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ALL Asian Dating sites are SCAMS!

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Support us and the channel on Paypal! http://paypal.me/advchina Online dating scams are full of lies and international dating has been sullied by romance scams. These online dating services are full of beautiful asian women, but they are after your money. China is the hotbed for scams and online scammers. We tell you how to avoid these pitfalls. Get 1 week early access to EVERY ADVChina episode by supporting us on Patreon SerpentZA: http://www.patreon.com/serpentza C-Milk: http://www.patreon.com/laowhy86 Living in China for so long, we would like to share some of the comparisons that we have found between China and the west, and shed some light on the situation. Every week, we take you to a new place in China on our bikes, cover a topic, and reply to your questions. ⚫ Watch Conquering Southern China NOW! Winston and I ride 5000 km across 5 Chinese provinces and discover crazy food, people and customs! Discount Promo Code: RIDEWITHUS https://vimeo.com/ondemand/conqueringsouthernchina Tune in, hop on, and stay awesome! http://www.facebook.com/advchina For Motorcycle adventures around the world, and a talk-show on two wheels go to ADVChina every Monday 1pm EST https://www.youtube.com/advchina For a no-nonsense on the street look at Chinese culture and beyond from China’s original YouTuber, join SerpentZA on Friday at 1pm EST https://www.youtube.com/serpentza For a realistic perspective on China and world travel from an American father and a Chinese mother with two half-Chinese daughters go to Laowhy86 every Wednesday 1pm EST https://www.youtube.com/laowhy86 Cartoon feat. Jüri Pootsmann - I Remember U https://soundcloud.com/nocopyrightsounds/cartoon-feat-juri-pootsmann-i-remember-u Track : Cartoon feat. Jüri Pootsmann - I Remember U NCS: Music Without Limitations NCS Spotify: http://spoti.fi/NCS Free Download / Stream: http://ncs.io/irememberu
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Krakolio (3 days ago)
Not interested in having a GF or getting married, but a fascinating video, particularly the part about photo editing apps. I felt sorry for the old Canadian man who went to China to meet his fictional lover.
Thang Nguyen (4 days ago)
Just ask for Wechat, then ask to video chat. I'd say most girls are real, at least from my experience. However they don't speak English very well so you might lose interest very quicky
Joseph Jarrells (8 days ago)
Thanks for the advice on these China sites I am signed up for some of them but never paid any money. And now I know why.. I emailed a few girls but never got a reply so that gave me red flags. Now my email gets blew up with the site even after I deleted everything and unsubscribe. Thanks for the information. Keep the video's coming love the great no bs straight forward. Advice you guys have. Look forward to watching more of your videos. Stay safe
Boris Secluna (11 days ago)
Point well taken. Same goes for Russian dating sites. In either case, don't let yourselves get putin a situation like this.
dogooo50 (11 days ago)
Just get the girl to write your name on a piece of paper, and get her to take a photo of it next to her face.
Keith Taylor (16 days ago)
You guys are awesome. Thanks so much for the info. Because I have been scammed
Lim Chi (20 days ago)
0:03 are you currently looking for a Chinese girlfriend or a wife.......... This sounds sexist. Why does it have to be a Chinese woman but not man > Is it because Chinese men look so disgusted or Chinese women are easy to be exploited?
Nates Pics (22 days ago)
How is riding there? I ride here in California.
Tom Jones (29 days ago)
Best advice: just don't Chinese girls.
Arthur Tane (1 month ago)
Found you guys yesterday. I've already watched dozens of your clips. Having a HK girlfriend for seven years very much all of what you are reporting on China - and Chinese girls - is factually correct. Keep it up. Greetings from Australia.
urekdumone2 Upinya (1 month ago)
No women like bitches on scooters crying! Just got back from a week in Shenzhen. My balls are sore from fucking. Hardly spent any money, plus hooked up with an aussie from LA, and an Italian at Bao'an Airport. Fuck love, get laid wimps
Danny Daems (1 month ago)
why go to a paying site, if there are free sites :)
soulgamblers (1 month ago)
Cherry Blossoms in Hawaii is legitimate I used them
Ratima Buehler (1 month ago)
Thank you so much for your help. I send it to the man I love ❤️
marc bisson (1 month ago)
thanks and there ladyboys to ,on ther site and they look great
khunlu kaurinta (1 month ago)
Is asiancharm site real??? Thanks....
