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WINTER - EARLY SPRING Clothing Try On Nordstrom Fashion Haul | Miss Louie

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⭐ MY SIZING DETAILS ⭐ I'm 5'2" - 105 lbs. / Size XS or S or 32C in tops / Size 00 or 0 or 24 in jeans/pants ⭐️ WHAT I'M WEARING ⭐️ - Off Shoulder marled sweater [Size XXS, $49]: http://bit.ly/2DNE58M ⭐️ CLOTHING ⭐️ - BP Gathered waist midi dress [Size XXS, $39]: http://bit.ly/2DNspTl - Topshop Cut + sew light gray dress SHORT [Size 2, $45]: http://bit.ly/2DLX3fX - Topshop Cut + sew charcoal dress LONG [Size 2, $50]: http://bit.ly/2DPKTmp - BP Gingham button front dress [Size XXS, $55]: http://bit.ly/2DNNY6g - FP Oversized Tee [Size XS, $48]: http://bit.ly/2DlUDDQ - BP Raw edge V neck [Size XXS, $17]: http://bit.ly/2DSII1w - BP the Perfect Shirt [Size XXS, $49]: - BP Ruffle trim midi skirt [Size XXS, $59]: http://bit.ly/2DPkdCe - Leith Floral mini skort [Size XXS, $65]: http://bit.ly/2DLWwut - BP Scallop waist floral wide leg pants [Size XXS, $49]: http://bit.ly/2DORde0 - Topshop Black cropped flares **ON SALE** [Size 25, $35]: http://bit.ly/2DObjol - Topshop Crop straight leg jeans [Size 25, $75]: http://bit.ly/2DP1FSJ - Patagonia Re-Tool Snap-T® Fleece Pullover [Size XS, $119]: http://bit.ly/2Di4YAO - Patagonia Better Sweater Pullover [Size XS, $99]: http://bit.ly/2DNnNg9 - Patagonia Better Sweater Jacket [Size XS, $139]: http://bit.ly/2DNxCdW - Leith beige Oversized Blazer [Size XS, $89]: http://bit.ly/2DPBonl - Topshop Blush topcoat [Size 2, $110]: http://bit.ly/2DO8vHP ⭐️ SHOES ⭐️ - Franco Sarto Nude + Black Cap Toe Pumps [$108]: http://bit.ly/2DNDB2s - Sam Edelman Lior Loafers (gucci dupes) [$119]: http://bit.ly/2DjEaju - UGG Dakota Slippers (moccasin like shoes) [$99]: http://bit.ly/2DOz0x4 - UGG Scuffette slide on Slippers [$85]: http://bit.ly/2Dlf0kz + the thicker sole slide on ones I mentioned more expensive at [$119]: http://bit.ly/2DwCgvR - Treasure & Bond Nude Platform Derbies (stella mc cartney dupes) [$89]: http://bit.ly/2DP5NSv - Steve Madden fur mules (gucci dupes) [$89]: http://bit.ly/2DO59EN - BPRed ruffle slides [$59]: http://bit.ly/2DPAkQm FTC Disclaimer: This video was made in collaboration with Nordstrom. All products were purchased with my own personal funds and all opinions are my own. Links above are affiliate links. THANK YOU for your endless love & support! :)
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Text Comments (108)
Sandra Alvarez (9 months ago)
Are the Sam Edelman loafers true to size?
Sandra Alvarez (9 months ago)
I'm very interested in getting a Patagonia sweater for this winter. Your video has been so helpful with helping me decide which size to buy. Thank you!
EVI ANG (9 months ago)
Big love from your Indonesian fans
annabelle7123 (11 months ago)
loved all the skirts in this video thumbnail! i liked the video before watching this...!! i shouldn't but you really make me feel like going online shopping 😭
Saima Bibi (11 months ago)
I love to watch your videos
,you're hauls are just the best can you do more cheap clothing hauls lol
TaKeisha Carey (1 year ago)
“Y’all I’m shaped like a slim jim” had me dying! Lol I love your videos SO MUCH!! I can’t style myself worth shiznit and you really help me put some things together. I appreciate you!!
