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Mens Look Book | Autumn Winter Outfits x Jewellery | Ali Gordon

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Mens Fashion & jewellery LOOK BOOK 2016 - I have partnered up with Thomas Sabo to bring you three Autumn Winter Outfits & three Jewellery looks. I have been a huge fan of Thomas Sabo for quite some time & I am so excited to share with you my first ever LookBook. ___________________________________________________________________ Catch me here - Blog : http://aligordon.net Twitter : https://twitter.com/AliGordon_ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/AliGordonPag... Instagram : @AliGordon89 SnapChat : AliGordon89 ____________________________________________________________________ Thomas Sabo - www.ThomasSabo.com Jewellery Look 1 : Bracelet - http://www.thomassabo.com/GB/en_GB/pd/bracelet/LBA0105.html?cgid=men-categories-bracelets&dwvar_LBA0105_size=L19%2C5v&dwvar_LBA0105_config-color=001-12#start=24 Watch - http://www.thomassabo.com/GB/en_GB/pd/men’s-watch--rebel-spirit-chrono-/WA0244.html?dwvar_WA0244_config-color=201-201&dwvar_WA0244_size=42%20mm&cgid=men-categories-watches#start=26 Cufflinks - http://www.thomassabo.com/GB/en_GB/pd/cufflinks/MK47.html?cgid=men-categories-cufflinks&dwvar_MK47_config-color=400-14#start=12 Ring - http://www.thomassabo.com/GB/en_GB/pd/ring/TR1936.html?cgid=men-categories-rings&dwvar_TR1936_size=48&dwvar_TR1936_config-color=001-12#prefn1=allowedCountries&sz=40&start=47&prefv1=GB&forceGrid=true&viewmode=medium_grid Jewellery Look 2 : Watch - http://www.thomassabo.com/GB/en_GB/pd/men’s-watch--rebel-spirit-/WA0267.html?cgid=men-categories-watches&dwvar_WA0267_size=42%20mm&dwvar_WA0267_config-color=280-203#start=4 Bangle - http://www.thomassabo.com/GB/en_GB/pd/bangle/AR081.html?cgid=men-categories-bangles&dwvar_AR081_config-color=637-12&dwvar_AR081_size=S#start=2 Bracelete - http://www.thomassabo.com/GB/en_GB/pd/bracelet/LBA0105.html?cgid=men-categories-bracelets&dwvar_LBA0105_size=L19%2C5v&dwvar_LBA0105_config-color=001-12#start=24 Ring - http://www.thomassabo.com/GB/en_GB/pd/ring/TR1936.html?cgid=men-categories-rings&dwvar_TR1936_size=48&dwvar_TR1936_config-color=001-12#prefn1=allowedCountries&sz=40&start=47&prefv1=GB&forceGrid=true&viewmode=medium_grid Ring - http://www.thomassabo.com/GB/en_GB/pd/ring/TR2108.html?cgid=men-categories-rings&dwvar_TR2108_config-color=643-11&dwvar_TR2108_size=48#start=13 Ring - http://www.thomassabo.com/GB/en_GB/pd/eternity-ring/TR1939.html?dwvar_TR1939_config-color=051-11&cgid=men-categories-rings&dwvar_TR1939_size=48#prefn1=allowedCountries&sz=40&start=45&prefv1=GB&forceGrid=true&viewmode=medium_grid Necklace - http://www.thomassabo.com/GB/en_GB/pd/necklace/SET0072.html?dwvar_SET0072_config-color=051-11&cgid=men-categories-necklaces&dwvar_SET0072_size=L53#start=19 Jewellery Look 3 : Watch - http://www.thomassabo.com/GB/en_GB/pd/men’s-watch--rebel-urban-/WA0264.html?cgid=men-categories-watches&dwvar_WA0264_config-color=278-203&dwvar_WA0264_size=43%20mm#start=8 LoveBand Bracelet - http://www.thomassabo.com/GB/en_GB/pd/bracelet--skull-rose-/LBA0086.html?cgid=men-categories-bracelets&dwvar_LBA0086_size=L15&dwvar_LBA0086_config-color=887-2#prefn1=allowedCountries&sz=44&start=65&prefv1=GB&forceGrid=true&viewmode=medium_grid Bracelet - http://www.thomassabo.com/GB/en_GB/pd/bracelet/A1404.html?dwvar_A1404_config-color=413-12&dwvar_A1404_size=L19%2C5v#q=yellow+bracelet&start=18 ____________________________________________________________________ Outfit 1 : Coat - http://rstyle.me/~9gkjW Suit - http://www.next.co.uk/go31542s4 Shoes - http://rstyle.me/~9bWZd scarf - http://rstyle.me/~6UY11 brief case - http://rstyle.me/~9gkuI Tie - http://rstyle.me/n/b7ri49b2uwp socks - http://rstyle.me/~9gkwv Outfit 2 : Coat - http://rstyle.me/~9bX1d Jeans - http://rstyle.me/n/b7rjw9b2uwp Scarf - http://rstyle.me/n/bgm7tzb2uwp Boots - http://rstyle.me/n/b7rmnab2uwp T-Shirt - http://rstyle.me/n/b7rjavb2uwp Outfit 3 : Coat - https://www.bodaskins.com jeans - http://rstyle.me/n/b7rm2sb2uwp Boots - http://rstyle.me/~9bX2g T-Shirt - http://rstyle.me/n/b7rjssb2uwp Scarf - http://rstyle.me/~94vtd ____________________________________________________________________ Videography - http://www.collectivevisionfilm.com/ Sound - Licensed Epidemic sound ____________________________________________________________________
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Text Comments (267)
Andrea Pirringer (2 months ago)
Nice shoes. I remember the '80s, when there were also such for ladies.
