, but if you make the statistics, acording to the population, its bigger the death toll
Matilda Sundvall (4 months ago)
Cherry (4 months ago)
I had an experience when I went to Guatemala to visit my family whenever i was going to the airport to head back there was a dead body in the street The police were there covering it and examining what had happened I was frightened because I knew things like this happen but I never thought to see it for myself. It is so upsetting for me because this is a country that I am proud to say that is mine. Of course not the violence and everything but the beauty and the difference you don’t get to see anywhere else. Then knowing not many people will help but critique the country for the violence instead of trying to help by loaning or giving us medical supplies or even some food maybe... but no they watch behind a television just judging a country that shouldn’t be judged. But loved by many
Rama Narayan (5 months ago)
He is great man I salute him. One out of billion.
William Hamilton (5 months ago)
HUGE respect to educated and skilled people who choose to stick around and make their struggling country a better place. He could have copped out and moved his family to any number of better-off places, but there he is serving his people in his nation. Enorme chapín.
Guillermo Miranda (5 months ago)
Linda mi Guatemala uno de Los 10 paises mas bonitos del mundo pero uno de Los mas peligrosos tambien sobre todo en la capital.
Irontale (5 months ago)
07:21 this ... :/ idk why sticks the most to me She is hiding but still got killed she in kneeling in her own pool of blood gosh dang\ probably coming home from work or being with her friends and just gone never to see her family again
Mark von Schober (6 months ago)
Fucking “SAINT”
Mark von Schober (6 months ago)
Hope this doctor/guardian angel get his 99 virgins in heaven ( he truly deserves it)
Martin Lopez-Servin (6 months ago)
La violencia de la preocupacion VATO
Deadinsideandout (6 months ago)
“Poppy why were you drink the blood” *Poppy looks around*
Craig Peterson (6 months ago)
Cudos to all the brave men and women doing a hard job in near impossible conditions.
Gabriel Espina (6 months ago)
Wow urbanization took a toll on the world
Red pilled patriot (6 months ago)
This man is amazing, God Bless him!
THE WOAT (6 months ago)
heroes love my country🇬🇹
Logan Thomas (6 months ago)
As a paramedic in America, this is shocking to watch. Such disrespect for the field, crowding of victims and the emergency responders working on them, blatant and boundary-less gawking from every bystander, and disgusting hospitals. Equipment from the 1980s meets medieval living conditions. Truly disturbing.
Kristian Mendoza (7 months ago)
God bless this man, much love from Los Angeles.
David (7 months ago)
Not all hero’s wear capes
I’m Guatemalan I have much respect for these men, it’s a beautiful but dangerous place
zNytro YT (7 months ago)
Bobby Rhodes (8 months ago)
That dude is a true champ
Adalberto Modes (9 months ago)
I salute you sir, with a tremendous amount of respect! Thank you!
Oh' Snap (9 months ago)
That doctor and the other volunteers have a heart larger than the country they live in! People like them are very rare and hard to come by!!!
jordi grant (9 months ago)
Holy shit I need to go home and help my country :(
rafael marwati royere (9 months ago)
Not all heroes wear capes..
rafael marwati royere (9 months ago)
How does this guy stay sane after seing the worst parts of society..
Ally Young (9 months ago)
Amazing man amongst men. Every one of them heroes. From Australia ☺
digifotocluj DML (10 months ago)
What a guy🙌 respect from Romania 🇷🇴
shxcnt cvhxggmt (10 months ago)
Incredible guy
Mike (10 months ago)
This hero deserve a better car
Samuel Saw (10 months ago)
Thanks doc you deserve the heaven
Debbie Silva (10 months ago)
My hat of to you Doc!! God Bless!
Lord Farquaad (11 months ago)
i was born in the us but i have family in guatemala. I miss being there such an awesome place ...best teen years ever
justinjex1 (11 months ago)
Just finished the intro. What a Saint. Thank you for sharing, makes me strive to be a better person.
Jorge Chiu (10 months ago)
justinjex1 thanks justin. Please share it with your friends. Thats how had came across with people to help out. Merry Christmas
Mineav (11 months ago)
Damn, that place is a fucking war zone. Very sad.
Norman the great (11 months ago)
God bless him and hopefully Guatemala rise up
Joshuaszn (11 months ago)
Bless that man
bubsies jensen (1 year ago)
The human race is failing.
Wilson Cabrera (1 year ago)
Los putos gobierno no hacen nada
SERIOUS PARTY (1 year ago)
Mil Respetos Doc.. las palabras no hacen justicia para lo que usted hace.
jaxeny r (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for bringing awareness about this, especially about a country like Guatemala.
