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The Ex-Undercover Cop Exposing the UK’s Police Corruption

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A former undercover cop speaks to VICE about his experiences working on cases involving drugs, firearms, homicide, paedophilia and internal police corruption. WATCH NEXT: Canada's Original Vigilante Pedophile Hunter: http://bit.ly/2kcc9VB Click here to subscribe to VICE: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our Tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/vice Check out our Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/vicemag Download VICE on iOS: http://apple.co/28Vgmqz Download VICE on Android: http://bit.ly/28S8Et0
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Text Comments (1817)
Carroll Trust (18 hours ago)
TAG Aviation File MI6 MURDER MI5 BAE SYSTEMS HSBC FCA Financial Conduct Authority Fraud Bribery Case
SGT. GHOST (3 days ago)
well yoj compromised now
Michael Moretti (7 days ago)
The investigation into police corruption was corrupted ... yep, that about sums-up my thoughts on the ability of the police to maintain integrity within their ranks.
MCVE (8 days ago)
9 min trailer for gods work haha
Geoffrey Bronson (13 days ago)
'This world can fuck you up.' Ehat a harrowing quote. God bless this man and all like him who are willing to crawl through the filth and muck to try and make a difference.
Joe Heap (14 days ago)
Well this was just brilliant journalism and an amazing documentary
GARY GRAY (17 days ago)
Police are corrupt and have ruined many lives as a result. Time to smash their power structures once and foe all!
Big Mak On The Trak (17 days ago)
what is t ha tsoundtrack at the end
Simon Vance (18 days ago)
Check out the videos 'Order Followers' and 'Mark Passio - Stop Being Immoral Trash - Quit Your Government Job'.
Nos Cobbin (19 days ago)
in Aussie all Lebanese cops are crooked
Kaliyah C (25 days ago)
all im thinking about is the departed
Yeshie Scarfo (26 days ago)
Charlie Brooker's let himself go a bit...
Max Brazil (1 month ago)
I hope that scumbag piece of shit gets genital cancer and dies screaming.
Nomor Wrabadbook (1 month ago)
im akill you for this show of going over my phone and those raped kids here you right now
tony costanzo (1 month ago)
it takes a good devil to do GODS work
Stan Mann (1 month ago)
VICE is owned by the government. Will the Catholic church and politicians stop raping boys or are we supposed to believe VICE's narrative that pedophile rings are hoaxes?
Glenjamin Franklin (1 month ago)
Stan Mann absolutely is not you moron
Grim Reaper (1 month ago)
most cops swear at the oath they take, not to abide by it...internal police corruption is a common as a cellphone in this day & age
GARY GRAY (1 month ago)
All the more reason not to provide the police with any more extra funding. They are totally unfit for purpose, at every level and in every conceivable way!
Ethan Rice (1 month ago)
I unfortunately know that thousand yard stare, I hope he gets better. Thank you for your service.
dixie normous (1 month ago)
Made fuck all impact to the street's and risked his life.
Nas (2 months ago)
I know this may be silly to ask such a question on YouTube, but I'm planning to become a police officer in the UK and hopefully progress to a Detective. My question is; do you think that someone such as I who is so against corruption and other malevolent behaviour within law enforcement should be going into this field of work or is there a high chance of being defeated by those of higher power and me becoming an officer/detective will not allow me any power to truly help people? Any information/reply would be useful guys.
Glenjamin Franklin (1 month ago)
Nas use it as a opportunity to investigate the corruption in the police force over a period of 2 to 5 Years and make a documentary
Helmet hair 82 (2 months ago)
This is a huge story with a lot more to give. well done to him though for opening up about his story and life in the police
Chris (2 months ago)
So he was a pig and now he is crying and wants sympathy. Here suck this D till you hiccup PIG
CelticBommer (2 months ago)
Paedophiles and police go hand in hand
George Mathers (2 months ago)
I need more of this man’s story
puma77 ram (3 months ago)
The same non skip 20 secs ad on the start of every vice video I've seen today is starting to make me think I might skip or even unsubscribe 😡😡😡
Kerbon Stein (3 months ago)
Good job mate.
