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10 English words that you pronounce INCORRECTLY | British English Pronunciation

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English with Lucy (1 year ago)
REPRESENT YOUR LANGUAGE and contribute subtitle translations here: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=th9Kd7b2PtM&ref=share
Pitch Dark (23 days ago)
The sound is pronounced the same, you distinguish it by the context its used in. ''hour'' is a measurement of time
Deena Goethe (23 days ago)
Lucy, how do you distunguish word 'our' and 'hour' , whether the sound is the same or not?? I'm still confused. Thank you.
Danial Tabani (23 days ago)
Plz send me your mobile number plz
Buhat Ma Francesca (23 minutes ago)
I've been pronouncing "queue" wrong HAHAHAHA
Daniel Neil (7 hours ago)
How to pronounce "Tuition"??
Wadud Shuvro (14 hours ago)
I wish I had a teacher like her
Wadud Shuvro (14 hours ago)
2:58 tha magic word
Muntaha Waheed (16 hours ago)
Wow I am so genius 😍😍
souri mel (16 hours ago)
i am filipinese and we like to pronance Fruit Like PROot! so done say free fruit you have say Pree Proot!Okkk
Maria Goncalves (16 hours ago)
Hello. I would like to know how to pronounce the word Apple in British English. Thanks a lot!
Lydia Martin (18 hours ago)
I’m Ukrainian and I pronounce all this words correctly. I’m really proud)
mr bad boy 2 (19 hours ago)
rizza cielo (21 hours ago)
Lucy u are gorgeous 😋
Neharika Duggal (23 hours ago)
I am an Indian and also a student.But I pronounce correctly.
Mountain Troll (1 day ago)
It's not pronounced as fru-it? My. Whole. Life. Has. Been. A. Lie.
I can pronounce all of these words because you know I’m American I speak English
Achmad Tete (1 day ago)
I can speak German
GalaxyKitten_XOX (1 day ago)
Is this a joke? WE dont pronounce it?!? Are you teaching 2 year olds?? Everyone says it these ways!No one ever got these wrong!!!
Elisabeth otis (1 day ago)
A few weeks ago me and my class went to England for a week (do u know Bournemouth? That's where we stayed) and we took english class in "cavendish school of english". Our skills were rated, and the best class was a b+, wich I was in (C+ is the best u can get, A the worst). We learned stuff that we already learned in fifth grade in Germany (btw I'm in 9th). What I'm trying to say is that Germany is really advanced in learning other languages, and while I'm at a level B+ in Germany, I'd be C+ in England. Btw I obviously pronounce all the words correctly:)
Jude Anderson (1 day ago)
I have no idea why I am watching this I’m am full English and have probably one of the most British sounding accents ever🤣😂
Kemp Harper (1 day ago)
Fck too basic
Gino (1 day ago)
You're so fucking beautiful
bash choy (1 day ago)
Nonsense video
Maryamzainab Saba (1 day ago)
English with Lucy (1 day ago)
Twinkle Uppal (1 day ago)
We already know this yaar🙄😪
Andrea (1 day ago)
I’m Mexican and even I’ve never heard anyone spell any of those words wrong wtf 😂
Guinevere Binnu (1 day ago)
OK I've never heard anyone make most of those wrong pronunciations she assumed or whatever
Kaitlin Green (2 days ago)
Glad to know I speak MY OWN language properly 😂why am I here
Rabee Motar (2 days ago)
I’m here at the first time Thank you Rabee from Iraq
Tiky Tech (2 days ago)
Chaos... I think it's SAOS
DVD Magic Barbie (2 days ago)
Thanks recommendations
k a (2 days ago)
ive been living in the philippines for most of my life... and i pronounced all of it right. wtf
Kristina C (2 days ago)
In America, we say toos-day, not choose-day Not hate I love you <3
Sharkbyte1000 (2 days ago)
for some reason this popped up in my recommended. I thought some of the british ways of pronouncing it would be different than american ways of saying it but they are all the same. I'm american and say all of these words correctly.
Sylwia Mironska (2 days ago)
The first one everyone knows
Gacha FunGamez (2 days ago)
Another one is mischievous. Some people say it as ‘mischevius’ but it’s actually pronounced ‘mischovus ‘
페르난도 (2 days ago)
why most comments are english lol😂
Nadia Isnayanti (2 days ago)
So pretty
ii_Zizon Builds (2 days ago)
i pronounced all of them correctly...B)
Priyanka Tripathi (2 days ago)
You are too beautiful
Kawaii gamer (3 days ago)
I pronounce everything word in there right because im from america
Caren Jose (3 days ago)
lmao we all know these
SHIVANAND MS (3 days ago)
Speak like Indians
Ashley Faith (3 days ago)
I've been pronunciating all these words correctly and I live in Jamaica well in Jamaican schools we learn British English not American English
IzzySkylar Gamer (3 days ago)
I'm still using it the same for Chocolate and vegetable
IzzySkylar Gamer (3 days ago)
So this is how British this 10 words
Rahul tiwari (3 days ago)
Fuck you and your British people
Subham Biswas (3 days ago)
any other non-native English speakers who could pronounce all of them correctly? although non-native, I am still from the second largest english speaking country
MintieWolfie (3 days ago)
I was expecting something like oh u r ment to pronounce cat like cart oor something like that. this is all basic knowledge
Gem’s life (3 days ago)
Watching this even though I am English and from the UK😂😂
Madeline Breunig (3 days ago)
anyone from the usa and thinking "what, people actually pronounce these wrong"
iiSolarxia (3 days ago)
;0; I got them all right! Not because I'm British...