M'e'M negar (2 months ago)
بجد انا عملت ليك للاعلان قبل الفديو ❤️💕🌹🇾🇪
Suman Thapa (2 months ago)
master pic wanna see more like this look book plz ali
Brian Shray (3 months ago)
4:15 Jesus... I wish i looked that badass.
Md. Ilyas Byahatti (3 months ago)
Make lookbook 👇 https://youtu.be/00Qb9Inpt2w
martin nogales (5 months ago)
Two thumbs up !! Buddy
Pofomede (6 months ago)
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Nabil Obeïd (11 months ago)
Top and top and top and _ handsome 😂😜✌👍💪📷💜🔥💯👑
Kick Make Dude (11 months ago)
u so fucking awesome burry we waiting u'r news
532flair (1 year ago)
absolutely amazing. Love the jewelry and adore the last outfit
I really want that Burberry scarf! But why is it so freakin expensive
Demetrius B (1 year ago)
where can i get good rings?
Alex Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Nice outfits, but the first one the tie bar was to high and when wearing a vest you don't need a tie bar. The vest will keep the tie in place.
R Harris (1 year ago)
Hi Ali, I liked each outfit however, the street look is my favorite. Your vlogs are amazing Ali and you have mad skills editing them!
Hrvoje Pelin (1 year ago)
artzk1 (1 year ago)
The last look is totally hot! Very strong, love it. Nice looks all 'round though I'm still trying to get my head around ripped jeans.
Sukanta Ghosh (1 year ago)
What is first title track
nishar khan (1 year ago)
Last one is best
JGF (1 year ago)
Are those slim jeans?
Mandy Quilinguin (1 year ago)
This is so good! But these things cant wear int the Philippines bcoz of our climate. Im officially a subscriber now 😁 Keep it up dude and upload more videos. Gob bless!
mrfreak235 (1 year ago)
He looks so damn perfect!
G A Biddle (1 year ago)
love it
MrJustinn86 (1 year ago)
last outfit :)
carlos silva (1 year ago)
I like your style and the clothes and accessories tips.
Amin B (1 year ago)
New subscriber! Amazing videotography and style! I know this is supposed to be a men look book, but it could equally be tailored to a more feminine look. Thoroughly enjoyed it!
Too handsome!!
Sarah Jane Lamberth (1 year ago)
Omg... this was amazing!
Song playing at 2:00?
Adel Bouaouina (1 year ago)
wow juste wow
John F. (1 year ago)
all outfit are awesome 🖒
Love ❤️ your videos ! Glamour elegant
Danny Cooke (1 year ago)
Absolutely loved this, the first outfit was my favourite!
Mawusse Agba (1 year ago)
so much class and swag.. oh yh I said swag!!!
Dovid Werde (1 year ago)
Killer outfits!
Pink Panda (1 year ago)
Bro isn't that tie bar to high??
Lorena Haro (1 year ago)
Outstanding! Love all three outfits. Looking forward to similar videos
Lynnette Swain (1 year ago)
B.....e.....a....utiful!!!!! Loved it! Go on Ali, mint! X
taritamily (1 year ago)
Use and abuse your smile because it's one of your best feature!! with respect Lydia!!
