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Cash Slaves: Inside the Dystopian Fetish of Financial Domination

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These days, there's a fetish for pretty much everything. If you can imagine it, there's a corner of the internet where it's a thing. One fetish gaining traction is "financial domination"—an extreme form of submission based on the pain of giving away thousands of dollars, only to be told you're a piece of shit by some domme you'll likely never meet and won't ever have sex with. In our money-centric society, finding sexual pleasure by giving away your money seems like the ultimate dystopian fetish. But for the cash slaves who get off on financial domination, losing money is a real turn-on. In this episode of Love Industries, we step into the world of financial domination to understand its growing allure. Special thanks to the FinDoms who provided archival material for this piece: Lara Kane, Goddess Lola Lux, Princess Jersey, Princess Kelly Sunshine, Princess Rene, Cherry Torn, and Mix Trix Fix. WATCH NEXT: The Mobile Love Industry - http://bit.ly/1GtebGg Click here to subscribe to VICE: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideos Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our Tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/vice Check out our Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/vicemag
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Text Comments (4741)
Kiara Galarza (9 hours ago)
I’m in the wrong line of work, I’d be a great dom
JeffTheWinner (1 day ago)
Lucio Innocenzo (1 day ago)
These sluts should be arrested for taking advantage of some mentally weak people.
Maso24k (1 day ago)
I need an old women to be my cash Slave😭💯
May J (1 day ago)
A new kind of evil....or bull shi##
Ανασφαλής (1 day ago)
Although they "like " this, I wouldn't be able to do that. I would feel like I was tricking them and stealing from them....
Maula Jutt (1 day ago)
mixtrix is ugly af
Isaly Adrian (1 day ago)
Am submissive to my own dignity
Lisa Laungvud (2 days ago)
“Grandpa is my name spoiling is my game” would be cute in any other possible context but this one (3:10)
Hayo (2 days ago)
Anybody wanna do this with me? lmao
Thirteendays (2 days ago)
Jesus, just give all that money to Oxfam or the W.F.P.
Thot Swat (3 days ago)
Karl marks has left the server
akmunchkin (3 days ago)
Fantasizing about bankruptcy!!!??... Just wow!!
Asian Villain (5 days ago)
Niki Gregely (5 days ago)
I feel sorry for the old man.. who would do such a thing just for money ? Develop your own skills and work for your own money ! Bruh..
EveryTimeV2 (5 days ago)
Some lonely submissive without a cause is offered an out by giving money to some rando they don't know and won't ever receive any love from. This isn't going to be exploited by outright narcissists at all. Oh wait, YES IT IS.
issecret1 (6 days ago)
Caten (6 days ago)
That horrible woman, feeling like it's ok to do what she does. Horrible..
Louise Blair (7 days ago)
Is there any safe words or aftercare for this branch of BDSM?
BLUEGENE13 (7 days ago)
14:31 is he wearing a dog collar?
Gerdi Bot (8 days ago)
this sounds like clean cut money laundering ...
Vingt Cinq (10 days ago)
vice is trolling the internet this cant be real
Ijlal Haider (11 days ago)
Jesus be like... seriously humans? WTF
YENOM (11 days ago)
Humanity is lost.
nope. (11 days ago)
Yo them blunts hella skinny. Most of that is probably the swisher sweet and I bet it smells ghetto in there. Ew
Classix (11 days ago)
Great, now I want to die, knowing this exists. Great. Humanity was a mistake.
Ethan Taylor (13 days ago)
Trust Vice to endorse this sort of thing.
Patrick Merkel (13 days ago)
HeartsAgainstRobots (13 days ago)
The host is beautiful
Jeffrey Paasch (13 days ago)
I'm mentally ill. I believe in freedom. And the World hates me for it!
Sehej Budhiraja (14 days ago)
tf is up with the world!!
MIAPhilly (14 days ago)
I normally just say to each their own but this just seems like 100% pure BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How are people this out of control that they do this to themselves? This makes me very sad for all of the people who "find pleasure" in this.
Ana Maria Petrica (14 days ago)
Thank you for sharing info!
Janelle Noir (14 days ago)
I can understand I used to work in hotels delivering food and beverage to guests in their room and some tip really good just for an easy service and some small conversation.
admagnificat (15 days ago)
Thank you, Vice, for another fascinating piece, and thank you, Michelle, for two great hair looks in this video!
