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Unfaithful: Black baby for white couple

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No reasons to be faithful with stupid husbands Country: United Kingdom Brand: Scalextric Year: 1998 Agency: Lowe Howard-spink Director: Vince SQUIBB Producer: Paul Weiland Films Sifting through hundreds of thousand TV ads, all over the world, Culturepub looks for the funniest & selects three of them daily for you to laugh and share with your friends. For a quick 3-minute daily snack of New Zealand, Slovenian, Norwegian, US, French ads over the past 40 years, subscribe to our channel ! More commercials : http://www.youtube.com/CulturePub. All rights reserved. For all inquiries, please send us a message
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Text Comments (106)
Spurgeon wright Jr. (14 days ago)
The Joker (24 days ago)
The world would be better if there were no blacks
Fire fromfire (4 days ago)
Fadumo Mohammed no
Fadumo Mohammed (7 days ago)
Fc Zahid we all are humans
Wait wait wait... whast the joke
_Seth _ (1 month ago)
Swedish couple
Kirah Yahtasha (1 month ago)
Them cracka betta be happy they want everything we have even a dark skin baby ✨✨💙
Lewis Taylor (1 day ago)
Kirah Yahtasha you're not wrong. I got my vasectomy because my girlfriend always said she wanted a mixed black baby
Ayyy díos mio La atrocidad
copy cat (2 months ago)
Michael Olender (3 months ago)
The white father definitely didn't have sex with a black women. Black women are gross. That's why nobody wants them.
Lewis Taylor (1 day ago)
Michael Olender aren't wmbw couples rapidly growing?
Kaci X (3 months ago)
Michael Olender I think your comment was for a different video since there where no black women in this video. Secondly, no one wants black women? Interesting, tell me more this is the first I’ve heard of this.
Crashbanksbuysilver (3 months ago)
Lots of cucks like this guy sadly, soy has done its job along with a lots of estrogen mimickers and feminist brow beating...it created the perfect Soyboy.
Puck aNm (4 months ago)
fuck that bullshit!
Horeses Horse (5 months ago)
congratulations!!! it's a turd!
Lisanne K. (5 months ago)
why should he be mad a black baby is so sweet 🤔
Kirah Yahtasha (1 month ago)
Ion Loghin she had a very dark African dude with a big black cock fucked her.
Kirah Yahtasha (1 month ago)
Lisanne K. Shut up the baby isn't hers its fake.
Antiony Grilmady (3 months ago)
Michael Olender i’m afraid she is
Ion Loghin (3 months ago)
He was cheat on you dumb libtard. If thats your child does not have you genes then you were cheated on. She had a black guy fuck her, and as a product a black baby. Science!!!!!!
Bathing Ape (3 months ago)
Lisanne K. Every white supremacist guy's dream is to have his wife spit black cum in his mouth.
MrGaolith (6 months ago)
Is no one shocked about the mini fro
MrGaolith (6 months ago)
Black people aren't born with that much hair
Swapan Kumar Das (7 months ago)
Sayani das
Ran Khavzon (7 months ago)
Chaz Selman (7 months ago)
Kermit while sipping tea:"Somebody was unfaithful but that's none of my business."😆
dieuriles Pomzin (7 months ago)
Amy (8 months ago)
Only the hospital staff don't react that way. If they see a non-match head crowning in the case of natural, vaginal birth or if they see a non-match upon slicing open the uterus in the case of a c-section, they quickly escort "dad" out of the room.
Lewis Taylor (1 day ago)
Michael Taylor women don't always need to have an excuse, lots of people are in open relationships you know
Michael Taylor (23 days ago)
Amy boo!!! That's so sexist. "Let's escort this man out of the room so we can give her time to come up with a good lie"
TheGodParticle (8 months ago)
Fake shite. Up yours
Bill Nodrog (9 months ago)
Genetics don't lie.... and neither did this mother. With a father this stupid what could go wrong?