Greg Kirby (1 month ago)
what about asiame??? which used to be chnlove
Nick Oloteo (1 month ago)
Guys I just met her and she looks nothing like her pictures. HAHAHA are we in America?
Marian Lee (1 month ago)
I don't understand why men need to go to another country to find a wife or a soulmate. Isn't it easier to find someone Within your own country? Less chance of being scammed and if you find someone that was raised as a baby or toddler in the US who's parents are from another country, culturally it'll be much easier. For example, I grew up in the US so culturally I'm American. It'd be difficult for me to live in Asia or date a man from Asia since the cultural expectations are very different.
Tuna Loco (1 month ago)
asiandating,com is a big scam. Do not pay any fees to join the site. 60 emails. OOh you so handsome! I really want to know you. And no photo even posted.
KC Johnston (1 month ago)
I don't get the point of putting photos on your dating profile that don't look like you in real life. Like why would you want the first feeling a guy gets when he meets you go be disappointment? If your skin's tan, don't use a filter to make it look whiter, just find a guy who likes deeper skin.
Tom ryan (1 month ago)
asiandate is the mafia of crap dont go there
Sherry Khaleed (1 month ago)
How can i get the truth man from this app?
Simon Pharand (2 months ago)
Went on that site for kicks!! Godamn must of had 100 girls just wanting me in 20 minutes!!... Must be real right??... Chinese have no shame
cedracine (2 months ago)
12:39 Vancouver is in Europe :D
Marco Polo (2 months ago)
why would you date an asian?
Lady Fervor (2 months ago)
White men should concentrate on getting their own out of control disgusting feminist women under control vs running away like cucked cowards over to Asia. If you want an Asian woman and destroy your entire lineage to make ugly half breeds fine but stop bringing their rotten gold digging whore ass women back to America and flooding my poor Country with a bunch of Goddamn Asians and their entire shitty families. WE ARE FULL. YOU STAY THERE. If you're a 45 50+ yr old white dude with a beer gut *GET OVER IT* accept reality and date someone at home within your own race and league. It's over. Why would you ever want to date and marry someone who just uses you for money but finds you repulsive and cant wait until you die. That's pathetic. Pathetic
Nk Chopdar (2 months ago)
Asian deta richarch ke bare me Bata ye
max nam (2 months ago)
Seen many of your videos This one is total crap. First of I used a dating site and we are married 6years with 2kids. Every dating site has video chats so if photos are doctored they wont video chat. Guys that are cought out are total idiots and deserve to bescammed. Take note there are multiple video chatting apps, internet cafe's with video are very common every mobile has video. BTW this counts for any dating site all over the world. Have seen these scams all over not just china. As for good looking photos you two should know how much chinese will spendfor provesional photos. So honestly what a peace of crap video you delivered this time.
Mia Garcia (2 months ago)
i fell in love with a chinese romance scammer. he said he is a journalist in cyprus and stay inside UN camp and cannot make videocall. the emails are so cheesy that you can easily be hooked. later he ask me favor to help him out get his 'treasures' in a certain security company. it's good that i dont have money hahaha so how can he scammed me. i knew all along that he is a hoax for he cannot show up even once in a cam. he said he is in cyprus but one he called me and the idd showed he is in xiamen,china.
M. W. (2 months ago)
SHSL Potato (2 months ago)
A close relative of mine who is now actually married to a Chinese woman found her through internet. I think their son is over a year old now. He is adorable.
Ren Xieah (2 months ago)
btw please visit my channel for funny pubg video
Ren Xieah (2 months ago)
99% china dating site are scam if you really want a nice chinese girl better you go to china and stay there for one or two year to search a real chinese girl who can love you
hireshi-azu (2 months ago)
C-Milk: Neither have i. Literally grew his relationship with his GF through FB.
Tommy B. (2 months ago)
So if you are looking for an Asian girl that's able to pick up her side of the couch when moving, it means you've got to date the petite and delicate one on the dating website that will turn out to be a little more chubbier, stronger and less petite and sick pale...
ArtKido (2 months ago)
Why make it a China only issue?
Sats Boui (2 months ago)
They are very very scams don't go over there
irhyne galvez (2 months ago)
Well my husband and I met online.
