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4 EASY OUTFITS FOR MEN | Men's Outfit Inspiration | Men's Fashion Lookbook 2018

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4 Easy Outfits for Men - Winter 2018 ● FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM - https://goo.gl/jmK8if ● SUBSCRIBE TO ALEX COSTA - https://goo.gl/RQdFEH ● Facebook - http://goo.gl/BYNdnw ● Twitter - https://goo.gl/ML7aaw ● Snapchat - xmadeinbrazil Shot and edited by: http://instagram.com/reecechapman Featuring: @carl_cunard and @plan_dylan Topic of discussion: Which of these 4 easy outfits was your favorite? While in London, I decided to shoot this Winter Lookbook with 4 easy outfits for men that you guys can recreate and look good while staying warm. All 4 outfits look really different from each other and offer a different vibe. This Men's Outfit Inspiration / Men's Lookbook series is definitely one of my favorites to create and post here on the channel, but they are also the most difficult to shoot - so if you like them, don't forget to leave a comment and like the video! What I wore: Outfit 1 Coat: The Kooples Turtle Neck: http://bit.ly/2DpWab1 Jeans: http://bit.ly/2FywCi1 Chelsea Boots: http://bit.ly/2FA7BDj Watch: Hublot Outfit 2 Bomber Jacket: http://bit.ly/2Dnv8RK Turtle Neck: Zara Jeans: http://bit.ly/2FywCi1 Boots: Dr.Martens Watch: Movado Outfit 3 Coat: Sandro Paris Tee: All Saints Jeans: http://bit.ly/2FywCi1 Chelsea Boots: http://bit.ly/2FA7BDj Watch: CASIO Necklace: Pyrhha Outfit 4 Leather Jacket: http://bit.ly/2DoAbBi Hoodie: http://bit.ly/2GpuvKC Jeans: Diesel Chelsea Boots: Common Projects Check out my other videos: Men's Outfit Inspiration: https://goo.gl/5fLRTj Healthy Hair Tips For Men: https://goo.gl/M1YiZj 4 Easy and Affordable Outfits for Men: https://goo.gl/koGRiz 5 Shoes Every Guy Needs to Own: https://goo.gl/Npjv9D How to Grow a Beard Faster Naturally: https://goo.gl/R3UIF0 4 Easy Winter Outfits for Men: https://goo.gl/HQGXcX Best Men's Hairstyle 2017: https://goo.gl/UUIBXk 4 Easy outfits for men | Winter Fashion 2018 | Men's Lookbook On my channel you will find videos about men's fashion, hair, health, fitness, overall lifestyle, and of course, my personal life. This includes my friends, family, and work, so please be mindful and keep a positive vibe in the comment section. Don't forget to subscribe and make sure to hit that like button if you enjoyed the video!
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Alex Costa (1 year ago)
Did you guys like the new lookbook? If you did, please don't forget to leave a thumbs up and a comment :) And of course, SUBSCRIBE - we are so close to 1 million in our family!!! Have a great week, everyone!! Alex ⚡️
Ali masran bin risal (2 months ago)
Alex Costa good we hope you have again fashion
amanda p (3 months ago)
+Alex Costa nggjg
amanda p (3 months ago)
Federico Scaglia (3 months ago)
insemeGiadatelfede si ok 2
Drew C. (3 months ago)
Alex Costa hey where can i get that coat?
Thanes Tanavalu (1 day ago)
model style is my ambition I love that
Antoine Gargamelfps (4 days ago)
Where is that first black coat from??
BBoy Messi (15 days ago)
Can you send a link to where you got that suede fur jacket in outfit 3 because i cant seem to find it. thanks
On 2:17 something fell from Alex’s pocket... 🤣🤣
guru rishi (27 days ago)
Hi bro I want to act with you
Nino Badajos (29 days ago)
Tony stark with a great fashion sense
Me Too (1 month ago)
Hi at 1:54 time what’s the brand on those black leather Chelsea boots if you don’t mind please. I don’t see that they are All saints. Thanks.
tarek Ziane (1 month ago)
Wooow 😍😍
Songtsen Takang (1 month ago)
What is the name of the diesel jeans?
