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The dangerous ways ads see women | Jean Kilbourne | TEDxLafayetteCollege

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Never miss a talk! SUBSCRIBE to the TEDx channel: http://bit.ly/1FAg8hB Pioneering activist and cultural theorist Jean Kilbourne has been studying the image of women in advertising for over 40 years. In this rapid-fire, passionate, and highly entertaining talk, she discusses the experiences that inspired her to create this new field and vividly illustrates how these images affect us all. You'll never look at an ad in the same way again. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
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CloudyGamer41 (22 days ago)
U know whats concerning The fact that I am 11 and I managed to find this video 12:50 Im fairly sure people do this because its uncomfortable
Mahmoud kAMAL EL-DIN (1 month ago)
I'm really happy to listen these words from Western women. All what u said is true. But You know there's a religion called Islam Our holy book told us that facts 1400 years ago :"O Prophet! Tell the wives and daughters, and the believing women, that they should cast their outer garments over their persons (when abroad): that is most convenient, that they should be known (as such) and not molested. And Allah is Oft- Forgiving, Most Merciful." That for women. And For men Allah told us :"Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty: that will make for greater purity for them: And Allah is well acquainted with all that they do." We aren't against women freedom. But u know It's only protection not only for women but also for men
firestorm1864 (1 month ago)
''default dances''
Charlotte Auchter (1 month ago)
when she starts talking about how white men can't be in abusive relationships i wanted to die
Bharat Manral (1 month ago)
Most of the ads are ludicrous, offensive, and show women as objects. Not just in ads, in songs, it's on another level. And it feels like everyone is okay with it in the name of "progressive", liberal, and my favorite "modernization".
Grace Sapriina (1 month ago)
the speaker is awsom ^
Logan Gomez (1 month ago)
I hope changes take place within the next 10 years, at least before the big global warming phenomenon, before it's too late.
R DVD (3 months ago)
I love this woman she gets her point across with humour and seriousness! Good job!
Rohit Goswami (3 months ago)
Honey welcome
PrincessXDevonny (3 months ago)
Loved it!
Mr Cabot (6 months ago)
TARGET Australia is waging a war against men, check out their new range for little girls.
Bonobo3D (6 months ago)
Excellent presentation. Jean Kilbourne's work collecting and discussing these ads is important.
Eddie Datz (7 months ago)
Wow! Thank you Jean Kilbourne for creating such an important presentation (while making it entertaining too!) Looking forward to being a part of the generation that learns from the past and promotes healthier advertisements for boys and girls of all ages!
Tonima Masum (9 months ago)
Where can I find the script for this?
Sílvia Costa (9 months ago)
OMG she's hilarious. I also stop to watch TV but ads are everywhere and controlling our minds.
lexi lyles (9 months ago)
A lovely message.
I AM (11 months ago)
Nolan (1 year ago)
I agree 100% and at the same time suggest that we all look where and how we spend our bucks, if it in any way supports the type of conduct we are trying to stop then spend it another way.  Stopping the buck can stop the problem.
Hen. Jamz (1 year ago)
that dep add was funny though, its meant to be ridiculous. It sells the product. Marketing doesn't have to respect people lol
Centrist Shenanigans (1 year ago)
but it's women who are consented into working in these ads. Isn't feminism about the right for a woman to do what she wants with her body?How does someone else's life decisions bother you so much? Women objectify themselves! They are responsible for it since they are the ones voluntarily participating in it.
Grayson M. (1 year ago)
I can't believe I have to write a paper on this propaganda for my Anthropology class...
BlueEyes Brittany (1 year ago)
I know some African women who are beautiful in their own right because of their beautiful curly hair, and general countenance .. . i find nice people the most beautiful of all ...
BlueEyes Brittany (1 year ago)
Considering how dangerous relationships are and uncertain, i am not sure it is such a good thing to look hot since no matter what .. it is very hard to rely on men for fidelity or treating women proplerly .. and if they date you only for your looks .. it further shows how shallow and uncertain it all is
BlueEyes Brittany (1 year ago)
it is not just the media .. .it is also the way men see women naturaly or are raised to view them and treat us.
vsleboss cacakaka (1 year ago)
Before buying on gearbest, know that it's thieves. They do not repay, on google search for "Thieves Gearbest".
Pulowski (1 year ago)
I read her article "two ways a woman can get hurt: advertising and violence"
Gretchen Wagenseller (1 year ago)
No wonder teenage girls have negative body image, anxiety, etc.
Ada Mills (1 year ago)
Who was the father of this one? She did have plastic surgery in her eye area, and she is a fraud.
Gretchen Wagenseller (1 year ago)
So true! Thank you.
Alana Tedmon (1 year ago)
Honestly, I think we need more Lena Dunham's in mainstream media. There is a horrible mentality pushed onto women that only perfect bodies are allowed to be visible. It's so important to push against that.
Mars (1 year ago)
can anyone awsner these questions? 1. What were some of the important views that Jean Kilbourne discussed in her Ted Talk? 2. Describe at least three advertisements that were discussed. What was the significance of each? 3. What were specific problems that Kilbourne stated can be caused through advertisements? Be specific and explain. 4. What changes to the idea of body image and beauty have been made in our society so far? What changes still need to be made? 5. Overall, what were specific parts of the video that you agreed with? Be specific and explain.
Gothic Rose53x (1 year ago)
I feel sick to my stomach after watching this... I just happened open this looking for something else... at first I thought it was just kinda funny... But then I started to listen and realize what was really being talked about and how much it is effecting all of us!! All I could think at first is thank god I only have boys... but I'm also a woman getting older... what happens to me... I started thinking about how horrible my boys father treats me... my boys see this... I've been trying since they were born to teach them to respect me and always respect women! Any woman! Family, friends, any women in general! All the time! Not just if they want something... or if it suits their needs... somehow I need to get out of my situation with there father... change things now while they are still young... or I will only be doing all the future woman in there lives a disservice. They will think that mentally abusing woman is fine, lying is fine, using woman fine... that woman should be never seen, never heard, never consulted in finances, never even Drive a car. That woman are for in his opinion... Good for NOTHING at all... maybe walking the dog... I couldn't live with myself! I try every day but I have circumstances that prevent almost anything being done... I'm trying my best but it's hard... I also had to move to a place that I don't know anyone... or how to do anything... the circumstances are embarrassing and you have to hear ALL of them before you could possibly understand... or have lived in my shoes... but seeing this makes me want to work harder to fix things to prove everyone wrong and show everyone that I was the one that was set up by every person I knew/know... I will work my hardest and keep following these teachings and maybe learn how to help myself and others... to make things better for us... i pray that I have the strength to do it... it's very hard to be alone all the time... I do have people around me almost 24/7 but they only make things worse to make sure I don't try to fix things... I keep trying but everytime i think I'm making progress or making things better they notice and make sure it either goes away and I have no access to it anymore or they make it look like they are the ones that made things better and that i did nothing to help... or usually that i did very bad things and need to be punished... then they threaten me and anything I do love... so I end up back at 0 again... maybe this will somehow help me find a way...
