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10 English words that you pronounce INCORRECTLY | British English Pronunciation

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English with Lucy (1 year ago)
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Sharjeel Khan (21 days ago)
Account Closed
Sharjeel Khan (21 days ago)
English with Lucy can you give me your mobile number ?I want to learn English from you' I from Pakistan
Digvijay Rana (28 days ago)
Love you
Oliver Twentyman (1 month ago)
English with Lucy . It’s English, I’m in New York. You’re right. Two products marketed toward an ‘o’ in chocolate are choco taco and count chocula. Choc(o)late. But this stress on ‘O’ is not an emic, from an etic cacao and coco/a. I think it is probably true this has always been British pronunciation. Chocolate likely arrived in Britain through Português-Spain-France. Anyway, I’m picking it up. Thank you.
ahmad aye (1 month ago)
i cant focus 😍😍
William Maurice (5 hours ago)
Wednesday made me laugh, it sounded like a Hispanic word.
Subhash Lata (5 hours ago)
Hii Lucy, you are doing such a amazing job!!! Keep it up & Thank you very much..
Qureshi Bhai (7 hours ago)
I love u
Ilya Kuznetsov (8 hours ago)
Recipe is a French word AFAIK, hence pronunciation. I get some severe butthurts when people say “chemistry” or “choir” with ch as in “chair”. Why is chair a chair and why is choir a choir though?
BaeThe3rd (9 hours ago)
Iraq, Iran not AYRAQ, AYRAN.
Ettibridget (14 hours ago)
In the "Dinner for one"-sketch, miss Sophy says "fru-it" (with two syllables). Any explanation for that?
Eric Clark (19 hours ago)
I think I am in love.
Alyssa Shoemaker (22 hours ago)
Oml I remember being in elementary school and discovering that Wednesday was not spelled wensday 🤣🤣🤣 today, btw I'm a native speaker in 9th grade and sometimes forget how to spell simple things like February, I keep thinking febuary lol
Serg Sergio (1 day ago)
Hells..is this her own language and her her own ways of pronunciation?😂
Zeus He (1 day ago)
Luckily, the only word I got wrong was "Wednesday" I always pronounced it "Wenesday" and not "Wensday"
Reynasyl Cenabre (1 day ago)
You could add receipt. - - recit. 😊
tony wilson (1 day ago)
Sorry Lucy, "vegetable" DOES have 4 sylables along with "comfortable", albeit the"for" bit is spoken more quickly than the other 3. As an English speaking Englishman ,I have also corrected the delightful Emma on her English tutorial for giving similar advice. I refer once again,( a -gen, not a - gane) - to Nuttall's Standard Dictionary of the English language, revised by The Revd.James Wood; ( page 729 for "vej-e-ta-bl" and page 134 for "kum-furt-a -bl". ) I know that quite a lot of younger people - like yourself, pronounce these and similar words wrongly and hope that you all find this short missive of some help. - Cheers! Tony.
Poonam Yadav (2 days ago)
Man I heard no one making this mistake
saman husain (2 days ago)
Who'd pronounce these wrong 😑
James Carson (2 days ago)
I’ve literally never ever met a single person who pronounces fruit at “froo-it”
Esma Dilay Karaağaç (3 days ago)
Thank you 👍🏻👍🏻
Rodrigo Lima (3 days ago)
I can't watch this woman and learn english in the same time....
Peter Vrábel (3 days ago)
if you are after grammar, check out https://www.instagram.com/english_grammar_and_idioms/
Abbas Khan (4 days ago)
You are very very beautiful really love 😘😘 from india
Prakash Jha (4 days ago)
Very beneficial. Teacher please make such pronunciation improvement video.
MUDASSIR Khan (4 days ago)
thanks God mine were 8 correct
Brobald Wololo (4 days ago)
love your videos! pls like my videos too.. I make English videos as well.
This video must be for non-English speakers or ESOL students because in America, they are pronounced just the way she says them.
Henri Duportail (5 days ago)
Hi Lucy thank You So much , i wish You have good day ,h.D
Crystal Kitty (6 days ago)
Gee,these words are for like 2 yo
Raja Diza wahyuni (6 days ago)
Thank you lucy😍😍
Harleen Kaur (6 days ago)
i pronounce all of them correctly😁
Jolly Thaker (6 days ago)
Karan (6 days ago)
i got em all right ...
trailstar1 (7 days ago)
I’m English and for a second you had me thinking I might pronounce fruit wrong
Molli Sad (7 days ago)
Where is she from,?
