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Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me

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Text Comments (322502)
Yholz Vincent (2 minutes ago)
Gabriel Playz (2 minutes ago)
*Sir, what's your command?*
Rexie Pedrosa (6 minutes ago)
road to 1b views💓💓
민천사 (6 minutes ago)
Lexi A (7 minutes ago)
I play the clarinet🐈🐈
Farah Hillia (22 minutes ago)
I love you ❤❤❤❤❤
Anoniempje XOXO (23 minutes ago)
Why do I have riverdale vibes? (On the beginning)
앙응뿅뿅 (1 hour ago)
좋아요 수 미쳣다 ❤️ 노래 미쳣다 ❤️
Genis Garcia (1 hour ago)
He's the boyfriend of Miley in Hannah Montana:The Movie!😱😂
edcel demalata (1 hour ago)
10 years :3
Anaria Elinta (1 hour ago)
Marty West (1 hour ago)
Kiss kiss kiss!!!
Marty West (1 hour ago)
3:44 what?!
GİZEM EKİCİ (1 hour ago)
wai ching yeung (2 hours ago)
It has been a decade!Taylor was young
Havin Agün (2 hours ago)
iancarscadden (2 hours ago)
10 years is anyone watching this in 2019
Joey Diwa (3 hours ago)
A to D from Wattpad ❤️
akin romanowitsch (3 hours ago)
This video is really not that great wtf
Sss Sjsjjs (3 hours ago)
Hunting boy
esih Sukaesih (3 hours ago)
Oh so sweet and romantis
Stories by Caithlin (4 hours ago)
some otaku (4 hours ago)
5/6 year old ted heard these songs all the time. All. The. Time.
Choc chip dog (4 hours ago)
Okay he's clearly a player
Isaiah Tukuvaka (4 hours ago)
I knew some things about VIP androids loves knew my workers not bad boss ceo cares ok..well all your I knew not too sex deep wrongs numbers see if records bad boss teachers ceo all thing governsments I loves bad told words not too fars go longtimes told all see movies faces just sames my baby android sis lots knew true storys your ears calls lords on book writes photos word on ..partys of fives too virgin school girls sweetest knew no cry it ok...wet gas girls loves lots married loves lots ok..eye ok..I romieo no sex ok .I will see deep nights..makes lairs videos storys in numbers VIP storys..oneslits girlfriends loves ok .
Matthew David (4 hours ago)
Even Mcgyver is here.😂😂😂
Aziz Diamla (4 hours ago)
We love you taylor
Bts_fanpage (5 hours ago)
Rainbow Glaze (5 hours ago)
Kan ri (5 hours ago)
I think somewhere along the way, Taylor became the girl with black hair irl
Kyle Byrne (6 hours ago)
Pretty sure the guy in this music video is the actor lucas till
Clairejean Jimenez (6 hours ago)
lucky sharma (6 hours ago)
I'm from 2019 And you?
Oshi drew (6 hours ago)
Who still listening this beautiful song in 2019?
Faraz Eman (6 hours ago)
Taylor's bad blood was even amazing
alex Sharma (7 hours ago)
wow all these years i didn't know that the other girl is also taylor lmao
For 1b
Tessa Adkins (7 hours ago)
This song means so much after you meet a guy you can’t have, comment if you agree
Kirt Nguyện (8 hours ago)
Yes madam I will be able for you tomorrow night 7000.00 I love you so much for your birthday wishes and thanks for your help XOXOXO
Hopkins Films (8 hours ago)
A masterpiece😊
Ayana Azamat (8 hours ago)
Was this texting before ..... texting Ig
yuri braga (8 hours ago)
You belong with me
Arham Alam (9 hours ago)
The brown hair Taylor is hot tho.. 😍😘 However it took me 2 years to realize that both are Taylor swift....lol
Zul Haidar (9 hours ago)
Zul Haidar (9 hours ago)
Kumar Kanumilli (9 hours ago)
This is so beautiful 😍
They put this song in Chuc key cheese in the big screen
Zul Haidar (9 hours ago)
You good
juvanie746pro (10 hours ago)
back then Ive never knew it was Lucas Till...
亲爱的美妹我们的最爱,加油加油再加油,我们谷歌加拿大团队永远支持你. 厅长:谷歌 丁 (GD)
Beingasa Hlychho (11 hours ago)
Very nice
Angel Christ (11 hours ago)
I love her old so than her new songs .. 2019 here .. :)
Rhiannon Oneil (11 hours ago)
Xjd, jkekdhkelekxlksk
Halley Kwon (11 hours ago)
Its been 10 years but this song never gets old ❣
Marinette Agreste-Noir (12 hours ago)
I’d be the first to say Taylor has really pretty eyes
Kate Light (12 hours ago)
When u realize the guy McGuyver.....
Gardoum (12 hours ago)
Eirene Nryan (13 hours ago)
Wattpad story in a song// historia de wattpad en una canción 😂
Kaylie Frederick (13 hours ago)
Was I the only one who was cheering when his ex saw her and was like ugh really?!