M.r. Moon (1 year ago)
This Women can't handle being a Women...but she can handle being a Psycho.
nick supreme (1 year ago)
The actually legitimate ted videos on trafficking get dislikes because "she a hoe" while irrelevant nonsense like "ad problems" get no dislikes... sigh. Society was pretty sexist back in the 50's but today the only Western instance is trafficking/"pimping" culture (apart from sharia law of course , but that's not intrinsically Western). And then you feminists wonder why you don't get taken seriously...
lu na (1 year ago)
it's not like men are constently pressured into having six packs and being slim and sucessfull and... oh wait.... how awkward.. this whole talk is pointless advertising is indeed 90% cancer. that's not a feminist issue
BlackKnightJack (1 year ago)
The main problem here is the problem that's always existed with Sarkeesian: Not only does this media scholar selectively choose to ignore the reasons behind certain practices she chalks up to some form of passive racism or sexism (like the lightening of darker skinned models so the lighting can affect them properly), but she fails to sufficiently correlate that to any actual harm. The best she can come up with is the same thing Anita did and that's that it "normalizes" these behaviors, but "normalization" is itself so ill-defined that an actual sociologist without an agenda to push wouldn't know the first place to look to quantify its effects.
Marko Rankovic (1 year ago)
I don't know. I never found advertisements to be a source of misogyny, just simply a beautiful lady in there to attract attention to sell a product. Obviously there are advertisements that go extremely far like the Chinese one in which a black man is put into a washing machine to become Asian, and those should be condemned. But just simply a good looking woman behaving slightly sexual I don't think should hurt people. I do agree that it's important that girls are taught what should make them confident, ie things they actually can control, but I don't feel like being liars as a society and ingraining an ideal look at the back of our heads to hide our true feelings from those that don't match. The truth is the truth, we as guys have in common the looks in women that attract us, and the same for women too toward men. We should be kind to each other, and shaming people's bodies should be condemned, but simply expressing the sizes and shapes in woman that one likes should not lead to eating disorders. What I can imagine would lead to eating disorders is if we are actually poking fun at people's bodies, and that is just not on.
Swirly Bun (1 year ago)
While I agree that they shouldn't do it to children, sex sells. They're businesses in sex-crazed world.
Cindy Tang (1 year ago)
宜家喺2017, 好開心睇到2014哩個video講既野可以有所成真, 宜家社會越來越重視body positive, 同廣告既監管. 個video非常有趣同埋我都收穫好多, 希望以後世界會更好^^
Gregory Wonderwheel (1 year ago)
Great points, as far as they go. The image of woman in ads is definitely worse today than 50 years ago. But the discussion all goes to waste if it is not pinned directly to the inherent contradictions of capitalism. "Follow the money" is the answer to all the questions raised by this talk. Ultimately, this talk fails miserably by not grounding it in the proximate causes of capitalism. She presents a critique of "ADVERTISING" as if advertising is in a vacuum disconnected to capitalism. This is a colossal failure.
yarden calif (1 year ago)
It's such a horrible moment, when you realize that somewhere ot there there is a young girl, 14 years old, 13 years old, 12 years old... a little girl who starves herself and vomits until she's reduced herself to a skeleton, goes over to the mirror and thinks to herself: "I'm not beautiful enough. I'm not like the girl in the magazine" This is a very real issue, and many girls, from a very young age do this to themselves because of advertisements that are designed to cash in on young girl's insecurities. It's about damn time advertisers realized that their insecurity money is killing little girls.
Katie (1 year ago)
Also, in the case of the images that normalise sexual assault (the woman in prison with men all over her) and murder (the woman lying in the car boot and the man casually sitting on the boot of the car) ^ If anything men should probably be against these normalisations too because the MEN in these images are portrayed as rapists and murderers! That in itself feeds societies views of men and it's culture. It feeds peoples wariness and stereotypes that men are rapists and murderers. When 99% of men I meet are genuine and caring members of the public. This is unfair on men. Also unfair on young boys growing up to a world that reinforces that they are assumed criminals and evil. To an innocent young boy or a stand-up man, this is a damaging assumption to be faced with and have reinforced. I notice that advertisements targeting FEMALE consumers portray "beautiful" (read: standard, generic, ticks all the boxes, look like clones) models and text/slogans to match, in order to sell things by enforcing insecurity in women, like she pointed out in the breasts one. And the image of the model looking like the industry standard of beauty is to back up that feeling of "you don't look like her. You're not desirable. But if you buy this, you'll look/feel closer to it. More acceptable" But the biggest danger with this is targeting 12year olds and younger girls to. This is the danger. Every child wants to fit in. Every person wants to be liked in general and by peers. it becomes the norm then to strive to be this popular diva and demi-god to be liked (the only image seen in media). This starts very young in girls. If insecurity on this scale starts young in girls, i believe it interrupts and programs their development as a human being. A partner also mentioned how he, too, hates these overly sexualised portrayal of women targeted towards MALE consumers. (1, because of the women/girls in his life but Mainly because it is also patronising towards men. It shows that advertisers believe men all fall for sexual images of women every time and think men don't catch onto how ridiculous those ads are. It assumes men are nothing more than a group of easily manipulated group of horny, bumbling idiots who can't think for themselves. They slap any half naked women, done up to the nines in a sexual pose or giving an orgasmic face and assume all men will be drawn in and fall for it blindly, like they want them to. I felt this was a very good point.
Shivam Bachkaniwala (1 year ago)
It infuriates me every time i see magazines and adverts objectifying women and the fact that so many people have internalized this sexist behaviour.
Rumman Khan (1 year ago)
Excellent talk...superb research and analysis!
Jason West (1 year ago)
Can you be critical of things like Mylie Cyrus and not be accused of slut shaming? There is no consensus of what is allowed and what isn't. Although I agree with this talk, all I can say is that her and I are merely to opinions and probably in the minority.
Hero 117 (1 year ago)
Lesson 1, dont try to understand women or you will get burned.
Tom Kenstowicz (1 year ago)
excellent presentation !
逸群曾 (1 year ago)
Cari Corbet-owen (1 year ago)
It's sad that only 2% of women are apparently happy with their bodies..body hatred is so prevalent that researchers have even given it a name: "normative discontent". In other words it's completely normal to be unhappy with your body which means you're abnormal if you aren't unhappy in your body. This is learned ...learned from the media which is funded by products that have a vested interest in keeping us feeling insecure because it's those insecurities that keep our wallets opening.
flowersgen (3 months ago)
Omg that’s horrible, wtf :/
AngelinBlack (3 months ago)
I am a girl who likes their face, when after a break up I said "I think I'm pretty and I was a great girlfriend" people said i was full of myself, vain and all those things. It was hurtful especially at a time when I was hurt and trying to rebuild my confidence and reflecting on my break up.
Delai Lama (1 year ago)
I'm pretty sure when they fire models, they don't say that they are too fat. That's ridiculous. They would tell them they aren't the body shape they are looking for or something like that. Which is fine. If you don't fit the job description, or you aren't filling the position your employer needs, you don't have the job any more. They pick models that make the clothes look good.
