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Many White Girls love black men have black babies and will tell you about it

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BLACK KING (6 days ago)
Only a small percentage of black men lust after a white cave bitch.
Jenaro Canzina (13 days ago)
Disgusting... like a pale elf kissing a fucking chimp monkey ape
J Bro (24 days ago)
All you white dudes need to just admit that your women love BBC! I'll say it again. White women LOVE BBC!!! Bet all you white dudes cry your little white asses of when you watch 5:39!
Matej Haraslin (25 days ago)
Pathetic how blacks don't have any respect for their own race, culture, and heritage :) You havent build anything in houndrets of years of your existence Africa is the poorest country with the lowes iq and you make it.
GTA V Decoders (27 days ago)
FOR THE BITCH AT START OF THE VIDEO the biggest cock in the world belongs to a white american man name: joanas.....fucking bitch
GTA V Decoders (27 days ago)
Id love to blow her head off with a shotgun...mofucking white trash
THE SOUL C-ER (1 month ago)
Google white couple and see what they show you, it's sad they're giving their dreg" away, and the jiggers are eating it up !!
THE SOUL C-ER (1 month ago)
The white devil male are trying to trade their women {dreg} for our women {gold}, I'm not trading...... EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!
BLACK KING (6 days ago)
Jenaro Canzina Most black men don't want your dog sex having pale cave bitches.
Jenaro Canzina (13 days ago)
THE SOUL C-ER keep your chimp ass monkey bitches... i want my pale white elf like beauty women!
J (1 month ago)
Your speaking the TRUTH Bro, keep doing what your doing.👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
J (1 month ago)
nothing more sexy like Raceplay for the white woman and black man 😍
404 Error (1 month ago)
All I know is what are they doing is absolutely wrong what if one day white girls or black men became racist, have you ever thought about that? Be respectful don't do something wrong that can destroy your habits..
donald walker (1 month ago)
you can have all the white hoes you want. i prefer those black women that only prefer white men. and the phillipian women are great also . there are some white men who have bigger dicks than you black men.
Phillip Gilbert (2 months ago)
Im a white man and i have to say black man they a really strong and really mans and we are justba slave for them and i wish one day black man fuck my muslim sister
Shavaiea Saunders (2 months ago)
We dickin down yo shortys lol😛😆
The Pharaoh (3 months ago)
Fuck white woman my god stop worshiping these bitches they aren't that special.
Bodhi Baby Boy (3 months ago)
cr500mike (4 months ago)
About 80% of white girls with blacks are the unattractive or low self esteem girls - you low IQ blacks who need a white girl to ride you around are welcome to them . LOL .
Derek Franks (4 months ago)
This is GOD Design for mankind also says in Revelation many tribes of the Earth worship GOD as one family
Derek Franks (4 months ago)
Dr.Tony Evans of The Urban Alternative in Dallas, Texas said back in 1990's GOD is Recoloring America!!!!!! read the Bible New Tesatments
unkameat74 .unkameat77 (3 months ago)
I grew up in that church,when it was only five families,pastor Evans is a man of God,..and I remember in the early nineties ,white girls in Dallas went nuts over BROTHAS,I was dating white girls in the wealthiest neighborhoods in Dallas ,SISTAS was upset...
Onur Okawano (4 months ago)
All white women love black guys...All white women need BBC:)I love white womens all white women is very easy and slut!!
