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Taylor Swift - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

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Text Comments (202127)
Lil’ Budd Light (7 minutes ago)
Stupid cute how she thinks she’s indie
kyra manpula (2 hours ago)
what a good anthem for our ex
Karu Lol (2 hours ago)
Who still watching this in December 2018??
Raile John (4 hours ago)
I'm never ever ever going to stop loving Taylor swift
Kailey Stewart (6 hours ago)
Viole 001 (8 hours ago)
I'm not crying...
ガブリエル (9 hours ago)
Unicorn Crafting (9 hours ago)
did anyone else see john cena?
Savvy714 (10 hours ago)
My six year old cousin was singing this song and I was so confused how he knew because it's a few months older than him 😂
Olivia Abajo (11 hours ago)
Anyone December 2018😬? I can’t be the only one😀😀
eDgY snowflake (11 hours ago)
Me & my cousin use to listen to old Taylor ALL THE TIME, now I haven't seen my cousin in forever, wow, now I'm gonna be 12, in middle school, life goes by really fast Hehe but hearing this let's my inner girly out, if you saw what I looked like you would think I was a emo lesbian kid, yeah I am a little emo, and do support LGBTQ, but still don't judge a book by Its cover💕
eDgY snowflake (5 hours ago)
+Sanjog Magar ...? Really didn't seem like it, but I'm a forgiving person, so, thank you..?
Sanjog Magar (5 hours ago)
I mean I love you as a human being. you are precious have a great day ahead dear. may god bless you.
eDgY snowflake (5 hours ago)
+Sanjog Magar nope
Sanjog Magar (5 hours ago)
+eDgY snowflake please na I love you.
eDgY snowflake (5 hours ago)
+Sanjog Magar don't be lesbian? I can love who I want, and who said I was a lesbian? Also I don't even know u, so shutup, I'm not dumb
Zarrea (12 hours ago)
Nostalgia 😭
Radio Illuminati (12 hours ago)
I would also demand "space", if my GF was wearing black feminist glasses. I can't stand those. I don't like feminists either.
jhgyd sdufhs (14 hours ago)
those old days were so much fun
MR DRIGO (14 hours ago)
Se vc curti vira gay
MR DRIGO (14 hours ago)
Taylor Swift é muito boa
Margot Brbx (15 hours ago)
this song is everything !
Thanos10 Xatzi (15 hours ago)
How many people still love this song?????
Addison Haury (15 hours ago)
I am a good fan of you 😂🤣☺️😆😁😀😃😄☺️🙂😇😊🙃😉😌
Azul Edrol (16 hours ago)
2018??? Diciembre
Mick Hudson (16 hours ago)
Who will be here in 2019 ? 😎😍
Ola Mazurek (17 hours ago)
December 2018?
Justin purple swag (20 hours ago)
Stupid song 👎
donald -d (21 hours ago)
Lysa Neaj (22 hours ago)
2018 anyone?
Georgia King (1 day ago)
Hi TAYLOR SWIFT I ❤️you l live in Australia and I went to your REPUTATION TOUR!
jayke nayon (1 day ago)
wow i i hear this song i remember long time ago
Celeste Brown (1 day ago)
2018 ???
Last (1 day ago)
2018 December 9?
Ffion lloyd (1 day ago)
Aline Dias (1 day ago)
Algum BR em 2018 ai ????
Byunnie Chennie (1 day ago)
2018 anyone?☺️
しかlove (1 day ago)
Jocelyn Parent (1 day ago)
omg i have loved you since i was 2 years old
Cardi B (1 day ago)
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surendra prasad (1 day ago)
Love uuuuuuuuu !!!!! And. U'r sweetnesss
Tracy Metcalf (1 day ago)
She's amazing
51 65 (1 day ago)
December 2018 lol
Nacho Bunny (1 day ago)
Animals are just creepy
Ayten Gündüz (1 day ago)
Ayten Gündüz (1 day ago)
charlotte chin (1 day ago)
Diala Aflaq (1 day ago)
that was the first Taylor song I heard oof time flies I was 9 :(
Rishav Singh (1 day ago)
You are my favorite singer
T S (2 days ago)
nassali nusrah (2 days ago)
Holy f*****k really touching December 2018
藤井 (2 days ago)
yessica yolanda (2 days ago)
who are still watch this video in last month on december?
crybaby wolf (2 days ago)
DECEMBER 2018 wow this song was made when i was 7 ...years go really fast
bloom bloom (2 days ago)
Do you want to see magic? Tap this button !
