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White Supremacy " BEST BREEDERS"

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For 20 generations, plantation owners live the life of gods known as white supremacists. They had absolute control over everybody's life and property including white women. The bought, breed and worked kidnapped victims for FREE LABOR and profit.and sold their
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FUCK the holy spirit ✌
Paradox Dea (11 days ago)
Trump's Amerikka.
Scooby Doo (13 days ago)
Slavery didn't end in 1865. It evolved.
Ash-Shakir Whitaker (9 days ago)
Scooby Doo I heard that there are more slaves in the world today than it was back then.
lizyongwae (1 month ago)
Mexican dogs.... smh
Ron Volz (1 month ago)
It's been a few years, but what did they do exactly?
Dark Artist 28 (2 months ago)
Filth Race so demonic
Seth B (2 months ago)
Bet you these are them GOODY TWO SHOES Christians here judging everyone but themselves . Yep this is just how they acted then and now I wonder if GOD has a special place for them when they die. Like a place where they can beg for water both day and night. After all they were bold enough to do all their crimes in the name of Christianity .
Seth B (8 days ago)
No the worst are the Catholics and the Democrats don't be trying to throw Trump under the wagon wheel . Mater of fact their is the 1 % club and them aren't the 1% wealthy that's even going to be close to heaven . You surely didn't think big lyre's like Obama and Clinton was even going to see the doors did you. Heaven isn't a place for lyres tramps and thief's . Trump is an angle compare to Waters Obama and Clinton . Suicide mouse  . Young ones are so far away of seeing ELOHIM they don't even no HE Lives .
Amenite Zep (8 days ago)
Seth B some are bad like Donald trump but there are Christians that make a change in the world I'm one Young's Christians help and even are able to give second chances in life just because someone says something is bad doesn't mean it's true
Seth B (8 days ago)
Name one that isn't bad Suicide Mouse they come from a shady past all in the name od Christianity and you don't try making saints out of them either .
Amenite Zep (8 days ago)
Seth B not all christians are bad
Sony Smith (3 months ago)
Ashley Crystal (4 months ago)
Robyne Williams-heller (5 months ago)
I know it's A Movie. But, the fact that human beings actually treated other human beings this way makes me sad.
Ash-Shakir Whitaker (9 days ago)
Robyne Williams-heller it was actually worse (that's what's sad...)
Aashique #302 (2 months ago)
Robyne Williams-heller hy
sirano ben zion (6 months ago)
The good ol days.....ahhhh
Alhajisonline (7 months ago)
NABIL LIRJIB (8 months ago)
Eric Quick (8 months ago)
Man this shit is vile
Urban Fox (10 months ago)
4:40 ha ha ha!
Rae Menace (1 year ago)
RIP Comment Section
Livia Hodges (1 year ago)
I fucking hate white people , nasty evil bastards. they aren't even human to begin with
SUNNY HOBIEE (9 months ago)
mkaisen hurja fuck you racist
kira lane (9 months ago)
racist piece of shit
Shauna Keasley (9 months ago)
mkaisen hurja one big run on sentence eh? Good to see your education serving you so well.
Cameron Smith (11 months ago)
mkaisen hurja you call black people monkeys yet you rape them? Why would you put your dick inside those so called monkeys?
SanFranGirl1982 (1 year ago)
Ha! My ancestors pissed that white man off! >:)
Erica wone (2 years ago)
dumb ass white people
medped (11 months ago)
Official Tru-Dru stay clean
Official Tru-Dru (1 year ago)
They lust after us so much even more so Today I get hooted and Hollered at by White Women in Droves in Melbourne, Florida which is Vastly Majority White.
i'm good i'm done (2 years ago)
MR SHADOWS (2 years ago)
Michelle Hullett (2 years ago)
cd2189 (2 years ago)

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