Jeffrey Miller (4 months ago)
well what you have to say holds some truth. I AM WHITE MALE middle aged college educated. Yes some white woman engage in sex and having kids with black men. This is reality these kids are the most hated and picked on kids in school and have few friends. I am not racist I HAVE SOME GOOD BLACK FRIENDS MEN AND WOMAN. tHEY AGREE when having kids all want from there own group. You need to research what is called agenda 21 it is very real and handled by the global elite. They paid to have aids created to kill and great deal of the black population. This is one of the reasons that africa has the largest group of people with aids. Second is Ukraine then USA. Now they have and newer form of aids nick named future aids. What this is A delayed form of aids which shows itself 4 to 5 years after the person is infected and hides in the body of the person with it till then. It is such and powerful form of it when it does surface it is full blown aids. This variant of killer aids was designed to kill the white woman faster that engage in breeding and having sex with black men. This group of haters want all the world to go down to about 500,000 total so it is not just racist. But yes they hate black people most of all then the rest of the world they see as slaves of the future. There is no combatting this it is pure fact. If you could do anything for your people it would be to keep to yourselves get tested each year avoid white woman that have sex with black men as this is the highest potential group to have this newer form of aids. KEEP IN MIND IT IS TO KILL AS MANy black people as it can. The white woman are just collateral damage. The bible warns of this time of disease and pestilence. Funny there are plenty of white men with large penis also. I myself have been turned down by some of my white woman for being to large lol. I think most do not understand this is also part of the hate campaign get every one to hate each other. Brain wash the black men white pussy is best and black woman are gross and ugly so fuck some of us white woman. Most of the white woman that do this have low self esteem and are usually not good woman in the first place. If you hate your own people what does that say about you as and person this goes for black men and white woman that do this they both hate there own race. Many white woman when they get older have been studied whom do this and well over 85 percent say this was and bad thing and caused allot of problems in later life. They have the largest amount of kids that hate them and want nothing to do with there parents. You have to be one of these kids from this breeding to understand this fully from what life has been for them. This group of black men and white woman are the largest group of drug addicts and drunks and spouse abusers by 5 to one fact of police statistics on these couples. And if the white woman tries to date and tells the man I have biracial kids 95% never call or see the woman again. Again statistical fact. Every thing comes at and price the world is not kind or forgiving. So what choices you make has and great affect on you and your family's. I heard and college educated black lady who is in the statistical research say this. If our black men keep thinking it is better to have kids with white woman this will kill our race faster then any disease or war could ever the white population in three or so generations could easily absorb the black race not the other way around. There are billions more white then black persons on the earth this is factual numbers. Consider these facts before you spill the hate ideals on your youtube rants. Most white men just look at the biracial couple and laugh and say well that is there choice but I will never be social with them in real life.
Melissa Kratovil (4 months ago)
This is gonna make white men more angry, hope they don't kill more of my people.
Jenaro Canzina (13 days ago)
Melissa Kratovil i will hunt your black chimp ass down bitch!
Shay Patrick Cormac (1 month ago)
Melissa Kratovil oh sure we will, u motherfuthers just started war
Zachary Story (4 months ago)
Will 75 percent white race be taken over by 6percent of black men with half em in jail I think we are breading u out and u don't even know it
tvb nut (4 months ago)
Black cocks matter. Black cocks hit the white spots.
I Like Black Man 2 and im Half White Half Rican
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unkameat74 .unkameat77 (3 months ago)
You go sweetie
Demarcus Reynolds (4 months ago)
〈〉 /Gheddo Queen\ 〈〉 hi
commentator timepass (5 months ago)
Hope they like us Asian's
Derek Franks (5 months ago)
Love your Channel ! Who is this Hottie😍😍💋💘❤❤🖒👏👏❤❤💕💣💣💎💍
savage squad (5 months ago)
William Elliott (5 months ago)
All those frustrated white guys watching their high school crush dating only black guys. How cute. :)
LE SORCIER (2 months ago)
FREE PALESTINE, what do you mean by " we dont want our race destroyed"? Please explain it to me?
FREE PALESTINE (4 months ago)
William Elliott We just don't want our race destroyed.
unkameat74 .unkameat77 (5 months ago)
Hahahahahahahahahahah...ahhhhahahahahahahahalol,my ribs hurt dawg
Bad Kid Good Heart (6 months ago)
This shit makes white boys stomach turn.😂💪🏾
Andrew Jackson (6 months ago)
I think white guys tend to stay with their wives longer than black men black men are more larval to cheat I've been married for 21 years toward white water that used to date a black man
Barry Jive (6 months ago)
Very few white girls fuck with blacks and when they do they regret it 99% of the time
Phillip Gilbert (7 months ago)
😂😂😂😂 between his commentary and the first girl I’m dying right now
Jennifer Tyler (4 months ago)
Phillip Gilbert she sure has a strong preference.
unkameat74 .unkameat77 (5 months ago)
She may be over the top,but I have met and known,several white women that have complained about their white male counterpart ,not satisfying them,or racist on everything or both....then I give them a fresh perspective if you know what I mean.