Yyen Sing (2 months ago)
I'm looking forward to having a good Chinese man in my life. Yyen sing
biobele william-west (2 months ago)
Allana rodriguez (2 months ago)
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bruce young (2 months ago)
how many cc are those bikes?
FuddyDuddy99 (2 months ago)
Great Tips guys !... But even the Skype Videos can be faked.... I had a girl put up a video of "herself" waving at me but... it was brief and she would not respond to questions.... they often make a video of some unknown girl to make it look as if she is real and put it up so when you want to see her it is only brief and animated...the Russian and Ukrainian girls do the same... but it is probably a guy behind the whole thing.
GuitarGuy (2 months ago)
How did she explain that there was no actual conversation
Fresh Reserve (3 months ago)
looks not everything
Avel Linklater (3 months ago)
How can you be "dating" someone while not actually spending time with them? It would only be a correspondence . ....
Justin Rood (3 months ago)
this is so sad
lynne leighton (3 months ago)
Unfortunately, it works both ways. A lot of Asian women meet a guy online..generally old men..marry them. Then move to a Western country, and get rid of them as soon as they are allowed to stay in the country legally. I've talked to quite a few, and they can't wait to leave the guys. But then the guys often just go and get another one.. One guy I know, horrible guy..but he has been through four of them so far.
GuitarGuy (2 months ago)
But your story is not "both ways". It's Asian chicks marrying old dudes so they can get residency in the guys country.
Karl Andersson (3 months ago)
I met my wife on VietnamCupid, though I am quite a clever guy :^)
Nicohakuu1 (3 months ago)
I don't know about the sites but there is a Hong Konger dating for lesbians, which I suddenly stumbled upon. There I happened to find my ex-girlfriend and even met her in real life. And she did look like the pictures in her profile.
Brother Dave (3 months ago)
Definitely a wake up call. I signed up for a site and the response has been excessive. Than again I signed up on a Russian Site and dated two very beautiful woman. I met one and traveled all over Europe. Another met me in California. I can’t stress how beautiful these women are. The problem is they really have unrealistic expectations of western men and deep down, it’s all about them. Glad you confirmed my suspicions. Definitely have wondered why the images don’t add up. Thank you for putting this out there. I won’t feel bad for blowing off the ones with the altered images.
Daniel (3 months ago)
I'm pretty sure nearly every asian dating site are usually always bots.
KornShaDoW097 (3 months ago)
I thought this video was gonna talk to women...
KornShaDoW097 (3 months ago)
So what sites are not total scams? I mean like 1)they aren't bots or require payments for no chance of meeting anyone. Also, is this all just a China thing or do these sites happen for Japan too and are pics just likely to be fake too?
GuitarGuy (2 months ago)
They are ALL full of scammers (at least 90%). Don't waste your time.
Al Pal (3 months ago)
Extremely overweight ugly neckbeard with no life aspirations, Cheeto-fingers, and no money: Goes to china to meet perfect porcelain girlfriend and finds out she isn't real. *shocked pikachu face*
W M (3 months ago)
Everything in life is getting phonier and phonier as it gets harder to turn a buck.
Cathy Farger (3 months ago)
And least Chinese women take your money BEFORE you marry them. American women marry you THEN steal your money.
Sarah Kerrigan (3 months ago)
you guys have the most alternative comedy style but its the only thing that makes me laugh anymore.
Bill Brown (2 months ago)
Found the love of my life on "ASIA CHARMS" dating site back in 2013. We been married almost 5 years now. FILIPINAS MAKE THE BEST WIVES! My advice, find a FILIPINA by "shopping" at your nearest FILIPINO SUPERMARKET!
GuitarGuy (2 months ago)
+Bill Brown fine, but no way that the "50 year old guy gets a 22 yr old Filipina" thing will work that way. She'll be closer to the guys age if she's already here, and that's a deal breaker. lol
Bill Brown (2 months ago)
+GuitarGuy If shes already here, and she LIKES you, then; 1) You know she isn't only interested in a green card and 2) You will save $1000s to bring her here.
GuitarGuy (2 months ago)
+Bill Brown what I'm saying is, how does it help to meet a Filipina (probably a U. S. citizen) at a market in America. I mean, one of the reasons Filipinas over in PH like white guys is for the citizenship.
Bill Brown (2 months ago)
+GuitarGuy Last I checked, aliens aren't automatically granted U.S. CITIZENSHIP. My wife was sworn in about 6 mos. ago. SIX YR PROCESS!