12T90 LSD25 (1 year ago)
That dog was like " HEY IM A DOG"
12T90 LSD25 (1 year ago)
My God be with these ppl
ingiborg (1 year ago)
You really are an angel
Flora Castro (1 year ago)
No thank you so much for helping the people of Guatemala. You truly are a hero. I wish more people would understand that with love and a helping hand much can be accomplished. I will be positing this video..... thank you vice productions as well
JJ Frost (1 year ago)
give this man a Nobel peace prize!
Jorge Chiu (10 months ago)
JJ Frost hahaha. I wished. Best of lucks
this guy should be given the whole country
the1 ramirez (1 year ago)
trully an angel., not many people would do this.,.,
Captain Mango (1 year ago)
There are several heroes here in Guatemala City.....My Dentist (Oral surgeon) was late for my appointment , I inquired as to why - "He is doing charity reconstructive surgery on a child at the public hospital" I chose to wait for him - no matter how long it took! Hat's off to you Dr Alex! And to those like you!
BornAgain Savage (1 year ago)
Bendiciones de las más bellas para ti y para cada uno de ustedes que dedican sus vidas para servir como ejemplos de lo que se puede lograr con Amor, compasión, y comprensión. 🙏🏾🌀🙏🏾💞🙏🏾
Nanu N (1 year ago)
In many ways you are very incredible. You make a difference to anyone you saved. You have some purpose more important to you than money, you have reward that is more important than money. You got that right.
P r a d B i t t (1 year ago)
fuck man....
Nj Rocks (1 year ago)
Imagine if you had an entire country with clones of this man it would be the biggest superpower to rival that of the US in economy, production, education, research.
Jorge Chiu (10 months ago)
Nj Rocks hahaha. I wish it could be possible. Happy holidays
WRaphael Casas (1 year ago)
I lived in Guatemala for five years and currently have dual citizenship. This short was very well put together as well as informative. Thank you
Mathilde Rieder (1 year ago)
Jorge Chiu, eres un hombre increíble y estoy tan orgullosa tenerte en mi vida. Tu trabajo es único y tu corazón de oro. Un gran hombre.
Diego Sosa (1 year ago)
The world is all too dark, but this man right here is a small glimmer of light and for that I say keep on rocking Guardian Angel of Guatemala
sean kendig (1 year ago)
can i visit you..i.m well to donate a few thousand to you..you need a new car..
Dregio Ramos (1 year ago)
Well fuck me.
Gemma Jensen (1 year ago)
Much respect to that man.
Aamer Zaheer (1 year ago)
since people like this doctor walk upon face of earth,I wouldn't loose my faith in mankind. salute to this doctor
lostenso (1 year ago)
I wish this is wayyy longer. Should have made a full fledged documentary.
lobomuerto11 (1 year ago)
it's like some post apocalyptic society in central/ south America
Kristian Jörgensen (1 year ago)
lobomuerto11 Central America is in general way worse of than South America, with the exception of Costa Rica. Guatemala is furthermore worse of then most Central American countries.
ruffinist (1 year ago)
7:05 "puppy why were you drinking the blood of a dead person?"
Dr. Thomas Fister (1 year ago)
god bless people like him.
wintermute3d (1 year ago)
Vampire dog
dlz124 (1 year ago)
Someone buy this man a new legit paramedic truck. He deserve every bit of it !
Big Willy Wallace (1 year ago)
This guy really is a guardian angel. Huge respect and esteem for him. Guatemala looks like a shithole.
Big Willy Wallace (1 year ago)
Jorge Chiu - thanks for your reply and your insight Jorge. The parts depicted here are certainly very unencouraging. Thanks for your inspiring work & good luck.
Jorge Chiu (1 year ago)
Peter Wallace Guatemala has two totally different worlds and way of living. of course the majority of people here are poor and with poverty and unequallity, crime is rampant, but of course like any onther country in the world has some beautiful aread as well
Lifebeam87 (1 year ago)
Thanks to the US
Big Willy Wallace (1 year ago)
Andrea Valle - fair point, I understand
Andrea Valle (1 year ago)
Peter Wallace the documentary only depicts the worst part of the capital city, but there are some pretty amazing places as well. Not all the country look like that.
Income Trek (1 year ago)
Dr Chiu, I live in America and I'd still like to say thank you!
Vato Loco. 502 (1 year ago)
Thomas Miller (1 year ago)
this should have been like a 90 minute doc. Really interesting
siberwolf33 (1 year ago)
People living in dumps. I just cannot comprehend that.
