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North Korean Labor Camps - VICE NEWS - Part 1 of 7

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North Korea has come up with a new way to bring cold hard cash into its isolated country: export North Korean workers to slave away in the Siberian forest (often without telling them they're no longer in North Korea). We set out to investigate these camps and almost landed ourselves in quite a bit of trouble. More from Shane Smith: http://www.vice.com/author/shane-smith Follow Shane on Twitter: https://twitter.com/shanesmith30 Subscribe for videos that are actually good: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://www.youtube.com/user/vice/videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (2697)
jamal corbett (4 minutes ago)
Longer the trip, the deeper the secret is...right?
nerv 102 (21 minutes ago)
man i totally forgot vice used to be good, progressivism sucked the soul outta vice.
mon mon (37 minutes ago)
Im save north korea
Arcel 313 (42 minutes ago)
They looked sus in the train
Stevan K. (1 hour ago)
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Solve Everything (1 hour ago)
When vice wasn't pozzed and fakenews.
themarbleking (2 hours ago)
It still looks better than the Labour and slavery camps in America called, For Profit Prisons.
Benzo (2 hours ago)
Such a brainwashed nation, reminds me of the Jehovah's witness religion
bob loblaw (3 hours ago)
Americans (with no sense of irony): Can you *imagine* living in a country that exploits prison labor?????
Zavid Al Rasyid (4 hours ago)
if reporter allowed free tour, i think it will be Dual Blade while the edge on NK face if reporter given freedom, they will fly to deepest pit of NK, capture it and blow it on internet cuz that what most people wants to see, right?? i bet my money, reporter hardly come to NK to report about NK Culture, Tourist Sites, Fun Activities that lift up NK images nu uh when these report blow on public, official take notice while Western goverment use it to thrown more sanctions to NK accuse them for these reports just look at your beloved media, do they show mostly the birght side that put smile on your face, or the dark side ?? i'm not on NK side, tbh, i condemn NK treatment to theirown people. starving, slavery and 3 generation of execution i hope Korea United for better future, future that put smile on your face.
countermeasures (5 hours ago)
Marc Moncada (5 hours ago)
Shane doesn't understand the Russian lad. He wasn't crazy, just friendly. Ironically, though, you remind me of a teacher who lived in Russia for a great portion of his life.
Arsenio Buck (5 hours ago)
wHITE TRASH at it again
Lawrence Cole (6 hours ago)
2011 get that shit outta heeeeeaaa
Novanova (6 hours ago)
5:24 russian perer griffin
George David (6 hours ago)
What a load of crap. Working camps are good. Is like going to camp, but you also work! Also they give you free food and anything else so I don't see the problem.
Trojanette83 (9 hours ago)
Just saw your NK series of vids last night. Have 1 Q: Although, you had some tense moments. How is it that you / your crew managed to not get arrested like most American's who visit there? We always here of stories of people who get in there then can't get out. You all were lucky.
nadia mccall (9 hours ago)
my ma was born in Siberia. She doesn't miss it.
hip hop police state (9 hours ago)
"i've been to the most fucked up place in the world twice", no Shane you've not been to Israel at all. The hindu has. Not you.
Charlie B (10 hours ago)
These camps don’t look bad🤘🏻
msd (10 hours ago)
Looks like a nice place
Persona non grata (10 hours ago)
At least cunts are useful, unlike this fat,sweaty, sex offender lookalike.
Unknown (10 hours ago)
now he can´t visit North Korea again for saying that he´s been to the most fucked up place on the planet twice, refering to NK.
Raphael cto (10 hours ago)
he looks like a cia drug dealer
jeong matt (11 hours ago)
4:03 god can't save Kim Jung Eun and his family because they are god
Ezra (11 hours ago)
Wtf... What a horrible intro lol
Les Thompson (11 hours ago)
Hu.. what do Russian propaganda songs have to do with North Korea? Every large country uses cheap to free labor including the USA.
Joseph Ybarra (11 hours ago)
Now a days, Vice shows leftist orientated material.
Ayoorend PvP (11 hours ago)
the music is dope doe!
skolly west (11 hours ago)
jebes909090 (12 hours ago)
vice then, north korean labour camps and street kids in sewers. Vice now, white privilege and gender pay gap.
Stefanie Rene (12 hours ago)
the future of America under the orange tyrant
Veni Vidi Vici (12 hours ago)
Russia is beautiful lands.