Movie House (1 month ago)
What is your height Alex ???
EJTV (2 months ago)
Suede boots ok for snow?
Dani Karim (2 months ago)
Congratulations 1,6 subscriber 😎😎😎
Morgan Halpin (2 months ago)
Really wanna know where that resturant/cafe/hotel/bar was?? Anyone know?
Sudesh Rana (2 months ago)
You are so handsome and your outfits are just lit!
Jamie Caldwell (2 months ago)
Have I missed where the music track is listed? Works perfectly with this video! Great work
amanda p (3 months ago)
amanda p (3 months ago)
Md Ahanaf (3 months ago)
I couldn't but impress to see your fashion. just simply wow!😱😱😱😱
Ziko Youcef (3 months ago)
تنسيق رائع ومظهر جميل
Manuel Noble (3 months ago)
Oh dear gosh are you wearing suede in the snow? 😤
Henry Vost (3 months ago)
Do you know of any cheaper options on the Sandro Paris jacket or any keywords to search it up
please subscribe (3 months ago)
Which background music was in Ur video
Pablo Diaz D. (3 months ago)
con esa ropa te cagai de frío po wn!
Dylan Watson (3 months ago)
Anyone know where I can buy the coat? Outfit 3 Coat: Sandro Paris been on the website but they don't sell it anymore
deadpool 16 (4 months ago)
more like how to pick up dudes at a coffee shop during winter
Yammie Kid (4 months ago)
nothing stands in the way of chelsea boots 👌
J. V. (4 months ago)
One question..if I want that same low fade hair cut what do I call it? Simply a low fade? They always get it wrong and give me high fade and always end up cutting off the top as well.
J. V. (4 months ago)
And what do you recommend to use for hair? I like that your stays in place,is it some gel? Thanks.
Marshall Law (4 months ago)
Great work thank you, 💕
Baeyy Boo (4 months ago)
Hey alex this video you face clear skin i like it you face
Tamim Hossain (4 months ago)
Can i go for a olive green coat with a black pant with a whitw tshirt and woth a loafers or sneakers???
Lou Ngọc Anh (4 months ago)
wow. amazing
Joshua P. (4 months ago)
yo where can i find that first jacket!?!?!?! anyone have a link???
darshan parajuli (4 months ago)
your video are so good brother☺..i usually watch when i became negative ...and in other times also
Mihail Ognyanov (5 months ago)
is the hoodie under the leather jacket grey or dark brown ?
Fabian Medina (5 months ago)
I love that red bomber jacket I wish I had one
batista999 (5 months ago)
Hi Alex, is the kooples fur collar jacket a one off they made or something, I've tried and tried but cannot find this jacket anywhere ?!
Dániel Marton (5 months ago)
Dont put your feet up on tables, that's not gentleman-like
Sandeep Ghai (5 months ago)
Would you please give me full info. About leather jacket
Azizul Hasan (5 months ago)
need little bit spice style
Azizul Hasan (5 months ago)
too much foini)easy( life style
Moi (5 months ago)
Second outfit jacket alternative??
Najee Peoples (5 months ago)
Easily the best on YouTube.
Jimbou (5 months ago)
1.Get hair cut 2.wear black t-shirt 3.wear black leather jacket 4.wear black slim fit jeans 5.wear black boots =get pu$$y
MIDOU MIMOU (6 months ago)
Do you have facebook page ?
SCENT STYLE (6 months ago)
BRUH!!!! SICK!!! Loved it!! Everything from the music, cinematagraphy to the styles....AMAZING!!!!! Can't stop watching it!!
BARISTA K (6 months ago)
Wow very good
Shoutouts&Gaming (6 months ago)
What’s the song called
Alex Henkell Malespin (6 months ago)
What's First coat called ?
Wavez (6 months ago)
Does anybody has the exact coat from outfit 3 or know a coat which looks the same?
kevin george THOMAS (6 months ago)
Mate..... With live from india nd London
Dennis Groen (6 months ago)
Looking at this makes me want to buy some chelsea boots, maybe a nice idea for a future video :D
Deerock 68 (6 months ago)
Watching Alex is the next best thing to watching a new James Bond movie
Noah (7 months ago)
Hope thats faux suede in the snow
Rain Zakaria (7 months ago)
Drop dead gorgeous model, stunning outfits, best shot, beautiful scenery but annoying music.