ForeverStrong (7 days ago)
Hi, Lucy, Im from Mexico, and i am going to tell you that i love your videos and your british pronuntiation, and im learning english watching you. My english is not so good and i sorry for that. I hope upgrade, improve (i dont know the correct word) the level.
Jay Z (8 days ago)
English is kinda stupid. Why are there so many silent letters. Plus, there is no one rule for all. You have to memorize always because there are so many exception to the rules. This is hell for English students.
Nicole Kim (8 days ago)
who the hell pronounces fruit as fru-it
Sky Hollics (8 days ago)
for me, chocolate is the most difficult word to pronounce.. I always say chocolate like cho-co-let, not chok-lit. Korean accent TT
V 14 (9 days ago)
Oh, froo it! ))))
Redjeki Agoestyowati (9 days ago)
Nice Video, Lucy......
Bob Cheng (9 days ago)
quite useful thx
Michael Pötter (9 days ago)
Flour = Flower 🤪
Bob Brawley (9 days ago)
I, I. Eye-yuh. Well what I'm trying o say is that your lesson are useful for English speakers to better understand piggan English spoken by foreign people. Spanish speakers in my case. And Hindi speakers. But Hindi speakers speak better English usually better than I speak it
Erjona Ulaj (9 days ago)
If you pronounce Tuesday “choose day” your a psychopath. Everyone knows it’s Too’s day 😂
Hưng Trần Văn (10 days ago)
Thank you so much ❤❤❤
Mutum Christ (10 days ago)
Apple not apal
marco gallardo (10 days ago)
Para naman akong temang nito!!! Akala ko kung ano...
heavydirthysoul (10 days ago)
Que hago aqui v:
Imene Emy (10 days ago)
Where you from
Francisco Morales (11 days ago)
She is perfect
Justin Choi (11 days ago)
Q: Why a blonde takes a mirror to her bed. A: Coz she wants to see how she sleeps.
Ruchi Patni (11 days ago)
I actually pronounce these all correct 👏
bibeh carter (11 days ago)
The only word i mistakenly pronounce ia comfortable..thanks though
Yustina A (11 days ago)
notice just now I was wrong, glad found this channel!! 😊
Salman Mujtaba (11 days ago)
Why is she so pretty?
Saphi Nongbet (11 days ago)
This is lame, we all know how to pronounce
Jewel Mae Baradas (11 days ago)
You are so pretty ❤ I didn't focus on the pronounciation 😂 I focused on your face 😂❤ Btw, I'm straight. I just find you so pretty ❤
Don Reed (12 days ago)
She can't be British - what wonderful teeth!
Anita Jaman (12 days ago)
I pronounce chaos " chaous"
Arush Nankani (12 days ago)
Make more and more pronounciation videos plz
Sıla Aşıcı (12 days ago)
LavaKelp YT (12 days ago)
Here in Philippines all of that words is taught here correctly we Filipino might good at this
Kookie The Cookie (12 days ago)
If never seen ANYONE pronounce these wrong. Like, FRUIT HAS ANOTHER PRONUNCIATION?
Mr Screamer (13 days ago)
How often does the word chaos come up in conversation? Also add salmon to this list. Foreigners always pronounce the 'l'.
Márk Màrki (13 days ago)
I pronounced all of these correctly. Now I feel proud.
Marianna Danielyan (13 days ago)
I only can’t understand why she say love [lov] instead of [lav] 🤔🤔🤔
Kocha Sapam (13 days ago)
This one was easy haha.. nice one
Sosyal Medya Haram (13 days ago)
Rosalind Alexander (13 days ago)
Hmm there's definitely 4 syllables in "comfortable" but you wouldn't say it "com-FAWWT-able" more as, "COME-fortable". Probably depends on region.
In fact, i watch this video because of your beauty
socksumi (14 days ago)
Where I live in Canada I can't think of even one person who pronounces these words in the bizarre ways you described. If you weren't so pretty this would have been a complete waste of my time. Now if you really want to start a debate, tell us how to pronounce 'vitamins' or 'tomatoes'.