Alvart Apoyan (1 year ago)
Intimidated or uncomfortable with the images, her research and her opinions? Yeah, it's uncomfortable for all of us. It's really uncomfortable to see these ads and these absurd and alienating images circling around us allll day. It's uncomfortable to think about the effects and consequences. It's uncomfortable to see and feel the effects every day, and it's seriously uncomfortable to accept the role we all play in some way, in helping this cycle continue on and on and on, and so many of us avoid all of 'this'. It is stressful. These talks and conversations raise so many questions, and it's all so u.n.c.o.m.f.o.r.t.a.b.l.e. So please let's just stick to light topics people. Jumping frogs in slow motion and failed haircut videos. Eventually, all of this annoying uncomfortable stuff will all go away somehow, in the future. Also don't forget to check out all the people on youtube trying to make a difference, and give them a thumbs down, it'll make you feel better instantly. Cheers.
And rew (1 year ago)
All ad is based on women's drive not to be but just appear to be. They want just appear in order to sell themselves. Sell to a rich man who will settle all her problem, or even sell themselves in terms of being popular and be desired. It is much more simple to get a man to approach her by means of makeup, pushup bra, long hear as in that ad and the like. Almost no one want to develop own personality, abilities, if even body. Almost all women are that lazy so it much more simple for them just buy high heels, sexy stockings, tons of make-up and all other of that advertised crap. But under that all they would stay the same stupid, lazy, poor personality with wrecked body. They want to be liked, to be loved. But it so difficult to be liked for intelligence, deep profound personality, erudition, kindness, soul, sporty body at least. All that demand years of hard work to be developed. But someone can go to a shop and buy all the commonly advertising stuff to decorate oneself and it takes just a day!! So the issue is not in the ad, the issue is in spoiled lazy women, which are for easy ways. Dump your striving to all that cheap and cheesy popularity, stop fulfilling yourself in such a poor way and any ad could make nothing
KittySnicker (1 year ago)
This was compelling! Thank you, madam!
Purvi Patel (1 year ago)
I can't count the number of guys I stopped dating over the years because they expected me to put out on the first, second, third date...like no...I don't care what society has taught you to expect, but my body is not available for any Tom, Dick or Harry who asks. She's right about these kinds of ads being dangerous in normalizing certain types of attitudes.
Paris Thomas (1 year ago)
I don't understand omg why can't we all just be nice to eachother
Paris Thomas (1 year ago)
I don't understand omg why can't we all just be nice to eachother
Kara Cressman (1 year ago)
In response to some comments on here saying this is an American problem. This is a WORLDWIDE tragedy. Perhaps it got to this tipping point because American media has infiltrated most of the world, but this cannot only be blamed on Americans. Each country has their own variation of treating women as substandard and objectified. Women have been held down for as long as there have been humans (minus a couple of eras perhaps). The time is now when more than ever, women are using their voices to inspire conversation that leads to inspired change. I have faith that our actions and commitment to waking people up will not be futile this time. Not this time. We're done with this garbage. Jean, I love your research and voice. I first read your book Deadly Persuasion in 2002 (?) I can't remember the exact year but I finally felt supported in my views and shared that book with many people along the way. I hope you find some examples to show in your presentations that are more current, as messages have only gotten more graphic and porn is one of the worst threats I see to our safety and well-being. Porn is normalized in society and aspects of it are throughout music, movies, ads, etc. etc. Let's not even go into depth about the fact that the average age for kids to view porn is 10, 10 years old. And they have access to content without filters on this world wide web.....it is grotesque, almost often abusive, and creates strong judgements in people about what a body 'should' look like though they're so extremely edited that it's not even close to reality. If you're still not convinced this is a problem, it may take this shocking fact to knock you from the grips of a porn obsessed culture - the most popular search is for 'teen'. Most of which are likely underage. Another fact, porn industry and trafficking are like one in the same. See this article http://www.huffingtonpost.com/johnhenry-westen/want-to-stop-sex-traffick_b_6563338.html We've been talking about this for decades but nothing's changed. It's only gotten worse and we need this tipping point to knock the sense back into people. You want to better inform yourself of the research, this is a good place to start: http://fightthenewdrug.org/ Praying for massive change every day and doing my part always to spread the word.
DIAZTV (1 year ago)
Men are more insecure then woman believe or not, Well in my Opinion.
Hutetu (11 months ago)
I think both genders are just as insecure to be honest.
Jacqueline Woo (1 year ago)
last time, over IRC, internet relay chat, i have learned being a female activist is a joke and worthy of HATE. i see no hope in simple upstate NY. And I am speaking of chats with young men from austria to malaysia. here i wanted to say "sorry" because i am supposed to. i just feel defeated. no large gatherings of women here. ever. i have given up.
Jacqueline Woo (1 year ago)
at 40, I don't know if it will ever end
Jacqueline Woo (1 year ago)
... i lost a msg to my cat. i am so scared to be feminist online because people point at you viciously "social justice warriot" and thats nice. "feminist" is to be a total object of ridicule. I gave up on cosmo at 13 because i knew it was wrong. At 40 i still fret over my appearance everyday. i wear hats if i don't have makeup on. TMI: i was abused and still seek acceptance every single day. i MUST be the coolest and prettiest or i am nothing.
Denilzon Puentes (1 year ago)
Leave it to Americans to complain about something so stupid.
Laurynas Nesakysiu (1 year ago)
After she mentioned "straight white male" I can't take her seriously. Made herself look like one of those sjw trolls.
specimen beats (1 year ago)
I watched this whole 15 minute speech and she never even took her top off worst stripper ever 0/10
J B (1 year ago)
Now this was one brilliant talk.
YllwLightning40 (1 year ago)
why is my sociology teacher making me watch this -_-
Shawnelle Dsouza (1 year ago)
Why are you taking sociology if you don't get why?
Dan Ameral (2 years ago)
+Robert Willis “You keep telling that lie to yourself & everyone else over & over again.” That’s a “lie”? Really? Let me remind you of what you said a few comments ago: “The dictionary definition that you are pointing to”. If you go back and re-read this area – Oh, wait. Sorry, I forgot that you’re too stuck-up to re-read anything. You can just take my word for it then – You had written that comment as a response to the definition of feminism that I was describing. In other words, you yourself specifically acknowledged that the equality of males and females is the definition of feminism. Now you’re calling that a lie? They can’t both be lies. So doesn’t that mean that you’re actually the liar here? It also means that you’ll just say anything that pleases you. It doesn’t matter if it’s fact or not. You’ll just say whatever fits your argument (or whatever you call the trainwreck of words you’re speaking). Newsflash: You can’t preach two opposite things at the same time. That’s what lying is. Regardless, here’s a link to the definition of feminism: http://www.dictionary.com/browse/feminism. If you choose to call a dictionary definition a lie, I don’t know what to tell you. I told you before: I can’t argue with sheer stupidity. “Kindly explain how anti-male "affirmative action" hiring & promotional quotas that Feminists are fighting to expand pursues equality of oppurtunity? If feminists are pursuing equality for both genders, what are they doing to…etc.” Really, though, if you are hell-bent on having this discussion with me why don’t you go back and reread the comment I had posted before this? At least then you would be more clear on what you’re talking about. In it I specifically say that feminists fight to RAISE the status of women to equal that of men since women are currently beneath men. As I have said many times before, true feminist goals aren’t to tear down men but to raise women’s status so that they are equal to men. Provide proof of the feminists that are supposedly fighting for this anti-male "affirmative action" hiring & promotional quotas, and then I’ll gladly educate you about why feminists are fighting for it (if they really are feminists). You ask why feminists aren’t fighting for the 7 things you mentioned? Take a good look at those 7 after getting off your high horse. Are women the cause of any of those problems? Feminists fight against gender discrimination and make sure one gender doesn’t have domination over the other so that both are equals. If there is a problem that is not caused by gender discrimination, why would they fight to fix it? And on a side note, if you are so angry about those problems, maybe you should start fighting the men and police that cause it instead of pointlessly bitching about feminists?
