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Panama Hat Guide — Gentleman's Gazette

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Want to learn about this fancy summer hat? https://gentl.mn/all-about-panama-hats #panamahat #summerhats #notsponsored How to Get the Right Hat For Your Face Shape & Body Type: https://gentl.mn/2Jo8srJ Are you a Fedora fan? https://gentl.mn/2JdrUbu Or more like a Flat Cap kind of gent? https://gentl.mn/2Jboeqs SHOP THE VIDEO: 1. Orange Red Mottled Knit Tie Cri De La Soie Silk - https://gentl.mn/2rZg1ei 2. Burnt Orange Silk Pocket Square - https://gentl.mn/2wYzMb6 3. Blue Socks with Red and White Clocks - https://gentl.mn/2IAzJaA 4. Dark Green Shoelaces - https://gentl.mn/2KKzW7I What is a Panama hat? Basically, it is a white summer hat that is woven from the straw of the Toquilla Palm. Even though it's called Panama hat, it's originally made in Ecuador and it has never been made in Panama. In Ecuador, it's better known as the SOMBRERO DE PAJA TOQUILLA which means as much as a straw hat. Panama hats have been woven in Ecuador since the 17th century and they've been imported since the 19th century to Europe, the Americas, and Asia. So how did the Panama hat got its name? During the 1834 Gold Rush in Canada, when miners went from South America to Canada, they saw those hats in Panama and so they got their name. On top of that, Theodore Roosevelt popularised the hat style and even cemented the Panama name when he was wearing one observing the Panama Canal and of course, being photographed. So how is a Panama made? Basically, you take the core fibers of the toquilla plant which are also known as cogollos. The cogollos are the hearts of the palm tree and they're carefully separated by hand and then briefly boiled. Since they're wet, they have to be sun-dried or air dried and once that's done, the fiber is bleached with sulfur smoke to give it the original Panama light color. Sometimes, you can also find uncolored hats but they have a much more yellow appearance. To get really fine hats, the palm tree fibers are split into even finer straw fibers. The weaving of a Panama hat begins at the center of the crown. Once the crown is large enough, it's put in a dry pot and woven on top of a hat block at about waist height. Once the weave extends past the size of the hat block, the weaver adds additional blocks on top and pulls down the weave so it stays in place and it gets that hat shape. The entire process is physically quite tiring and depending on how fine your hat is, it can take anywhere from a few weeks up to several months to create one hat. Once the weaver gets to the edge of the brim, it's typically handed off to other artisans who finish the hat. Traditionally, a Panama hat has a loose back weave which is much more elegant than a cut and sewn edge. So when you want a quality hat, look for that edge because if it's back woven, it's of a much higher quality than if it’s cut and sewn. Typically, you have one person who starts the back weave, a second one that tightens it, and the third one cuts off the loose straw so it has a polished nice finish. If you have a very fine hat, they keep that excess straw and use it to maybe make repairs later. In the next step, the hats are washed and bleached with sulfur to make them softer and more suitable to wear as a wonderful summer hat. Subsequently, the hats are blocked or either brought to the US to head blockers who then get the hat the right shape. In my experience, the hats that come directly out of Ecuador usually have a very small range of different styles and shapes and are very limited. Because of that, quality Panama hats are usually brought raw at this stage to the US or to other countries which are then blocked by an experienced head blocker who can get exactly the shape the customer demands. Traditionally, every Panama hat was woven by hand but due to a high demand, most hats these days are machine woven. WATCH THE VIDEO TO CHECK OUT SVEN RAPHAEL's FAVORITE PANAMA HATS! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to stay updated? Sign up here for free: https://gentl.mn/2rXLxtg Want to see more videos? Subscribe to our channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/thegentlemansgazette --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gentleman's Gazette https://www.gentlemansgazette.com/ https://gentl.mn/2x11yDJ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gentlemansgazette FREE EBOOK: https://gentl.mn/2rXLxtg
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Text Comments (134)
Gristle Von Raben (20 days ago)
beautiful video, great style. thanks for the info.
Stllno (1 month ago)
theHDLify (1 month ago)
If the brim is only 2 inches, is it still considered a Panama hat?