No Name (14 days ago)
👌 Excelent❕ I'm new here,so I want sport words that I pronounce wrong!!!!!🙏🙏( Ex: RUGBY, BADMINTON,CURLY, and others) . Thanks🤓
Stark Lai (14 days ago)
Hi Lucy, I'm a 14 years old student in Hong Kong. I had seen your video which teaches 10 words pronunciation today, then l realise that teachers in Hong Kong had taught me wrong by the pronunciation. Although Hong Kong was the colony of Britain, Hong Kong people couldn't learn the exactly right way of British accent. Therefore l think a ordinary British citizen's English pronunciation must be better than a secondary school's teacher's.Thus, l have tried to learn British accent and the real pronunciation myself since l was 12 years old, then l watched several drama and movies which were produced in Britain, especially Sherlock. At first, l think that Benedict Cumberbatch's accent is extremely excellent and authentic, so l have learnt his accent. However, l discovered that even he spoke the word "penguin" wrongly, so l don't suggest myself to continue to learn British pronunciation from him.But today, l have seen your video, then l discovered many teachers in Hong Kong speak "chocolate" wrong, they speak "cho-co-late". Then l have found out that the real way of speaking "crisps", l was really surprised that everyone said it wrongly, me as well, so there are much information that l need to learn about British English.However,l was scared that Hong Kong students can't learn the right way of British English's pronunciation because the teachers don't know the actual pronunciation and teach them Chinglish(Chinese mix with English), so l hope that Hong Kong people can speak a correct pronunciation of English because it is very important and necessary for this international city.(P.S., To be honest, Hong Kong people speak terribly miserable English pronunciation)
sahil kudalkar (14 days ago)
My should I listen to you I know all this stuff.
BIA ONG (14 days ago)
you're so pretty!!!
Robloxgamerthistle 00 (14 days ago)
Wowowowow yes's Wowowowow I hope u can be my spelling teacher
Moumita Jha (14 days ago)
Street Dogs And Cats (14 days ago)
01:49 I' is 😂
William Au (15 days ago)
As a non native speaker, it’s my first time to hear correct pronunciation of chocolate and vegetables
Haka Mbako (15 days ago)
The love recipe
Çağla Erdoğan (15 days ago)
Heey! Nice you meet you💗💗 I Love you so much, and from the first video💖💖 I hope you understand💓💓 I from TURKEY. 👈🔥🔥💖💖
Mgg Ms (15 days ago)
Thank you Sister
Nafrudin Play (15 days ago)
Kalo gurunya begini pasti banyak muridnya.
Gwang Wanwadee (15 days ago)
Feeling super grateful to my English teachers....
FATEMAH is angel (15 days ago)
Thank you this video is good I want more of it❤❤
Addar (15 days ago)
Many people in Spain have learned to pronounce well names of cities like Liverpool or Leicester thanks to broadcasts of football games... :-D
Enjoy! (16 days ago)
My girlfriend thought it was strange that I had started studying so much English ... I recently found myself watching a muted video of Lucy and she sent me to sleep on the couch ... 😅
Zubair Ahmed (16 days ago)
Chrisvy Djap (16 days ago)
I'm wrong at chaos and recipe. English is not my native language but I really loved to learn it
Prince Rumman (16 days ago)
Forget english mannn.....she is the thing....just keep seeing her
Edy Ta (16 days ago)
What about some slang words and phrases, for example : ride it out
rin rin (16 days ago)
Bermanfaat kak
Ainah Gorigao (16 days ago)
the perfect pronouncation of ten word...I know it! just so you know!
Zeinab Afify (16 days ago)
please don't say wrong prounance just say the good one direct
Anthony Fandiño (16 days ago)
Alguien está aquí por Superholly? A mí me lo recomendó YouTube :v
T. (17 days ago)
Nobody pronounce that words wrong. No one really no one...
The Saucemann (17 days ago)
ImI finnishsinnif guyug butub i comedemoc onlylno tot sees whatawh i pronouncecnuonorp incorrectlyltcerrocni.
McCorrisken1957 (17 days ago)
Congratulations on setting ip your successful channel. Please remember that there are dozens of accents throughout Great Britain, and that many of these pronunciation tips might not be “correct” in every accent.
carrotw chanyeol (17 days ago)
im kept saying "she's beautiful" and im not focus to what she says. im just saying "she's beautiful" i need someone to teach me english, i can speak english properly(sometimes) but im not confident with my grammar,verbs but i keep trying,my teacher is a man dude,im so shy to ask him tho
siri reddy (17 days ago)
The title itself has an error. The spelling of pronunciation is wrong but your accent is really good.
goutom ghosh (17 days ago)
A beauty without equal.
Jose Luis Arismendi (17 days ago)
How do I pronounce I love you?

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