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Griffith Observatory with the Zee Life and Titu Bhai - Hollywood Sign Los Angeles

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While visiting Los Angeles, we went up the hills to Griffith Observatory to view the famous HOLLYWOOD sign with Titu Bhai. He was a pleasant host during our stay in LA California. Road footage was taken with the Firefly 8s. Rest of the video was taken with the Gitup Git2p 90 Action Cam and other footage with Zhereens Panasonic Digital HD Cam. Music provided by: JOAKIM KARUD music track 1 - WAVES
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Text Comments (11)
Classroom observatory! Laik for the video!
James Dean Rivera (10 months ago)
James Dean Rivera (10 months ago)
Remind me to pay visit someday there
Zalal Uddin (10 months ago)
you will
SAUCED-UP- KICKS (11 months ago)
good stuff my dude hope u had fun out here in cali
Zalal Uddin (11 months ago)
SAUCED-UP- KICKS def did bro. Wish it would've been a liittle bit longer. I feel bad i was in ur neck of the woods and didn't catch u out there. Maybe next time.
End-to-End (11 months ago)
I just saw this on TV :D will visit there Someday .. I like space :D
Zalal Uddin (11 months ago)
End-to-End the final frontier......😁
suhel miah (11 months ago)
Its awesome your sharing your experience in different parts of the U.S. YOUR VIDEOS ARE DONE VERY NICE BHIYAH. MASHALLAH .
suhel miah (11 months ago)
Mashallah Bhiya that is wonderful. Hope to see you Bhiya when you come to NYC.
Zalal Uddin (11 months ago)
suhel miah JazakAllah bro. Im going Umrah in late December. Im flying out of NYC. InshaAllah. Give everybody my salam. InshaAllah we'll meet again

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