Romac Mi (15 days ago)
Interesting topic ! Love it when the guy says he can be himself, that in a 'normal' relationship he has to put on a show. I think in some ways its helpping him He seems honest snd open about who he is. Thats not an easy thing to be in my opinion.
Zoey Rodriguez (15 days ago)
I can understand the concept behind this fetish however, the women on here are not what those of us in the BDSM lifestyle call Dom/Domme. These women are vultures that prey on men who aren’t risk aware and informed. The poor man in this video seems unhappy and the so called Domme (female Dominant) clearly doesn’t have his best interest at heart nor does she respect him. He is pretty much a doormat submissive and that is a shame.
can somebody address the fact that these women look so ugly and disgusting? you really need to be a BITCH in order to give your money to these stinky cunts, ewwwww just saying.
Kieran B (16 days ago)
https://youtu.be/ad6bpsQmV5Q?t=320 beautiful natural black girl
chooselife3000 (16 days ago)
A decent proportion of the Slaves also regularly fantasise about Raping the Financial Dominatrix
chooselife3000 (16 days ago)
Sad and pitiful
Dodgy Skull Guy (16 days ago)
I wonder if there's anyone out there who's been inspired to do better in his career so he can pay his mistress
L Petillo (16 days ago)
tommy tkpk (17 days ago)
Wow he let a crack whore become the pimp
Fabricio Guevara (17 days ago)
Gente aburrida con mucho dinero y tiempo
Dio Zhimzohn Abadi (18 days ago)
This is so weird
finpin (18 days ago)
With these comments it seems like people think that unwilli g men are being forced to dole out cash.... you know they chose this right? Obviously its weird and most people would find it abusive to have their partner demand money from them, but these dudes are specifically seeking it out. You cant really stop someone from pursuing a largely nonharmful kink 🤔 It is weird though, I don't understand what kind of satisfaction you could get from it, but then I've never been rich as fuck either.
Violett Reyes (18 days ago)
I would feel so much shame doing that to get money, but it works for them so that's cool. I wish I had the mentality to be okay to put myself in a position where I can make easy money without feeling bad, but I have too much integrity and feel too bad to take advantage of others even if I've been taken advantage of before.
Cereal Memes (3 days ago)
It feels wrong for a reason.
Remi Cartwright (18 days ago)
LOl we must be one decade away from a barbarian invasion.
Dorifto Kingu! (18 days ago)
Wow, world is weird man...
Charles Shields (19 days ago)
Can I be a male financial dominatrix? You stupid dummy. . .gimme yo money! Now!
Douglas Vine (19 days ago)
This seems wrong, but I guess a consensual gold-digger relationship is better than a non-consensual gold-digger relationship. I definitely think there is a difference between models getting money through a web service, and moving in with some retiree and bleeding him dry while treating him like garbage and taking money from others at the same time. I'd feel really dirty in having some guy ruin his family life and sleeping on a cot.
Tara Vila (19 days ago)
Isn't that just called a gold digger though
1stAma (20 days ago)
Every single person in this documentary is properly disgusting. Really saddening our society!
trippin916 (20 days ago)
I want to know the psychology of this a little more.....
Kylie Staraway (20 days ago)
so where to find those cash slaves i need one XD
omgspit (9 days ago)
right here
Krysia Tabachenko (20 days ago)
If you want a good laugh go to one of these websites and laugh at all the bitches begging for money for nothing. Many of them look like mixtrix or way worse. It’s not easy to be a “finndomme”. There’s no skill in begging
Mili. (21 days ago)
Mixtrix looking like a crakhead
Victor Soto (21 days ago)
Ohhh, so this is why I'll never get married and just keep doing what I love and keep all the money to myself. Man, guys have to wake up and actually find something that gives them purpose in life than forking over cash to some random bitches.
Tone202 (21 days ago)
I us to be a sugar daddy until the little trick turned on me now I will never do it again. to hell with giving these whores anything. I am the other way around now. If I deal with you you support yourself.
Barnstable Commons (21 days ago)
This is different from having a wife...how?
Alex Gullen (21 days ago)
Another indicator of a civillization in decline
Virtuitous Vampire (22 days ago)
Who wants to be my bitch?💶
Virtuitous Vampire (8 days ago)
omgspit what will you do to please me bitch?
omgspit (9 days ago)
me please
matiasasd (22 days ago)
TRUTH THIRST (23 days ago)
We are all financial slaves
HYPER WAVE (23 days ago)
Jasmine Johnson (24 days ago)
Financial Slave ?
