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10 English words that you pronounce INCORRECTLY | British English Pronunciation

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English with Lucy (1 year ago)
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Daniel Astudillo (7 days ago)
Doy clases de español
Lucy Cookie Wolf (12 days ago)
Hi Lucy I'm lucy
Yasser Yasser (14 days ago)
+Sarah Hamdan no
Yasser Yasser (14 days ago)
Just I want someone learn me. I want to get job on organisations
Geeta Mahant (16 days ago)
+Tia Millar how many times
Crystal Morrison (7 minutes ago)
*-I know English-*
Jessica Appiah (3 hours ago)
Crips 😂😂 my mum says that
Jessica Appiah (3 hours ago)
Not being rude but what school do you teach
Caroline Partsch (5 hours ago)
I just found out that my English teacher is pronouncing some words wrong and I am pronouncing them right :D I'm Czech, btw
shaik shareef (12 hours ago)
I like your face it's real like my pic
Divyansh Anushka (14 hours ago)
Hey i am from India and i know the correct pronunciation of 7-8 words which you told in the video. Btw nice video
lps fangirl 3215 (1 day ago)
Davidelic (1 day ago)
In english every single word has its own rules, ill stick to spanish lol
YoankaAvocado (1 day ago)
To this day, I mispronounce the word "delete" it was adopted into my native language (Polish) incorrectly. For some reason, "delete" became "dee-late". This mistake is hard to shake after years of hearing it before learning the correct pronunciation. I say "delete" correctly while speaking English, but when refering to the key on the keyboard (the only direct usage of the word delete in Polish) while speaking Polish, I will still call it dee-late most of the time, to my frustration.
TypicalExploiter (2 days ago)
Her: "Crips" Me: "Bloods"
Korean Mix (2 days ago)
Why i am watching this my languge is only english
Md Insun Koofia (2 days ago)
You damn lucky being beautiful. Kidding !!
eldoktore (3 days ago)
are u even british youself? sounds like a german speakig english kappa nike puma adidas
松岡小百合 (3 days ago)
I remember while I was staying in the UK and ordered "hot chocolate" at cafes, every time cafe staffs didn't understand. Now I understand why.
Dakshajaa Soondur (4 days ago)
I'm not a native English speaker but I got them all right. I feel really proud of me!
Peppa Pig welcomes all Polish viewers.
WaZzShiter (5 days ago)
Merci beaucoup <3
Tina (5 days ago)
Surprisingly, I've been pronouncing all these words right. Yayy
Ebez Muth (5 days ago)
oh...! very amazing pronunciation... 💜💙💛💟💜💚💛 my name is Ebez P D....I like this pronunciations... Thank you dear 🌹🌼LUCY🌼🌹👸👸👸👸💘💜💛💗💘
Black Blaster (5 days ago)
+English with Lucy Name Of Your Intro Song
Bidyut Bhuyan (5 days ago)
Meanwhile we Indians have been pronouncing those words perfect since forever, thanks to your 200 years of fucking british colony...
Celine F (6 days ago)
I thought it was “ree-sipe”
Kawaii Star (6 days ago)
I say all those words correctly tho.....
Raja Parvaiz Raaj (6 days ago)
and why would not you write what you pronounce silly nation? :)
Alma Paczko (6 days ago)
Yaay! I've pronounced all these words correctly! I'm not British, I'm trying to learn the British accent and I'm quite good at it 😊 xx
Snowflake Starz (6 days ago)
Am i weird? Cuz every time my teacher ask me the formula of an english question, i will always get it wrong but when i do the questions all by myself, i can answer all of them correctly. Am i crazy or...
Jatin Bandhiwal (6 days ago)
I have learned English all my life but i still actually learned some good things here. Specially the Vegetable.
Grand Celebration (6 days ago)
The word I have the most trouble pronouncing is "clitoris". Can you tell me how to pronounce this word in your next video?
Prince Chan (7 days ago)
I don't believe many people are pronouncing these words incorrectly. These are simple.
harry hmar (7 days ago)
I love britian accent though it is very hard to understand😊
Arfah Bari (7 days ago)
I’m British ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻
Hareem Ahmad Sheikh (7 days ago)
Nothing helpful in this... I knew it all before
Emma Jasen (7 days ago)
This is weird <.<
Santos Francisco C. (7 days ago)
Excellent Lucy! thanks for your lessons
the ordinary soul (8 days ago)
So my Indian English is perfect😊
ben batchelder (8 days ago)
I'm from the US and it's it's kinda weird hearing some say chocolate with a u sound after the ch "chukcolate" and olso hear some pronounce Tuesday "chuesfay
Blah Blahzerson (8 days ago)
Jody Baer-Swanson (8 days ago)
I have always pronounced vegetable: vedge-e-table, chocolate: chock-oh-late, and comfortable: com-for-table. I have heard a lot of people do it as well. I think it's pretty normal to enunciate certain words.
njitram2000 (9 days ago)
Please show me anyone that pronounces any of these words the way she suggested they are spoken incorrectly. I've come across some silly accents in my life but these are ridiculous.
Anthony D (9 days ago)
Unbelievable - you pronounce "pronunciation" incorrectly. FAIL.
Lauring Turtle YT (9 days ago)
I'm English and I used to say queue as kewee
Zakaria Ab (9 days ago)
M y only mistake was with chaos
Izza Hussain (10 days ago)
I pronounce them them all right
Brave Guy (10 days ago)
wow miss
RandomGirl (10 days ago)
TBH Filipinos are good at pronouncing words... I am also a Filipino... Currently I am trying to learn japanese for no reason...
RandomGirl (10 days ago)
The only thing I have wrong is queue...