Dan Ameral (2 years ago)
I'm not answering any of your questions? LOL bullshit. Thank you so much for having this conversation with me. I’m really enjoying it as your stupidity is amusing. I haven’t laughed this hard in a really long time. I have done a far better job answering your questions than you have with mine. Here's an example: You asked about why feminists aren’t fighting against male discrimination and I answered it by stating that those problems you listed about male discrimination are not caused by gender inequality but by other forms of inequality (race, class, etc.) And here's how you answered one of my questions – I asked “How the hell is it the fault of those feminists who want equality for both genders that the ones who want to oppress men are in charge?” And how do you respond? You don’t. You completely ignored the question. I said “Do you have any idea what it's like to push this big-ass baby out of your genitals?” You responded “I assume it can be an extremely intense experience if one chooses not to have an epidural & other drugs”. That’s an ignorant statement because many women don’t have access to epidural, but leaving that aside, you’re still completely ignoring the fact that women go through a shitload more of crap than men. You still don’t acknowledge it. I asked “Enlighten me on what "man-spreading" is.” and you responded “Are you fucking kidding me? Have you been living under a rock? Do a youtube lookup. Google it. You'll find millions of hits”. Instead of simply answering the question you just steal one of my lines and fail to define it, which makes me wonder if you even knew what it was in the first place. I asked “If you understand that then why do you continue to call those extremists “leading feminists”?” and you didn’t answer that either. I asked “I also don't understand why you acknowledge this definition but then act like egalitarianism and feminism are two entirely unrelated concepts.” And guess what? You failed to answer that as well. The list goes on and on. Do you see a disconnect here? I answer your questions while you ignore many of mine. I specifically said that those anti-male bashing motives that you're so in love with have nothing to do with real feminism. And what do you do? You completely ignore that and start talking about the same bullshit again. Honestly, are you even reading my comments? You disregard everyone who supports feminism as brainwashed, and you're so narrow-minded that you can't even take a minute and actually sit down and learn about the concept. If you aren't willing to open yourself up to other views, how do you expect to hold a proper discussion about this topic with anyone? Word of advice: If you choose to stay uninformed then stop going around ridiculing an idea that you know nothing about. Also I find it quite adorable how you continue to blindly copy my words. Have you run out of original ideas? Oh wait, that’s right: You never had any to begin with. Feel free to copy and steal more lines from my comments. After all, copying is the best form of flattery, is it not?
Dan Ameral (2 years ago)
“Are you fucking kidding me? Are you really such a complete & utter brainwashed moron that you believe that? You really believe that rape is more common than drug & alcohol induced pushing & shouting matches? Dan, this is proof that you are an irredeemable imbecile.” So you start off that part by stealing yet another line from my earlier comment. I’ll touch upon that later. Back to topic: Really, is everything brainwashed to you? Is that the only word you know? Practically all resources state that the most common form of domestic violence is sexual abuse. Here’s an example of a source: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=2&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwj0-7Lhmb7QAhXDbSYKHWXfDzIQFggeMAE&url=http%3A%2F%2Ffamily.findlaw.com%2Fdomestic-violence%2Ftypes-of-domestic-violence.html&usg=AFQjCNE0Ed3rhBcmajZyDXnXvR9HWhEwfQ&bvm=bv.139782543,d.eWE . If this source doesn’t suit your needs feel free to find another. I guarantee you there are millions of sources on showing the same fact. Thus, you’re denying basic common sense and genuine sources as brainwashing propaganda. Doesn’t that make you the “brainwashed, irredeemable” moron? Dismissing all truth as “brainwashed propaganda” is as foolish as accepting all propaganda as truth. You’re an idiot. You bitch against anyone who supports an idea and then strut around as though you’re an invincible arguer. Grow up. Educate yourself on a topic and general news before bitching and boasting about your oh-so-special “knowledge”. It’s fine not to know stuff, as there’s not a single person in the world who knows everything, but it’s absolutely disgusting to pretend like you’re the smartest arguer on the planet and invincible at winning a fight on a topic that you are completely unfamiliar with. Lmao, can you blame me for thinking that you’d view rape as simple sex? Seeing that you play down all of the other problems women face as “fake” or “brainwashed propaganda” or “minor as opposed to men’s problems” and that you deny the abuse many face, it’s only natural to assume that you’d dismiss rape as another “minor issue”. “I have had sex with two women who happened to be virgins & neither of them experienced any pain.” Are you really so stupid to believe that your personal experience with TWO women is sufficient to generalize for all women everywhere? Are you even more stupid to just blindly believe them? They might not be telling you the truth since they know how judgmental you are. First-time sex might not hurt all women but it certainly hurts many. Women have a tissue called the hymen that breaks when penetrated for the first time. This penetration can sometimes be painful based on the skill of the two participants, the lubrication level, and how ready the woman is. That’s why rape is almost always 100% painful. But men never feel pain during their first. We also don’t have to give birth or have periods or be forced into marriages/prostitution. So instead of dismissing all women’s problems as bullshit feminist propaganda, try to put some effort in understanding them. “Re. - " On a side note sex actually hurts many women in the first few times they do it because of the anatomical differences. But us guys don't have to worry about that." - Speak for yourself. Don't project your history of inflicting sexual pain on women on me or anyone else.” Oh, my mistake. Do you lack those anatomical differences? Do you lack a penis, and are therefore incapable of penetrating the hymen? Are you secretly a woman, then? No? Then, seeing as you’ve had sex before, you have absolutely inflicted sexual pain on at least one woman and probably will continue to do so for many other women in the future. Shutting your eyes and calling it night doesn’t change you for what you are. “Re. "Not to mention that women have to give birth." - No they do not. Nobody has to reproduce themselves unless they want to. Rape resulting in pregnancy is extremely rare. “ What a bunch of retarded statements. Rape is unwanted sex, and all forms of unprotected sex, whether unwanted or not, result in pregnancies. Rape pregnancy rates among rape victims in the US is 5%, which is equal to 32101 pregnancies (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8765248). That’s 32101 women becoming mothers against their will. That’s also 32,101 children being born to parents or single-parents who were not ready or prepared to be parents yet. Why? Because a shitload of men couldn’t keep it in their pants. Please stop acting like more men suffer at the hands of women than women suffer at the hands of men. “I assume it can be an extremely intense experience if one chooses not to have an epidural & other drugs.” You don’t need to assume. Just know that it is. Ask your mother if you need further proof. Epidural is not a choice that is available to all women. On top of that it is still extremely intense even with epidural because you’re pushing something huge through a tiny space. Despite knowing all of the biological shit that women go through as well as the negative stigma associated with being a woman you still have the nerve to say that women suffer less than men. The job of a feminist is to fight against gender discrimination caused by one gender being more dominant over the other. Although men do face several great problems as well such as homelessness and war injuries, none of those problems are caused because of women or because of society viewing women as greater than men. Therefore it is not the job of feminism to fix those issues because those are not caused by gender inequality or gender domination. Blaming feminists for not addressing those issues is similar to blaming the black-rights supporters for not addressing the issues of white guys.