Janet Lai (1 year ago)
Where did you get the nude ankle boots you wore with the jeans and Patagonia grey jacket? 7:46 is the where it show, thanks.
Philly Style (1 year ago)
Beautiful as always!
ayefemmefatale (1 year ago)
Where's the big blush coat from??
Sarah (1 year ago)
LOVE how much energy is in your greeting at the beginning of your videos!! Always puts a smile on my face. Flawlessss content too, as always ❤️
Samantha Howard (1 year ago)
I wish we could see your closet!
BT T (1 year ago)
I love your video content so much!! I really wish you would better control your volume levels though. It's SO irritating when your sound level goes from normal and enjoyable to HIGH SQUEAL PITCH throughout the entire video, and being able to hear you swallow so clearly is just another add on that makes it difficult to watch. Not trying to be rude just some honest feedback.
ToastyBangtan (1 year ago)
I know how to make a tie up dress
sara c (1 year ago)
can you please tell me where is the black coat you are wearing at 18:13 from?
Elizabeth Pritchett (1 year ago)
I love you so much but my Nordstrom Card does not 😂😂😂😂 girl I just paid it off and you’re suckering me with this video lol love it!!! 🤗😘
Nicole Thao (1 year ago)
Can you do a video on your closet and how you organize your wardrobe please? Thanks, love your videos.
Y Sol (1 year ago)
Loved this video! 💜👌🏼
Rita Rita (1 year ago)
Omg, I have top shop dress and wear it in the office!
Nao N (1 year ago)
Can you do more work outfits?
Suzanne Lance (1 year ago)
SOS where is the faux fur coat from?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Keanu Kaiwa (1 year ago)
Love your style Great looks for the office and not to expensive Keep on coming
Cynthia Vink (1 year ago)
FAVORITE ❤️ love you and your channel! I rewatch videos cause I love them so much!!!!
Evelyn Melian-Glick (1 year ago)
Love your videos! The tops were super cute! Not into the bell bottom pants though.
Natani WW (1 year ago)
You got great legs!
Sydney NK (1 year ago)
Can you please share where your distressed jeans are from? Thanks
DistinguishedBeauty19 (1 year ago)
I wish you did your monthly favorites still. 😞
caole88 (1 year ago)
Great Haul like always❤️❤️
Tanya Salyers (1 year ago)
HIGH TEA! No baseball hat, no Nikes, no all black outfit from Value Village with writing all over in light blue, no sun glasses, no scarf. Pretty makeup, hair done nice, the dusty rose is feminine - “hey high tea”. What would the writing even saying in light blue?.. French poetry in 50s CocaCola font perhaps.
sue2nice4u (1 year ago)
Where did you get that faux fur blush jacket?
Lindsey Elizabeth (1 year ago)
where have u been, missed your hauls
gymnprep (1 year ago)
I'm curious, do you keep all the colors that you get? If so, do you find that you get wear out of all colors?
lizzybee91 (1 year ago)
Shaped like a Slim Jim 😂Same!
Lyndsey Newman (1 year ago)
A woman after my own heart. I love that you buy the same item in many colours.
Mary LaFrance (1 year ago)
The grey pinstripe spring dress is rater cute, reminds me of the 1940's or 1950's retro and so are the red shoes with it.
streamlinedchic (1 year ago)
"I'm shaped like a slim jim!" You are so hysterical!
Mishmarj (1 year ago)
Your bubbly personality just makes my day! 😆❤️
Yuliana Cortez (1 year ago)
Can you do factory 2 you lookbook plz
Yuliana Cortez (1 year ago)
Factory 2 you store i mean😔for those who have less to spend
barr flye (1 year ago)
Love Miss Louie! Just want to add another dupe I stumbled across. You can find pretty similar loafer mules at Target. Women's Rebe Backless Loafer Mules - A New Day™ Black $24.99.
mad as usual (1 year ago)
Would love to see a Spring Outwear How To because I always struggle with that.
xinevitable (1 year ago)
Where is the parka worn over the Patagonia fleece from?
