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Sirennet SNGL1 LED Surface Mount Light

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http://sirennet.com/store/product/sirennet-sngl1-led-surface-mount-light The Sirennet SNGL1 LED Surface Mount Light packages style, versatility, and performance into a compact, sleek design providing all the capabilities demanded from a high-performance light for a fraction of the cost. Each model delivers a bright, controllable signal within a sleek, low-profile design. These compact, waterproof exterior lights can be mounted virtually anywhere on a vehicle to meet any need or application. The exceptional design and versatility of the SNGL1 makes it a great addition to any emergency vehicle. All SNGL1s allow the lighthead to use either its built-in flash programming or receive signals from any external flashing device. Each SNGL1 can be programmed to operate on their own or in synchronization with other SNGL1 lights. The SNGL1s round edges and sleek, slim design blends perfectly on the contours of today's vehicles. Each low-profile model measures only 0.6 inch (15 mm) in depth. All SNGL1s come with a standard black bezel. Features: Single color available in Amber, Blue, and Red. Split color available in Red/Blue, and Red/White. Single color models have 30 flash patterns. Split color models has 22 flash patterns. All models include Steady-burn. Syncronizable with up to 32 SNGL1s. Multiple flash patterns with phase 1 and phase 2 syncing capabilities. Black bezel is standard. Specifications: Number of LEDs: 4 Voltage: 12VDC Power Usage: 8 max watts Temperature range: -40°F to 158°F (-40°C to 70°C) Certifications: SAE J595 Class 1, SAE J575, California Title 13, ECE R65, ECE R10, RoHS Dimensions: 1.4” H x 4.7” L x 0.6” D (36 x 119 x 15 mm) Factory Five Year Warranty Part Number(s): SNGL1A, SNGL1B, SNGL1R, SNGL1J, SNGL1RW
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Text Comments (5)
Tripleminthehouse (1 year ago)
didn't look impressive until you showed them mounted on the rear of the Tacoma!!  very bright.
TRAVIS PIERCE (1 year ago)
can it use for headlights and backlights to or no or can it use like turning left or right
SIRENNET (1 year ago)
They'd be better suited for backup lights then headlights. For an LED turn signal used on the roadway's, they'll be a lot brighter then anything you'll find OEM.
Mixture Box (1 year ago)
Great video! Can you please do a video of the new Code 3 Pursuit lightbar?
SIRENNET (1 year ago)
We'll send your request to I.T. :)

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