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Back to December- Taylor Swift lyrics

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so this is my lyric video of taylor swift's back to december. please leave suggestions for future videos in the comments below. please enjoy! THIS SONG DOES NOT BELONG TO ME. IT BELONGS TO ITS RIGHTFUL OWNERS.
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Meaverise (1 hour ago)
it may be your fault for leaving me for her, it may be my fault for telling her everything. but i still miss you, and i will love you forever. "i'd go back to december, turn around and make it all right" 29.12.2018 💔
Denmore Palen (1 day ago)
Wish I could turn back time. I would never let you go. Take me back to May 2014
Aimee Quint (2 days ago)
Year aumq find really the loow wit
Aj Salazar (2 days ago)
Feb 2019 anyone?
Leana Saunders (3 days ago)
I'd go back to December all the time because that's when we got together
Kezaih Esquilon (3 days ago)
Sey Salmorin (3 days ago)
Warren Basilisco (3 days ago)
😢 sad
John Louie Mallari (3 days ago)
2019 ❤
Jia Ying Li (4 days ago)
But I like March better because my birthday is in March
the little harmony (5 days ago)
This is truly be me.. The lyrics so much mean to me.. I'm sorry love.. I just miss u but then I undrstn if thre s chain on ur door..
Anees Ahmed (6 days ago)
I love the rap
SitiNadAmi MFadhil (6 days ago)
In 2013, I'm just 6years old 😂
Adrienne Dela torre (7 days ago)
2019 valentines??😍😍
Hris Abd (7 days ago)
Taylor ... we have a same feeling. this song truly true :(
Kimarnie S (7 days ago)
February 2019
Bai Racma Lumbos (8 days ago)
Feb 2019?😊🤚😍
Xameno Oneiro (9 days ago)
...when your birthday passed and I didn't call...
Izzuddin Zamzuri (10 days ago)
Febuary 2019 ?
Rheng Libut (10 days ago)
Listening to this on FEBUARY 11 2019
Jia Ying Li (10 days ago)
December is my favorite month!!!
GS_ AS (11 days ago)
i like back to december
Keisha Kassandra Sigue (11 days ago)
💖💙💙💖 💙💖💖💙💖💖💙 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 💙💖💖💖💖💖💙 💙💙💖💖💖💙💙 💙💙💙💖💙💙💙 I miss u.
Tarcila Ignacio (11 days ago)
February 2019 😍
Tarcila Ignacio (11 days ago)
Matt Norman Hapa (12 days ago)
This song makes me teary eyed always...the tune, lyrics and the instrumental.
Hi jenna
mariam duraied (13 days ago)
February 😍😍
alcantara justine (13 days ago)
feb 8 2019 💕
Dilan Kalecigil (14 days ago)
February 1 listen
i like this song becouse awesime >_<
Kate Alexandra (15 days ago)
3:15 Is about Kanye interrupting her speech
Sudesh Arora (16 days ago)
Doesn't matter what year you are here. I'm not yearist.
Danica Swift (16 days ago)
Listening this feb 5
Aubrey Opiana (16 days ago)
2019 anyone?
February 4 2019 💜
Aprilrose Coraza (17 days ago)
On my playlist: 2019 💔
Damay Kim (17 days ago)
Indonesia 2019!!!
Princess Aqualite (18 days ago)
Still listening now at Feb. 3,2019😍
W assim (18 days ago)
Listening to this makes me miss someone :3
Thu Phan (18 days ago)
How's life ????
XxKYLExX YT (18 days ago)
Micko Rosales (18 days ago)
Hellloooo 2025 👋
Back to december woahh still february 1 2 am 2019? Be noise woah
Asdfghjkl Jeon (19 days ago)
I'm so sorry for being a storm who came into ur life. You are indeed deserving and I am not. I am so sorry for not being the one who you wanted to be. Sorry for breaking all our promises and so our future we have created. My mistake is unforgivable because I am the worst. Im so sorry for not being the best. Someday, you'll meet the girl who is destined for you and she would be the luckiest girl because she will have the very best man she will ever had. I love you always and forever bi. I pray for you♡ Love, The girl who lose u
AwHailBree (19 days ago)
I used to listen to this when I was 17 with tears and snot coming out of my face. Did I really love that stupid hillbilly I was dating that much lmao? Probably not.
Kelsey Dalton (20 days ago)
2019 still the only song that will make me happy on a rainy day
Funny Human (20 days ago)
This is why Aftertaste by Shawn Mendes was written... :(
Pearl Ocol Sayno III (21 days ago)
January 31 2019, Anyone?