Quy Huynh (1 year ago)
love your style, the links dont work though!!! =(
Jodi Bainum (1 year ago)
Didn’t even get through the video and ordered the black and olive dress!
Ada Priscila (1 year ago)
Your style looks cute on you! This video is v helpful. I just uploaded a Fancy Winter Outfits video, would love if you checked out my winter style and let me know what you think ;D
Diana L (1 year ago)
Non of the links work. Thank you for the great ideas.
Mayara Gomes (1 year ago)
❤️ ❤️ ❤️
4nikkimay (1 year ago)
Love love love the dresses. Thx!
Lisa Neville (1 year ago)
I can't believe im loving that Patagonia half zip. It's been 30 years since I've had one. 😂I've been watching your channel for a couple of years now Erica and totally appreciate all the hard work you put into this channel and your website. Truly. Is there any chance that you can slip in Old Navy or more affordable hauls? I'm in my 40s and while I love the classic style you present from Nordstrom I miss the casual very affordable weekend and trendy clothes and accessories you used to show. Could you a slip a few of these in? Thank you!
Love love your style and your very detailed videos and descriotion boxes!! But ugghs??? Sorry no i thought that would be clear nowadays that that brand is not acceptable.
Sandra Alvarez it is that they kill lambs alive for their fur to line the ugghs. Not okay. Please look it up
Sandra Alvarez (1 year ago)
Laura Flohr I still rock uggs during the winter.
kucibaba (1 year ago)
i think the new trend for panst is terrible, cropped high waisted, it makes the awful silluette. I just hate it. Haven't seen people here in Europe wearing it yet.
JustDuckyy (1 year ago)
Also where is that white tie up shirt from?
Lia Kim (1 year ago)
I think it's from Jenn Im's brand Eggie
JustDuckyy (1 year ago)
“I’m shape like a slim Jim” I am totally stealing that 😂😂😂
MissXoch (1 year ago)
Love all the outfits! Does anyone know where the faux fur pink coat is from?
Ro Eu (1 year ago)
I like that super chacha.salsa skirt! It.s [email protected]
3ssential (1 year ago)
congratulations on the increase in subs :) keep up the great work! always enjoyed your clothing haul especially adaptable work pieces (for conservative environments) and thank you for continuing to provide cheaper or similar alternatives in the description box :) we know its tedious to do, but i really apprecite it!
jess pena (1 year ago)
Liked your suggestions but I was hoping to see more color!
Lifewith TeamShrestha (1 year ago)
I am really jealous of you Miss Louie! Any dress looks good on you! How to be you 😍?
Dianna Harrison (1 year ago)
You are adorable. Enjoyed the video..
Joanne Hopes (1 year ago)
I'm sorry, but what the? ? These clothes are ugly! I'm so disappointed.
Joanne Hopes (1 year ago)
I'm like, yep my grandfather would love those shoes! And everything is frumpy and sad
Ibidun Omisade (1 year ago)
Love your style, could you hauls from one store, i.e., Zara, top shop, or & Mango
lakewaterwitch (1 year ago)
Does anyone have some advice for wearing backless mules? I love the way they look, but I can never wear my pair because I slip right out of them ☹
Jessica Monsivais (1 year ago)
Absolutely loooove your style!!! But I am on a pretty tight budget as of now, could you make a video of a little more affordable clothing?
Mika Yamada (1 year ago)
You always have the best style! I love how wearable they are. I work at a law office and that first dress is PERFECT <3 Also! What nail polish are you using??? I'm in love!
SY Hong (1 year ago)
Always love your style videos! Can you do a video on underwear (bra) recommendation that goes with different styles of clothing?
Evelyn S. (1 year ago)
Love everything ❤
cassykg (1 year ago)
OMG, what size do you wear in the Franco Sarto pumps?! I must get that.