Dan Ameral (2 years ago)
I’m more than capable of researching what man-spreading is but I wanted to hear your interpretation of it. I now see that it’s a very simple term but for some reason you couldn’t explain it in even one line. See, here’s the difference between you and me: When you ask me a question about explaining something, I answer you and provide an explanation. When I ask you, however, you flip. Really, can you be any more arrogant? Or is it that you’re incapable of explaining simple terms? You’re also damn cocky and stubborn to learn stuff. When you respond to me, I actually read your responses and attempt to understand your view of things before replying. You, on the other hand, disregard half of my words and dismiss all of my opinions and even blatant facts as “brainwashed feministic propaganda”. Do you genuinely expect to have an adult conversation about this? Arguing with you is like arguing with a 2-year-old. You just keep ignoring half of the argument without thought and getting off-topic to completely irrelevant shit. “men have been enslaved & worked to death in far greater number” – Yes they have. Everyone knows that. But the reason feminists aren’t fighting against it is because they have been enslaved and worked to death by other MEN. Feminists fight for gender equality. (I have to keep repeating this because you’re apparently incapable of reading simple English.) And usually in such cases, racism or abuse by some other authoritarian group is involved, and guess what? People fight against the oppressors. People always fight against the oppressors. When men are being enslaved by people of a different caste, they’ll fight against the caste. In the case of feminism, they’ll fight against gender oppression, and the situation is typically that men are oppressing women. Not always, but it’s often the case. And you might again go on your ridiculous rant to say “Oh, you only think that because you’re brainwashed by feminism propaganda!” Wrong. I think that because I meet people. I talk to them. I learn about their experiences. I watch the news. I’ll read actual news articles. And through media and meetings and whatnot, I hear several incidences of women being abused by men, and it pisses me off. So I fight for equality. And if the tables turn and women end up oppressing men (which I seriously doubt because most women aren’t interested in conquering men but in your little fantasy world it might happen so I’ll play along), I’ll fight for men’s equal rights as well. I dislike oppression of any kind and I will always fight for equality. But you’re not like that. You’re not the egalitarian you say you are. Why? Because you shut your eyes. You dismiss any violence that’s happening against women as bullshit feminist propaganda. You are actually so ignorant to think that abuse against women is “still uncommon within” Islamic culture and that it’s “almost unheard of” outside of that culture. But anyway take note of what you’ve done here. You first said “what problems exactly do women have right now that they have had for centuries”, and then later admitted that “women have been worked to death”. Instead of openly acknowledging and announcing the fact that you were wrong, you’re changing the subject to be about the abuse of men. Very mature. Try admitting your faults. You are right about one thing, though: the media doesn’t give attention to the incidence of the Nigerian Schoolboys. But why are you blaming feminism for that? Just because the media is biased doesn’t mean you have to shun the idea of equality.
Dan Ameral (2 years ago)
“That is an utterly moronic statement. What you are doing is called "appeal to dictionary". Does the fact that I do not accept Hitler's definition of Nazism mean I cannot say anything accurate about the Nazis?” Nope. What’s “utterly moronic” is three things: the fact that you clearly didn’t read my earlier comment, the fact that you “parrot” about Nazis in every reply (see my earlier comment as I touch upon this. Seriously, if you like Nazis so much why don’t you just become one? You claim to hate them but you talk about them so frequently. You’d fit in well with your sexist attitude and obsession with the words “propaganda” and “brainwash”), and your incapability of clearly reading and understanding my comment. I did not say “you cannot say anything accurately about feminism”; I said “you ARE not…” saying anything accurately about feminism. Of course you’re capable of saying accurate things about this. Everyone is. But you’re choosing not to. Instead of opening your mind and trying to understand a different perspective, you’re just shutting your ears and calling everything brainwashed propaganda. Just take a step back and listen to yourself. You are accusing the entire branch of feminism as brainwashing propaganda that prioritizes women “domination” all because you read the works of a few extremists. Do you have any idea how idiotic that is? You need to take a bird’s-eye view of the topic by reading several different works rather than just focusing on one or two angry articles you might have found. Understand that not everyone in support of feminism is as extreme, hot-headed, and closed-minded as you. “The product of this propaganda is people who think like you.” People who think like me? LOL I have been preaching equality of both genders this entire time. I dare you to name one or even all the times where I supported even one of the ridiculous things you just said (“giving women & girls special privileges at the expense of men & boys, as well as viciously attacking women who dare disagree with them. They espouse a neo-religious belief an all powerful "Patriachy" (equivalent to the Devil), run by men (equivalent to Demons)” etc.). I have never once supported any of those idiotic ideas you listed. You’ve reached a point where you’ve run out of logic and are just saying bullshit to somehow keep this argument alive. “Re. - "Many are beaten, worked to death, and raped by their own husbands." - That is bullshit feminist propaganda. Name even one woman you know who that has happened to. I can almost feel you concocting some lie to answer that one. This kind of behaviour almost unheard of outside of Islamic cultures, & is still quite uncommon within them. That said, both mainstream & radical feminism has formed a disgusting alliance with Islam” Holy shit. “Almost unheard of outside of Islamic culture”? “still quite uncommon within them”? Your ignorance is incredibly baffling. I’m sorry to say that you are ridiculously naïve. You literally know nothing about the world or Islamic culture for that matter if you think that any of those statements are true. Rape and abuse is extremely common in Islamic culture. But it’s not just Islam. It happens everywhere, including the US. 1 in 5 women are raped in the UNITED STATES, while only 1 in 71 men are raped (http://ncadv.org/learn-more/statistics). Please open your fucking eyes. The United States is one of the most developed countries where women actually have a larger say than in other areas. And even there, 1 in 5 women are still raped. And please, for the love of crap, do not attempt to say that these statistics are “lies”. They come from an official US-run health organization. You have already proven your ignorance several times, so at least spare your reputation a little bit. Calling those” lies” as well will only show that you’re even stupider than you appear. I really can’t believe that you didn’t know that women go through a lot of shit. Do you just never watch the news? And to answer your question about women I know who’ve gone through such treatment: my girlfriend when she was with her ex, my sister, one of my old teachers, my grandmother, my neighbor, three of my female friends… the list could go on and on. I don’t expect you to believe it because you’re stupid enough to dismiss everything as “propaganda” but it’s the truth. Accept it or don’t. You must not have a large social life if you’ve truly never met any woman who has gone through such experiences.
deirdre oliver (2 years ago)
She may have hope after `all these years' but it has been getting progressively worse until now mainstream ads are often pornographic. An entire generation has, and is, growing up with a very lucrative porn industry at its fingertips where women's sexuality is subservient to men's needs/desires, where the advertising industry is run by men, where money is far more important than ethics or morality, so where are alternatives learned? How does a corporate entity that generates billions of dollars for both itself and its clients, change? If it ain't broke, don't fix it is the governing attitude, who cares about the social consequences, `we're just selling our product'. $$$/marketing rules, and the devil take the hindmost.