Rohan M (14 hours ago)
i personally loved this song
Menahem Frij (14 hours ago)
Isabella Mastrovito (15 hours ago)
Taylor: I remember you drivin' to my house in the middle of the night their houses 0:00 lol
Veronika but gül Chris (15 hours ago)
I miss old good days
Shaxx Kim (15 hours ago)
i just miss those old songs about love and break ups
Shaxx Kim (15 hours ago)
wtf i can relate to old songs😭❤️
Sam Heather (15 hours ago)
2019 anyone?
Challenge Master4rl (15 hours ago)
Can I get a like from Taylor swift
Ashley Avila (16 hours ago)
I love this song
Gavinator Maples (16 hours ago)
Iwy wadesvbp,fdnm vdaaassdykb
Nobody loves Flo lyk Flo (16 hours ago)
This reminds me of Alec and Clara from 'The guy next door'
antisocial (16 hours ago)
I’m crying once again. It’s been a while omg
Luisa Hughes (17 hours ago)
OK so I hear this song and I'm thinking about the guy I'm in love with who says we won't work out. he belongs with me because I'm the only one who understands him his excuse for us not working out: we don't have enough quality time and the only relationship is on a phone. By the time I figured out he wanted more quality time was the same time he told me we wouldn't work. If he had told me how he was feeling and he wanted more quality time I could have made it happen but he never said anything and now I'm paying the price and somehow it's my fault. Please like or comment if you think he is the one in the wrong.
mahdiyeh taranom (17 hours ago)
ma ultimate teenage jam..
Sorriso Metálico (17 hours ago)
Eu vendo que esta música já tem 10 anos
James Redwood (17 hours ago)
Türkiye'de olsa kızla erkek odası birbirine bakmasın diye pencere değiştirilirdi.
Girlpower 1 (18 hours ago)
Is it right that the nasty and the nice girl is played both by Taylor? :)
Bilge (18 hours ago)
Niajah Rinehart (18 hours ago)
Christina House (19 hours ago)
Wish I would of staed in school long enough to go tooo prom...
an i (19 hours ago)
Neha Wasnik (19 hours ago)
10 years for this hit number
Mikeal Shaver (20 hours ago)
but honestly how did this shit win over the single ladies video hahahaha
Alondra Rodriguez (20 hours ago)
who’s watching on 2019? my childhood memories 😭😍
Elizabeth Deese (20 hours ago)
I love u
Peni Yuliastuti (20 hours ago)
Always2 ramadhan th silir berganti2" saya harus lindungi2 berkahi2" kaum2 muslimin2" muslimat2" n kaum2 yahudi2" sunah fardhu" sejatrahkan2 bumi alam2 ini selalu2 teduh segar udara2 berhebusan2 selalu2" doa2" pagi,malam2 al fatiha" n surah2 as saffat" biasakan2" tawadhu istikoroh2" akan alam bumi2 ini takan2 pernah dpt digunjing2 onar gaduh" akan berjenis2 masyarakat2 pasar lembang" yg tidak cinta2 akan2 mensejatrahkan2 rumah2 ibadah2 n kaum2 fakir,kaum2 mussafir baik sempurna fisiknya" n baik kurang sempurna fisiknya" beranekaragam2" berkesejatrahan2" nyaman2 berkah restari2" ibadah2 n kehidupan2 luas megah" all the nothing2 he the gone" tidak pindah2 pedoman2 agama" n tidak2 pernah2 akan2 tidak dpt2 akan selalu2 mengenal2 akan mama,papa" ibu peni yuliastuti" bpk budiyono" n selalu2 mersakan2 akan alalah swt" selalu2 berlimpahkan2 perhatian2" kesejatrahan2" ibadah2 n kehidupan2" all the nothing2 he the gone" ibadah2 n kehidupan2" nyaman2 restari ecerey day,everey tears
peanut butter (20 hours ago)
WADEHEK?! this song was released 10 years ago n i just noticed that taylor played both girls in this video?!!!!!
Gabriela Gaby (21 hours ago)
Agnt é 2019 mais eu vou colocar assim ..... Quem está vendo em 2021
Gabriela Gaby (21 hours ago)
Mano 2009 ?😂 e eu aqui em 2019 kkkkkkkki
Kaye Chloie (22 hours ago)
so this song was literally released when I was only three...2019 everyone? hit the like,been here before a billion views💜💜
teju babu (10 hours ago)
Whenever I see my bestiee this songs hits suddenly 😅 and I just sing to her ,she will be like are you crazy by the way I'm also girl
Sherillyn Carrone (23 hours ago)
10 years go really fast
Rakesh gupta (1 day ago)
٩(๛ ˘ ³˘)۶♥
Phat Pham (1 day ago)
Annie Rose Arlos (1 day ago)
2019? everyone?
Tee (1 day ago)
Faith *** (1 day ago)
I don't know why people disliked this song tsk. Tsk.
R (1 day ago)

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