Jacque J (1 year ago)
So happy to see back with clothing try on haul 🤗 Always enjoy watching your videos, they’re the best ❤️💕
Shiah Estrado (1 year ago)
I love spring and summer do the video with summer clothes too
Linda Wilmarth (1 year ago)
I usually enjoy your videos and clothing hauls but the dresses in the beginning of the video doesnt seem like you. Like they look frumpy and old lady-ish
Sarahann DiZazzo (1 year ago)
You’re back...Woo-Hoo!! Happy New Year, love your style, tips and personality 👏🏼👏🏼🎉💋☺️
Gladys Vizcarra (1 year ago)
Love your style and all your videos. Today I was bit taken back by your description of a power suit blazer. You referred to it as a “power bitch” suit. As an female entrepreneur please know your audience. It’s very disappointing to hear that a woman in power must be called a “bitch”. Let’s empower each other not break us down. I hope you take this as constructive criticism and will choose your wording differently in the future. Much love!
Hanna Yoon (1 year ago)
"Bitch" definitely never sounds nice. Nowadays though, many are using the term "bitch" to empower herselves! I like to use it to describe myself as a powerful prowless sometimes ^^
Beau Terrence (1 year ago)
Gladys Vizcarra im sure she doesnt mean the word “bitch” to be bitch literally. So you can relax lol
Allison (1 year ago)
Bad bbbbb notification squad what up!!
Paige (1 year ago)
Do a styling Wal-Mart clothes video!!!!
Paige Olivia (1 year ago)
Great video girl!!! Keep up the great work. Always love a good haul, I cannot resist.
Marla Robinson (1 year ago)
So many cute things.
humming bird (1 year ago)
Everything looks gorgeous on you. X
Cheyenne Justice (1 year ago)
I always love looking at these videos and getting inspiration to find things at the thrift store! I always look forward to these coming out💗
Straw Berry (1 year ago)
Nice ! I love your style!
Abigail M (1 year ago)
Love your videos so much! Definitely buying some of these items in Feb. Your outfit recommendations along with a variety of styling advice & options make all the outfits so doable (especially since I'm 4'11, love the petite recommendations). Keep up the amazing work!! :)
Laurie Choi (1 year ago)
thank youuu
,you deserves millions of subscribers...your hauls sure the best and always the try on is very clear
Marie Kida (1 year ago)
I love her too .Maybe she needs to reply all comments to achieve 1M subscriber.All will be happy to receive replies from her.Im one of those.
Beau Terrence (1 year ago)
djs djs i dont understand she hasnt reached 1M yet
Erin C (1 year ago)
Awesome to see some spring pieces!! Love ya Miss Louie!! 💕
Elizabeth Davies (1 year ago)
GIRL you always make me want to spend all my money 😩❤️ I love it tho 😂
viviana hernandez (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing! Can you please consider a video with pregnancy outfits only? I'm 8 weeks and would appreciate the assistance🤰🏽
Simplie Parents (1 year ago)
I was thinking of transitioning to Patagonia items, now that it's been a while since I graduated college myself. Been such a North Face fan for a while but those half-zip tops look super nice! :)
Kanesha Howard (1 year ago)
18 minutes flew by!
Danielle Galacgac (1 year ago)
Inspiration <3 #notificationsquad
RetroDiva Jones (1 year ago)
The treasure & Bond nude platform shoes are so cute!! And for $89 that's a steal. Great haul💕
Kira Keilani (1 year ago)
love your style and videos! always super cute and helpful! 💕
Life With New Eyes (1 year ago)
Yeaaa I'm early lol
Allie C (1 year ago)
Always love your vids! <3
Queen Diane (1 year ago)
Idk why but i will listen Miss Louie at the radio all day, her voice is so cool **
Humming Bird (1 year ago)
Eniad K can someone plz recommend the best basic t shirt for women.
tnbatton (1 year ago)
Eniad K I agree!
Eve OG Sharp (1 year ago)
Happy New Year 🎉 Love dress #1👗
ellamatic (1 year ago)
excited for new video! yay!!!!
RetroDiva Jones (1 year ago)
Mika Aranda (1 year ago)
First! 🙌 #notifsquad! ❤

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