Suwarna Patil (2 years ago)
i respect you madam you should be awarded as a person who make aware those women which were insulted... but i really feel Courtesy about those women who are happy to be in a limelight rather being ashamed
Elynna Volkova (2 years ago)
Both sexes are objectified, it's just that the objectification of men is a more subconscious one. Both need to stop.
why nobody understands the meaning of comercials every object is good when is healthy women is only a packahe for sperm men has a balls of sperm and women is the same, you must look good becouse he likes when object looks good enough just for being good looking toys , women are only white privilige end and begining nothing in between , knly ameat to feed off a bug not alive not smart unable to survive
mahtexas (1 year ago)
are....are you drunk?
Noa San (2 years ago)
How sexy can a woman be if she hates her body :<<<
Tyanna Bass (2 years ago)
I was ready to be an model when I grow up but now... I don't think I will want to now... thanks advertisers for ruining my furniture dream 😒😢
Tyanna Bass (2 years ago)
I feel very scared for my future
Tyanna Bass (2 years ago)
How the ads don't do this to men but they do it to women
Mahmoud Shawky (2 years ago)
could not agree more
Bon Summers (2 years ago)
A well toned shapely human body is beautiful, both men and women. Promote it. I condone it.
whatthe (2 years ago)
The West has made women a sexual object and they start it from the day they are born and when conservative people point it out they are labeled as misogynist. Man want women to remain a sexual object so that they can have free sex any time they want, Dating is Legal prostitution and the man wont have to pay the women as well after sex.
Bon Summers (2 years ago)
+whatthe It absolutely is the case, with reverence, and prudence, if the people are of quality, but of course, that's just a part of being, that's not there 'object' of total value, but it's part, as part of being a whole, quality, human being.
whatthe (2 years ago)
+Bond Summers No this is not the case.
Bon Summers (2 years ago)
Women have always been sexual objects, as have men, in many cultures the world over before 'western influence'. And I say and mean this objectively and respectfully.
eunhae gives me life (2 years ago)
My prof practically drafted half our finals question based off this llol
Robert Willis (2 years ago)
Can feminists make up their minds about what they want to complain about? First they complain about "how ads see women", then they complain about "Eurocentric Beauty Standards" i.e. "women of colour" not being represented enough in the same way in the same ads!What do you want commercials to look like? Obese, butch black lesbians beating young, good looking white guys to death while buying some feminazi approved product made & sold exclusively by black women out of white male babies?
That Classy Girl (1 year ago)
Robert Willis that's because wow don't think like beehive and are complex human being Of course I wouldn't expect you to understand that given your comments and responses
Robert Willis (1 year ago)
@Dan Ameral Re. "And Robert Willis, I see that you deleted my response to your comment." - WTF are you talking about? There is no mechanism by which anyone other than the moderators or the commentator themseves can delete any comments. If you are too stupid to realize that; God help us if they gave you a drivers license or let you operate machinery. Make the world a less idiotic place by killing yourself ASAP, you worthless piece of shit : )
Dan Ameral (1 year ago)
+K Excellent point. And Robert Willis, I see that you deleted my response to your comment. Very good. Thanks for proving me as the winner of this argument. Hopefully you finally understand that you're a shitty arguer who can't even come up with a logical, original response to my words. Maybe you'll be a little more humble now? Have a fantastic day. And in case you ever get curious, I reposted my response that you deleted on the main page of the comments so that everyone can see your loss. If you want my reply, reply to that since I probably won't be checking this page again. Also, feel free to delete this. That will just prove to me that you read this. I'll just repost this in the comment I made later on this page. Rot in hell, you stuck-up bastard :)
K (2 years ago)
There are different ideologies and branches of feminism. What you are talking about is literally early 1900s feminism which is separatist radical feminism. To use that exclusively as an example is like saying that the Black Panthers was the only group fighting for equality amongst people of color and white
Robert Willis (2 years ago)
This is absurd. Ads do not see women. They don't see men. They are seen by people & reflect what the market demands. If Feminists have a problem with this, they should seek mental help. Commercials generally PORTRAY women as competent, intelligent, & in control; whereas men are far more often portrayed as bumbling idiots.
Robert Willis (2 years ago)
+Gina Re. "those are just a few of many. of course. Id expect since this doesnt fit your narrative that youll find some way to discount it." - The fact that infinitely greater numbers of children, women & men die & suffer from obesity related disease has nothing to do with any "narrative". Perhaps is advertises did a better job of promoting thin body types this would not be the greatest epidemiological catastrophe the western world, & even much of Asia is facing today. The fact that you consider bulimia to be more serious is a good indication that your delusional narrative is more important to you than the facts on the ground. you seem to have a firm bias affecting your judgment.
Gina (2 years ago)
Robert Willis http://www.jstor.org/stable/23859293 http://guilfordjournals.com/doi/abs/10.1521/jscp.1990.9.2.230 http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/mar.20415/full http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/10640260490267742 those are just a few of many. of course. Id expect since this doesnt fit your narrative that youll find some way to discount it. for all the textbook fallacies you throw at me, you seem to have a firm bias affecting your judgment. and being pendantic about the implications of your replies is kind of ironic. I went out of my way to narrow my statements to advertising and spoke in general terms. but your initial reply and this current one seems to harken back to the false notion that if someone succumbs to advertising they must be stupid. that is a false assumption. we all succuumb to varying types of sells at one time or another and subconsciously or not this affect us and how we see the world. there is research on this. you can lazily shout "fallacy no evidence" all you want. but thats just not true. numerous studies have been conducted concerning the affect of advertising on cultural perceptions.
Robert Willis (2 years ago)
+Gina Re. "clearly youe chosen to project what you believe are my opinions rather than my point about advertising" - No, your statements are simply inaccurate. Re. "the assumption most beauty ads like to exploit when advertising to women is that their entire value rests in their beauty." - Assertion without evidence. You may as well claim that the assumption most electric shaver ads like to exploit when advertising to men is that their entire value rests in their beauty. Re. "and household products absolutely predominently target women, sorry but your proclamations dont overrule this." Again, assertion without evidence. Re. "In fact men and women should be asking themselves who do these companies think they are trying to dictate what you find attractive?" - Assumption based on fallacy. Companies do not try to dictate what people find attractive. They do extremely extensive market research to determine what people already find attractive, & craft their advertisements based on this. Re. "the entire point of them isnt to turn on men, its to tell women they need their product to turn on men and if they dont buy it, they wont be attractive. thats pure rubbish." - No. The point is to sell a product that will hopefully make the consumer more attractive in general, not only more attractive to men. Most of these product do in fact achieve this effect most of the time to one degree or another. If they did not, only stupid people would continue to buy them. For your assertion to be true, tens of millions of women would have to be extremely stupid, therefore I conclude that your claim is false. Re. "or you could just strawman your way through discussions as you are doing." - Assertion without evidence. Re. "almost every single response in your post assumes that I hate men and I hate beauty products." - That's literally insane. I made no such assumption, especially with regard to your attitude towards men.