Tom Oliver (7 months ago)
Phillip Gilbert she's disrespectful I thought as a white guy.
marido fiel (7 months ago)
the new order
Imranjan78 Khan (8 months ago)
My wife says that black guys are not only good kissers but they are also great in bed.
BLACK KING (6 days ago)
Imranjan78 Khan You white boys have cuckold fetishes. It's very sick to watch a black man [email protected]%k your wife down. Smfh!
Oppie Gabru -O.G (7 months ago)
Bro u r just a pathetic looser i ve ever seen if u cant satisfy a women then why did u marry a women.
Imranjan78 Khan (7 months ago)
Imranjan78 Khan (7 months ago)
She already has some black dudes as her close friends.
Oppie Gabru -O.G (7 months ago)
Imranjan78 Khan Then, Take ur wife to the hood and let brothers do the work. u idiot
Isaak (8 months ago)
I go to the army en go to africa and gonna threath the black people verry verry bad because you are talking only shit but just now we are the boss - WHITE POWER
Mahmod and Qosay (8 months ago)
Isaak (8 months ago)
black male's life is only about sex. For the rest, you are useless and stateless. dirty and rancid people are you. This is propaganda.
Skull Truth (8 months ago)
You keep it real and to the Truth MBD Yeaaaaahh!
davisgreen2099 (9 months ago)
MBD is cleaning himself after doing this video!! Awesome video!! Haha
Sinako-Chan (9 months ago)
my Baby and Mixed 😘
nik izzat (2 months ago)
Sinako-Chan gonna be a lot of hate comment
Shavaiea Saunders (2 months ago)
Eloy Lubatiko (4 months ago)
Sinako-Chan @alright
Demarcus Reynolds (4 months ago)
Text me
The Game (5 months ago)
My queen
Robert Cohill (9 months ago)
I don't have anyone
paul ferreira (9 months ago)
idiot box
Youve been smoking to much weed, you can't even please black women, black men get the white cast offs ( fat ugly ones)
Always at War (10 months ago)
Us black men are the only race of men that eat booty hole too that's one of the reasons non-black women get with us!!! ( ).( )
Emma Lind (10 months ago)
Love the girl in the begining. And please black men plant more flags! xD
Mandy Phipps (6 months ago)
Emma Lind hahaha yesssss girl 😈👅
mikey Kirby (7 months ago)
Emma Lind. whites and blacks are a different species ✋" stop beastiality"
Mexican Bubble Butt Boy (10 months ago)
Girls, not just white other races nationality want a black man because they know that they have big penises If a girl likes a big penis chances are that a black man will be big down there most white girls will just try a black man once some will stay with them.
Will Nance (10 months ago)
Some white like their choice in men and not all of them like black men.
Tam Weaver (11 months ago)
Michael Olender (11 months ago)
Black men are descended from slaves that were defeated and taken prisoner during tribal warfare in Africa. The brave and strong stayed in Africa and built their kingdoms. The Blacks we're stuck with today are directly descended from their weak, stupid and easily defeated ancestors. Truth hurts don't it? Correct me if I'm wrong.
BLACK KING (6 days ago)
Michael Olender We are strong and powerful because we're still here, the white devils been trying to extinct us off the planet for centuries, but unseccesful at all tactic of war, now the white devil is trying to breed us out with the Neanderthal DNA.
THE SOUL C-ER (1 month ago)
You thinking about how America came to be, where Europe threw out there criminally insane and retarded .
LE SORCIER (1 month ago)
unkameat74 .unkameat77 (5 months ago)
Matthew (6 months ago)
So true. Thanks Michael
uncle trash (1 year ago)
Shes a cam girl you idiot
PRADIP Kunda (1 year ago)
black men wants black girl and white girl love whiye men
404 Error (1 month ago)
Derek Franks he meant that Black men suppose to like Black girls and white girls are suppose to like white Men! Do you Understand now?