Jasmine Johnson (24 days ago)
I need a financial submissive.
T A (25 days ago)
this what is left of Vice, fuck it's depressing
afro Xlit (25 days ago)
give to charity
Danny Huungman (25 days ago)
Danny Huungman (25 days ago)
Bob Crane (26 days ago)
People are stupid, but these FinDoms are stupid to spend this money; they just get dominated by Macys. Someone gives you piles of money, put it in AT&T until the dividends equal your annual income; then retire. It upsets me how there are people who are stupid and immoral who make more money than I do and then throw it away.
cryptic chaos (26 days ago)
This is bullshit lol scam on losers
hola (27 days ago)
better give the money to medical research or charity, than waste it on these piece of shit stupid uneducated stinky ass self entitled bitches. They're just gonna waste it on bullshit dresses and shoes and party, and in the end the same capitalistic system is going to feed on the money earned by these guys, that they would just accumulate on their bank accounts otherwise. That Australian guy?? 42000 $ on those pieces of shit?? For that cash, buy a mustang instead fool
axl blaze (27 days ago)
Whose that "chutiya" from INDIA throwing all those $$$away being a bitch tf😂😂😂fuckk chutiye k paththe gareebon ki help kar aur GB road ja😂😂😂
vin 950 (30 days ago)
Its crazy how easy some women have it...
arcticablue (1 month ago)
Mixtrix probably does drugs because she has NOTHING to show for her money!
Xairam (1 month ago)
WTF instead of giving the money to his child...
William Freeman (1 month ago)
The world is getting sadder day by day... I wonder has this always existed?
Robo Jesus 3.0 (1 month ago)
Dominate me with your streams of cash daddy pls
austin boadway (1 month ago)
Wish I was a gal so I could knock one of this bitches out
Charles Lee Ray (1 month ago)
I don’t give a bitch enough to catch the bus and when I see the semen I’m leavin
Rod Brogan (1 month ago)
TheBolhado (1 month ago)
This man is freaking weird lol
Kitty Time (1 month ago)
I felt bad for the main dude... I mean, it’s fine if he’s happy giving away money but just the way she talks to him seems so cruel. Ultimately it is his life... but it’s so sad to see how she views him and how he just takes it.
This is just taking advantage of mentally ill people.
Angel P (1 month ago)
I know a queen like me could use a little pig.
shawn gardner (1 month ago)
$42,000 in an anonymous click that is clearly just a money laundering masked as a niche bdsm. IRS - "where did it come from?" civilian - "I dont know, but i can keep it right?" IRS - "yea, you are just a pervert i guess?" civilian turns out to be a drug lord and says to his customers - "see you can pay me from anywhere in the world no torrent or dark web needed totally legit and taxed. the government asks no questions because they have nasty secrets too. now where do you want your kilos of drugs, sex slaves, and dirty bombs delivered to?"
Leona Banks (1 month ago)
When you see how crazy these males are you can understand why women and children are all messed up. Also, you notice how it's ALWAYS these WP that bring all this craziness to other races of people. There was a time when you would never see a BM or BW licking out of someones shit hole, or let some one put their private parts in your mouth....but associating with these filthy people, BP have been corrupted.
Daisy Pink (1 month ago)
Gimme the money you cash piggy
Madame Vamp Silverkim (1 month ago)
Naughty boys
prvi front (1 month ago)
Imagine if the genders are reversed
Danielle (27 days ago)
I mean, not much would change. Still kind of sketchy, but consenting adults I suppose....
River (1 month ago)
Is there anyway for the English captions to be fixed? They show up in a different language and this isn't the first video with the same thing. I'm deaf and rely on the captions in order to watch these videos. I'd love to watch this one but I'm afraid I haven't a clue what is going on.
Seth Wolfe (1 month ago)
These women are just pure fucking assholes. They make other women look bad. There's some really good women out there but these type of assholes make men sexist
Seth Wolfe (1 month ago)
I'm completely broke right now. I guess that means I have a fetish to be drained by just about anybody
Eliath84 (1 month ago)
soooooo if anyone wants to just outta the blue send me 42 grand for nothin I mean... I'm not gonna complain... I'll spend it well on hookers and Blow in your honor
you can find countless amount of financial slaves on, Tiktok, Twitch, and Patreon.
SluiceGoose (1 month ago)

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