Sameer Kumar (1 month ago)
You should do a video on boater hats.
dan lerman (1 month ago)
what is that song in the intro
Hightex 2004 (1 month ago)
I though tey were made of tequila plants😂
Bruce Miceli (2 months ago)
Ever hear of colonial Littleton they have a nice Panama hat
Cris Yorke (2 months ago)
What’s the hat you’re wearing? It’s my kind of Panama hat
Cris Yorke (2 months ago)
$25,000 hat
chris69 (2 months ago)
I do not know about the expensive hats, but my Panama hats last for about two years, then the straw breaks, although I moisturize them regularly. That's why I do not see any sense in buying very expensive hats.
Christian Schmitt (3 months ago)
What is a place of worship?
absconditus absconditus (3 months ago)
Olliepants (3 months ago)
Go to Panama, enjoy your holiday and buy your self some Hats. You can get the hats for way cheaper down there. There’s hat stores where you can get thousand dollar hats or 50/100 $ hats. The 50/100 hats they sale there is what the gringos Pay 500 for.
Howard R (4 months ago)
BTW.....hats are seasonal.....felt for the winter & straw for the summer.....the"rule" is.....straw season begins with Easter Sunday and ends at the end of Sept......the rest of the year is for felt......
Panama hat our Fedora hat is most beaultiful
bloody blood (4 months ago)
Paja is pronounced like you’d say haha not like pijama. Great video
Joseph Campese (2 months ago)
@+bloody blood Nope.
bloody blood (2 months ago)
+Joseph Campese Nah, it's pronounced like haha
Joseph Campese (3 months ago)
@blood blood, In your country/language. I expect you to say American English words in your language. Leave us to say words how we see fit. It's incredibly silly for it to be any other way. Pronunciation is a local thing, not an international thing. So when I come to your country I will say words your way. When you are here and if you are desirous of being understood, you will say it our way.
DL Lambert (4 months ago)
Panama Jack approved this message... 😉👍🏻🤓
miporsche (5 months ago)
I prefer western hats.
Canada C7 (5 months ago)
Summer fedoras :)
Eastern Cowboy (6 months ago)
The hat fits you well .......
Rachel Sanders (6 months ago)
Rachel Sanders (6 months ago)
When I wear a fedora how long should my neckbeard be?
Rachel Sanders (6 months ago)
Tipping intensifies
Rachel Sanders (6 months ago)
republitardism intensifies
jay77755 (6 months ago)
libtardism intesifies
Tmanaz480 (7 months ago)
Paper Moon brought me here.
Libertopa EurekanAnarch (7 months ago)
Panama hats kind of make people look like plantation owners. All that's missing in alot of cases is a non-rhotic southern American accent!
CNVideos (8 months ago)
A Panama hat goes well with Bermuda shorts and a Hawaiian shirt.
Tiberiotertio (9 months ago)
Perfectly happy with my panama hat from Mayser´s has the back weave, even though it did not cost a fortune. In Europe you don´t need to leave the price tag on so that people see you bought something good.
randall anthony (9 months ago)
i wonder what the actual weaver really gets.i bet they get screwed
Brawlin Entertainment (9 months ago)
I wear a bowler hat all the time
Autodidact 1965 (8 months ago)
Brawlin Entertainment Really? Even in summer?
Rich Mitch (10 months ago)
That suit is lovely
N. B. (10 months ago)
Are there other types of hats suited for summer or humid weather? I live in the southeast. Materials..straw or cotton?
Howard R (4 months ago)
Almost all straws are suited for summer humid weather.....I think that panama is really the best.....you have to be careful though because there are "straw" hats from China that are made of either paper, plastic, or viscose and made to look like straw.....sure, there are cotton & fabric hats but that's a whole other thing.....
André Minotti (11 months ago)
This week I bought a Cuenca panama hat from Homero Ortega. Great and comfortable hat!
carlos torres (1 month ago)
I bought a cucumunga hat
Einar Juel (11 months ago)
It's about penema hets?
Jason Hung (11 months ago)
Where do you put your hat in a restaurant?
Libertopa EurekanAnarch (7 months ago)
Some establishments have areas for patrons to store their coats, hats and other outerwear while they're in the building. This is much less common these days as alot of people who regularly wear hats, coats and that keep them on indoors in most cases.
Mermaid Man (11 months ago)
Why is it that always I see these hats I immediately picture a pimp?
The Dolphieboy (11 months ago)
I think the next hat to feature in this series should be the homburg, or western. I love western hats because of the many styles you can rock (but i know its not that formal or dapper but whatevs its my style) and i also fell in love with the homburg because of the formality and have been dying for a guide on one since its small time feature in your fedora vid. But what ever hat thats next im sure ill end up loving it anyways. Great work as usual
SurfFlorist (11 months ago)
One correction: Orthodox Jews wear hats in the synagogue when they are praying.