Derek Franks (4 months ago)
PRADIP Kunda what??????!!!!!!
whitegirl4blackmen (1 year ago)
mikey Kirby (7 months ago)
Your genetic sub human mutants will be cut from the welfare system soon. Most likely your already dying from aids so you shouldn't have to worry much.
mikey Kirby (10 months ago)
Dats nasty
JimboParadox (10 months ago)
You are 51??? Jeezus F Christ! What exactly are you looking to "pop out" anyways? Probably sag more than an ancient magician's sleeve at this point.
rm8511 (1 year ago)
I don't understand the first girl, I have seen plenty of buff muscular white guys
Matej Haraslin (25 days ago)
And stupida :D
Just Go (5 months ago)
Our muscular bodies are just better that's all 🤷🏿‍♂️
unkameat74 .unkameat77 (5 months ago)
But us niggas is bigga
Tim Carpenter (1 year ago)
We should start a movement for tax incentives for both the black father and mother. $20, 000 per child. I would gladly give my tax dollars to stop racism.
Keep it Flying (11 months ago)
Slacker4Life3 cucked doesn't even begin to describe it
Slacker4Life3 (1 year ago)
ali davis (1 year ago)
As a real black I love my black woman
daily bread (1 year ago)
white women will get with anything with a dick especially DOGS!!!
Belin Gonza (1 year ago)
What will happen to black women?
LE SORCIER (1 month ago)
mikey Kirby white are most in welfare than blacks.
mikey Kirby (7 months ago)
The black community is finished welfare football everything you guys are good at is coming to an end soon.
Spenser Davis (8 months ago)
Belin Gonza, if they're smart they'll import fresh black men all they way from motherland Africa!
bignardo95 (1 year ago)
lol...this some sick shit!!! lol....but it's facts!!!
Smufter16 (1 year ago)
Low IQ and/or self hating white women have no problem down breeding. But if the black man has money (e.g. Tiger Woods) , a top class white woman will move in for the cash. I feel sorry for black guys with small dicks...they got no game.
Toutou Toutou (1 year ago)
LUST over here... 😳
The Simpsons (1 year ago)
It's mainly international white women into black men,not to say it's not in america overseas is where its happening alot..I've rarely see interracial black and white together, futhurmore it's disgusting and brothas needs to do better..
The Simpsons (1 year ago)
Kill yourself coon
The 2K KING (1 year ago)
The Simpsons Ok! I love my white women. Everybody have a preference.
KING K0JO (1 year ago)
this need 2 DECREASE not stop bit decrease
KING K0JO (1 year ago)
this is the end of thr black and white race as we know it
wise nero (1 year ago)
any single white girl to date i am from namibia my cell number +264812580488
Jr Ferdinand (11 months ago)
wise nero lol wtf black girls curves are glowing I like African girls
wise nero (1 year ago)
i love them too but i am in to white girls
KING K0JO (1 year ago)
wise nero wtf what about black women
WecanWinJesse (1 year ago)
Brothers leave these women alone and build with our nation of women first..
Victoria Hester (1 year ago)
I scratch my eye while clicking on this video 😖😖😖😖😖
unkameat74 .unkameat77 (3 months ago)
Sorry to tell you this you dumb cracker,it's happening in Europe been there,in Africa ,Chinese women are marrying africanmen.
mikey Kirby (7 months ago)
Victoria Hester. Sad its the End of intelligence in America nothing but useless half breeds. They're babies have no future with black genetics.
arnibah vanst (1 year ago)
smooth mr (1 year ago)
fertile territory,,Ha!*Ha!
AK6 (1 year ago)
This video is funny as FUCK!!!!     Brothers out there in the game...... are stretching these Ivory chicks OUT Son!!!    We bout to create a whole NEW race of people!!!!
Derek Franks (4 months ago)
JimboParadox what?????
unkameat74 .unkameat77 (5 months ago)
No shit,dayum
mikey Kirby (7 months ago)
KING K0JO. Mixed blacks will be replaced soon by technology asians and whites gave no need for them. They are low IQ genetic garbage
mikey Kirby (7 months ago)
More like passing out diseases and the most un-evolved genetics of the human race. Your disgusting half breed mutants have no chance when whites break away soon. We dont need blacks anymore we have technology to replace them . Rest assured you will be replaced soon.
nana ramirez (7 months ago)
Shut up
God 74 (1 year ago)
Dude this shit is funny as hell!
SOUL PIERCER (1 year ago)
Truth be told , they've been fu&%ing and su&%ing us brothers all threw slavery and beyond and it's not likely going to stop any time soon .