I'm german and on thursday I have spraking (i have to talk to another girl and 2 teachers are listening and giving us marks and I'm sooo scared) sooo I'm just making sure that I'm not pronouncing anything wrong rip my life rip my english eventho I pronounced every word correctly in this video haha
chetan jadhav (3 days ago)
subscribed....only coz you're beautiful 😅
Zola Animates (3 days ago)
im a malaysian i can speak all of these correctly
różowa świnka (3 days ago)
I'm from Poland and I am 12. I know how to say every single word from this video, too easy
Ahihi Golden (3 days ago)
The video is very useful. Thanks
Hardcore Turtle (4 days ago)
Why am I watching this I’m British and I live in the uk
Mohammad Shamim (3 days ago)
plz whatsapp me. I need a British partner with I will practice English. don't mind plz whatsapp me +917761899929
mm nn (4 days ago)
Very beautiful my god i.liked you and those green eyes hahaha!! me too am french teacher maybe we can help each other and do something useful :)
Berg Tube (4 days ago)
My country doesn't speak English but It was easy to say
Aini Hussain (4 days ago)
Maybe they r spoken wrong but even 5 yr old spell them correctly...guess where ? In India! Bcoz we put so much effort in learning English properly...and pronouncing any word incorrectly is a cardinal sin!
Lucy U (4 days ago)
Who can’t pronounce fruit right? Wtf
Adam Aboushady (4 days ago)
1: I pronounce it like that ( I'm not bragging im just telling you) 2: correct 3: correct 4: i don't even say that word but correct 5: correct 6: correct 7: correct 8: correct 9: correct 10: correct *(star for getting them all correct
the freakperson (4 days ago)
Who are those many people?
the freakperson (4 days ago)
Who makes those mistakes anyway
Marshmallow and Milk (4 days ago)
Are you serious....? I LIVE in Australia, do u think I will not Know HOW to pronounce Those words? Who will say ‘fru-it’?
Darkpenguin210 (4 days ago)
TheUndergroundWolf (4 days ago)
Bro NEVER in MY LIfE my classmate SAId FRU-IT😆
Miss Safowana (4 days ago)
You don’t even have an American accent
Elaina Galvan (4 days ago)
Ok I'm Italian and Mexican but I can speak English perfectly and I appreciate u trying to teach others but that is very offensive Wat u said for the "I know it may be hard for Italians and Mexicans..." And I find it funny how u didn't even say anything for other races😒
Cathy Earnshaw (4 days ago)
Too easy. 🙄
I AM DOCTORCAT (4 days ago)
Why am i here? Im full deaf, i use british sign language
bangtan_ army (4 days ago)
Lol I can actually pronounce all these words correctly and im not even from america or england
Itzkalyee Gacha (5 days ago)
Unicorn Gamer (5 days ago)
I actually don't pronounce it wrong
Arty Geek (5 days ago)
I am Indian and I already knew all these! 😁
ZeGangster (5 days ago)
My maternal lang. Isn't english but i speak it well. I always pronounced comfortable kamfrtbl with the r. It's so weird saying without the r 😂
Pusheenowaaa (5 days ago)
I'm from Poland, but I get everything right
Danilo Cumayas Jr (5 days ago)
You're beautiful human being
Lily K (5 days ago)
I am German and knew everyone
Lucas Floriano (5 days ago)
Excelent video! Congratulations!
I'm Filipino qnd I pronounce them all correctly
*MA* *YUMI* (6 days ago)
How about cleanliness? I hear people say it as klinliness. But some say klenliness.. which one is correct?
Yoboybubble (6 days ago)
Why did she put her youtube when that's what we are watching it on
María Matmos (6 days ago)
You OBVIOUSLY teach many spaniards. Those are the ways we would say it when we haven’t got a high level of english🤣
Umut Guvercin (6 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9h18UONfcI Listen very nice
Alfonso Giardiello (6 days ago)
I like how you teach, but I get distracted often because you are wonderful and beautiful I can not concentrate your eyes are beautiful.
MvA VisuFrame (6 days ago)
Binu Grasyyan (6 days ago)
Sultan B (7 days ago)
well i try to learn whatever i can thanks lady.
lg Zarate (7 days ago)
Thanks God I am filipino . i got these words . Like/Subscribe kung pilipino ka..
Mia Shaw (7 days ago)
I’m American why am I watching this
Yokim Bonggotgetsakul (7 days ago)
coo we we oh my loard
Nandojaa banerjee (7 days ago)
This video is of no use I know all the words like if u agreeeee ,........... Coz I am an Indian. ....Indians are much more talented in all sides
Adi Mate (7 days ago)
Why am I watchin this I'm Indian grandpa worked in London and I know English well enough.
Prachi Sharma (7 days ago)
I could pronounce 7 out of 8 words correctly...
Fajar Ruli (7 days ago)
Judulnya kok Bahasa Indonesia ? @English With Lucy
Bhim Raj Sharma (8 days ago)
Please madam make videos on tenses
milui kuki (8 days ago)
I got vegetable wrong

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