Grammar Jew (3 months ago)
This is not Chinese. This is very much a wildwide issue. Good advice to check shit and not send money to profile pictures, all around the world. Be careful people, please.
Andrew Grey (3 months ago)
5:27 - How in the hell did you get this overhead shot?
Diomaris Robles (3 months ago)
awesome congrats !
Fred C. Wilson III (3 months ago)
I already have an Asian wife; we've been married nearly 30 years. I'm very satisfied with her and our 15 kids and grand kids.
Anne Dalman (3 months ago)
This video is nice 😂😂
jbgulfport1 (3 months ago)
Also a friend had a long courtship online, sent her Visa and passport money. Waited at the airport and never heard from her again. Totally heart broken, sad really...
jbgulfport1 (3 months ago)
I like the channel but hate it on bikes.
Noble713 (3 months ago)
I'm sure there are a ton of scammers and fake profiles in China, but I've been using online dating sites globally for over a decade (I'm 36). They are just another tool in your toolbox of picking up women, same as Tinder. They are a great way to screen out women who are smokers, single moms, etc.... I've met quite a few decent women via online dating, but they are almost always over 30. Just do your due diligence and if the pictures look too good to be true, they probably are. Stop chasing dime-piece supermodel women. All of THOSE women can get what they want from wealthy local men (no matter what country you are in this applies), unless they are insane bipolar chicks or something. They aren't about to fall in love with some random Internet simp unless they are chasing your money.
GuitarGuy (2 months ago)
You are 36 but going for women over 30? How is THAT worth it. I'm late 40s and wouldn't go for that even here in America. Also, what kind of Asian woman over 30 is not a mom (the crazy ones and the less attractive, I bet).
Mike St.Jacques (3 months ago)
The ignorance of some American idiot coming from the USA to meet a so-called 'Chinese girl' that they have never talked to in person or seen without a video filter is off the chart.
TwistedNerve (3 months ago)
It's okay there are a lot of horny women in my area
アイス・クリーム (3 months ago)
I tried asiandating.com . After 5 minutes I had 15 mails inbox without having a photo or any profile edits :D You can see the first letters of the mail and all are almost like: Hey th.... Your pr.... Hi! I li......
Rimgaile Kasnauskaite (3 months ago)
People suck sometimes
joefromravenna (3 months ago)
I would almost say all dating sites are scams. One dating site admitted that they scan your picture to match you to other user with comparable “beauty”. So if you don’t take a good pro style picture you will be stuck with ugly people to choose from.
Im with stupid (3 months ago)
Everyone knows that women are extinct in China.
Harper Lewis (3 months ago)
Btw: Do you wanna win the internet? Do this with a 360° camera and make the material VR.
Eddie Foster (3 months ago)
I keep getting those scam emails and I keep muting them. The funny thing is they are from England or Malta or the say since you tipped us off about the VPNs.
AR Mata (3 months ago)
thanks bud's , tell more i need to know
Rick Danner (4 months ago)
ahhh wow how did you come to that conclusion - I love the beautiful faces on Asian women but want no part of their personalities selfishness and scams
GordoGambler (4 months ago)
I did that for a few years from 2006, now I just look. I spent a few hundred on site dues. Many of the ones I chatted with were real. After a short while you can sort out the liars and fishers. I wouldn't touch the Euro/ Russian sites with a 10 foot pole. After I saw nothing but fat broads on the Match white girl sites in Can/Am, I went to 3 China and Vietnam sites. I would give a max 2 chats without a webcam, so NO chance of me ending up like those damn fool guys. So I saw a hundred on webcam. Only a few were so ugly they hurt my eyes. Oooof. We quickly said yes or usually no about continuing. I still think many were pretty genuine. The Cupid sites are the best for sure, but still slim chances. I went to see one in Chengdu 3 times and web-camed for years, and a few in Saigon >> one of these, with 2 older kids, went to Perth and married a fat cement truck driver in Perth. The first visit with the Chengdu girl, she gave me a great time for the 3 weeks, with her rich friends and family. So I can't be disappointed. Liking her was one thing, but living with her quirks was quite another. Plus what little she told me about her life was rather suspect anyway.....
sebastian Sm (4 months ago)
You are talking about east asia mongoloids. In iran dating sites are not scam
LukkyLuke80 (4 months ago)
Cupid seems to be the only legit, same with eastern european sites.