Gina (2 years ago)
Robert Willis clearly youe chosen to project what you believe are my opinions rather than my point about advertising. advertisments have specific demogrpahics they would like to reach and they operate on asumptions and manipulation of emotions in order to sell the product. the assumption most beauty ads like to exploit when advertising to women is that their entire value rests in their beauty. the same focus on demographic is used when advertising household products or any ad campaign targeting an audience by gender (and household products absolutely predominently target women, sorry but your proclamations dont overrule this). This is advertising 101. not feminism. idenfitying 1. the target demographic and 2. the persuasive device used to sell the product is how you critically think about ALL ads. i never told you what to find attractive. In fact men and women should be asking themselves who do these companies think they are trying to dictate what you find attractive? But thats even beside the point. the fact is beauty ads arent targeted toward you. the entire point of them isnt to turn on men, its to tell women they need their product to turn on men and if they dont buy it, they wont be attractive. thats pure rubbish. Anyone who says advertising doesnt affect them, but that doesnt go through the 2 step analysis of demographic+ persuasive device is lying to themselves, man OR woman. the point of being critical of ads is to get people to think more criticall, man OR woman. or you could just strawman your way through discussions as you are doing. almost every single response in your post assumes that I hate men and I hate beauty products. Aside from that not being germane, its not true. (in fact I find it totally and equally cringeworthy when men are put down for being dumb or clumsy or categorized as being less because of their gender.) nowhere did i say these products were evil. Advertising itself IS a form of manipulation, however, that anyone can be susceptible to if they aren vigilent. espcially kids. And if you paid attention to this lecture one of her biggest criticism is how this particular industry is targeting adult products to children.
Robert Willis (2 years ago)
+Gina Re. "youre beng naive if you think ads, especially beauty and fashion ads, dont try to create/generate demand where there isnt one. the entire premise of advertising is convincing someone their life will be less complete without their product." - Why is it that Feminists like yourself have such a low opinion of women? The way you talk it's as if you think they have no maturity or self control, & are just as easily influenced as children. Of course advertisers try to create demand, but who are you to dictate to anyone what they should & should not want? Re. "the beauty industries survival depends on telling women that they are less than without their product. That they need something they totally dont need by appealing to their selfworth or lack thereof" - Really? If this is true, how is it that you are so much smarter than everyone who buys said products? You have no idea how incredibly conceited & arrogant your position is. Just because you have been "Saved" by the holy church of Feminism, does not give you the right to look down on all those you consider infidels. Lot's of women enjoy buying clothes & using beauty products. Why is it that you Feminist busy-bodies insist on pissing all over their hobbies? Who are you to say what anybody else does or does not "need"? Re. "that stems from the same BS assumption that men are incapable of doing simple chores and its therefor the womens job to mother him and make sure he doesnt destroy your house like some unhousebroken puppy." - Bullshit. It stems from the fact that mocking men while praising women is encouraged. Re. "they are selling a product to women by telling them their job is to look after the household" - Bullshit. There are almost no commercials out there that fit your Feminist delusions of what the media really looks like. If you can send me even a single link to such a commercial, I'll send you ten that give the opposite impression. Cleaning products etc. are almost equally marketed towards women & men. This is despite the fact that women choose most of what is purchased. Re. "be beautiful bc men only care about their looks" - Again, who are you to dictate what men care about, or to what extent they care about it? Who are you to determine what anyone else considers "men's work" or "women's work" or how couples choose to divide tasks between themselves?
安桃子Lexi (2 years ago)
This talk should be played in every high school for all teenage boys and girls to watch. How the society objectify women will never ends, but this talk is a wake-up call to all of us from the hypnotizing situation.
Robert Willis (2 years ago)
+Lexi K XOXO Re. "I think I need to stop wasting my time explaining here" - I wish you would. You have not presented any rational arguments supporting your position or answered any of my questions. Have a nice day.
安桃子Lexi (2 years ago)
I think I need to stop wasting my time explaining here. You haven't watched the whole video or you were just not paying attention. The lady already covered your questions with answers. "Fun fact: Human being ARE material. We are flesh & blood."? Right! Let's forget about our mind and soul. "ots of teenage girls who read lots of fashion mags who have no self esteem problems whatsoever"? Are you their psychologist who knows what's going on in their mind? LOL.
STP (2 years ago)
Women dominate advertising, marketing, art, design, and public relations jobs. Many women also own these businesses and hire women to run them from the sales floor to the CEO.
Ejm Mc (2 years ago)
Best comment: The same adverts she uses objectify MEN as much as they objectify WOMEN. Feminists, like Kilbourne act as if this objectification is both a concrete thing and a thing which never changes actors. Everyone objectifies everyone else at some point or another. Strippers objectify customers. Customers objectify cashiers. Cashiers objectify managers. Cops objectify strippers. The cycle doesn't end and it isn't necessarily bad just because it happens. Dehumanizing people is part of what people do to handle other people. Sexualising works both ways. Young women are very fertile, older women are not.The idea that young women are being sexualised as being somehow bad or unnatural is a nonsense. Young woman sexualise themselves to attract men, it's natures way. It's built in. When older female feminists try to indoctrinate the young into believing that being sexy and attractive to men is bad in some way, it's because these older feminists have lost their own sex appeal. What was great to them once, is now no longer. Feminists have to lessen their hate for the behaviour of the young.
flowersgen (3 months ago)
Ashlee Adams thank you!!!!
AngelinBlack (3 months ago)
+Bon Summers the bodies in media are rarely just toned they are photoshopped, also it's a models job to stay in shape a lot of women don't have time in their life with work, family and friends to spend exercising or meticulously researching food. Doesn't make them unhealthy, society has changed so quickly, a "toned" body may have been achievable before office jobs were the norm and we were doing mostly manual labour. However realistically men and women aren't going to have the pinnacle of fitness body and that's okay.
AngelinBlack (3 months ago)
I work at a pub and I get men old enough to be my dad making innappropriate and uncomfortable comments to me, they think it's funny but to me it's not because I didn't turn up to work to be sexualized or objectified, I just want to make money. One time a man (old enough to be my dad) asked me if I liked "cuddly wuddlies" and called me a weird kid when I didn't give him an answer, fortunately one of my co-workers saw I was uncomfortable and stepped in. But it's not the first or last time thing's like that has happened to me.
Bon Summers (2 years ago)
+Ashlee Adams Personality is another thing. Personality shaming, or pity, or however else in the negative sense. Some people have more attractive personalities, some have less attractive personalities,… and other qualities could also be evaluated. Some people try to change their personalities to be more effective in life. Are you opposed to this matter. If not, you shouldn't be opposed to the physical side either.
Balaji Manickavel (2 years ago)
hats off
Paul Schlussel (2 years ago)
there are only 13 states that mandate proper, scientific sexual education for public school children. You can do what you can to ignore advertising, but if it isn't somewhere or something, its someone.
Johnathan Davidow (2 years ago)
What's dangerous is not being in the kitchen.