TheoXaris (12 hours ago)
J G H 27 (13 hours ago)
I'm here in Venezuela please take me to north korea....plizzzzzzz
Sleepy Mode (13 hours ago)
James (14 hours ago)
whats the song at 0:07
TBK Julles (14 hours ago)
GGX Gang
B. Rippy (15 hours ago)
Oh shit, this is what Hillary & Nancy are trying to hide from everybody.
v- r-m (15 hours ago)
Neckbeard *check* , Dad bod with beer gut *check*
Garrr Lick (15 hours ago)
this is state dept. propaganda, straight up.
Teshikajikato Shikachi (16 hours ago)
North America Labor Camps next please!
th3gr8makar0sc 666 (16 hours ago)
Does Vladimir Putin know about the camps
wilmy acosta (16 hours ago)
am i the only one who noticed the solid gold daytona rolex on his trip?
Nebulix Network (17 hours ago)
2:45 SLAV
Jackson Bodra (17 hours ago)
YOU ARE GOING TO DIE ...thats it...
YoungEntrepreneur (17 hours ago)
5:17 Russian man asked for Vodka Im dead
WebbstR _ (17 hours ago)
Dear You Tube, please stop recommending me videos I've seen a million times because I love them. Like I already know what's going to happen, Thnx -Recovering You Tube addict.
WaterisntBlu3 (18 hours ago)
What the fuck is that intro though?
william badovinac (18 hours ago)
Sounds like the West NeoLib Capitalist feudal kingdoms of Europe and Ur Ass of A.
Carl Dooley (18 hours ago)
I thought the camps were along the border to south korea?
Nancy Smith (19 hours ago)
off topic maybe, but why such loud music? Is it to show the level of threat in NK?
tibchy144 (19 hours ago)
nice legs @ 2:05
Happychubs (19 hours ago)
Oh yeah yeah
John Kim (19 hours ago)
If you can’t speak professionally, during a “documentary”, you lose some credibility and class.
Ængle Wer (19 hours ago)
lol russian guy asks for vodka of cause XD
oddie (19 hours ago)
‘People’s’ Republic of Korea
By far the best at everything the do. VICE all the way baby!!!
Cezariusus (20 hours ago)
craig storey (20 hours ago)
When Vice actually did a little journalism. Now look at them, fake news central.
Jameson Desjarlaise (20 hours ago)
it is hard to take a drunk seriously
Dan marinelli (20 hours ago)
Now this is the vice that i like
Manuel Berlanga (21 hours ago)
fuck me, I thought this was new and was going to say I was happy to see vice going back to their old way's. Nope 2011 vid.
Half eaten iPod (22 hours ago)
"we're going to Tinder"
Rael Thomas (22 hours ago)
VICE 2019: North Korea has been unfairly slandered by the evil capitalist Americans and is, in fact a utopia on earth.
Old School (18 hours ago)
Bob O'Hara (22 hours ago)
BorisaRed (22 hours ago)
Yer that was the old video when you made it look like hard work to get into that land, later on we find out its quite easy
Alpha Stormz (22 hours ago)
baikai seal (22 hours ago)
God speed Kim hung un
0:16 Wait I thought the most f up place on earth was Donald Trump's bedroom?
Bob O'Hara (22 hours ago)
You were wrong.
Oma Rumunna (23 hours ago)
This is slavery.
Oma Rumunna (23 hours ago)
ARCHENIEN (23 hours ago)
God save kim jung ill ? More like satan take kim jung ill and kim jung un
Ger Kamber (23 hours ago)
Truly, What the fuck happened to VICE. Did they loose their head or smth. :D
Aracuan (23 hours ago)
video published 2 days after kim yong il died
jmgmarcus (1 day ago)
Vice hasn't been shit for 3 yeas, unless you want to talk about tattoos or shit leftover hipsters in Greenpoint think is entertaining.
Shawn K (1 day ago)
wish we could create camps for Liberals, gay people. trans, muslims, jews, global warming peopole...... if we could do away with those o my what a glorious day
jpratx (1 day ago)
Damn all those dancers and soldiers seem to be in decent health...where are they getting all that food? The country is surprisingly developed in that it's infrastructure in the city is intact. The streets aren't like that of say Somalia.
Asfas Asf (1 day ago)
The biggest labor camp is in the U.S. where there are 800,000 federal workers who haven’t been paid and lots of them are still working.