Big Daddy (9 months ago)
0:13 = cucked!
Henrik Dufva (2 months ago)
Big Daddy 0:13 minus 9 months CUCKED
Antiony Grilmady (3 months ago)
Big Daddy big time!!!!
Stez (6 months ago)
make that a double cucked
Ruan Jacobs (10 months ago)
Is this nigga serious and by nigga I'm mean the white dude
Canadian Love (11 months ago)
Usually the other way around. More black women going for white men at least in Florida
Michael Taylor (1 day ago)
NightSky0417 I don't know bout that but I see more black males with white males and I've been through a lot of states. I actually can't even recall seeing a white male with a black female
NightSky0417 (4 months ago)
Canadian Love, there are more Black Men with White Women in the real world. White Male dominated media wants you to think the opposite by constantly showing White Males with Black Females.
Michael Olender (4 months ago)
Canadian Love really? I've lived in Florida for 20 years and it's 90 percent white women and black guys.( the white women are usually drug addicts)
Bradley Pieper (9 months ago)
Canadian Love reverse salt and pepper Tag Team Action?
Hank Hill (11 months ago)
damn thats why she was so loose hahahah
Big E (11 months ago)
Is this suppose to be a joke ? I don't understand why it's a joke....its what they do
Big E Probably because half the women are black
Big E (11 months ago)
Angel It isn't my opinion either it is fact....Brown college did a study in 2016 that females cheat six times more then males and half the cheating are with black men
Angel Whitney (11 months ago)
Big E they defently do
Big E (11 months ago)
Angel Whitney I was implying that females cheat and lots cheat with black men. Females can come back at me saying " Men cheat too " yes they do all I'm saying is that Females cheat six times more then men and half of those cheating females are with black men. It's disgusting
Angel Whitney (11 months ago)
Big E they love having mixed babies
shockadellick (1 year ago)
Why do white people always give the image of a 50% child of African and 50% European heritage as being 100% purebred African? That fact pass over most heads but it says a lot about the dominate society fears. Half breeds are usually very light in color, especially if the father or mother is an African American mix breed themselves crossing with a European. White fear is so damn funny lol.
Horeses Horse (5 months ago)
cuz whites have something to lose when they mate with blacks. blacks never improve a white persons life.
sammington kennedy (1 year ago)
the whole world cried when that happened, only the stupid people were happy about it
Jacob Quinton (1 year ago)
lol yeah it was funny when trump won the presidency and you can see the fear in black people's eyes 😂😂😂 they were even crying 😂
Tee H (1 year ago)
This happens all the time with white women.
The Joker (7 days ago)
Just shoot em when it happens
Kirah Yahtasha (1 month ago)
Tee H the baby isn't hers a white women can't produce a baby that dark brown only two black couple can. Or one white and one dark black person.
Das Mausiileom (9 months ago)
Tee H True that xD
Anja Awuku (11 months ago)
very funny..
Dalir Farzan (1 year ago)
+Tee H What do you call a woman who gets pregnant by a black man? A single mom!
Binti Anwar (2 years ago)
hahahahaha this is cute funny actually
archie977 (3 years ago)
evevrybody fucks everybody black white blue genes you could have a zebra come outa there
steven moreno16 (4 years ago)
That wouldn't be my reaction
Hank Hill (11 months ago)
steven moreno16 wouldn't be mine either id be outta that hospital so quick
Rajeev Sharma (4 years ago)
Dpd gnhgf
ArtificiallyDense (4 years ago)
i dont get the joke.
Damien Bruno (5 months ago)
Anja Einhörnchen Racist bitch
Chaz Selman (7 months ago)
Being "Artificially Dense" I can see that.
Anja Awuku (7 months ago)
her baby is Much prettier 😀
somethingg (1 year ago)
iamthedarklord1314 She cheated
Kenny Lee (4 years ago)
Well, i have heard this joke many times, but i never saw it before. :D

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