Gamer: Unknown (2 years ago)
What. THE fuck is wrong with people who make these fucked up people that make LITTLE GIRLS sexualized?! People are so fucked up!
Keyakeyabobeya Tyree (2 years ago)
Just watched this for my English comp class. I got to say...was not expecting that.
Keyakeyabobeya Tyree (2 years ago)
+Ejm Mc​ male teacher actually. We were studying ads
Ejm Mc (2 years ago)
My guess is you are being indoctrinated by feminism. Feminists control all levels of education now and you should watch some videos made by YouTuber *Bearing*. He explains in simple language and keeps things amusing. Start by watching, *Feminist Fridays: I think I've found the dumbest one ...*
Chef Butter (2 years ago)
Zetsuke4 (2 years ago)
Lol my teacher had me watch this for homework.
Marshall Wagner (1 month ago)
Tywanna Thomas (4 months ago)
My professor is the only reason I am here.
Aaron Benjamin (8 months ago)
Zetsuke4 i went hear 😭
Virginia A (8 months ago)
Hen. Jamz (1 year ago)
same bro, gender studies
Christine D. (2 years ago)
Such a thoroughly explained stance on this subject. Impressive!
Robert Willis (1 year ago)
@ Space Unicorn re. "mmmm women are literally victims, one in 6 women has been raped" - Where? Sierra Leone? DOJ stats suggest closer to 1 in 100 in the United States. Your garbage Big Lie propaganda claim comes from Feminist "research" that includes "stare rape" & drunk sex or sex later regretted as rape.
Beverly Yeehaw (1 year ago)
Robert Willis ummmm women are literally victims, one in 6 women has been raped
Ghost 1111 (1 year ago)
Well handled.
Robert Willis (2 years ago)
+Julie Chavez Also, why is it that you think that I think "women" as a whole are to blame for creating for this shitty Feminist video? Why do Feminazis like you think of women as some kind of collective hive mind like the Borg? Just because your mind is part of said collective, does not mean that most women belong to your Feminist cult, or can be blamed for it's relentless propaganda efforts.
nainjatt (2 years ago)
Havent started listening to it yet. Is it something related to "strong women" or other feminsit nonsense? Could smone Please let me kno? Cant really waste 15 minutes listening to such nonsense.
Project AcuHope (2 years ago)
The sexual industrial complex is a for-profit, by design phenomenon. The goal is to commercialize sex and thereby reduce population. Turn a basic human need into a commercialized industry and fewer people will form true relationships to meet those needs.
Bon Summers (2 years ago)
Good point.
A Cookie Monster (2 years ago)
great talk
cuddler (2 years ago)
What can I say. I nodded all the time. Its a truth which really is concerning.
Brigand Boy (2 years ago)
You know, I watched this in college a few years ago. I was with her right up until she went from "women are objectified in advertising" to "this leads to violence against women." I'm alright with her making this statement so long as she backs it up with evidence. She didn't. The fact that this is taught *IN CLASS* to kids *AS FACT* without addressing this is a huge problem. This kind of jump from point A to point Z with no explanation of the road to get there is what leads to kids being brainwashed into thinking that all men are rapists, creeps, pedophiles, worthless, or just broken versions of women. I had to point out several times in my own class that the same adverts she uses objectifies *MEN* as much as it objectifies *WOMEN.* Further, they (meaning the schools) act as if this objectification is both a concrete thing and a thing which never changes actors. Everyone objectifies everyone else at some point or another. Strippers objectify customers. Customers objectify cashiers. Cashiers objectify mangers. Cops objectify strippers. The cycle doesn't end, it isn't necessarily bad just because it happens. Dehumanizing people is part of what people do to handle other people. Until it turns into an *ACT* outside of what goes on inside of a brain, there is nothing to be said about it except "oh, that's interesting. Huh." Instead, this video is a primer for a witch-hunt. I'm sure Jean Kilbourne probably didn't intend for that to be the purpose of the talk.
Brett Hammond (2 years ago)
where you look is what you find. its sickly easy to point out "problems" simply go outside and appreciate and QUIT SNIVELING about hype. she is feedin the wrong dog. GO outside and LOVE life, this story has no postive effect.. shutting her off now
emma butcher (2 years ago)
Wtf: models are considered to be only beautiful if they have a white- type- of skin color?! Is that actually true?!?!?! Good lord that is INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨
Maria Sousa (2 years ago)
ok all these answers are missing the point. IM SORRY OTHER COMMENTATORS (or how you say it in english - im portuguese, sorry). Ok, back to the point. What does the media want? To sell! So, when they make an advertise, tht wont make one directed to old people, other to kids, other to teenagers, other to latino teenagers,... they discover in who they need to focus and they made theyr sdvertises based in what that group of people wishes. In america this kind of commercials are normally for white womens in theyr 30's. So its natural that the media wants models who insert in that category.
emma butcher (2 years ago)
@Jordan Yeck, Could you be a little more specific about what you said? If you don't mind doing so.
Jordan Yeck (2 years ago)
People sure do act like they are.
emma butcher (2 years ago)
That is just BULLSHIT ON HOW TO TREAT WOMEN! Why are we always the ones having to suffer?! Because we are not macho-built and therefore can be stepped all over on: by those types of men? Not that I support that.
emma butcher (2 years ago)
We live in such a body- shaming country. It needs to be ended once and for all. There is never a such thing as a body looking younger its whole life long. People age: so do bodies. The fact that some women feel the need to make their bodies look younger and when they do: probably puts a lot of unnatural pressure on their body. It is best for them to enjoy their personality instead. In the long run: different types of bodies are special in their own types of ways. Being skinny has its perks, so does being curvy, and so does being THICK. Why can't America just realize that no matter what: BODIES WILL AGE. Because America is ignorant? Yup, most indeed. Why be ignorant about a body being able to age? Makes no sense whatsoever. We are human beings and EVEN WE AGE: so it is not healthy to force upon ourselves something unnatural on our body: just to make ourselves look younger.
Tyrone M. (11 months ago)
I think you should push this message. It's a better message than what you get in ads.
Robert Willis (2 years ago)
+emma butcher There is no evidence that "Peter Nolan" is a real person. David Futrelle is a compulsive liar who is constantly setting up sock puppet accounts to serve as false flags. The purpose of this disinformation technique is to discredit MRAs & allow him to virtue signal.
Robert Willis (2 years ago)
+K I have read Bell Hooks. She is a misandrist & anti-white racist who preaches Cultural Marxism. Did you watch the SkepTorr video I linked for you?
Robert Willis (2 years ago)
+K David Futrelle is pathological liar & subhuman sack of excrement. Everything on his site is pure, unadulterated garbage. This "Peter Nolan" is likely nothing more than a fictional character, a false flagging sock puppet set up by Futrelle himself, or some other Feminist seeking to discredit MRA's. Futrelle is constantly engaging is similar disinformation tactics. If not, "Peter" is just some random idiot. He is not a university professor, syndicated columnist, or author whose works are admiringly referenced in gender studies courses. As such, your "example" is meaningless, & in no way supports your claim of equivalency.
emma butcher (2 years ago)
Why do women have stuff like this worse off anyway?

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