Bob O'Hara (22 hours ago)
And who will.........eventualy get paid and get great retirement when Pelosi gets off her bitch fit stool.
William Morris (1 day ago)
Maybe if the prison system of the USA made the incarcerated work hard every day, they would think twice about committing crimes which would send them back to prison.
sasuke2483692 (1 day ago)
Wow this is appalling. Yet VICE wants to consistently shill for the socialist idealism of handing more control to the government. This is what happens when the government controls everything. Communism.
The Flip (1 day ago)
Kill Kim and save all of the innocent victims.
ram kumar (1 day ago)
i hate russia for this..
WelcomeHomeColumbia (1 day ago)
the interview
ketho kevis (1 day ago)
Vice news... Who do u think u are~ ? Come world wat 3... I will make sure u Americans die. Stop infiltrating and invading others country. Anyone who supports America is at war with asains. Period.
Bob O'Hara (22 hours ago)
Tony Quigley (1 day ago)
"I've been to the most F*CKED up place on earth... The USA.... Twice.... a Country where more people die every year from being shot and killed with their OWN privately owned and legal guns, than the amount of people that die from being killed in the notoriously brutal labor camps of North Korea... And the f8cked up part about this? Americans think that having these guns is ACTUALLY a great thing... and that it actually helps them and PROTECTS them from being shot........ 4:33 look at these 2 twats... just look at them? like most american journalists, over in other countries, complaining about the poverty and treatment of that countries people by the government blah blah, yet when America itSELF is one of the countries in the world that has the HIGHEST debt. They owe like 9 TRILLION dollars to China and Germany among others. These 2 wankers are talking about the poverty in a remote asian country here, yet 1/3 of the people in their OWN f*cking country, are living in Caravans/trailers or on the street in places like skid row, can barely find enough food to survive, have LITERALLY no income, can't educated themselves or their kids, half the country don't know where the country is on a f*cking map etc... talk about some hypocritical bullsh*t... it's disgusting. America owes 12 trillion dollars is can't pay back, so it can send 100's of thousands of soldiers over to police other countries, yet their own country is f8cking BATTERED with crime, 1/3 of the people are below the red line when it comes to income, medication and education etc... how is no one putting a stop to this nonsense??? ffs
Bob O'Hara (22 hours ago)
J. Gona (1 day ago)
I work with venomous snakes an keep everything from rattlesnakes to mambas, too king cobras, but *THIS* man has balls.. I don't ever want to be in a country that even *borders* North Korea.. 😄
Mr. Smith (1 day ago)
This was done Before Vice became a tool of the communists......
B B (1 day ago)
A vice story not about trump?
Mike P (1 day ago)
so basically they are enslaving people in other countries for money. so why isn't the un and us sanctioning the hell out of these countries?
laury Rodriguez (1 day ago)
Why am I not surprised that Russia has North Korean labor camps ?!
Mark Dudley (1 day ago)
" I went to the most f#%cked up place on earth, twice ". your words . Aren't you born a yank ? Look in your own backyard !! .
Jennifer H (1 day ago)
Remember that kid who was accused of taking a poster and thrown into jail for that and died before he could be released? So sad.
SXXXLT (1 day ago)
her bum was hanging out of her shorts
Sylvan jenaer (1 day ago)
Alastair Hewitt (1 day ago)
"The only way to travel in Russia is by fourth class in the dead of winter on the trans-siberian railway with a bottle of vodka." - A Croatian Biker I met during Christmas in Romania.
Poppin Poppi (1 day ago)
They hiding how they treat there own people
jack mayhoffer (1 day ago)
2:26 how the hell can a beer be hot in the freezing cold? Your in Siberia.
Equnoxe (1 day ago)
this probabably got a few north koreans killed
Sans Undertale (1 day ago)
I believe they censored VICE, so no.
prozack 420 (1 day ago)
Anything these people put out is complete bullshit
Paul Zeus (1 day ago)
No, the US has been totally lost to the Jew World Order. As a prodcutive white guy that gets respect from the local people no matter where you go, try living in a foreign country just 3 months past your visa expiry. No job, no govt benefits, and you won´t even be able to buy electricity or water from the local utilities. Giving illegals 3 more years in the US is to ttoal fucking joke on the American people, and while the whole planet is getting smoked by the Jew World Order, the US is by far in the lead, I am so glad I left many years ago. I can´t even imagine stepping foot in the US ever again. This isnt a stick save in any way.

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