Randy (3 months ago)
Some criminal watching this is probably like "Holy shit I knew that mother fucker was a nark"
John Taylorson (4 months ago)
Who would've suspected Murray from Flight of the Conchords was a fuckin' rat?!
based rojas (4 months ago)
this dude deserves a movie.
Trylica (4 months ago)
Studying pedophiles fucks w ur head, mad respect, sir🙏🏼
Andrew Gerety (4 months ago)
Why make the corruption the main title
Nasra Hassan (4 months ago)
The BBC needs to watch this and give him a role in something. The man is brilliant!
LaSqueesha Pineapples (4 months ago)
I've never heard of a "charactor" actor before.
MezzaCS (4 months ago)
this is the vice we want back
GeneralGuitFiddle (4 months ago)
God's work? God's word? Anyone got clarification on what he's talking about? It sounds like he's talking about a literal organisation at that point?
Dill Dough (4 months ago)
Looked into the abyss. It plants the seed of something complex When fighting monsters you eventually become one yourself.
opkdom (4 months ago)
pfffft i believe you kingslayer
Saleucami (4 months ago)
Looks like he would throw holy water at people
Redfield 100% (4 months ago)
Interesting but I just can't trust anything vice puts out there anymore.
CMDR HIGH WARLORD (4 months ago)
Bet this guy has some epic stories.
i raja (4 months ago)
i raja (4 months ago)
Klass Act (5 months ago)
Epic. Late on this it needs a part two or a longer interview. Sounds abit like the movie ‘ID’. When the copper goes undercover to infiltrate a football hologram firm.
Charlie Talton (5 months ago)
He reminds me of John Constantine
Lester Crest (5 months ago)
is he walking through the tunnel where black harry potter was recorded?
ULTIM8STUCH (5 months ago)
Bull shit title .. Where is the corruption ? Undercover my arse you can tell he's a cop
Chrisv1965 (5 months ago)
That's the tunnel from Greenwich to Isle of dogs right?
barry ohara (5 months ago)
police are as corrupt as fuck ..he calls them organisation which says it all without saying it there biggest gang in britain bunch of fucking bent bastards setup anyone for there own ends or needs . even if ur innocent fuckin hate them ..yes some might join to do good but once in get moulded into being just as corrupt as wankers around them
barry ohara (5 months ago)
fuck all the scumy police yes some that are ok but on a erage there all just 1 big dangerous gang who are as corrupt and devious as other illegal gangs .they set people up dont play by law there bound.by there scum with a badge .yes catching child molesters n rapists is great bit of work but why not set them up the way do with bank robbers or drug dealers or other folk living on line of crime ?there all bunch of wankers if cant catch you will set u up and still sleep at nite even if your innocent
They let Muslims get off scotfree. Rotherham sex scandal
Alex Marin (5 months ago)
Come in Madrid Spain....the police sell drugs pimping girls arrest inocent people and send them to jail for years.....in the center of Madrid Leganitos section the most corrupt cops....they kill to protect the bussines
1911 VsGlocks (5 months ago)
The real life Max Payne
Triple Six Goblin (5 months ago)
One of my favourite documentaries from vice, hands down.
Mike Oxlong (5 months ago)
I live In the UK this made me laugh, the UK policing doesnt work anything like this lol this is more like the US
Geo Bun (5 months ago)
the truth is always stranger
Quirky Quipster (5 months ago)
Character actor, eh? Need an undercover detective? Typecasting aka profiling. Scumbag pedophile? Stanislavsky screams from the grave: *You won't recover a 3rd time!*
Najib Rahman (5 months ago)
Meh. Better than South Anerican police working hand in hand with drug cartels and racist USA police.
Wayne Farrell Media (5 months ago)
He’s got an amazing face for film.
Supreme Renegade (5 months ago)
Doubt be would Evan make the JV team in America.
Biff Barf (5 months ago)
I don't know about you but this guys stories just didn't jive with me.. I can smell B.S. a mile away!.. but... I could be wrong..
Nothing Left (5 months ago)
His eyes tell a story of a dark place all on their own.
