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Bentley Intense for Men Fragrance Review

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A review for Bentley Intense.
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Believe The Lie (1 year ago)
Your reviews are concise and I like that...no bullshit. Thanks for the videos man.
LuTia Jones (1 year ago)
hello do you know if it's been reformulated. my batch code is 100938G16. I can't find any information on it. hope you can help
I really do enjoy Bentley intense,great review!!
theaveragecologneguy (2 years ago)
+Vicente Ortiz Jr. Glad you're also a fan of this one Vincente!
espresso (2 years ago)
Aaaah, you shouldn't have gone the cheap way :) The bottle is superb. But I guess you weren't sure whether you would like the scent. The opening is sexy booziness. Not sweet though... Maybe semi sweet. I adore the initial trail Bentley Intense leaves when someone sprays it. The drydown is more incensy and less rummy. This is a modern mature scent. Saying that, you will not smell outdated with this. I recommend it for 30 years and up. It might seem too strong when you smell it up close, but if you let the scent come to you, it will smell really nice. I agree, it's not for summer, but I also don't think it's for the office. I recommend it for special occasions and outdoors. This is much better than Guerlain Homme Intense which also features rum. Guerlain is harsh and not sensual like Bentley Intense. Yes, Bentley is also a sensual manly fragrance so it can be used for dates. I ordered a sample of the regular Bentley for Men so I will let you know how it compares. They say it's more wearable and less strong due to lack of spices.
espresso (2 years ago)
+theaveragecologneguy Getting ready of the New Year for now. My Christmas comes afterwards. But Marry Christmas to you!
theaveragecologneguy (2 years ago)
+espresso Thanks for letting me know my friend. I will probably just get a sample of it then. Hope you're enjoying the holidays!
espresso (2 years ago)
+theaveragecologneguy Hi, I received a bottle of Bentley Infinite Intense today. Blind buy. The bottle is superb, even better than other Bentley bottles. However the scent is not my cup of tea. Opens up with pepper and violet. It smells exactly the same like Oriflame Platinum, just more refined and less harsh. Some say it's similar to Terre d'Hermes. Not to me. Terre is a much better scent. Projection - very bad, longevity - maybe 6 hours. It could be a great office scent as it's very laid back and unobtrusive. It would suit married men over 40. Very mature, not playful at all. It doesn't have anything to catch one's attention. That's it, I thought you might like to know. P.S. If you ever try it let me know what you think. Maybe you will perceive it differently.
theaveragecologneguy (2 years ago)
+espresso Thanks for your thoughts my friend. I'll avoid the regular then. Absolute is wonderful. Even better than Intense in my opinion. I'll have a review on Monday.
espresso (2 years ago)
The regular Bentley feels like unfinished job comparing to the Intense. It doesn't have that minty/medicinal feel of the intense and it's bland. Like the Intense that never develops past the opening. That's my initial impression. As for Absolute, I can't say anything since they sent me a wrong sample (they put Intense instead of Absolute in the vial).

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