SOUL PIERCER (1 year ago)
It's funny how a white "inferior" boy would look at this and attack a brother in the comment section for it LMAO !!!
mikey Kirby (7 months ago)
whites and blacks are a different species ✋ "stop bestiality"
EVERYTHING ! ! (11 months ago)
AnubisX you hide behind a screen and a gun
EVERYTHING ! ! (11 months ago)
AnubisX you say that but I bet you're Bîtch ASS wouldn't tell me that straight in the face
Cng215 (11 months ago)
AnubisX when? When we enslaved you during barbery and had white women as sex slaves anyway?
Sam Well (1 year ago)
Exactly they like to make up reasons like their you tube accidentally brought them here but they searched it because they know its reality. I dam sure am not looking up shit about what white men like to date or even do because I don't give a fuck in life. There dam sure a lot of them on these comments for not caring like the say they don't.
logan (1 year ago)
ive never seen a white woman with a brother(slave).
unkameat74 .unkameat77 (5 months ago)
Yo ass must live in a double wide trailer trash park full of bubbas,niggra hatin dirty cracker hee haws.
Michael Jones (11 months ago)
Really?? Where do you live?? Mars??
Kevin Logo (1 year ago)
logan uva lolll
Matt Barry (1 year ago)
R Rush I live in Clearwater, FL and haven't found one.
daily bread (1 year ago)
most white women prefer white men not us black men, so please stop with this bullshit. p.s. this goes out to you thirsty ass bm.
JimboParadox (10 months ago)
Yh well I've seen WW with basically everything, so it doesn't say much if you say, _"round here, I seen white women with BM"_ . Anyway, it's 2017, so live and let live and all that.
daily bread (1 year ago)
it still doesent mean the majority of those white broads prefer BM, plus who sez at the the end those same white chicks who r dating BM end up marrying white men.
daily bread (1 year ago)
you know i did say most white women right?
Chocolate Bunny (1 year ago)
Most White women don't want Black men but just for sex. It's the bottom White girls who keep them. They just fuck throw them. Problem is some are too stupid to see them. Some of these Black dudes are looking for money, a place to live, or just casual sex. White men and women don't care when they have it about giving us a couple of bucks for sex. It's nothing.
George Clark (1 year ago)
Why not just fuck a horse, then they at least won't have a retarded ugly brown piece of shit for a baby.
Ben Logan (9 months ago)
George Clark want to see two black men f****** little white woman
Jada Toussaint (10 months ago)
George Clark that's racist 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽your so stupid
George Clark (1 year ago)
That is right, animals do not get a sunburn. Ha! Ha! You really are a stupid ape.
JUSTICE (1 year ago)
George Clark You a fucking bitch.
Radio Driver (1 year ago)
This video was just made to scare white boys into thinking Black men will take their women from them. Most white women aren't into brothers like that.
Sage Highwayman (1 month ago)
*This* *video* *was* *just* *made* *to* *scare* *white* *boys* *into* *thinking* *Black* *men* *will* *take* *their* *women* *from* *them* *Most* *white* *women* *aren't* *into* *brothers* *like* *that* Translation: I'm either a black female that can NOT get with the man I want (could be black, could be white) for WHATEVER reason, and I want the rest of world to be as miserable as I am, OR I'm a black man whose ONLY game with black women is to show them how much of a SLAVE I am to them, therefore I co-sign on ANYTHING they say or do, OR I'm a white boy who has ZERO game with attractive WHITE WOMEN, and like the black female above, I want to make everyone as miserable as I am. Now I will agree, not all WHITE WOMEN are into BLACK MEN, and that's cool, not all WHITE WOMEN are good mates, some are as ratchet as black women. The point of SYSBM is to find GOOD WHITE WOMEN to mate with and not just any ole white woman, else what's the point of leaving the plantation???????
BrandonSeattle (3 months ago)
There's alot of white guys on here hating. Why you trying to lower expectation with only 9% of white women. If white chicks didn't like us, they wouldn't mess with us.
unkameat74 .unkameat77 (3 months ago)
Denial is not a river,fool
hud1231 (3 months ago)
I don't know even that married girl on foxnews was fucking a black dude
unkameat74 .unkameat77 (5 months ago)
Not really dude ,I know alot of white girls complaining that THIER white boyfriend can't satisfy them.

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