RIWAJ (1 year ago)
Amazing editing!!
Beachneck1965 (1 year ago)
Best "Look Book" I have seen to date. Great paring of color and textures in all categories. Thomas Sabo is the Steven Tyler of men's jewelry. Look forward to your next selections.
Jacob Absher (1 year ago)
I liked all your outfits and jewelry is key :)
Marina Susin (1 year ago)
Loved all the looks amazing!
Nemanja Panić (2 years ago)
Xii Nova (2 years ago)
what shoes are those, in the second outfit???
Darion Glover (2 years ago)
This video is legendary.
Fleur (2 years ago)
beautiful man. nothings better than a man in a suit
Cards with Chris! (2 years ago)
Not sure how I have never seen your channel before. Very awesome video.
Begum Ulker (2 years ago)
Hi Ali, I have a very quick question to ask you, however, before i do; id like to congratulate yours and Lydia's engagement! I'm a subscriber of Lydia's channel and as a result of this; I have stumbled across your videos. Love that there is a blog & lifestyle channel out here for guys now as it seems like the majority of lifestyle channels are directed towards women, so best of luck with the continuation of your channel!. back to my question.. in your second outfit - i am looking to purchase a very similar chain from Thomas Sabo for my fiance as the length you have on is exactly what ive been looking for, for absolutely ... ages. on their website they have different lengths, was wondering how many CM's your chain is here. huuugely massively appreciate the help! thank you
EagerBeaver2218 (2 years ago)
Metrosexual man tings! Like the look but ditch the man handbag
KENNETH KLIEN (2 years ago)
SplitAtom (2 years ago)
The outfits are great and i wish i could dress like you but when i saw the price of the last scarf i almost died... $535!!!!!!! Are you fucking kidding me?
iPhone Timer (1 year ago)
SplitAtom Just get a scarf that looks like it
B. Walker (2 years ago)
Watching your video art is truly a moving experience.  Yes, all things Ali are visually stunning ~but the editing!!!   As Olili below mentioned the water droplet leaving your sole was incredible.  The momentum of ring dance.  The hands of the watch appear in such fine detail and suggest the removal of the glass.  The dual Ali's on the bench, a dream.  The sun resting on your shoulder.  What was this about again?  Fashion?  Such an artist you are.  Can't wait to discover more of your vision in your next masterpiece.  Bravo.  (this subscriber is in deed paying attention to your intense creativity/editing.)
Юлия Цезарь (2 years ago)
B. Walker 
B. Walker (2 years ago)
Well, then, what a team you two are!  Keep AR, and keep up the extraordinary collabs!
Ali Gordon (2 years ago)
B. Walker thank you my videographer AR worked his magic on this for me though :)
Oscar Esquivel (2 years ago)
man, I've been moving into more business, business casual clothing and all I can saw is these outfits are great. To bad those accessories are on the high end of the price bracket but I'll keep an eye out for something similar. By any chance will you be doing a winter? or spring perhaps?
Ali Gordon (2 years ago)
Oscar Esquivel i will do bro 🙏🏻
Diana Kukanova (2 years ago)
Dang!! Killed it! Love your style, I really appreciate when men can dress! You don't see that a lot nowadays especially here in states lol
Andrea Hanvey (2 years ago)
Mikey Martinez (2 years ago)
where did you get your monk strap boots?
Ali Gordon (2 years ago)
Mikey Martinez links in the bio
Romeo Sarmiento (2 years ago)
your gorgeous
agbonkpolo42 (2 years ago)
loved all of them. But my favorite is the first one.
agbonkpolo42 (2 years ago)
u are soooo classy!!!!!!
Claudia NL (2 years ago)
Jacob Gershwitz (2 years ago)
dude, look 3 rocked it!!! that leather biker is fuckin awesome
Charis Felicity (2 years ago)
So chic,so classy just so amazing. i love hoe guys are starting fashion channels <3 amazing stuff
Sangiev (2 years ago)
Jewellery game on point! Great lookbook man ✌🏾️
Ham Zamoudjari (2 years ago)
I LOVE THE FIRST look because is very classy and comfortable for the businessmen and the third one is more kajol and he gives look manly
Nurdan Hevî (2 years ago)
2nd outfit looks really nice....apart from the rings and bracelets... I personally find it too much jewellery on a man
Graeme Batty (2 years ago)
Literally just stumbled across your channel; the cinematography and editing is brilliant! Please do more look book videos!
insaneVisionz (2 years ago)
no one looks like that man, it looks so unrealistic lol
iqahjasmine (2 years ago)
i absolutely adore your style of videos. its very well curated & im enjoying it even though i'm a woman. Although, i've literally just forward all your video links to my boyfriend !