BladeMasterz916 (4 months ago)
IF YOUR DUMB ENOUGH TO SEND MONEY TO GIRLS YOU NEVER MET..... then you deserve to go broke and NOT REPRODUCE! Stop WARNING IDIOTS, YOUR GOING TO FUCK UP THE GENE POOL BY KEEPING STUPID AROUND LONGER! Look what happened in America.... Trump got elected... hahahhahaahahhah! People still believe in him too!
Drew Tillman (4 months ago)
Always wondered why the women I see on these asian dating sites look like cover girls. If they are this gorgeous why do they need to reach half way around the world to meet a man? The european dating sites may be as much a scam as many of the women shown are stunning.
GuitarGuy (2 months ago)
Yep. U got it.
ᏇᎥkᎥ 128 (4 months ago)
I wanna help my foreign friends. Many girls wanna attract foreigners via using other beautiful girls' pics, too. It's 100% true. Many girls also told me as good Pakistani friend.
zofe (4 months ago)
ALL dating sites worldwide are scam!!!
Taiwan Andy (4 months ago)
NOT TRUE, I met the girl of my dreams and she's coming to America as soon as my $30,000 Western Union transfer goes though, she promised!
jakolu (4 months ago)
Too bad. Most of these people look better in the original (of course). Nothing wrong with darker skin either. Many of those enhanced photos look obviously fake, and ugly.
jakolu (4 months ago)
2:27 Putin lol
Kung Laos (4 months ago)
These two scum white trashes love to bad mouth about China but they living in China.
Kung Laos (4 months ago)
Oh yeah just you Anglo who love to bad mouth about China.
ADVChina (4 months ago)
This racist xenophobe makes rude comments on YouTube
Otto Wor (4 months ago)
We went to see places, not dating anyone but guys, you never mention QQ International, forget Facebook and go QQ since before we were in China on holiday it was a good tool to get pre-informed. From here on staying in contact with our tour advisors in Shenzhen who directed us in where - what - when, looked out for us until the tour guide arrived with mini-bus + driver and made contact with us to take over. From there on we met lots of people where them and we wanna stay in contact with beyond the time we were in China.....and we could - not every time, but most of the time see the person we were talking with on screen as they really look like, if mobile phone, tablet or later on via home PC not only while in China but back home in Australia chatting every couple of weeks. We went for 2 weeks to see Zhangjiajie, Tianmen Mountain via Changsha where our personalised tour started to travel to Wulingyuan and beyond and a year later we caught up with the people we made friends with, mostly students from the Yuelu Academy / Changsha during their learning break and did stay 4 weeks, doing things together, seeing and going places like Fenghuang, Wuhan, Chongqing we listed in our visa applications before hand - and this is important!! - so we all had a good memorable time together. Our son had once the experience were the police came late at night: Not save here!.... and they took him to another hotel, as that hotel there had no 24 hour security guard at their reception. With QQ that can be switched to English and if not all is in English, there is a translation possible, preferences can be set up, so we did know who is calling here / we done the setup friends and friends of those friends / we are in contact for years now.
Paul the Roman (4 months ago)
Narration while riding moto-bike gives voice much vibrato.
zeliz (4 months ago)
Just use tinder
Rod Collins (4 months ago)
If it seems to good to be true it most likely isn’t, what a great laugh. Hormones rage over brains, plonkers. If you do marry a few years later they will take everything you have, horrible culture remember the frontera milk powder poisoning, no conscience
Robert Brown (4 months ago)
Is there an email to contact you guys? Also have you done any videos of Singapore?
Rolfe Horne (4 months ago)
Asia is a scam.
tom ster (4 months ago)
the new tech is fantastic, literally, im not able to download and 3d print my new wife. she is more real and less plastic than any scammer dating service woman you will ever find.
tom ster (4 months ago)
most of them look better in the before photo, not after. the after photos make them look like jailbait.
Gustav Babic (4 months ago)
If a woman is that hot, then why would she have to go online to meet someone?
yani puspandari (4 months ago)
I love your voice😊
Charles Perry (4 months ago)
how are you speaking with no wind noise?
ZT Ying (4 months ago)
Even kids know it. These websites are for people who have limited IQ.

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