Yaion (7 months ago)
How you walked out of that elevator is how I want to walk into everything in my life lol
Julien Sings (7 months ago)
Hey what are the jeans in outfit 4 called? Are they washed black or dark blue?
Julien Sings (7 months ago)
Also will you be doing a spring/summer look?
prabhu Ninama (7 months ago)
Alexa costA will be helpful for me
Sameer Paswan (7 months ago)
l like video and so perfact looking fashion
胡立人 (7 months ago)
Iron Man
learn everything (7 months ago)
can you provide us with clothes models please mr costa
ivan merino chavez (7 months ago)
this 4 outfits are great man , you give us many ideas to change the urban style of everyone.
Denys Taranov (7 months ago)
Now I know what i want to buy next month:)
Lewis Crombleholme (7 months ago)
Hello, can anyone help me I really like the jacket from the first outfit but I can’t find it anywhere, so if you could help that would be great.
Yolo Gami (7 months ago)
Im so inlove with the red jacket, any chance to get that or kinda like that jacket?
MineBlox999 (7 months ago)
0:54 ok that wasn't weird at all, notice his friend's hand being indecisive
Baron Whit (7 months ago)
What brand name shoe do you wear
KOA Empire (7 months ago)
Make another one! I want some essentials and trends inspiration to buy for this 2018 fall winter.... Portugal fan! ❤️🔥
manoj thakur (7 months ago)
Splendid look 🤘
Gurpreet Josan (8 months ago)
ESSJ333 (8 months ago)
Love your videos Alex Thanks for the Inspiration.
REC • Islam (8 months ago)
That’s quality.
Hiram Andrade (8 months ago)
Lanumero tres qje tipo de chamarra es?
Azra Jamal (8 months ago)
just love your style
Brady Ferrin (8 months ago)
I can't find the coat on 2nd fit and I'm in love with it
snarf (8 months ago)
...Aaand he is wearing an Hublot (or an homage to Hublot). Lost all respect.
Saharsh Jordan (8 months ago)
This is one of your best videos ever
Prince RS (8 months ago)
Can anyone tell me about the song
ALI EDOW (8 months ago)
I love the boots, Awesome Chelsea boots
Ibad Latif (8 months ago)
love you and your show great job man love from texas brother !!!!!!
Giovanni Toriz (9 months ago)
On outfit #3 ...what type of jacket is that?
Jz Danque (9 months ago)
is it me or does he looks like Robert Downey Jr with his eyes?? hmm...??
Sammy Shakya (9 months ago)
That 2nd one.. sleek and sexy Definitely MY STYLEEE love from India!👌👍
David Chiu (9 months ago)
How tall are you?
Connor Gilnack (10 months ago)
Anybody have link for the the jacket on the first outfit
Thinh Cao (10 months ago)
jesus that diesel leather jacket is 1k $ and damn does it worth it
TheGoodStyle (6 months ago)
You got a link or know the name of a jacket style like that by any chance? It's so sick
MG gaming (10 months ago)
What is name of music
Somnath Chakraborty (11 months ago)
That was a hell of an outfit collection ... Adorable...
Gildemar Pontes da Silva (11 months ago)
D+ teu canal cara. Aqui o cara aprende a se vestir corretamente.
Marcus Garza (11 months ago)
Anyone one know where Alex buys his jeans and boots at?
Sreehari6 (11 months ago)
u uglu
music called ?
music ?
Chris Muchiri (11 months ago)
Alex Costa MA men... U have no idea how many times I watch this video..... More so the first out fit it did kill # big fan
Akhel P (11 months ago)
I just love what u do. i loved the music in the video can u tell me the name of the music
Joker 102 (1 year ago)
You sexy lookin mother &;&:!,#%
Alex Costa (1 year ago)
Stan Ley (1 year ago)
I like black jeans
Shahab Rehmani (1 year ago)
Limit Break (1 year ago)
Finally found the freaking song. Title is "Divergent" by Ooyy

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