Christian cabemb (5 months ago)
king of Kings (5 months ago)
Mr M.A (5 months ago)
So he's just reading out his LinkedIn profile... He didn't even say anything, just went on about himself
Max Powers (5 months ago)
Why do people become undercover cops? I hope they are substantially awarded. The real heroes, not fucking politicians or lords who get knighthoods for sucking cock
GazubaGames (6 months ago)
What a clickbait title that doesn't reflect the interview. You do this man a disservice.
Akroma Jones (6 months ago)
I've been asked if I was undercover about 8 or 9 times in my life. I'm not a cop, but if I was they wouldn't know, its not exactly a good way of determining if someone is a police officer.
JP Mulheron (6 months ago)
Akroma Jones I get asked if I’m a cop every other week. Ive walked into parties and freaked people out that much that they left. Lol. Cops the last thing I would be.
Eternal420 (6 months ago)
😂😂 I just saw an ad that was about waste and recycling plastic that was sponsored by Evian that uses plastic bottles.
Mclovin 2018 (6 months ago)
Really sad...But a fkng Patriot..Awwesome job from America brother!!
jANsON Potato. (6 months ago)
8:34 sorry to kill the mood, but it's coming home
Woogie 13 (6 months ago)
I was thinking throughout that he'd make a brilliant actor, so was pleased to learn that he is doing this now. Great piece.
Tommaso Caccia (6 months ago)
He sounds like jackfrags
Daddy2.0 (6 months ago)
Logan ? Max Payne ?
RRACAZA balboa (6 months ago)
is he wolverine
Matej Petkovski (6 months ago)
Dunno if he really believes that "its a good thing".
__spencer__ (6 months ago)
Is that Shane Madej's dad? (BuzzFeed blue)
Joseph Reddin (6 months ago)
MrErikxxon (6 months ago)
What the fuck is paedophilia?
Jungleman (6 months ago)
More proof that the UK police is rotten to the core https://youtu.be/z01qB-HeYV8
AH6man (6 months ago)
Plot twist: he was never a cop. This was just him working on his acting career
cody louis (6 months ago)
Corrupted police.. When are you people going to give up....................... I want you to start covering the GOOD, you propagandists. I saw through your shit years ago, VICE.
Gadnuk Breaker of Worlds (6 months ago)
He's a sheepdog amongst wolves. Mad respect for his selfless service.
haysd2you (6 months ago)
Look at what we do to each other.
MegaGangsta4life (6 months ago)
Liam Neesons twin xD
michael jordan (7 months ago)
These are the kinds of things people should make movies on... movies are trash now
A GOD FOR THE ATHEIST (7 months ago)
How many people live in the UK? How many soldiers do they have defending their corrupt government? How many of those soldiers and police can you convince to turn against this corrupt government and THROW THEM OUT instead of protecting them??? Throw out this corrupt government.. convince you police and army to stop protecting evil leaders!!!
resiman 84 (7 months ago)
The Laird (7 months ago)
Anyone know the music at the end there?
AOCLIVE (7 months ago)
Amazing much respect
James Cunniff (7 months ago)
F&@k the muslim terriorists☠️
Second Chance (7 months ago)
To think they give out bravery awards to people for coming out of the closet yet this man...
david lehan (7 months ago)
There will always b bent cops no matter were your from
Joe medeiros (7 months ago)
If I was president of the USA I would pull out of every country Let our troops rest for a few months, The attack all of Europe ! Sparing the azores but the rest would be gone! Vote for me 2020
Rae Azanna (7 months ago)
There’s no way anyone could live normally after experiencing something like this. You’d just think everyone is fake or potentially spying on you afterwards.
I (7 months ago)
Uk police most of em are Freemasons and cover each other's back even other masons the world is not what people think.
Jack Black (7 months ago)
How about a deep cover police officer entering into a bigamous marriage in order to maintain/develop his cover? Would that be crossing line?
Salad Days (7 months ago)
A grass grassing the grasses. Beautiful
OMNISLASHER1000 (7 months ago)
Well you're fucked now mate,lol! We know who you are now! Haha! And we know you take E's now too! rofl! Brave to do a job like that, I get nervous when I lie so i'd be screwed right of the bat,lol!
peter allison (7 months ago)
Another great British institution should join forces with the Banks and Governments OH hang on they have its the Freemasonry (GANG).

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