Ali Gordon (2 years ago)
iqahjasmine hahah thank you
Porsha Cierra (2 years ago)
Awesome lookbook!
Porsha Cierra (2 years ago)
Love look #2! #NewSubby
Escobar Style1 (2 years ago)
I stumbled upon your channel and I have to say I'm hooked. Loved your combos and the watch/jewelry is something I would love. I'm officially a subscriber now :)
April (2 years ago)
3:28 that was adorable
TopShop (2 years ago)
You made a good video!
Chef Medy (2 years ago)
who are you
Cyclonus (2 years ago)
Comrade Napoleon (2 years ago)
song during the last outfit?
Kev Latta (2 years ago)
those double strap boots on the second look are sick. Black and gold watch as well super sweet with the jacket.
Navin (2 years ago)
You sound English. Do people dress like that in the U.S and Australia?
LETSFAYCEIT (2 years ago)
Rob M (2 years ago)
Your style is amazing mate . The Navy overcoat is the bomb very sophisticated look . Where are your suede chelsea boots from they look amazing with the ripped jeans .
Rob M (2 years ago)
Ali Gordon Cheers for the reply Ali . The Zara boot look decent enough quality to me . They would be more in my price range . Please make more look books for 2017 Happy New Year great channel .
Ali Gordon (2 years ago)
Rob M thanks man, the boots are from Zara AW16, YSL do the best version on that style of boot if your looking for something a little more up market.
Mureithi Kivuti (2 years ago)
The three piece suit and all your watches are dope as hell
gottakeeppumpingiron (2 years ago)
Please, Please, Please do some more videos on Fashions for Men in this generation! I am trying very hard to help a man I know to "Come out of the 80's look" and your "Fashion Sense" is Wonderful! Help! ;)
Juan Taveras (2 years ago)
Andy Whitfield re-encarnated wow!!!
Gemstone Gods (2 years ago)
3rd outfit was the best
Thomas Markos (2 years ago)
need more of these
Sonia Gonzalez (2 years ago)
Absolutely wonderful. The styling, the video as a whole. Have to show my husband your styling tips.
Tyler Nguyen (2 years ago)
These outfits are amazing! I really like your video style :)
Erin Kaye Ozga (2 years ago)
One word... HOT🔥
sup (2 years ago)
Yo Ali, props bro. I'm sure it's time consuming but please, when you can, do more lookbooks. They are really helpful. You have focused on a very unique aspect of men's matters that often gets overlooked in the sea of fashion vlogs. Simply put, you show us men "The Lifestyle" that accompanies the look. Wearing great outfits n not taking adventures outside of just the mall, is pointless. You've helped me see that in your vids. We live in clothes we aren't manikins. Hope as you continue to explore n bring us along, you will show us the outfit that matches that environment. That's a whole other level of lookbook I hvent seen anywhere else. Blessings!
Wilber Aquino (2 years ago)
Please post another lookbook!!! I LOVE THIS!
Mr. Fett Esq. (2 years ago)
you look great brother! definetly know how how to put yourself together proper.
Gerard Arsenault (2 years ago)
Yo awesome video, very good outfits bro! All three!
abcd1234894 (2 years ago)
Hey does anyone know what the phone case brand / model is?
abcd1234894 (2 years ago)
Ali Gordon thanks man, appreciate the answer.
Ali Gordon (2 years ago)
abcd1234894 the case is a brand called STIL available at O2
IamN (2 years ago)
Oh Ali you look so good, but the most important you have beautiful personality! Very sweet 👍🏻
Chloelkay (2 years ago)
I love watching your videos you have such a feel for making videos and your editing is perfect keep it up !
Anita KE (2 years ago)
Okay, can I have a man walk into my life like 0:52
Gabriel Isac Jorge (2 years ago)
The third look is my fave!
Maggy Kloset (2 years ago)
Taking lookbooks to a WHOLE 'nother LEVEL! WOW! This is so nice! I had to share it on my facebook
Karina Garcia (2 years ago)
you just need to be a runway model like that's it runway model model you are amazing you look amazing
Patrick Nguyener (2 years ago)
AWESOME style! if you check out my new lookbook and tell me your opinion. id love it! thanks

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