Jorge Chiu (3 months ago)
siberwolf33 they have no other place to go
Ruy Roberto (1 year ago)
OMG Im so lucky living in a country without all this shit...
Ruy Roberto (1 year ago)
sure, but like I said, nothing like this... not even close...
Ruy Roberto (1 year ago)
of course, but nothing like this... the rate of homicide is very low... no gangs known.. etc...
Socram502 (1 year ago)
Ruy Roberto idk where you live bud...but every country has that rough town or city
Puchito puchito (1 year ago)
I am 100% and I try to help my people back home, but this man is amazing, god bless you and your family. keep up the good work
Jorge Chiu (1 year ago)
Puchito puchito muchas gracias
Alucard 303 (1 year ago)
Hey at least you try most people don't give a crap.
Benaiah Uchiha-Senju (1 year ago)
"the men that are trying to make this world a worse place are not taking a day off... how can i?... light up the darkness" -Bob Marley
BrieMode 2007 (2 years ago)
I'm a chapina myself this makes me really sad
田中太郎 (2 years ago)
I am a Japanese. I want to be a doctor. So I study hard every day to pass the medical school entrance exams.
Jorge Chiu (1 year ago)
田中太郎 good luck
田中太郎 (1 year ago)
I am going to take the entrance exams tommorow. I am a little nervous now. I will do my best. Thank you!!
Gio Gunz (2 years ago)
may god bless u in many ways doctor
FDSeoul San Diego (2 years ago)
Low IQ race. eat sleep and shit where they live. LOL
Tanmang42 (1 year ago)
+FDSeoul San Diego I feel ashamed to have you as a part of the human species.
FDSeoul San Diego (1 year ago)
The water is crystal clear unlike these mother fuckers.
Alucard 303 (1 year ago)
Go jump off the Coronado bridge please.
spongebobspongebob24 (1 year ago)
Racist. Poor management and corruption perpetrated by the government is actually the reason this nation is in its current state; probably even culture-related. Your race has nothing to do with your cognitive ability.
Damesio John (2 years ago)
Dios te bendiga y te proteja por todo lo que haces por los chapines brother.
Thuis is the real life in Guatemala, open your Eyes World
The knowledge frontier (2 years ago)
Please share this video! For the greater good
MizuKageG (2 years ago)
Eww, that dog is licking human blood, nasty
Flax (2 years ago)
What an incredible man
Lao Kartoon (2 years ago)
WOW! Amazing
Kazeem Khan (2 years ago)
This is the great mayan race ffs ,poor bastards lol..
pat glennon (1 year ago)
camel shagger-the world
Boss Player (2 years ago)
go make me a kabob you sandnigger lol
Luis Monroy (2 years ago)
fuck you bitch
Boss Player (2 years ago)
shut up bitch!!!
Kevinkpboy gomez (2 years ago)
you dont know what u saying crker
Roberto González (2 years ago)
God bless you guys
Roberto González (2 years ago)
God bless you guys
Nano Reyes (2 years ago)
God bless you Doc!! Thumbs up !
phazoneatermetroid77 (2 years ago)
That not Roosevelt public hospital. Its San Juan de Dios Hospital.
Jorge Chiu (2 years ago)
actually is both, the outside is the San Juan de Dios, but inside are some parts of roosvelt, so both are there
Craig Zombar (2 years ago)
that 25 billion going towards Trump's Wall give it to that department, and that hospital.
Craig Zombar (2 years ago)
Yea we know:(. but if you want to set up a GoFundMe page and have Vice/Last Week Tonight w/ John Oliver support it. you'll get all the funds you need :). 
Jorge Chiu (2 years ago)
well Craig, with the 10th of a part , we would be super happy, we have to buy our supplyes with our own money before we take a shift. Its amazing how difficult is to run a fire dept with no money, and the little money gets mis used or stolen by corrupt officials, thanks for your good wishes, but Mr. Trump will never even turn to look at me or my men,
The three-eyed Prophet (2 years ago)
Razvan Sedekiah (2 years ago)
This guy is awesome! Not only does he reprimand the dog in the nicest way possible, but he risks his life to save the lives of others. I wish I was that strong and smart. No one is perfect, but this guy is trying to help. He is beautiful in that way.
Jorge Chiu (2 years ago)
thank you. I bet you are a great person as well
Razvan Sedekiah (2 years ago)
"Puppy, why were you drinking the blood of the dead person, that's not okay."
pat glennon (1 year ago)
bold puppy,bold

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