600M let's go swifties love 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤗😉
SpazOutMir (2 days ago)
Never ever !!!!
Jackelyn Quinanola (2 days ago)
2018 still ❤🙌
K C (2 days ago)
lemidaza (2 days ago)
Ment to say alot
lemidaza (2 days ago)
A l9t
ちゃぬめん (2 days ago)
Monster house
Abhijith Achu (2 days ago)
Wow.... still i love this sonzg
marxell dube (2 days ago)
l like it
Big color (2 days ago)
I don't want my all friends to turn into furries when I break up :/
Dinesh Neupane (2 days ago)
Anyone after end game trailer?
神もみょ (2 days ago)
Things to Have a Happy Break Up: Eyeglasses Sleeping Attire Animal Onnesies Orchestras Telephone Coffee
Gamer Turtles (3 days ago)
Who still thinks this song is REALLY good even though it’s 2018 December
Atiya Sultana (3 days ago)
I love this
NA Aguilar (3 days ago)
The song is great the video is terrible
James Vill (3 days ago)
Dec.2018..Still Love This Song😘💕
Anti-Batman (3 days ago)
Who forgot this song and discovered it again? i did XD
Madison Perry (3 days ago)
I don't like it ........ i love it
T. Rautenbach (3 days ago)
woah theres furries in this video
Nozzle Life (3 days ago)
Wanna bet?
T S (3 days ago)
NurAndre _ (3 days ago)
Wįťć& Ťæÿľœŕ (3 days ago)
Gacha Pies (3 days ago)
Is no one talking about the adorable squirrel girl, especially at @2:38? It's the main reason why i keep coming back to this video
hello vietnam
wednesday downtown
貴様水曜だな (3 days ago)
ほさ (3 days ago)
2018 hands up!!!
I still love this song
おぼぬちゃん (4 days ago)
I love you
Luigi Caban (4 days ago)
this time im telling you....hahaha
空白 (4 days ago)
熱森たけし (1 day ago)
ぷい子 (1 day ago)
khun Nay Minn Htun Minn We watched japanese comedy when we want listen to Taylor Swift the music.
I don't understand japanese
ぷい子 (2 days ago)
空白 俺もだ
やん やん (3 days ago)
Cassidy (4 days ago)
Omg I forgot how good this song is!! Totally old taylor over new taylor ❤
Star Cresswell (4 days ago)
I wonder how many times you guess that brand of a brand never getting back together and then a month Larry get back together
infun21 playS (4 days ago)
Who is still watching in December 2018😂😍😍
Cruz Gonzalez (1 day ago)
I really miss the old Taylor
Fadwa Shubair (1 day ago)
Rider s (1 day ago)
infun21 playS in Japan.
the best noel (4 days ago)
Can anyone tell me about her new project??
Izzy’s World (4 days ago)
Like 2018 Comment 2019
بةسة زيان (4 days ago)
we nevr back toghter
Nurseven Kopuz (4 days ago)
December 2018?
Rex Ryan (4 days ago)
Puff (4 days ago)
1:55 that guy in the middle xd
Goto/ゴートゥー (4 days ago)
赤座あかり (4 days ago)
加藤佐藤 (4 days ago)
正恩兄貴 (4 days ago)
正恩兄貴 (3 days ago)
ロキ (4 days ago)
Bangtan wife (4 days ago)
Anyone 2018??
Heaven XxX (4 days ago)
Dec 2018 anyone?
Boekieboy 1 (4 days ago)
I don’t understand why kids choose Kpop over this.

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