MrMc Elis (22 days ago)
My girlfriend and I broke up in December, missing her so much. Never used to be an emotional person before but she brought the best out in me.
Aejay A. (22 days ago)
I miss you mary jane
Hoai Đặng (23 days ago)
I prefer this old Taylor
siti nur khoeriyah (23 days ago)
back to december😢
Chester Didzena (24 days ago)
il be onmy job im trying to instill responsibility into my seeds
Priya Chopra (25 days ago)
Out stunning...... 😘😘
Fatyalbidaud Daud (25 days ago)
Wooooaah huhu💋🥰
Geeta Dutta (25 days ago)
I miss your tan skin Your sweet smile......
Divya Arora (25 days ago)
2019 anyone?
Sarah M. Sarah M. (25 days ago)
NOk Ravi (26 days ago)
Sweet❤ Back to December 😍🇧🇭🇹🇭
Ngurnunpari ngurte (26 days ago)
If we Loved again, i swear i'd Love you right.. . 😭😭
Cj Cantay (26 days ago)
January 26, 2019 ?
#infinity 08 (26 days ago)
'2017 is our december ...''💙
kimmih valdez (27 days ago)
Francine Belen (27 days ago)
driver lang pala c kuya HAHHAHHAHH sa papa bol muntanga ampotahhhhh
Francine Belen (27 days ago)
HAHAHAHAH pakingan nyo c PAPA bol YUNG KAUSAP NYANG GUY MUKANTANGA hahahHahah lutang amputek
Jensen Bautista (27 days ago)
Nicole Soto (28 days ago)
Im listening to this song because I fucked up with a friend. I betrayed her trust 😞 Im the only one to blame though. I understand that. “You gave me roses, and I left them there to die”. To me, that line, with the roses symbolizes the trust she gave me and how I left it to die. Im a fuck up 😩 I dont deserve your pity either. Im an awful human being 😔 also, Im only posting this to let it out.
Deny Kel (28 days ago)
Attention please ! Thanks for u attention
Avah chen (28 days ago)
Yellow Tiger (29 days ago)
old but love it❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️
Firly Putri (29 days ago)
mokv (29 days ago)
I had a girlfriend that sang this song to me when she was sorry about something I don't even remember what or when but it was deeply emotional and it brought my manly tears out. It's always nice to hear it one more time.
Catherine H. Wallace (29 days ago)
Love it
Emak Satria46 (29 days ago)
i miss your tan skin, your sweet smile so good to me so rigt
Nana Low (29 days ago)
Taylor swift
Nana Low (29 days ago)
Like this song
Nayana shah (30 days ago)
How many girls have do this?😕
“I’d go back to December, turn and make it all right”~
Glitch Droid (30 days ago)
Wow.. the old Taylor, the good Taylor..
Tarisa Nur Rachma (30 days ago)
2019 anyone?
soyle MKR (30 days ago)
I'm sorry malik for those bad years
CRSK and Helena (30 days ago)
I cried in this song because of this i wanna make a memory videos with my friends
Thomas Mcburney (1 month ago)
why was it too late that id dint expect to loss my friendship with Rachel why did I over reacted of being separated for a while a lit bit I think she will never forgive me oh why
Prateek Kumawat (1 month ago)
Syahira Audi (1 month ago)
2019✨💎💎✨💎💎✨ 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎 ✨💎💎💎💎💎✨ ✨✨💎💎💎✨✨ ✨✨✨💎✨✨✨
Dayana Vega (1 month ago)
I can't ever stop crying with that song
mia Cupo (1 month ago)
Sei ri (1 month ago)
Sanjana Poreddy (1 month ago)
I miss your tanned skin, Ur sweet smile, so good to me , so right ❤️ I miss you!
D&B channel (1 month ago)
One of my fav songs🏆❤️🏆
Cik Nur (1 month ago)
2019 here😌
애슐리 (1 month ago)
Nourah Irwin (1 month ago)
I'm gonna write this message hoping that you would recognize its me. I long for the sound of your voice dancing through my ears. having to have the feelings of being secured just knowing that I am standing next to you, and your arms protectively draped around me. I miss knowing that I can let my defences down in front of you and falling to my knees and crying my soul out, then there you go, you picked me up one by one. tender and careful. you fixed me. and i missed that and i long for that. I'm sorry I took you for granted. let's go back to our December
2019 still listening miss the old taylor swift❣😔
Hezeru Kim (1 month ago)
2019? anyone? 🎶
Neil Billano (1 month ago)
So amazing song.l love you Taylor swift..
Anyerina Hidalgo (1 month ago)
I Love this song

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