Libertopa EurekanAnarch (7 months ago)
True, but those hats are more similar to bowler hats though.
Wuanslm (8 months ago)
I doub't those are panama hats....
nassereddine sadoun (11 months ago)
Before i discovered your channel, my recommandation section was full of Mad Tv and comic books related videos. but now i'm only interested in fashion.
Vivek Booshan (11 months ago)
Just so you know i haven't been able to find your videos on my recommended feed
Roy Jiminez (11 months ago)
Hilarious!! He’s wearing a seersucker suit, He’s the sucker who bought it from Sears.
Bernal M (11 months ago)
Raphael, I'd like to know your opinion on something. I don't own any black clothes, and I wear mostly blues, greens, khakis/browns and sometimes yellow. I'd like to add black to my wardrobe but I'm not really sure about how to pull it off or what to combine it with. Something that I'm interested in are black chelsea or Beatle boots, what tips or warnings do you have about them? Thanks in advance!
Marshall Roe (11 months ago)
Crazy! On Saturday I came across Panama I bought while on port call in Panama, and began to wear it once more! looks phenomomenal with my outfits. Great Minds think alike!
Jean Raspail (11 months ago)
Perfect, I just started looking to buy one for the summer.
Jean Raspail (11 months ago)
Looking for a stingy brim trilby.
Kerry Thomas (11 months ago)
I own a couple of Panamas including an Optimo.
1978ajax (11 months ago)
I send most of my time in Australia, where it can be expected to be hot and sunny most of the time. Panamas are unpopular here; they just don't stand up to regular use at all well, and a decent one is _many_ times the cost of proper sun / heat hats made of fur felt, notably the famous Akubra of course. Only the 'Planter' style has a brim wide enough to be truly useful in sunny climes, and the prices for decent examples of the 'Planter' are through the roof! When I first came to Australia 30 years back, I bought a very good Planter Panama simply because that's what I thought a sun hat was. It was a wreck not much more than a year later, and I bought a proper hat instead - which I have still got and have used virtually every day since! When you look at their popularity in history, it's worth remembering that Panamas were formerly nowhere near as relatively expensive as they are today, and they could in those days be replaced easily and economically. Not so now. I guess standard-size Panamas are fine for occasional use in places where there is a limited summer season of heat, and as a summer substitute for other forms of fashion hat, and I agree that they _can_ look good, but they are an incredible waste of money in a really hot place.
Charles Kos (6 months ago)
I was rocking a panama hat today, in aussie, combined with a linen blazer and polo, pocket square, and people hardly looked, I think it's easy to rock a panama, but harder to rock a fedora in winter.
Jedi5150 (7 months ago)
I'm glad you mentioned this. I've never owned a Panama hat, but I've worn my Akubras in everything from very cold to very hot, and they are comfortable and durable. In fact, they are durable to a fault...I keep trying to get them to look more "used", and they still look brand new. But I have to say, I do really like the look of a good Panama hat. I just wish they were more durable.
zoukatron (11 months ago)
Which is why I'm always concerned about them in tropics, I think they work best as more urban hats for places like the Mediterranean. I too turn to an Akubra felt when I want durability. ;)
1978ajax (11 months ago)
Trust me, you can be caught out in heavy rain quite easily in OZ! Needless to say, a Panama is of little use to you then.
zoukatron (11 months ago)
Hence the tendancy for people in the US cowboy/rodeo world toh have two work hats, a felt that lasts a decade or more and a straw that gets replaced every couple of years. It has to be said though, A ustralia, for the most part has a very dry climate, making felt more sensible even in hot weather.
amjp905 (11 months ago)
It is interesting that you prefer a tall and classic crown because I always searched for a smaller one ince I am tall anyways.
Sindbad (11 months ago)
Just as I was about to get myself a panama hat.
Javier Barrientos (11 months ago)
Panama was from Colombia before it was taken and “liberated” to build the Chanel so it is Colombia hat... best regards
Howard R (4 months ago)
+Javier Barrientos because the workers who built the Panama canal wore these straw hats to protect themselves from the strong sun.....just to be clear, they did not wear blocked fedoras, but rather the unblocked straw hat bodies......hat bodies are the woven shapes before they are blocked into hats......I was a hat manufacturer for over 30 years and made many panama hats......