In german standard language we say Schokolade (Sho'ko'la'duh), but in my dialect it becomes Schoklad (Shok'lud), which sounds similar to Chocolate with SH sound at beginning instead of J sound. It is similar to english, only that standard german is not based on a dialect unlike standard english that is based on an english dialect.
No matter how crazy an english word is spelled, just spell it the most minimalistic way possible and most of the time that is the correct pronounciation. ^^
sujeet sharma (10 days ago)
U looks.... Hot as well as beautiful
Leevhando Ferdinant (10 days ago)
I actually got 8 of them correct I pronounced comfortable and wednesday incorrectly
Deedee S. (10 days ago)
yohan awasthee (11 days ago)
I believe I pronounced every word correctly.
solda kaspat (11 days ago)
2018 anyone?♥😘
Jatan Paliwal (11 days ago)
why am i watching this i live in america 🤦🏽‍♂️
Junaid Hakeem (11 days ago)
Gosh, you’re so beautiful ❤️
Crosby Gaming (11 days ago)
Английский тяжело, будто ебать
The Promenade (11 days ago)
Lmao, y r all the guys watchin u like ur God or somethin,😂😂😂😂(no offence and i aint jelous cuz i know im already ugly, lmao😂😂😂😂) the stuff youtube recommend me these days😂😂😂
The Promenade (11 days ago)
Lmao, all those words u were pronouncing were exactly the same as how i pronounce them. And when u said how some people say those words i was like: what the heck??!! i seriously had not heard anyone in my entire life pronounce words like that(except from my dad who pronounces crisps as crips and asking or ask as aksing or aks cuz hes african, lmao😂😂😂😂😂)
sammy (11 days ago)
i dont know anyone who pronounces these words wrong.
E M M A (12 days ago)
Why am I watching this ? I'M AN ENGLISH TEACHER
Sakshi Naik (12 days ago)
In whole India I am not sure but in my school teacher taught all this correctly
Meghna Singh (12 days ago)
I spell all of these words correctly. Lol I haven't heard anyone spell like the incorrect words being spelled
princess A (12 days ago)
it was super easy. you know,easy-peasy. I've also heard so many people pronouncing it in a wrong way.but I glad that my pronunciation is kinda cool... ok I accept it was quite easy
I feel like i'm 4 years old to watch this
Miss Hanane (12 days ago)
Thank you i love you 😘😘
THRONGKHUM LIMS (12 days ago)
Ty for a ur support btw ur so cute
Kakali Ghosh (12 days ago)
I am Indian and I love your vedio thankyou for correcting our wrong pronounceation
Goggels (12 days ago)
Its wednesday my dude
Roizad nuri (12 days ago)
island pronounce is land #bigshaq.
Neetu Jaiswal (12 days ago)
Mukka marab chup ho jo hum sahi bole la
Fhel Kristopher Mosne (12 days ago)
very basic. tsk
Sinista (13 days ago)
The English language is pretty easy to learn. But the spelling is a nightmare. There are absolutely no rules how to pronounce words or letters, if they are silent or not and how to write them. You just got to learn it. W ater - Sl aughter 🤔 C ater - Tr aitor 🤔 Or the "urd" sound: Turd, stirred, word, bird, Bastard, nerd, Byrd, heard, plastered... 😩 Why a million ways to write urd?
CatSnack 13456 (13 days ago)
Shanthi Raj Shanthi (13 days ago)
Can kangaroo
Rbakan (13 days ago)
Wednesday=When is day😄
Pallavi Mukherjee (13 days ago)
We Indians pronounce almost all the words correct 😊😊
Manoj Rathod (12 days ago)
TheHolyLandOfSapin (13 days ago)
The word ‘queue’ is just ‘q’ with four silent letters
Cobalt Elite (13 days ago)
Cobalt Elite (13 days ago)
1 word your pronounce wrong is BATH not B AHH TH it's B A T H
Cobalt Elite (13 days ago)
1st one is so damn obvious
Ramya Venkatkrishnan (13 days ago)
In India, many pronounce 'comfortable' as a 4 syllable word like come-for-tay-ble, instead of saying comf-tble.
lina Aszhi (14 days ago)
I never understood English But i understand American 🌚
sunny subba (14 days ago)
Then word must be... Chocolate=choclate... Wednesday wedsday
bryle ismael chocyagan (14 days ago)
um we've been pronouncing that CORRECTLY. those were just basic words anyway. i expected to be something deeper but unfortunately got this one telling me how to pronounce fruit and chocolate correctly. hmm
Nabin Lama (14 days ago)
I no that
Direk Sky (14 days ago)
I like you
Borrachinha Happy (14 days ago)
Thanks from Brazil! <3
mohammad abdulah (14 days ago)
all of them are easy lol
Jayvee C. Mendoza (14 days ago)
I'm filipino, And who are those person who didn't know to pronounce fruits😅 Its really basic.
Dominic Stannard (14 days ago)
Try Tyrwhitt, marylebone and Holborn lol
Arwin john Esma (14 days ago)
your the one whos prouncing wrong
Alyssia Schiess (14 days ago)
i’ve heard people pronounce vegetable like veggie-table and it was terrible
Elisa Trippe (14 days ago)
I am German and I would pronounce every word correct 😂
Giridhari Agarwala (14 days ago)
I just love the way you pronounce....I am glad that I discovered ur great channel......you are cool...We can speak the words like froot kaos chalklate komfotable vegtable wendzday Resipi *Q* crissspsss tuzday.....just awesome Your fan, Anshika
Shamall Abdullah (14 days ago)
In the past college years i had a lovely mate pronouncing the word (tongue) as /tonguua/
Sarah Hamdan (14 days ago)
You stupid

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