Shila S (7 months ago)
bijao (10 months ago)
Javier Barrientos it's literally explained in the video. Maybe you should watch before spreading your political nonsense.
Mermaid Man (11 months ago)
Panama is from Colombia but not the hat.
FortDroid YT (11 months ago)
Javier Barrientos Because during the Panama canal construction, Ecuadorian artisans made straw hats to take to the workers and people at that time, who were people from Europe and used, and when they refreshed people they wondered where they were got that hat, and they just said that they gave it to him in panama, and that's why he is mistakenly known as panama hat, but no, the hat is 100% ecuadorian, which even in 2012 was considered as intangible cultural heritage of humanity , and that is why most people know that hat is Ecuadorian, but some do not, we have tried many ways to change the hat name to Ecuador hat, but it seems impossible.
aintnomeaning (11 months ago)
I love Panama hats, but sweat stains are always a problem for me with this category of summer hat...any suggestions? BTW, your socks and driving glove are FABULOUS!!!
dany0x02 (23 days ago)
The leather band in the hats are made specially to protect the hat from the sweat.
Kaleb Hendrikse (11 months ago)
Is that a tear in the vintage hat?
Ramón García (11 months ago)
Paja must be pronounced as paha with the j sounding in a similar way than the h in hollow
Joseph Campese (3 months ago)
Nonsense. We are communicating in American English. When I come to your country I will pronounce words your way. When you are here you say them our way. Pronunciation is a local thing, not international. That is if you want to be understood.
Nathan Robert (11 months ago)
New editor on duty?
Snow The White Fox (11 months ago)
yup they're made in Ecuador just like me jajaja.
Michael DeLaMarre (11 months ago)
Was this video accidentally sped up during editing, or is he talking faster than normal? Is it just me or did anyone else notice?
Jim D (11 months ago)
Thank you for the informative video. Is there a special way to care for and maintain this type of hat? How long will this type of hat last? Thank you for sharing.
Jim D (11 months ago)
zoukatron thank you
zoukatron (11 months ago)
Not upkeep required. Wipe or pat them dry if they get wet, a gentle steam if they get bent out of shape. If you're going to be wearing them every day in hot, sweaty weather it is useful to have at least two so one can always rest and let the sweatband dry out.
Dick Wood (11 months ago)
Wow great timing. I was thinking about buying one and was just about to purchase one on line.
Benjamin Harrison Gray (11 months ago)
My go-to hat.
Nacion alista (11 months ago)
Nice hats, thanks for the info I always thought it was from Panama, got to get one of those
MG (11 months ago)
Skip this if you are under 35-40
Autodidact 1965 (8 months ago)
MG No.
ed zhao (11 months ago)
Ha. Just received my Optimo Panama hat from the Panama Hat Company! A great little Cuenca.
zoukatron (11 months ago)
Is that the Panama Hat Co in London? I hav eexactly the same, plus one of their trilbies (and getting a second). They seem to be a good company.
John the Voice (11 months ago)
Really enjoyed this video! Big fan of the Panama hat!
There's such a thing as too much of a good thing. This isn't good style or fashion, this is excentricity. You seem like a nice guy, but odd. Dressing and acting like this would be amusing to most people, hardly the desired effect I am looking for.
zoukatron (11 months ago)
Are you talking about Panama hats specifically or his Sven's style in general. Panamas are too useful in hot weather to just disregard.
Bobby Tarantino (11 months ago)
Yessss Raphael this is exactly the video I was hoping for!!!
Guy Mathis (11 months ago)
Great review just bought 2panamas Stetson n Dobbs at Stetson. Store st.joseph mo.good sale going on plus they had a bin with summer flat caps 20bucks😁😁
Fernando Maldonado (11 months ago)
These hats are incredible. It is an honor that you mention them on your channel. In addition to these hats, in my country we also have spectacular wool fabrics, jackets and leather shoes of the best quality (sorry for those who are against the use of leather). Greetings from Ecuador.
Guy Lewis (11 months ago)
Fernando Maldonado, my friends ponchos were from Peru, too!
Fernando Maldonado (11 months ago)
Hello Guy! Yes, we have llama ponchos. You can get them in Otavalo, a small city near Quito, the capital of the country. I have one poncho, it has a conservative design, it's soft and doesn't itch. The people who make these clothes also export them to Europe and Asia, it has an excellent reception. But to be fair, in my opinion, I think that the best llama ponchos are made in Peru (maybe I'm wrong, hope so!, ha!).
Guy Lewis (11 months ago)
Fernando Maldonado, I’m not sure if you have them, but a friend of mine had a llama wool poncho, and it was great!
St Myles (11 months ago)
Wow didn’t know that.
Der Alte (11 months ago)
From The Panama Hat Company: "Another interesting aspect of its history is the tradition of the black band with which the majority of Panamas are trimmed. This originates from its most popular period in 1901, the year of the death of Queen Victoria." Other source a bit more clear: "The traditional black band on a Panama hat was added in mourning for Queen Victoria after her death in 1901." I consider the old black band extremely classy, and reminds me of my grandpa, a great, rustic man that loved the Panamas my godmother (his daughter) gave to him.
itzzmax (9 months ago)
Der Alte z
Leepshin (11 months ago)
HOW MUCH??!!!! Sod that! Too expensive.
Dakota Hampton (11 months ago)
Never been a big hat wearer, but this is really cool to learn about it! I may consider wearing one in the future.
Gary Nelson (11 months ago)
Sven you haven't mentioned the colonial design. What are your thoughts on this design?
Jeremiah Bok (11 months ago)
Wow, I knew zip about Panama hats and now I love them. What a process, and so clean and dapper looking. Thanks for the lovely work.
James Hall fishing (11 months ago)
At 10:24 nice.. love the look.
Liviu Vigu (11 months ago)
Perfect timing i stated to look for a Panama hat yesterday, thank you very much Raphael.
Sjef (11 months ago)
Nice hats, problem is they often won't last more than one summer. Eventually they end up being stolen or wrinkled after a bbq or trip to the beach. (I blame alcohol)
Howard R (4 months ago)
there are inexpensive genuine panama hats that look great and wear well....sure, they're not fine weave Montecristis …..they are machine stamped and can be bought for $59.....so if you lose it or ruin it, it's not a great loss......
zoukatron (11 months ago)
Sadly, I agree with stef, they do have a tendancy to get pinched and then mistreated.
John Flynn (11 months ago)
Treat the hat just like the car; leave it at home first ;-)
zoukatron (11 months ago)
Was this video skipping about for anyone else?Might have been an editing issue. Otherwise a nice video, I think would have good to show how an optimo/colonial is rolled as well.
zoukatron (11 months ago)
I agree that it wasn't a big problem, you could infer how it was supposed to be.
Liviu Vigu (11 months ago)
Indeed, it's not a big problem.
Gentleman's Gazette (11 months ago)
You're right. Internal screw up but it's not so bad that we have to reupload I think
Liviu Vigu (11 months ago)
First is at 4:59-5:00 there is a skip and then another one at 10:58-10:59.
Gentleman's Gazette (11 months ago)
what is the issue?
youssoupha fall (11 months ago)
Extraordinaire beauté Pour la classe D'elegance dans l'air des beaux jours. Totale MERCI l'artiste " Top Classe "
Ed F (11 months ago)
Excellent video! I learned so much about Panama Hats; I now feel compelled to add one to my wardrobe. I particularly enjoyed learning the history of Panama Hats. I’m curious as to how many hours it took you to make this extremely informative and fun to watch video. Thanks, Ed
Hip Hop 90s (11 months ago)
First Like Then Watch
youssoupha fall (11 months ago)
Hip Hop 90s joliment Merci excellente et agréable Semaine l'artiste
Danny O (11 months ago)
Fascinating video. Thanks so much
mrkoolzaad2 (11 months ago)
Love my Panama hat.
Tech Gents (11 months ago)
Do one regarding Panama Suits or Tropical Suits please sir..... I live in a very hot climate but would love to wear a suit that's fashionable and lightweight.... Thanks!!
Johnny Ryu (11 months ago)
johan iskandar Try an off-white linen suit! It's a classic summer staple.
Latter Day Arbiter (11 months ago)
Now that it’s summer, my fedoras feel a bit hot. So knowing this, I’ll work to get one ☝🏽
-hard gamer- (11 months ago)
Do you think every age can wear this?
Franz Bl (11 months ago)
Bender Bending Rodriguez (11 months ago)
In the movie the godfather, the character Virgil Sollozo when we first meet him...is he wearing a panama hat ?
E. Africanus (11 months ago)
Nice vid. I just picked up a borsalino panama, but i somehow love my meyser more? Did you say blocked in the us? Come on bro.. blocked in europe is where its at and you know it.
FreddyH Privat (11 months ago)
Sehr schön passend zum Sommer!

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